Delaware County, NY Genealogy and History Site

Names from Book 14 of the Marriage Records Index
August 31, 1923 - May 23, 1924
on file at the Delaware County Clerk's Office.

Transcribed from original records by Linda Ogborn and Deb Goodrich

Note: The data contained here is to be used in conjunction with the Marriage Index files online since April of 1998. Use the 'find' feature of your browser to find names on any particular page.
PG    GROOM                      FATHER            MOTHER                     BRIDE                       FATHER                     MOTHER
3     Harry L. Holdredge         George            Clara Curtis               Amy Fitzgerald              Willard Fitzgerald         Ella Cleveland            
4     Berton J.Trautner          Jacob             Agusto Auto                Myrtle B. Adams             Henry Adams                Jennie Peck               
5     Earl H. Cooper             Harry             Mary Eldred                Georgia M. Brown            John H. Brown              Hattie Utter              
6     James Launt                Fisher            Mary Fitch                 Inez Kelsey                 Leroy Kelsey               Mary Bowdish              
7     Sam J. Paccil              Carl              Rosie Orland               Edith Barnes                George A. Barnes           Ida D. Beach              
8     Everett Leroy VanBuren     Harvey            Ida Shelley                E. Catherine Crosby         Walter Crosby              Lina Borst                
9     George E. Brown            William           Anna Anson                 Louise Sutliff              Charles Sutliff            Louise Loveday            
10    Marion Allen Welton        Winfield S.       Mary Allen                 Katherine Mae Beers         Eugene Beers               Marsha Miller             
11    Everett James Holley       Marshal J.        Alice Church               Frances Beulah Trask        Austin O. Trask            Clara Fives               
12    William A Eastwood         John W.           Mina Dexter                Gladys E. Shellman          Geo E. Shellman            Anna Cranston             
13    Warren H. Wakeman          Harvey            Mary Patchen               Rotha May Brown             William Brown              Esther Hall               
14    Floyd A. DeMott            Fred              Isabell Darling            Jennie T. Salton            John A. Salton             Margaret Telford          
15    Irving H. Davidson         Horton L.         Jessie M. Woodard          Bertha Howard               James Howard               Anna Anderson             
16    Abram L. Stewart           Chauncey          Amelia Plankinhorn         Hazel I Wilbur              James H. Wilber            Agusta Beers              
17    Harvey J. Shaver           Junius (?)        Jane Whitney               Evelyn Pardee               George Pardee              Bessie Conklin            
18    Waldo Melvin Parsons       Melvin D.         Eva Simpson                Freda Hinkley               Scott Hinkley              Mary Cantwell             
19    Napoleon J. Arcand         Arthur            Mary Sanderson             Violet May Hicks            David Hicks                Barbara Coburn            
20    Howard E. Buck             John H.           Jennie Whitaker            Ella F. McCabe              William E. McCabe          Florance Mitt             
21    Ernest Owen Lyons          John              Isabella Lyons             Anna Roxanna Latimer        Alfred Burrows             Matilda McLean            
22    Henry M. Weyant            Daniel            Carrie Cargill             Laura M. Geer               Warner Geer                Mary Bennett              
23    Raymond Darling            Edward            Delilah Robinson           Pearl H. Ellsworth          Wallace Ellsworth          Mary Schrader             
24    Matteson M. Murdock        Allen C           Estelle Matteson           Inez M. Emerick             Ernest Emerick             Bertha Tinklepaugh        
25    John L. White              John              Margaret Brown             Evelyn E. Briggs            William Briggs             Elizabeth London          
26    James Furgson              Charles           Bertha Spencer             Mary Mann                   Harry Mann                 Nellie Spencer            
27    Eber John Laurence*        John              Emma Moris                 Emily Jane Hornbeck*        Solmon Crawford            Almira Miller             
28    Robert Redmond             Henry             Sarah Butler               Adelia Redmond              Louis Fuller               Hanna Blish               
29    James B. Scott             John              Jennie A. Holmes           Grace E. Sutherland         George R. Sutherland       Janie Beckwith            
30    Bruce E. Champlin          R H               Adelaide Bruce             Celia O'Connor              M S. O'Connor              Phebe Miller              
31    Mason Banks                George M.         Mary Avery                 Nellie M. Deyoe             P D. Deyoe                 Iva Sprague               
32    Bowman Owen                George            Moie Gavett                Reta Crook                  John Crook                 Eliza Hall                
33    Elmer Earl Denny           Wesley            Minnie Whitney             Edna Leona Foote            Vern Foote                 Eliza Jones               
34    Fred A. Hitt               Melvin            Augusta Ruff               Susan A. Smith              S. O. Smith                Alice Brownell            
35    Pete Caroline              Angelo            Unknown                    Adelaide Katherine Azzoli   Anthony Azzoli             Angelina Patele           
36    Henry Hull Field           William E.        Nina M. Hull               Ada Florence Boggs          William S. Boggs           Mary E. James             
37    Stanley Arosky             Ady               Mary Aiko                  Lillian Roe                 Smith Roe                  Mary Wright               
38    Howartd Totten             Hiram             Cora VanBuren              Grace Gaylord               R H Gaylord                Theresa Wickham           
39    Wesley George Bard         George            Cornelia Crawford          Gladys Deyo Storing         William Deyo               Mabel Knapp               
40    Achie Begeal               William H.        Mary E. Houck              Bertha Mattice              Alonzo Mattice             Mary E. McCune            
41    Rex Vanderwort Stafford    Frank             Mary Vanderwort            Mildred Irene Parsons       Myron J. Prasons           Rachel Lennox             
42    Fred A. Cornwell           Elisha            Bessie Whitaker            Mabel L. Myrick             Andy Myrick                Maud Kenyon               
43    Ralph F. Westcott          George F.         Diantha Detrich            Elva E. Rose                William L. Rose            Anna Bishop               
44    Joseph E. Fisher           John              Carrie Richards            Caroline A. Adams           Milo Adams                 Ella Cavanaugh            
45    George H. Parker           John              Emma J. Houck              Mabel D. Inman              Watson Inman               Ada Ogden                 
46    Ray R. Roberts             Peter             Orisia Sexbury             Vera M. Cooper              Wilbur Cooper              Addie M. Palmatier        
47    Bruce Reynolds VanKleeck   Isaac             Minnie Reynolds            Harriet Clarissa Quick      Edwin R. Quick             Myra A. Lidla (?)         
48    George Nathan Lounsbery    John B.           Addie L. VanDevort         Helen Marguerite Misner     Ara B. Misner              Cora Hannah               
49    Frank Seymour DeSilva      William J.        Mary A. Bloodgood          Elenor Keator Cole          Abram B. Cole              Emma Cator                
50    George Carl Mintler        Ernest E.         Dinah V. Becker            Edna Mabis Hess*            August A. Hess             Libbie D. George          
51    Charles Seeley             Rufis             Thersey Banks              Eva VanGorden               John VanGorden             Lucinda Whitmore          
52    Clyde Hood                 Charles           Estella Northrup           Edithe Rutan                George Rutan               Anna Rockefellow          
53    Merton Knapp               Frank             Sarah Armstrong            Ethelyn Hood                Charles Hood               Estella Northrup          
54    Decator J. Fuller          Hiram             Mary Young                 Grace Wormsley              Warner Wormsley            Lona Sprague              
55    Archie M. Bennett          C. W.             Esther Launt               Cecile Rose                 Charles Hood               Estella Northrup          
56    Ray V. Cole                Marshall          Addie Walley               Vera M. Lamphere            Graover Lamphere           Myrtle Wyman              
57    Robert M. Prentice         Theodore          Sarah Edson                Pearl D. Cole               Marshall Cole              Adeline Walley            
58    Robert U. Green            Ulysses Green     Emma Parsons               Beatrice L. Betts           Bert M. Betts              Myrtie Sears              
59    John W. Robinson           George            Nellie Barrous (?)         Mabel A. Young              George R. Young            Corlinda Gifford          
60    Thomas H. Golden           Michael           Margaret Condon            Charlotte M. Fitzgerald     Gilbert H. Fitzgerald      Eunice Wilber             
61    Gerald C. Walker           William           Grace Avery                Beatrice M. Leal            Robert D. Leal             Mae Walley                
62    Grenell P. Stilson         Bert              Minnie Dunshee             Helen B. Stoutenburg        Fred B. Stoutenburg        Alice Blowers             
63    Clyde H. Benedict          Augustus R.       Francs Humphrey            Doretta W. Long             William F. Long            Minnie Whitney            
64    Silas R. Hoyt              Robert S.         Nora Blanchard             Francs A. Jacobs            Charles Jacobs             Emma Langridge            
65    Emery V. Bartholomew       James             Alcha VanAlstine           Helen M. Todd               James E. Todd              Adeline Angus             
66    Clarence Lester Cooper     George            Jennie Kitchel             Ethel Bidden                David Bidden               Delilla Freece            
67    Peter Barber               Anthony           Angeline Perrino           Marguerite Mazzarella       Frank Mazzarella           Mary Esposito             
68    William H. Lockwood        Charles           Laura E. Walden            Mary Greenman               Josiah Beagle              Mary Vandewicker          
69    Theodore Delmater          Willard           Sephrona Wilcox            Viola VanValkenburgh        Abram VanValkenburgh       Julia Dann                
70    Leslie L. Gibson           Leonard           Amanda Couse               Blanch S. Mitchell          Henry R. Scrum             Frances E. Stanloey       
71    Jay Knight                 Menzo             Delia Weight               Bessie Ingraham             Charles Ingraham           Violet McChadden          
72    Thomas H. Stewart          John              Sarah A. Henderson         Lena B. Quackenbush         Kortright Quackenbush      Stella Crandell           
73    Earl John Tilyon           John              Ruth Moscript              Mary Harriet Nelson         Morrel F. Nelson           Mary Goodrich             
74    Wm. Jeremiah Evans         Charles           Barbara Youmans            Jennie May Judd             Harvey Judd                Leila McKosley            
75    George Schneider           Henry             Elizabeth Maus             Elizabth Miller             Emmethh Miller             Sylvia Conklin            
76    Stephen H. Whitaker        Fred              Caroline Beecher           H. Frances Bowen            Frank Bowen                Harriet Starbird          
77    LeRoy W. Earley            Bernard           Victoria M. Miller         Lena E. Mudge               Devillo Mudge              Cora Smith                
78    Charles Harry Copestake    George T.         Fannie Bromley             Sallie Gertrude Smith       George B. Smith            Flora Patchin             
79    Marion E. Pierce           Frank             Elizabth Vangalder         Eldred Katherine Dayton     Irving H. Dayton           Viola Gallt               
80    Asa G. Baker               Willis            Ida Buell                  Ella N. Dayton              Eli Dayton                 Mary Hoagland             
81    Harrison Mills             John              Rachel Baker               Lola R. Titch               Abel L. Sprague            Eliza H. Hendricks        
82    William Reside             Elmer             Mary Crosier               Irene Cowan                 Edward Cowan               Mary Robinson             
83    William E. Bramley         Henry G.          Elizabeth U. Seacord       Margaret Hisman             William J. Hyzer           Isabel Armstrong          
84    Orrin Wilson               Orrin             Mary Helms                 Mary A. McArthur            David S. Cole              Elmira McNair             
85    Homer Burgin               Edwin             Ida Liddle                 Helen F. Knox               Joseph A. Knox             Francis Doolittle         
86    Verne M. Robinson          William           Ellen Lambert              Edythe McDonald Shaw        J. B. McDonald             Mary Brant                
87    Charles Roger Diihr        Charles           Clara Kady                 Eloise Amber Jaques         William Jaques             Mary Helen Cornell        
88    Samuel Lester Blair        Charles P.        Cora L. Green              Effie Jane Hamilton         Samuel A. Hamilton         Cassie Pogue              
89    Ervin Charles Hendrickson  Charles F.        Alice L. Babcock           Mildred Edwards             Moses Edwards              Ida J. Preston            
90    Melvin M. Bookhout         Clay              Ida Houghtaling            Mildred G. Finch            Ward Finch                 Fannie Castle             
91    Raymond Grant              Charles           Libbie Grant               Susie Mackey                George Mackey              Mary Snyder               
92    Richard Henry Devine       Patrick D.        Margaret Nolan             Ruth Powell                 William L. Marcy Powell    Ida Stratton              
93    Charles Greene             Judson Greene     Mary Hinkley               Mary Ida Winnie             Augustus Winnie            Bertha Cole               
94    Burdette George Long       John C.           Mary Brower                Pauline Blythe              Henry Blythe               Margaret Cantwell         
95    Walter Byron Haight        Bryon             Leona Brenn                Julia Emma Wetmore          Hiram A. Wetmore           Mtilda More               
96    Preston Walker             Quimby            Linda W. Steele            Anna Ruth Howat             Horace Howat               Maud Davison              
97    F. Rae Gosper              George B.         Mamie Patrick              Jennie M. Wolf              John                       Minnie Strong             
98    Ralph J. Kent              James             Elizabeth Scott            Lillian E. Salton           George W. Salton           Addie Pierce              
99    Thomas L. Lenox            John D.           Barbara Ghest              Bessie Joyce Bowker         Charles W. Bowker          Bertha Miller             
100   Ira Frances Neer           Sylvester         Ella Hinckley              Frances Emrich              Henry Emrich               Dora Wormuth              
101   Peter F. Pappas            Fotis             Maria Dimitropoulon        Louisa Luders               Louis Luders               Amanda Wieshfenfelde      
102   S. Howard Ralles           Nick              Theodora Maraton           Alvira Luders               Louise Luders              Amanda Wieshfenfelde      
103   John E. Andrus             George            Sarah Reynolds             Olive I. Logan              John H. Logan              Celia DePuy               
104   George A. Drake            Murray C.         Marian Halstead            Myrtle May Shaw             Edward T. Shaver           Hannah C.Signor           
105   Joseph A. Schaaf           Joseph            Catherine Gerloach         Rosalie Ryder               John Ryder                 Laura Schriver            
106   John B. Walling            William C.        Pollie S. Aylesworth       Easter E. Lakin             John S. Lakin              Mary I. Sutton            
107   George William Hall        John Alfred       Katherine Schwab           Agnes Rose Lake             Ralph Lake                 Caroline Brown            
108   Elmer F. Coulter           Walter J.         Jennett Wilbur             Carrie Love                 Edwin C. Love              Jane Gregory              
109   Clifford E. Becker         Ed                May Barrett                Jessie B. Tweedie           Alex K. Tweedie            Agnes Tweedie             
110   Ramon Elwood               Wm. H.            Cora Merritt               Marjorie E. Sines           William H. Sines           Elizabeth Hodge           
111   Francis M. Boyd            Nathan            Ruth Ann Webster           Jeannette Taylor            Alexander Shaw             Caroline Wood             
112   Ernest L. Bristol          Horace Bristol    Carrie Bell                Jane Cheevers               William Shellman           Jannett Butler            
113   Lewis H. Lloyd             John              Sarah Weyrauch             Carrie E. Houck             Peter Cook                 Elizabeth Madden          
114   Orman George Furgerson     Orman C.          Katherine Williams         Bessie Jane Grandsbury      George Grandsbury          Louisa Mullinex           
115   Albert Ellis Jones         Robert S.         L. Belle Hunt              Margaret Frances Harrington Herbert Harrington         Ida Cornelius             
116   Bruce Maxwell Palmatier    Lee H.            Bertha L. Baxter           Margaret Aubury Jones       Robert S. Jones            Lorrabelle Hunt           
117   Harold L. Combs            William E.        Hettie DuMond              Florence D. Beers           Andrew L. Beers            Hattie Crawford           
118   Emmett M. Robertson        Leander           Arleta Benedict            Vera L. Tremper             George Tremper             Ethel Cochran             
119   Henry J. Corgan            Aaron             Emma Fuller                Muriel C. Howes             Samuel Howes               Cora Franks               
120   Wm. Persons Courtney       Arthur J.         Carrie Persons             Josephine Hutson Harby      Platt Harby                Inez Boice                
121   Anthony Philip Schmidt     Frank             Barbara Hartman            Ethel Jane Johnson          Addison Johnson            Iva Reynolds              
122   William H. Reynolds        James D.          Hannah Bogart              Mary M. Muir                Ira W. Hyzer               Margaret McNair           
123   Hasbrouck Cole             Dewitt            Villia Hasbrouck           Evelyn N. Liddle            Daniel R. Liddle           Harriett Jackson          
124   Clifford A. Rose           Albert A.         Hilda Bice                 Helena A. Goldsmith         Archabald D. Goldsmith     Prudence Stevens          
125   Wesley J. Mills            James             Blache Penny               Marie L. Gleason            S. E. Gleason              Alla Wright               
126   Harold Colin Campbell      John M.           Nancy Smith                Mary Isabele Hoag           Thomas T. Hoag             Jennie Lunn               
127   Austin George Murwin       William           Zada Ruling                Ruth Margaret Ruff          Michael V. Ruff            Mabel I. Banks            
128   Henry Lyle Goodnough       Edward            Anna Mattice               Blache Marie Martin         Hubert Martin              Effie Darrow              
129   Donald Arthur Burns        George Arthur     Etta Hendricks             Emma Violet Geckle          Leonard Geckle             Catharine Davis           
130   George Currie Wilson       John              Jennette Currie            Effie Means                 Frank Means                Mary Thompson             
131   Everett Henry Wright       Daniel            Jessie Briggs              Irene Elizabeth Merrett     Alonzo Merrett             Julia Haley               
132   Frank J. Lewis             John M.           Eliza Millett              Anna M. Elliott             Walter A. Elliott          Helen A. Scott            
133   Edwin Jacques LaChance     Jean              Florine Veirtra            Florence May Tuttle         Frank W. Tuttle            Rose Elizabeth Flowers    
134   Ernest J. Houck*           Samuel            Mary Garlow                Eva Lena Haynes*            Alfred Haynes              Mary O'Rourke             
135   Clifford Cowan Little      Robert            Hatti Stott                Dorothy Bouton              Arthur J. Bouton           Iva Mayes                 
136   John P. O'Brien            John P.           Anna Heffern               Geraldine F. Secord         James I. Secord            Eva Tyler                 
137   Michael J. Neenan          John E.           Mary Dooland               Christine E.Johnson         Nelson Johnson             Mary Dirig                
138   Stanley S. Miller          Stanley W.        Lena Warring               Carrie J. Sisson            Bert Sisson                Eva Williams              
139   Charles S. Green           Charles           Ollie Gager                Eva R. Sisson               Bert Sisson                Eva Williams              
140   Maynard L. Cole            Alvin L.          Carrie Griswold            Olive L. Brush              C. Howard Brush            Anna Davis                
141   William L. Arnold          Oscar             Lyda Tyler                 Susie V.Stilson             Hiram Gerowe               Harriett Smith            
142   George M. Grant            Nicholas          Clarinda Bush              Edith Taylor                John H. Taylor             Hulda E. Sprague          
143   Glen Crawford              Delos H.          Lila Rowe                  Eva Dunshee                 DeWitt Comstock            Susan Shaw                
144   Augustine F. Wassmer       Frank J.          Eliza Cruse                Florence A. Hover           Joseph W. Hover            Esther DeGroat            
145   Clarence E. Wright         Ira               Marion Murphy              Thelma Gibbs                Charles Gibbs              Ada Presley               
146   Otto Eugene Moore          Ira               Grace Vroman               Evelyn L. Earle             Edwin Earle                Edna Morgan               
147   George W. Sloane           Wiliam E.         Cora Whaley                Ruth Taylor                 John H. Taylor             Hulda E. Sprague          
148   Clyde L. Merrill*          Edson Harris      Emma Merrill               Anna L. Kelsey*             John Hotaling              Carrie McMullin           
149   Charles G. Davis           Charles H.        Clara Ellhrey              Beulah M. West              William S. West            Mary A. Marble            
150   Edward Smith               E. T.             Jennie Bassett             Georgia Shaver              J W Haver                  Janette Mills             
151   Leon Louis Acker           Wilbur            Laura Rice                 Guahildia Edith Peterson    Herman Peterson            Edith Dill                
152   Marshall J. Wood           Uriah             Effie L. Scudder           Sarah Catherine Mackay      Benjamin Lee               Hannah All                
153   Millard Fremont Russell    Frank A.          Addie Coulter              Isabelle Hyzer              William James Hyzer        Isabelle Armstrong        
154   William Edward Dorn        Frederick         Anna Klein                 Mable Bouton                Arthur Bouton              Iva Mayes                 
155   Walter Robert Mason        Charles B.        Isabelle Patterson         Frances Zeh Crspser         Lewis Zeh                  Mary Colwell              
156   Earl Elsworth Elderkin     Herbert           Irene Pomeroy              Hazel May Gifford           Stephen Youmans            Anna Williman             
157   Leland Shultis             David             Clara Morse                Inez Edwards                Herman Edwards             Myrtle Mackey             
158   Lyle H. Carpenter          Clayton           May Sheldon                Edith M. Hunt               Wheeler Hunt               Jennie Vanalstyne         
159   Myron H. More              Lewis C.          Florence Love              Alice Amanda Dayton         W. H. Dayton               Anna Carrington           
160   Bernard William Hull       John              Cornelia Rose              Ethel Carolyn Hunt          Henry Hunt                 Carrie Martin             
161   Robert Burns McMurray      John H.           Elizabeth Dean             Emma Leata Freer            Frank C. Freer             Mary Adee                 
162   Leon Wilbur Dutcher        Wilbur            Carrie Kelly               Marie Josephine Strebler    Joseph Strebler            Barbara Irrn (?)          
163   Elbert Francis Hull        Ransom W.         Sarah May Lum              Cora Agnes Hull             George Louis Hul           Agnes McEwan              
164   Earl Shaver                Nicholas Shaver   Bessie Merwin              Maudie Shultis              David Shultis              Ella M. Shultis           
165   Harry Julian DeSilva       A. Ward           Ella M. Hewit              Cora Emma Hunt              Benjamin C. Hunt           Mary Tremper              
166   William E. Jacobs          Charles           Rose Smelser               Blanche Adelia Brownell     Robert Brownell            Mary E. More              
167   Gordon Louis Barman        George            Mary Elizabeth Misner      Agnes May Fairbairn         Nelson A. Fairbairn        Ann Murray                
168   Lester H. Dimmick          Orrin             Ada B. Hickok              Katie E. George             Mark M. George             Cora Barnhart             
169   George B. Fletcher         Isaac             Mary Bussey                Amanda Hulbert              John Bramley               Jane McNair               
170   Harley Shaver              Junius Shaver     Jennie Whitney             Edna Hafele                 Harvey Hafele              Mary Flynn                
171   Thomas Cowan               William           Anna Donaldson             Addie Russell               James Coulter              Mary Rottermond           
172   George S. Hockenbrocht     Charles H.        Caroline Persing           Lucy B. Desario             Ralph Desario              Rose Beradone             
173   Cecil W. Yates             Joseph C.         Zephyr Wyatt               Elizabeth M. Gales          Michael J. Gales           Lucy Hennessey            
174   John Cash*                 Sylvanius         Hattie Brown               Genevieve Marshall          William Marshall           Rosie Tyler               
175   William A. Schultz         Adam C.           Jane E. McNeely            Elsie J. Rider              John T. Rider              Alida Connor              
176   Merton G. Deane            Gould             Julia Baxter               Sarah K. Sexton             Charles Sexton             Luella Stever             
177   Allen Bartley Reilly       James             Agnes Flemming             Nellie Mae Fink             Robert Fink                Cora Wayman               
178   Andrew James Edwards       Fred              Nellie Burns               Elizabeth Bell Conklin      Fred Conklin               Phoebe Pinney             
179   Carson Avery Cantwell      John              Ellen Clum                 Mabel Bell Banks            William Henry Banks        Arvilla Seely             
180   Frederick Clinton Dayton   Samuel            Anna Lake                  Grace Elizabeth Griggs      Melvin A. Griggs           Harriet Crary             
181   Arthur L. Hunt             Josiah            Minnie E. Rowe             Jannette A. Patterson       Alvin J. Patterson         Anna Benedict             
182   Henry Dewit French         Lewis J. French   Velma Cook                 Della May Sherman           William Sherman            Carrie Bennett            
183   Frank L. McNeal            William J.        Frances Hawkins            Jessie B. Virgus            William Wilbert            Mary Nichols              
184   Howard M. Rock             Wilbert F.        Ellen Grantree             Lena Rock                   Edward Tyler               Mary Johnson              
185   Ire E. Rowe                John              Jennie Butts               Annie Grant                 Lowson Grant               Alice Burchard            
186   Howard Birdsall            Albert            Helen Knapp                Marion Jones                G. M. Jones                Laura Riggs               
187   Walter Canwright           Wm. Flansburg     Katherine Canwirght        Gladys E. York              Frank York                 Nora Baker                
188   Edwin G. Houghtaling       Aaron             Josephine Wohlschlagel     Ide G. Ewain                Frank Ewain                Lucy Branning             
189   Robert H. Nelson           John              Essie Harrington           Mildred L. Nichols          Frederick L. Nichols       Maud Griffis              
190   Donald B. Guild            Frank             Mary Busfield              Helen D. Seibert            J. Henry Seibert           Addie Nutt                
191   Daniel N. Arbuckle         John              Mary Dix                   Letha M. Slade              Herman W. Slade            Edith Dummond             
192   Ernest Jackson             Thomas            Caroline Baker             Mary Shebesta               John Shebesta              Anna Drafail              
193   J. Edward Bowker           Daniel            Ona Moshier                Ionia Beismer               Sim Beismer                Margaret Wormuth          
194   Everett Budine             Cyrus             Hannah Shutters            Laura Baker                 Irving Baker               Bertha Dickerman          
195   Mark Fitch                 George W.         Cora Fuller                Anna H. Scott               Benj. F. Haynes            Luella Campbell           
196   Arthur Keveda Holmes       Arthur James      Katherine S. Reynolds      Ruth Eells Stern            William H. Eells           Elenor Place              
197   J. Marshall Thomson        Milward           Agnes Bright               Dorothy M. Littlejohn       Robert Littlejohn          Letha Peake               
198   Edward napp                George            Lavella Gibson             Evelyn Rosa                 William Rosa               Stella Cole               
199   Henry F. Flynn             James J.          Elizabeth Jackson          Helen E. Titus              Charles H. Titus           Harriett Chase            
200   Miles N. Campbell          H. J. Campbell    Catherine Sanford          Iva O. Smith                Alonzo Smith               Flora Transue             
201   Lawrence Ballentyne        David             Elizabeth Darling          Stella Tracy                John Tracy                 Lydia Walsworth           
202   Fred Cornell               Charles           Cora Evens                 Elizabeth Fuller            Drew Fuller                Mary Snyder               
203   Frederic Hawley            George            Mayme Niles                Edith Wormuth               William L. Wormuth         Manetta Allison           
204   Orville R. Edwards         Isaac Edwards     Lorinda Smith              Mary E. Gray                Augustus Gray              Sarah Pangburn            
205   Clair George Walker        William           Grace Avery                Mildred Sarah Walley        George Walley              Jennie Walley             
206   Gideon LeRoy Wickham       Frank             Ethel Yerdon               Florence Ethel Cronk        Frank Cronk                Luella Harris             
207   Jay A. Vronan              Adelbert          Grace James                Ivah Henderson              James Henderson            Lizzie Grenell            
208   Nathan Egnor               William           Anna Elizabeth Bevins      Mildred Beatrice Zeller     Charles Zeller             Minnie Elizabeth McDougal 
209   Eno Finch                  Edward Finch      Sarah Ingeram              Mildred Ingeram             Leo Ingeram                Adellia O'dell            
210   Arthur Roland Wooden       Andrew Roland     Hattie Marie Beckwith      Winnefred Easley            Ward Easley                Daisy D. Teed             
211   Loren Moore Shultis        Hanford S.        Katherine Laurence         Irene Trowbridge            Irving Trowbridge          Bertha Cameron            
212   Orson Monnington           Demetrious        Hattie Slack               Minnie Dwyer                Thomas Dwyer               Minnie Haynes             
213   Verner Albert McChesney    Frank A.          Clara Emrick               Blanche Shultis             David Shultis              Ella May Shultis          
214   Robert George Hooss        Louis Philip      Mary Koch                  Maryann Canfield            Nicholas Canfield          Cathleen Manning          
215   Oscar A. Robinson          Horace            Laura Wayman               Marguerite M. Gavett        Nector M. Gavett           Rose Wolcott              
216   William F. Pyers           Frank             Sarah H. Paul              Florence A. Crosby          Frank Crosby               Hattie Schaefer           
217   Russell Somers             Peter             Effie Hoagland             Mary Johnson                Alfred Johnson             Elizabeth Paden           
218   Louis Hamilton Kerry       Thomas S.         Nettie A. Trupper          Eunice Brehm                Herman F. Brehm            Grace Bratsford           
219   Edwin Dare Huitchings      Edwin D.          Ada E. Talbot              Laura Esther Ballantyne     John A. Ballantyne         Julia Burhus              
220   Leo Gerald Vantran         Anthony           Tryphene Edwards           Mabel Ray Nicoll            William K. Nicoll          Anna Dean                 
221   Harry Le Davenport         Nelson            Lydia Batie                Myrtle A. Alger             George Alger               Cora Ackley               
222   Edward Asbury Germond      Edward D.         Jennie Easley              Ada Belle Dibble            Levi Dibble                Nellie A. Post            
223   Fred B. Smith              Samuel            Alice Brownell             Margaret J. Cameron         Douglas Cameron            Nettie E. Kinch           
224   Charles Wesley Dart        John Baker        Eva Dart                   Edna Dorothea Todd          Union Todd                 Jennie Dunham             
225   Fred Knapp                 John H.           Adelia Davis               Mabel A O'Dell              Lafayette O'Dell           Lovina Vradenburg         
226   Peter Castro               Joseph            Grace Cerramirra           Catherine Qualtier          Tobias Qualtier            Teresa Rocco              
227   Henry G. Rhodes            William H.        Elizabeth Chamberlain      Pearl Sheable               Ernest Sheable             Jane Beadle               
228   Harold Mallery             George            Elma E. Knight             Irene Axtell                Elmer E. Axtell            Jennie Bryant             
229   Theodore James Eckert      James William     Cora Snyder                Elizabeth Gray              James H. Gray              Daisy Fuller              
230   Blake N. LeSuer            Charles           Nora Newby                 S. Marie Russell            Charles Russell            Emma Madden               
231   Rex Wakeman                Elmer T.          Jennie Fuller              Audrey Wheat                Edwin Wheat                Nora Finch                
232   Anton Yaeger               Anton             Gina de Lange              Belle Rosa                  William Rosa               Stella Cole               
233   Jay Victor Hover           Joseph W.         Esther Degroat             Beatrice McMullen           Austin J. McMullen         Nora Jeffers              
234   Lester G. Maynard          Mansel Arthur     Elma Minnie Hewitt         Lillian C. Detrick          William Detrick            Celia Wilcox              
235   Michael Gabriel            John              Elizabeth Kinnis           Aileen Fairburn             Frank Fairburn             Lucy Avery                
236   Perry Clayton Dibble       Corden D.         Bertha May Truesdell       Frances L. Lynch            Richard L. Lynch           Katherine L.. Driscoll    
237   John Shaver                J W               Nettie Mills               Elizabeth Scudder           John Scudder               Ella Miller               
238   Archie G. Birdsall         Eugene            Clara Belle Spencer        Vera E. Bennett             Robert Bennett             Anna Merritt              
239   Jay A. Rose, Jr.           J. C.             Elizabeth A. Thomas        Grace L. Bolton             Charles W. Bolton          Lina Revees               
240   George Wayman*             William           Caroline Brown             Lena Wayman                 Isaac Edwards              Lorinda Smith             
241   Floyd Walter Davis         John              Julia Amelia Vausse        Lula Jennie Butler          Richard Butler             Susan Baker               
242   Frank Kittle               James W.          Ella M. Akerly             Elizabeth Wooden            Andrew R. Wooden           Marie Beckwith            
243   Daniel Kaplan              Israel            Lily Lipman                Rose Liebow                 Nathan Liebow              Ethel Pechanky            
244   Frank Adolph Griffin       John Adolphus     Mary E. Sager              Mildred Luise Shaver        Arthur Shaver              Caroline Drummond         
245   Arthur Hasking Gladstone   William B.        Oril Roney                 Grace Allen                 Gilbert Allen              Isabella Cameron          
246   Andrew Champion Worden     Andrew R.         Hattie M Beckwith          Dorothy Harriet Ruff        Emil Ruff                  Mabel McKee               
247   Herbert James Henderson    George Henderson  Louisa VanAkin             Mabel Isabelle Briggs       George E. Briggs           Emily L. Briggs           
248   J. Barton Archibald        James             Isabelle Lunn              Mae Eliz. Granlees          Robert J. Granlees         Nella Fleming             
249   Edward A. J. Keator        Albert D.         Hattie Myers               Florence Leona Aiken        William J. Aiken           Olive L. Knapp            
Additional Notes
027 Eber John Laurence* (Former wife Edith Moris)
134 Ernest J. Houck* (Divorced Oneonta, NY, April 6, 1921)
148 Clyde L. Merrill* (By Adoption)
174 John Cash* (Annulment July 9, 1921, Oneonta, NY)
240 George Wayman* (Divorced annulled in Sullivan Co., NY)

027 Emily Jane Hornbeck* (Former Husband Frank Hornbeck)
050 Edna Mabis Hess* (Divorced Troy N.Y., Sept. 20, 1923)
134 Eva Lena Haynes* (Divorced Sep. 23, 1918, Binghamton, NY)
148 Anna L. Kelsey* (Divorced Apr. 29, 1922, Delaware Co.)

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