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Marriage Record Index - Letter C

from Original Marriage Record Index at the Delaware County Clerk's Office

Transcribed by Laurie Kyle



               Mary           08/12/1909  John Csuri                   
Cable          Arthur         03/17/1914  Captolia Turner              
Cable          Edward         05/16/1908  Minnie Hawk                  
Cable          Elva M. H.     01/22/1925  Herbert D. Tobey             
Cable          Eugenia        10/16/1913  Glenn Axtell                 
Cable          Florence L.    02/13/1908  Herbert Hood                 
Cable          Herman G.      12/12/1919  Helena M. Launt              
Cable          Howard J.      11/19/1918  Carrie M. Lobdell            
Cable          J. Chandler    03/04/1914  Sarah A. Kelly               
Cable          Lillian        01/22/1925  Howard Eston                 
Cable          Mabelle F.     03/16/1912  Perry L. Garrison            
Cable          Mary E.        01/20/1910  William Bunnell              
Cable          Mattie M.      06/20/1908  Ward Suttle                  
Cable          Melvin M.      01/20/1912  Maude L. Van Valkenburg      
Cable          Nelle I.       07/19/1910  Robert E. Hunt               
Cable          Orson D.       06/09/1910  Frances Axtell               
Cable          Vernil W.      06/05/1912  Hazel M. Elderkin            
Cady           Donald H.      03/22/1923  Florence Terwilliger         
Caffery        Fred           12/16/1916  Clarissa Bennett             
Cahill         Gerard J.      08/06/1927  Jennette M. St. Mart         
Cain           Dorothy M.     09/16/1920  Lynn Segar                   
Cain           Gussie         12/30/1920  Guy Van Buren                
Cain           Lillian        04/06/1922  Howard Van Buren             
Cairns         Anabel         11/01/1916  George R. Dyer               
Cairns         John           06/10/1914  Gladys E. Moore              
Cairns         John C.        02/19/1910  Minnie H. Betts              
Calabreatta    Mike           08/14/1917  Catherine Deserio            
Calben         Rose           08/23/1915  John S. Thompson             
Calhoun        Anna B.        06/15/1923  Bensen La Fever              
Calhoun        Archibald M.   01/04/1913  Florence E. Laing            
Calhoun        Edmund S.      09/06/1927  Anita V. Beardslee           
Calhoun        Eleanor V.     11/03/1919  L. T. Snyder                 
Calhoun        Helen B.       11/08/1920  Melvin C. Stowe              
Calhoun        James D.       12/11/1917  Anna B. Barnhart             
Calhoun        Kenneth H.     12/05/1916  Effie Lott                   
Calhoun        Myron S.       11/08/1916  Mary J. Mitchell             
Calhoun        Sarah M.       03/12/1913  Hugh D. Clark                
Calhoun        Thomas A.      09/02/1924  Gertrude M. Smith            
Calkins        Robert W.      10/19/1910  Theo. F. Stimson             
Callahan       Edward J.      07/05/1917  Maude L. Clinton             
Callahan       Ernest W.      07/25/1921  Margaret Cook                
Callahan       Ruth E.        10/12/1925  Alvin S. Barkley             
Callen         Elsie M.       03/02/1912  Thomas Mc Auley              
Cameron        Arthur R.      11/11/1915  Hazel M. Anderson            
Cameron        Catherine J.   10/04/1920  Roland R. Kelsey             
Cameron        Daniel A.      02/19/1914  Fannie Oliver                
Cameron        David J.       11/15/1911  Elma J. Scott                
Cameron        Florence E.    11/12/1918  Harry E. Swanson             
Cameron        Grace M.       01/03/1913  Revilo R. Signor             
Cameron        James C.       07/07/1914  Lizzie F. Davenport          
Cameron        Jessie A.      11/03/1910  W. Thomas Arbuckle           
Cameron        John T.        01/03/1918  Hazel M. Watson              
Cameron        Leslie P.      03/13/1918  Evelyn M. Gilbert            
Cameron        Margaret J.    04/02/1924  Fred B. Smith                
Cameron        Nettie E.      05/02/1925  Irving Smith                 
Cameron        Ralph E.       11/13/1911  Theodora N. Mayham           
Cammer         Adam E.        09/08/1922  Edith S. Graham              
Cammer         Nellie E.      07/03/1911  Edwin S. Bramley             
Camp           Floyd G.       08/27/1914  Ethel L. Spencer             
Camp           Harry          05/27/1925  Phyllis R. Burnett           
Camp           Margaret A.    01/17/1917  Richard J. Nichols           
Camp           Mathers        02/27/1912  Ella E. Miller               
Camp           Nellie         02/06/1925  Oliver Mc Adams              
Campagna       Frank          10/03/1916  Saphronia Lyon               
Campbell       Arcibald       10/14/1924  Nancy A. Gray                
Campbell       Arthur         01/17/1922  Merle M. Campbell            
Campbell       Calla H.       03/05/1914  Sherman S. Myers             
Campbell       Charity        11/11/1920  Paul Barrett                 
Campbell       Clement        03/04/1913  Hattie B. Gilmore            
Campbell       Elizabeth K.   11/20/1924  Marshall L. Winchell         
Campbell       Ella E.        04/16/1918  Malcolm L. Launt             
Campbell       Harold C.      12/19/1923  Mary I Hoag                  
Campbell       Harvey D.      10/13/1921  Pearl Peck                   
Campbell       Hazel A.       06/01/1926  Bryan C. Purcell             
Campbell       John C.        12/03/1925  Frances G. Tuttle            
Campbell       Joseph J.      07/01/1926  Irene C. Miller              
Campbell       Kathryn M.     04/03/1913  James M. Mable               
Campbell       Laura          11/20/1924  Harry George                 
Campbell       Lucy S.        11/05/1924  Charles W. Hutchings         
Campbell       Margaret       09/02/1915  John J. Stadel               
Campbell       Merle M.       01/17/1922  Aurthur Campbell             
Campbell       Miles N.       02/20/1924  Iva O. Smith                 
Campbell       Myrtle         04/04/1927  Harold Constable             
Campbell       Robert C.      02/02/1910  Susie C. Dickman             
Campbell       Royal V.       07/18/1912  Mary A. Gilmore              
Campbell       Ruth L.        07/03/1919  Tallman C. Bookhout          
Campbell       Stanley V.     06/07/1915  Lena M. Fisher               
Campbell       William J.     05/21/1920  Mary A. Mac Gregor           
Campfield      Ida M.         07/03/1916  Floyd C. Casterlin           
Campoli        Angelo         01/22/1925  Maria T. Sergio              
Canfield       Floyd          07/09/1924  Leona Hill                   
Canfield       Frederick J.   12/07/1926  Grace Collins                
Canfield       Laura          12/15/1910  Frank Every                  
Canfield       Maryun         03/17/1924  Robert G. Hooss              
Canfield       Perry E.       06/06/1911  Ethel A. Ives                
Canfield       Wallace W.     07/15/1913  Nina V. Elderkin             
Cannady        Hattie O.      01/02/1913  Floyd M. Hayner              
Cannon         Beatrice       04/09/1919  William A. Meyer             
Cannon         Eleanor K.     07/19/1911  Nelson P. Wheeler Jr.        
Cannon         Margaret E.    02/07/1917  Kenneth O. Smith             
Cant           Henrietta W.   10/15/1915  Mathew Walwanis              
Cantwell       Carson A.      01/31/1924  Mabel B. Banks               
Cantwell       Edward         11/20/1922  Jessie E. Beardsley          
Cantwell       Emma S.        03/12/1923  Irving H. Tyler              
Cantwell       Grace          06/30/1924  Alfred H. Young              
Cantwell       Harry          01/03/1922  Pauline B. Smith             
Cantwell       Helen          06/16/1917  Walter H. Banks              
Canty          James          07/13/1908  Ellen T. Furie               
Canwright      Walter         02/07/1924  Gladys B. York               
Capach         Maude M.       05/06/1912  Wm.Warren Honeywell          
Capach         William F.     12/24/1924  Ellen I. Lakin               
Cappiello      Frank          12/17/1910  Elizabeth Islano             
Capplano       Patsy          09/11/1914  Nicoline Damito              
Caraline       Pietro         10/02/1923  Adelaide Azzoli              
Carbonell      Thomas E.      08/09/1916  Lulu M. Townsend             
Card           Edward E.      11/16/1921  Nellie E. Barrows            
Card           Leo L.         11/22/1924  Elizabeth M. Wood            
Carey          Charles W. Jr. 02/12/1923  Angeline Shaw                
Carey          Clyde D.       11/17/1917  Jane M. Beilby               
Carey          Delia          11/12/1908  Roy W. Lord                  
Carey          F. Louis       06/16/1917  Mary F. Castle               
Carey          Jesse J.       08/17/1921  Esther M. Deubler            
Carey          John           11/18/1910  Lena Dicks                   
Carey          Martin         12/03/1912  Margaret Fennessey           
Carey          Nettie         04/21/1915  Claude H. Whiting            
Carey          Stanley        01/20/1912  Lillian M. Cutting           
Carey          Willaim H.     04/06/1920  Elsie B. Gray                
Carey          William        04/17/1916  Ethel Houck                  
Cargil         Melvin         11/08/1911  Lena Baker                   
Cargin         Gilbert H.     06/27/1919  Elizabeth M. Brownell        
Cargon         Rutherford     10/27/1908  Ida M. Mandore               
Carins         James P.       02/08/1917  Mae Fisher                   
Carkluff       Floyd B.       10/18/1915  Helen M. Humphrey            
Carl           Lillian        06/09/1910  Charles Cummings             
Carle          Walter C.      01/07/1915  Eva A. Wolven                
Carley         Retha M.       11/27/1915  Earl H. Flummer              
Carley         Sarah J.       11/02/1924  Fred Burnside                
Carley         Wesley         12/26/1917  Mable Van Duser              
Carlson        Arthur B.      06/21/1921  Ruth E. Lakin                
Carman         Arthur L.      10/06/1916  Louise T. Brenner            
Carman         Hattie E.      10/29/1913  Frank L. Tuttle              
Carman         John           09/17/1915  Ola Schermerhorn             
Carmichael     John J.        04/16/1910  Bertha E. Gager              
Carnahan       Alvin E.       12/16/1910  Josie E. Lee                 
Carner         Cora           11/05/1919  George Brewer                
Carner         Lester D.      10/31/1924  Ida D. Schmidt               
Carner         Mae            02/08/1916  Leddie Lewis                 
Carner         William        12/17/1918  Myrtle Bowdish               
Carney         Mary E.        01/04/1912  Homer Fisher                 
Carny          Jennie         03/16/1910  Lowell Rose                  
Carpenter      Evelyn E.      10/19/1922  Harry Hawley                 
Carpenter      George M.      03/11/1914  Eleanor P. Eells             
Carpenter      Lyle H.        01/07/1924  Edith M. Hunt                
Carpenter      Melvin C.      07/05/1922  Alice L. Davidson            
Carpenter      Olive M.       11/03/1926  Homer A. Mohan               
Carpenter      Pearl L.       01/11/1912  Kenneth E. Stewart           
Carpenter      Sepha M.       09/05/1913  Nelson L. Miller             
Carr           Bernice J.     12/21/1908  James W. Hare                
Carr           Clifford J.    12/06/1927  Carmine G. Pappo             
Carr           Edwin          05/18/1922  Lelia Turtur                 
Carr           Elma           11/17/1919  George Storrer               
Carr           Florence H.    10/17/1919  Joe Swank                    
Carr           Irene L.       12/12/1919  Harry E. Andrus              
Carr           S. Jeannette   11/17/1913  Albert M. Adams              
Carrington     Glenmore W.    08/25/1925  Elsa Mc Ilwain               
Carrington     Mary E.        09/10/1912  Ray D. Moon                  
Carrington     Susie F.       01/04/1912  |Warren H. Parks             
Carroll        Dorothy B.     07/06/1922  Herbert J. Gabriel           
Carroll        Everett B.     02/17/1923  Mary E. Hafele               
Carroll        Lillian M.     12/03/1925  Earl E. Barnes               
Carroll        Ruth I.        12/18/1920  Fred C. Conklin              
Carroll        Timothy        08/11/1908  Margaret J. Fanelly          
Carroll        Virginia T.    04/06/1923  Kenneth M. Davis             
Carruthers     Harry J.       06/14/1918  Marian A. Butts              
Carson         Frank          08/17/1908  Mamie M. Gardner             
Carson         James H.       09/17/1915  Isabelle V. Neff             
Carson         Richard E.     04/06/1917  Edna M. Young                
Carter         George A.      10/12/1927  Edna Tolley                  
Cartwright     Anna D.        02/19/1908  Michael J. O' Hara           
Cartwright     Susan E.       05/09/1911  William Barrett              
Caruso         John           02/17/1909  Mary Deserio                 
Case           Earl W.        08/11/1910  Ethel E. Graves              
Case           Hannah L.      06/01/1912  William Long                 
Casewell       Bruce          12/07/1926  Cora Hinkley                 
Cash           Fred F.        08/13/1920  Ethel T. Fuller              
Cash           John           12/05/1910  Florence L. Davis            
Cash           John           01/17/1924  Genevieve Marshall           
Cash           Theressa M.    09/07/1926  Russell Hendricks            
Caskey         Leroy          05/07/1927  Cecile A. Fink               
Cassidy        Laura E.       10/20/1922  Dennis F. Shine              
Casterlin      Annie          07/07/1919  William Labott               
Casterlin      Floyd C.       07/03/1916  Ida M. Campfield             
Casterlin      Ida M.         07/07/1919  Gordon Ward                  
Castle         Alafretta M.   07/14/1926  Jay M. Estees                
Castle         Mary F.        06/16/1917  F. Louis Carey               
Castles        Lydia          06/19/1918  Louis C. Mc Kee              
Castro         Peter          04/21/1924  Catherine Qualtiere          
Caswell        Albert         01/17/1917  Helen M. Niles               
Caswell        Claud J.       06/19/1919  Minnie M. Teed               
Caswell        Florence E.    08/06/1925  John Schmitt Jr.             
Caswell        Frances G.     06/18/1913  Harold E. Keeler             
Caswell        Harriett R.    08/16/1911  Frank L. Gorham              
Caswell        James D.       03/22/1923  Ruth E. Hubbell              
Caswell        Jess J.        01/07/1915  Anna L. Blish                
Caswell        Lillian M.     07/17/1920  Howard C. Force              
Caswell        Mary E.        06/08/1909  R. F. Bonton                 
Caswell        Maym           05/10/1915  Marvin Tripp                 
Caswell        Ralph B.       11/05/1924  Clara A. Rose                
Caswell        S. Grace       08/10/1922  Edward J. Hulse              
Caswell        Wilber         07/17/1916  Lillian M. Brundage          
Catella        James          05/17/1922  Bertha M. Meyer              
Cathcart       Vera           01/09/1914  Walter Chaddon               
Catone         Al             08/08/1925  Julia Sokolowski             
Cavan          Earl A.        10/02/1913  Sarah E. Miller              
Cavannaugh     John C.        10/17/1908  Jennie Cummings              
Cavans         Ralph S.       01/24/1918  Georgia R. Ryder             
Cavnaugh       Ruth A.        08/13/1920  Harold W. La Quoy            
Caxwell        Dewey          09/09/1920  Neva E. Ploutz               
Cerquozzi      A.             06/19/1919  Angelina Grisolia            
Cerquz         Peter          01/17/1920  Arretta Joscelyn             
Cesore         Develles       08/23/1911  Rosa Deserio                 
Cetas          Joseph F.      07/16/1919  Nellie Van Etten             
Cetta          Donata         12/17/1915  Tony Ligwory                 
Cetta          G. Frank       04/17/1915  Madeline K. Launt            
Cetta          Joseph         05/13/1920  Rose E. Stasio               
Chaddon        Arthur         11/13/1908  Viola C. Olmsted             
Chaddon        Melissa        11/17/1914  Peter W. Wood                
Chaddon        Walter         01/09/1914  Vera Cathcart                
Chaffee        Perry J.       07/18/1917  Irene A. Griswold            
Chamberlain    Elizabeth      09/08/1927  Marshall C. Brown            
Chamberlain    Flo R.         09/07/1916  Harold H. Smith              
Chamberlain    Fred E.        06/27/1912  Nella E. Spencer             
Chamberlain    Lura M.        04/17/1914  William G. Spencer           
Chamberlin     Blanche        12/16/1912  Raymon Wilcox                
Chamberlin     Blanche E.     02/07/1908  Ira E. Forsythe              
Chamberlin     Clyde S.       04/06/1923  Edith Budine                 
Chamberlin     Ethol          03/02/1918  Chaunsey Mc. C. Ogden        
Chamberlin     George D.      05/03/1920  Mary E. Keays                
Chamberlin     Georgia E.     07/16/1913  Adelbert S. Davis            
Chamberlin     Katherine      11/06/1908  H. Clyde Bouck               
Chamberlin     Lemuel G.      05/13/1908  Agnes I. Palmatier           
Chamberlin     Mary J.        10/06/1919  Ernest L. Barnhart           
Chamberlin     Nellie E.      12/21/1914  Foster T. Rider              
Chamberlin     Sara J.        07/24/1909  H. M. Green                  
Chamberlin     Ward L.        05/16/1917  Bessie E. Jackson            
Chambers       Austin         02/24/1913  Bertha B. Rider              
Chambers       Christina      11/06/1916  Howard R. St. John           
Chambers       Elizabeth M.   06/30/1924  James E.W. Thompson          
Chambers       Lillian B.     11/05/1924  Harry L. Eckert              
Chambers       Mary I.        12/01/1927  William R. Smith             
Chambers       Peter D.       12/03/1908  Edith S. Hoyt                
Chambers       Ruth A.        02/03/1920  Harold L. Newkirk            
Champlin       Bruce E.       09/22/1923  Celia O'Conner               
Champlin       Claude L.      10/17/1908  Florence V. Busfield         
Champlin       Floyd S.       05/07/1925  Clara M. Lyon                
Champlin       Mabel J.       11/08/1916  Burton G. Bell               
Champlin       Perry          07/19/1923  Mabel A. Clapperton          
Champney       Albert F.      09/16/1914  La Vern Knight               
Chandler       Emma           06/04/1912  Eugene Smith                 
Chandler       Eva            12/05/1908  James O. Houghteling         
Chandler       Henry          08/03/1911  Nora Mc Mullen               
Chandler       Percy          05/16/1919  Ethel L. Hammond             
Chapin         Gladys L.      12/21/1914  Jere A. Jenks                
Chapman        Anna M.        12/12/1919  Floyd Cole                   
Chapman        Emma           04/07/1910  Edwin Miller                 
Chapman        Ethel          02/03/1925  Harvey G. Brown              
Chapman        Floyd A.       09/18/1918  Lydia Emma Hall              
Chapman        Joseph         12/18/1914  Flossia Marriott             
Chapman        Lagretta       07/03/1923  Arthur Crawshaw              
Chapman        Laura I.       03/18/1918  George W. Emerick            
Chapman        Louise E.      04/19/1911  JohnS. Winsmore              
Chapman        Minnie B.      10/06/1927  Aaron F. Mc Wherter          
Chapman        Myrtle E.      04/02/1926  Ralph L. Johnson             
Chappell       Elizabeth B.   07/07/1920  Hector E. Cowan              
Charles        Bertha         12/08/1926  Truman Mack                  
Charles        Harold         08/07/1916  Pearl Gregory                
Charles        Harry          02/19/1914  Grace Brown                  
Charles        Joseph H.      01/17/1917  Cora Slawson                 
Charles        Kenneth        01/03/1910  Lena M. Thomas               
Charles        Lillian M.     12/31/1908  Robert M. Brundage           
Charles        Mae            12/21/1914  Herbert J. Mc Call           
Charles        Reno           08/21/1923  Edith M. Knapp               
Charles        Richard L.     07/17/1918  Pearl C. Gransbury           
Charlesworth   Annie          11/15/1910  Frank H. Smith Jr.           
Chase          Carolyn I.     06/14/1917  Harry Baxter                 
Chase          David B.       04/30/1923  Ella P. O. Brine             
Chase          Eliza A.       09/29/1922  Marcus O'Brine               
Chase          Ethel P.       06/17/1913  Joseph H. Sprague            
Chase          Florence A.    10/08/1920  James F. Chase               
Chase          Floyd          01/03/1922  Isabelle Tryon               
Chase          Helen I.       08/06/1926  Willie Mc K. Latourette      
Chase          James F.       10/08/1920  Florence A. Chase            
Chase          Kalma M.       12/01/1913  Clair G. Horton              
Chase          Leila S.       08/10/1922  Clifton Sherman              
Chase          Margaret T.    07/16/1926  Roy Constable                
Chase          Mary Ett       06/11/1920  Alonzo Haight                
Chase          Minnie         11/15/1909  Chas. Hogan                  
Chase          Pauline        11/05/1924  Earl Niles                   
Chase          Ward L         11/16/1920  Helena E. Mann               
Chase          William        10/08/1920  Erma Hait                    
Chase          William G.     09/15/1915  Agnes S. Nichols             
Chaufty        Charles R.     12/30/1921  Frances M. Von Fricken       
Chauncey       Clara L.       06/11/1909  Mark A. Doolittle            
Cheevers       Jane           12/07/1923  Ernest L. Bristol            
Chelins        Jessie M.      07/17/1912  Frank M. Nutt                
Chestney       Melven L.      02/27/1912  Laurel B. Ferguson           
Chestney       Wilson H.      06/13/1919  Fidelia A. Bard              
Chichester     Guy W.         05/02/1917  Inda M. Young                
Chichester     Seth E.        04/04/1921  Elizabeth E. Young           
Child          Henry T.       10/15/1917  KAtherine H. Waldo           
Chilson        Fannie M.      09/20/1911  Loren H. Butler              
Chilson        Jennie E.      09/20/1911  Arthur J. Robinson           
Choate         Lura E.        06/18/1913  Harry Lewis                  
Chose          Richard        12/13/1909  Annie Fuller                 
Chrisey        Rena           03/05/1913  George Ward                  
Chrisman       Carroll L.     10/02/1926  Margaret W. Perkins          
Christain      Jennie M.      01/09/1911  Floyd J. Simmons             
Christain      Lena           03/14/1911  Frank J. Vanderlip           
Christensen    Bernhardt      09/17/1925  Emily Baker                  
Christian      Calvin T.      10/11/1910  Anna E. Hunt                 
Christian      Charles W.     06/13/1916  Teresa M. Bloom              
Christian      David N.       07/17/1918  Louisa Bishop                
Christian      Elva J.        12/28/1909  James Howland                
Christian      Florence M.    01/18/1915  Charles S. Owens             
Christian      Frances        01/10/1912  Alvah Maby                   
Christian      Ida            11/06/1919  Chas. S. Walcott             
Christian      James M.       11/10/1913  Mildred A. Bidwell           
Christian      Leonard        04/16/1918  Annie L. Ingham              
Christian      Mabel          10/19/1915  Ambrose Davis                
Christian      Mabel A.       10/02/1924  Lester W. Hyzer              
Christian      Mae V.         07/09/1926  Arthur Schriber              
Christian      Mildred        07/08/1918  Alford C. Mc Lachlan         
Christian      Minnie         01/05/1909  Marshall Hughes              
Christian      Orabell        07/05/1916  Frank A. Dickerson           
Christian      Vearnard J.    06/16/1924  Inez Story                   
Christian      Zola           03/17/1915  Mert Sawdy                   
Christiance    Howard P., Jr. 06/04/1926  Hilda A. Daniels             
Christmas      Bertha E. C.   09/18/1918  Wm. W. Wirth                 
Christy        Porter H.      01/16/1913  Isabell Clark                
Church         Emor M.        03/30/1925  J. Paul Miller               
Church         Helen G.       10/03/1910  William S. Divine            
Church         Ida M.         06/18/1913  Lavern L. Merrill            
Church         Muriel E.      09/13/1911  Earl C. Foland               
Churchill      Clara E.       07/28/1915  Malcolm R. Ingraham          
Churchill      Fred L.        12/02/1927  Helen E. Hillis              
Churchill      John A.        10/16/1924  Mildred M. Tremper           
Churchill      William W.     11/30/1914  Lillian M. Holley            
Churchill      Wm. R.         01/03/1910  Laura W. Wheeler             
Chyle          James H.       02/17/1909  Hessie A. Tarbox             
Ciaravino      Pietro         12/05/1922  Caterina Loprestie           
Cicale         Angelina       05/17/1916  Samuel Belmont               
Cicio          Bennie         06/01/1915  Emma Howe                    
Cicio          Tony           01/06/1909  Minnie Howe                  
Cifranyico     Mary           08/12/1909  John Csuri                   
Cirami         Tony           09/07/1927  Marjorie Brazee              
Cirulli        Alberigo       06/12/1914  Ethel Van Bramer             
Ciufo          Michael J.     05/16/1921  Mary J. Thomas               
Clack          J. Emmett      02/09/1911  Elizabeth Mc Dowell          
Clague         Samuel         11/16/1910  Florence Buckley             
Clapp          Ethel M.       06/20/1912  John Murray                  
Clapper        Alice          01/07/1913  Archie Scrum                 
Clapper        Bessie M.      10/08/1920  Ward Van Buren               
Clapper        Edna B.        12/08/1919  Herman Jones                 
Clapper        Eldorse        11/05/1909  Helen Peet                   
Clapper        Otho R.        12/10/1918  Adelaide Rowlison            
Clapperton     Mabel A.       07/19/1923  Perry Champlin               
Clapperton     Roy            02/07/1927  Edna Bennett                 
Clark          Alfred S.      09/13/1911  Lena C. Searles              
Clark          Allen E.       12/06/1912  Jessie M. Green              
Clark          Andrew B.      08/14/1923  Eleanor K. Shultis           
Clark          Benjamin       11/01/1910  Maggie E. Davis              
Clark          Charles H.     11/21/1913  Mary Shanly                  
Clark          Charles R.     08/06/1913  Erma M. Bush                 
Clark          David W.       08/04/1914  Mary H. Tyfee                
Clark          Edith M.       10/02/1926  Albert Kipp                  
Clark          Edna           02/18/1914  Charles L. Sowles            
Clark          Edna F.        06/08/1927  Kenneth N. Smith             
Clark          Edward L. Jr.  03/17/1927  Cereta F. Anderson           
Clark          Edward S.      07/07/1923  Helen Van Loan               
Clark          Elda           10/01/1919  Ernest C. Dailey             
Clark          Elmer J.       06/06/1910  Mattie A. Oliver             
Clark          Elwood L.      03/05/1918  Edna L. Yanson               
Clark          Emerson C.     04/04/1912  Lottie Sliter                
Clark          Ernest         04/21/1915  Rose Whiting                 
Clark          Etta M.        09/11/1912  Jesse B. Stoutenberg         
Clark          Eva M.         09/09/1918  Eugene Lane                  
Clark          Florence J.    10/17/1921  Joseph M. Rosenfeld          
Clark          George         07/03/1914  Lottie Mc Mullen             
Clark          George         12/19/1921  Eva L. Downs                 
Clark          George C.      10/16/1924  Margueritte Woolerton        
Clark          Hannah         12/04/1913  Philip H. Van Buren          
Clark          Harold F.      04/25/1919  Estella E. Edgerton          
Clark          Harold L.      01/03/1920  Edna M. Smith                
Clark          Harry D.       10/15/1915  Jennie Gosper                
Clark          Harry G.       09/18/1918  M. Laverna Logan             
Clark          Howard B.      11/16/1915  Susie M. Neff                
Clark          Hugh D.        03/12/1913  Sarah M. Calhoun             
Clark          Ida B.         03/11/1920  Channing W. Robinson         
Clark          Idabell        01/16/1913  Porter H. Christy            
Clark          Jenkins A.     04/26/1922  Nora M. Hawey                
Clark          Jenkins A.     11/17/1919  Esther Marvin                
Clark          John M.        05/10/1920  Frances Hobart               
Clark          Katie M.       08/05/1912  Claude S. Terry              
Clark          Laurie G.      02/20/1915  David H. Ryon Jr.            
Clark          Lena B.        10/14/1921  Smith A. Hughes              
Clark          Lennie         02/07/1914  Charles Snyder               
Clark          Louise         12/02/1908  Hiram Beach                  
Clark          Mabel D.       07/13/1916  Alexander Mc Lean            
Clark          Mamie M.       05/13/1913  Clarence Burdick             
Clark          Marjorie H.    01/15/1921  Robert B. North              
Clark          Marvin E.      02/05/1909  Lennie M. Coons              
Clark          Matilda        06/05/1922  John Warner                  
Clark          Mildred A.     11/12/1920  Andrew J. Dowie              
Clark          Mildred M.     06/23/1925  Frank E. Fuller              
Clark          Myrtle M.      04/04/1912  Mahlon Rowell                
Clark          Pauline S.     07/06/1927  Walter A. Shatran            
Clark          Pearl E.       09/25/1912  Ward Frayer                  
Clark          Ralph B.       06/08/1927  Grace A. White               
Clark          Ralph G.       12/14/1916  Zana E. Mc Farland           
Clark          Ralph S.       07/13/1922  Lena B. Edgerton             
Clark          Robert L.      01/17/1919  Evelyn T. Hoolihan           
Clark          Ruth           08/05/1926  Joseph M. Borst              
Clark          Ruth W.        11/17/1921  Aandrew E. Monroe            
Clark          Stanley E.     07/13/1922  Raedith D. Butler            
Clark          Thomas B.      07/09/1926  Phebe T. Foster              
Clark          Vestina        12/14/1925  William Borggreen            
Clark          Vivian         04/11/1916  Marvin Wynkoop               
Clark          Wesley W.      04/27/1908  Jennie M. Bostwick           
Clarke         Carlisle R.    07/07/1908  Ida E. Burgin                
Clarke         George S.      10/18/1909  Anna L. Smith                
Clarke         Marian M.      06/22/1921  Charles E. Shaw              
Clarke         Martha R.      02/02/1923  Burr M. Dales                
Clarke         Nellie L.      11/17/1914  William A. Paul              
Clarke         P. Madge       05/15/1916  Clarence R. Barnes           
Claver         Robert P.      04/15/1909  Josephine Scoville           
Clayton        Bertha I.      01/16/1919  Samuel R. Eaton              
Cleannater     Clarence       06/21/1912  Mary Rickard                 
Clearwater     Nellie M.      06/04/1921  Leon A. Lowe                 
Cleaveland     Chester        11/09/1925  Marguerite Porter            
Cleaveland     Grover         03/10/1910  Florence B. Hoyt             
Cleaver        Walter J.      08/17/1917  Mary L. Beers                
Cleland        Ralph E.       07/06/1927  Elizabeth P. Shoyer          
Clement        Harry N.       12/08/1919  Margaret Worden              
Clement        Margaret J.    12/13/1921  William E. Bramley           
Cleveland      Chester        07/10/1909  Ethel M. Hard                
Cleveland      Dora M.        07/12/1917  Forman H. Schermerhorn       
Cleveland      Edmund         09/12/1919  Sarah E. Stronigan           
Cleveland      Edmund G.      10/05/1911  Hazel M. Ballagh             
Cleveland      Grace E.       06/07/1911  Burton Truesdell             
Cleveland      Jessie E.      12/18/1916  John W. Haynes               
Cleveland      Kate           11/30/1914  Charles H. Dibble            
Cleveland      Lindsay        07/03/1925  Letha J. Voorhees            
Cleveland      Myrtle L.      05/24/1915  Luman G. Anderson            
Cleveland      Naomi M.       10/18/1922  Clair M. Guild               
Clift          Carl C.        03/16/1916  Alba France                  
Cline          Austin W.      11/02/1917  Jessie A. Stuart             
Cline          John N.        01/17/1917  Hazel S. Sonders             
Cline          Peter          04/02/1914  Elizabeth H. Wagner          
Cline          Sherman H.     06/16/1919  Elva A. Ecklar               
Clinton        Maude L.       07/05/1917  Edward J. Callahan           
Close          Agnes          12/08/1919  Lawrence W. Emerson          
Close          Andrew         02/04/1921  Margaret A. Muir             
Close          Arthur S.      04/10/1913  Alice M. Wilson              
Close          Edwin J.       09/17/1921  Juila A. Hineman             
Close          Eldon H.       03/02/1921  Nettie Van Keuren            
Close          Elizabeth      09/16/1911  Ernest Peck                  
Close          Ella           01/03/1911  Seth A. Howland              
Close          Everett J.     12/08/1927  Wilma L. Muir                
Close          Floyd M.       12/16/1914  Edith E. Eccles              
Close          Frank P.       04/05/1911  Diantha Cole                 
Close          Harry S.       10/03/1910  Volucia G. Grant             
Close          Howard F.      04/18/1917  Mabel G. Hinman              
Close          Louisa         03/19/1919  Thomas M. Spencer            
Close          Mary E.        01/10/1917  Wilfred A. Brown             
Close          Robert H.      11/03/1909  Mabel M. Reynolds            
Close          Rosie T.       11/11/1927  Carl V. Liddle               
Close          Sara E.        07/14/1926  Carl Brown                   
Close          William A.     08/16/1920  Emma G. Smith                
Close          William E.     06/17/1914  Erma M. Rifenback            
Closs          Carrie L.      07/16/1921  John S. Comfort              
Closs          George S.      05/16/1921  Maria E. Wood                
Closs          Gertrude L.    10/04/1927  Howard M. Shutters           
Closs          H. Egbert      05/16/1919  Beatrice Wormuth             
Clow           Eva            08/12/1922  Charles D. La Barr           
Clow           Ismay          12/15/1920  Charles E. Higley            
Clum           Ada E.         12/05/1921  Roy C. Briggs                
Clum           Claud          05/13/1913  Jessie Mulberry              
Clum           Dorothy        11/11/1920  Luther Francisco             
Clum           Frank R.       10/18/1915  Tressie J. Banks             
Clum           George W.      11/08/1917  Bessie B. Slade              
Clum           Hattie         12/05/1921  Wilbur O. Simmons            
Clum           Helen          11/05/1919  Oscar Bevins                 
Clum           John E.        03/22/1923  Eva S. Sutton                
Clum           Margaret M.    11/04/1908  Ralph C. Frazier             
Clum           William        12/02/1927  Florence M. Miller           
Clum           Zada M.        05/13/1913  Walter S. Dix                
Clune          Thomas A.      06/16/1917  Mary L. Rotzler              
Clute          George J.      12/15/1909  Angeline C. Lawrence         
Coager         Harrison       06/20/1922  Sarah E. Harrison            
Coal           Jay L.         10/19/1910  Nora E. Finkle               
Coan           Charles        03/13/1915  Julia M. Grant               
Coan           Henry H.       09/04/1913  Mildred A. Brown             
Coan           Irving J.      09/17/1909  Jennie Stevin                
Coan           Mabel D.       01/12/1920  Hervie O. Cronk              
Coans          Heth G.        01/03/1913  E. Elizabeth Husted          
Coats          Agnes M.       04/17/1916  Earl M. Howe                 
Coats          Charles B.     09/09/1909  Emma E. Frederick            
Coats          Emma           06/13/1911  Charles E. Bates             
Coats          Myron E.       05/12/1916  Flossie A. Mc Clenon         
Cobb           Charles        01/02/1917  Marguerita J. Mc Clenathen   
Cobb           Lena J.        05/16/1918  Kenneth N. Wright            
Cobb           Loretta        11/12/1908  Earl W. Thompkins            
Cobb           Russell C.     04/16/1925  Gertrude M. Sawyer           
Cobbe          William E.     07/16/1917  Helen E. Teak                
Cobine         Jennie M.      11/17/1913  Fred E. Loker                
Cochran        Myrtle J.      11/18/1909  Wm. A. Dietricksen           
Cocks          Howard O.      11/20/1922  Nellie D. Hamilton           
Coddington     Ada M.         05/28/1913  Charles A. Griffin           
Coddington     Arthur D.      07/09/1918  Grace Merrill                
Coddington     Marie          12/10/1914  Ulysses Bush                 
Coddington     Myrtle T.      06/02/1922  Snyder Daney                 
Coddington     Thomas         05/10/1915  Hazel Furgeson               
Coe            Alex           07/06/1915  Lena Oliver                  
Coe            Amasa W.       11/02/1908  Lelia V. Judd                
Coe            Perry D.       10/14/1919  Julia Rosa                   
Coe            William W.     12/08/1916  Nellie R. Haughawout         
Coger          Fletcher C.    12/05/1916  Helen Mc Guigan              
Coger          Harriett M.    05/17/1917  John W. Neer                 
Coger          Ira            06/11/1918  Olive Neer                   
Coggshall      Dorothy M.     09/17/1925  Adam M. Montgomery           
Cohill         Gerard J.      08/06/1927  Jeannette M. St. Mart        
Colburn        E. Ray         01/10/1922  Katherine P. Van Dyke        
Colburn        Everett Ray    07/03/1913  M. Catherine Bouck           
Colburn        Joseph C.      04/06/1927  Margaret I. Marvin           
Cole           Andrew         12/07/1915  Carrie Gray                  
Cole           Beulah S.      11/14/1910  Claud J. Lockwood            
Cole           Blanche A.     07/16/1917  June Seeley                  
Cole           Blanche M.     11/29/1918  James C. Stevens             
Cole           Charles E.     06/05/1917  Julia A. Palmer              
Cole           Charles F.     10/18/1920  Dorothy L. Mogridge          
Cole           Charlotte M.   04/26/1909  Perry D. Cole                
Cole           Claude         10/06/1915  Hazel Signor                 
Cole           Clinton E.     06/17/1909  Eunice E. Mallery            
Cole           Daniel P.      10/08/1909  Marie C. Burkhardt           
Cole           Della          07/15/1913  Arthur F. Owens              
Cole           Diantha        04/05/1911  Frank P. Close               
Cole           Edith M.       12/15/1920  Aaron D. Gill                
Cole           Edward C.      11/16/1910  Iona B. Page                 
Cole           Eleanor K.     10/18/1923  Frank S. De Silva            
Cole           Elizabeth A.   12/30/1921  Eugene Bennett               
Cole           Ella           12/17/1910  Henry Sulger                 
Cole           Ella M.        08/02/1927  Clifford F. Barnhart         
Cole           Elmer B.       10/07/1912  Marion L. Bissell            
Cole           Emma F.        07/16/1924  De Flounce Daves             
Cole           Florence P.    11/22/1924  Howard Roloson               
Cole           Floyd          12/12/1919  Anna M. Chapman              
Cole           George A.      07/11/1911  Grace E. Garrison            
Cole           Gertrude       02/18/1919  James D. Finch               
Cole           Grace          05/28/1913  Elmer Colony                 
Cole           Harold D.      08/07/1916  Alida M. Wormuth             
Cole           Harry E.       12/18/1912  Mildred Rood                 
Cole           Harvey         01/06/1920  Mary Green                   
Cole           Hasbrouck      12/14/1923  Evelyn N. Liddle             
Cole           Jay            07/16/1908  Florence Meyers              
Cole           Jennie M.      07/03/1923  Bruce S. Williams            
Cole           John A.        10/02/1925  Evelyn E. Dibble             
Cole           Lena V.        03/11/1916  Frank L. Dean                
Cole           Lorenzo D.     01/16/1917  Hattie Smith                 
Cole           Lulu P.        01/03/1910  Erwin J. Wagner              
Cole           Mabel L.       03/27/1922  Harold W. Sprague            
Cole           Mae E.         05/05/1911  Charles A. Bentley           
Cole           Marie E.       06/18/1920  Henry J. Pratt               
Cole           Maynard L.     12/24/1923  Olive L. Brush               
Cole           Mina P.        01/16/1922  William H. Cole              
Cole           Myrtle R.      06/16/1926  Otis Spencer                 
Cole           Norman         06/09/1910  Cora Gilbert                 
Cole           Pearl          11/01/1923  Robert Prentice              
Cole           Perry D.       04/26/1909  Charlotte Cole               
Cole           Ray            11/01/1923  Vera M. Lamphere             
Cole           Richard        10/17/1908  Flossie Geers                
Cole           Robert E.      06/18/1920  Walterrena F. Albertson      
Cole           Roy            02/03/1925  Mildred Foote                
Cole           Serena O.      09/09/1909  Cecil J. Wade                
Cole           Walter M.      03/12/1912  Bessie Howard                
Cole           William        03/16/1912  Rose E. Place                
Cole           William A.     05/06/1912  Nettie A. Schoonmaker        
Cole           William H.     01/16/1922  Mina P. Cole                 
Coleman        John W.        10/18/1921  Gladys I. Doty               
Colgan         James E.       12/16/1912  Katherine W. Shaw            
Colkins        Dorothy M.     12/03/1925  George H. Lee                
Collins        Amy B.         05/16/1918  Edward Fontana               
Collins        Edith M.       07/07/1908  Edward P. Dunscombe          
Collins        Emma           06/21/1922  Charles W. Hall              
Collins        Grace          12/07/1926  Frederick J. Canfield        
Collins        Ida            01/05/1925  Freeman Temple               
Collins        Nellie M.      08/11/1910  Harvey Smith                 
Coloney        Olive A.       09/19/1918  Charles Peterson             
Colony         Elmer          05/28/1913  Grace Stork                  
Colton         Hattie M.      10/02/1922  Arthur J. Ostrander          
Colton         Samuel W.      06/09/1926  Agnes G. Snyder              
Colwell        Charles W.     01/12/1914  Myrtle E. Mc Kee             
Colwell        Isabell        07/12/1921  Frank L. Titus               
Combs          Aris           05/03/1917  Charles W. Tait              
Combs          Cecile H.      01/05/1909  David H. Georgia             
Combs          Dellen C.      10/17/1921  Anna M. Titus                
Combs          Effie E.       07/07/1908  William H. Montgomery        
Combs          Elva C.        02/09/1922  Ira S. Bisbing               
Combs          Franklin A.    12/03/1925  Margaret I. White            
Combs          Harold L.      12/07/1923  Florence D. Beers            
Combs          Hattie         08/04/1910  Lavern G. Conklin            
Combs          Hazel O.       06/10/1913  Irving More                  
Combs          Marion E.      11/01/1909  Bessie K. Streeter           
Comfort        Dora           04/17/1915  Clifford D. Finch            
Comfort        Elizabeth      12/01/1910  George W. Hughes             
Comfort        Ethel          09/16/1921  Harrie Soules                
Comfort        John S.        07/16/1921  Carrie L. Closs              
Comstock       Alice          01/17/1912  Robert O. Broughton          
Comstock       Edith          08/28/1925  Alton P. Butts               
Comstock       Eva            04/21/1915  Charles E. Dunshee           
Comstock       William        06/22/1915  Jessie Presho                
Condi          Lawrenza       08/13/1915  Tony De Nitto                
Condon         Addison I.     04/04/1919  Florence M. Devet            
Condon         Arnold J.      05/21/1912  Grace E. Hoyt                
Condon         David C.       07/13/1922  Mabel A. Davis               
Condon         Earl R.        02/01/1927  Anna G. Howard               
Condon         Elsie M.       10/09/1917  Myron Hotaling               
Condon         Frank R.       07/10/1915  Gertrude Tyrrell             
Condon         Gladys M.      11/10/1914  Demnon Vernooy               
Condon         Iva G.         10/21/1911  Vern V. Craft                
Condon         Olive H.       05/03/1919  Hillis A. Fairbairn          
Condon         Russell G.     10/27/1913  Viola B. Brown               
Condon         Vivian M.      08/10/1926  Clarence B. Halsey           
Coney          Anthony        07/12/1920  Adelia Shaffer               
Coney          Benjamin       06/14/1916  Julia King                   
Coney          Harry          08/25/1925  Jennie Kleingardner          
Confort        Maranda        06/25/1919  Christopher Klinegartner     
Congdon        Frank          08/01/1913  Sila M. Faulkrod             
Conine         David H.       05/05/1915  Theresa Tuttle               
Conine         Foster G.      07/08/1920  Ethel M. Griffin             
Conine         Jay B.         08/16/1921  Florence E. Stahl            
Conklin        Ackley B.      01/06/1914  Lura V. Rood                 
Conklin        Albert         07/02/1910  Lola E. Stahl                
Conklin        Alfaretta M.   01/19/1926  Robert Sprague               
Conklin        Alice          02/02/1925  Orval J. Elliott             
Conklin        Alonzo C.      07/06/1917  Anna Schoeps                 
Conklin        Andrew         04/06/1916  Mabel F. Robinson            
Conklin        Arthur C.      12/17/1917  Renos M. Holmes              
Conklin        Benjamin       11/01/1910  Maggie E. Davis              
Conklin        Bessie         06/19/1914  Elmont Houck                 
Conklin        Charles H.     04/13/1909  Sadie C. Radecker            
Conklin        Danill C.      01/06/1927  Sarah A. Bovee               
Conklin        Electa         05/14/1914  Ralph A. Weaver              
Conklin        Elizabeth B.   01/21/1924  Andrew J. Edwards            
Conklin        Ellis B.       10/18/1922  Margaret A. Robinson         
Conklin        Frank S.       11/17/1919  Lulu M. Williams             
Conklin        Fred C.        12/18/1920  Ruth I. Carrol               
Conklin        Gladys         01/17/1923  Andrew R. Wamsley            
Conklin        Grace E.       07/19/1923  Edwin Steele                 
Conklin        Hazel M.       07/13/1921  Homer C. Bull                
Conklin        Helena N.      07/18/1924  George A. Tingue             
Conklin        Isabel S.      06/03/1927  Abram H. Delameter           
Conklin        John M.        10/02/1911  Mabel E. Gray                
Conklin        John S.        02/13/1918  Jennie Osborne               
Conklin        Joseph         09/15/1919  Sarah Haynes                 
Conklin        Katie          04/16/1910  Alonzo Odell                 
Conklin        Keziah S.      04/22/1911  Frank G. Kilpatrick          
Conklin        Lavern G.      08/04/1910  Hattie Combs                 
Conklin        Leon           08/13/1920  Mabel Kelley                 
Conklin        Lizzie         05/16/1908  Ivan G. Signor               
Conklin        Lula           02/20/1911  Joseph F. Bunsfield          
Conklin        Lura R.        11/08/1926  Clarence W. Hoff             
Conklin        Madelyn B.     10/17/1919  Harry V. Gransbury           
Conklin        Marcus L.      02/07/1927  Helen Hoolihan               
Conklin        Margaret A.    10/06/1926  Henry E. Ostrom              
Conklin        Maude V.       02/02/1909  Lodroico L. Lockwood         
Conklin        Ora A.         08/10/1922  Sam Slater                   
Conklin        Raymond L.     01/17/1918  Agnes Phelps                 
Conklin        Rosetta        03/06/1922  Samuel Batchler              
Conklin        Rosie Z.       12/28/1915  Walter H. Ralph              
Conklin        Roy P.         11/06/1912  Bertha Gray                  
Conklin        Shiley L.      03/06/1916  Augustus D. Liddle           
Conklin        Violet M.      03/16/1916  Fred J. White                
Conkling       Arthur G.      02/02/1910  Emma E. Davis                
Conkling       Mabel          01/09/1917  G. Everett Partie            
Conl;on        Myrtle         09/08/1927  Howard B. Burlingame         
Connelly       S. Helen       06/30/1924  James J. Murphy              
Conner         Cyrus W.       04/16/1925  Eleanor A. Bogart            
Conner         Edna M.        07/06/1915  Marcus T. Lines              
Conner         James J.       10/18/1915  Edna B. Roberts              
Connor         Anastasia      01/17/1922  Charles P. Stoutenburg       
Connor         Grant H.       03/04/1910  Martha A. Mc Culley          
Conon          Carline A.     01/20/1923  Joseph P. Spokes             
Conoran        Gladys P.      03/24/1925  Harold E. Johnson            
Conrad         George H.      08/19/1918  Maud F. Hendrickson          
Conro          Harry R.       06/12/1911  Bessie Jones                 
Conrow         Clyde          04/18/1917  Jessie M. Burdick            
Conrow         Edith          07/14/1916  Charles D. Wight             
Conrow         Edna M.        09/16/1921  Weckham W. Fox               
Conrow         Edward M.      06/17/1912  Mamie B. Lutz                
Conrow         Emory          08/08/1911  Bessie Vanduser              
Conrow         James G.       07/09/1924  Mary B. Wall                 
Conrow         Louise A.      08/19/1921  Milo S. Martin               
Conrow         Zora E.        11/16/1920  Alfred L. Wade               
Conrs          Edna M.        06/27/1924  Harlow J. Mc Queer           
Constable      Berniece       12/20/1922  Harper Constable             
Constable      Bert           02/27/1919  Lillian Thompson             
Constable      Clyde L.       09/04/1926  Virginia A. Davidson         
Constable      Harold         04/12/1927  Myrtle Campbell              
Constable      Harper         12/20/1922  Bernice Constable            
Constable      Iris M.        05/05/1927  Herbert D. Elderkin          
Constable      John H.        10/07/1913  Elizabeth M. Zeh             
Constable      John L.        09/16/1911  Leona Warner                 
Constable      L. Mae         03/17/1920  Lynn M. Goodrich             
Constable      Lena           05/16/1923  Al. H. Sanders               
Constable      Lila E.        12/17/1915  Tony Lurenz                  
Constable      Lillian        07/06/1921  Cornelius Buckley            
Constable      Meda           01/17/1912  William Wood                 
Constable      Nina M.        06/16/1915  Herman A. Budine             
Constable      Orrin A.       02/23/1910  Clara B. Rourk               
Constable      Roy            07/16/1926  Margaret T. Chase            
Constable      Viola B        05/26/1926  Frank Petras                 
Contant        Louis H.       12/21/1914  Nellie C. Macauley           
Contant        Nellie C.      11/11/1927  John H. Roof                 
Conway         Stephen        03/02/1912  Irena D. Arbuckle            
Cook           Alton B.       08/28/1925  Vera M. De Rock              
Cook           Arthur         06/18/1913  Nellie Houghtaling           
Cook           Arthur E.      03/17/1927  Bessie O. Cuyle              
Cook           Bertha M.      10/15/1918  Norman L. Price              
Cook           Carol H.       11/15/1916  Vesta S. Olmstead            
Cook           David L.       03/17/1923  Ida Harrington               
Cook           Dora M.        01/16/1913  Arthur E. Haynes             
Cook           Edna B.        04/13/1922  Salter J. Cook               
Cook           Edward W.      04/18/1922  Lillian B. Hicks             
Cook           Emily J.       04/27/1908  Stephen J. Peters            
Cook           Emma M.        10/13/1916  George T. Evans              
Cook           Erban          10/17/1908  Esther L. Williams           
Cook           Eunice         07/09/1918  Melvin E. Parks              
Cook           Ganivissia G.  09/17/1915  Franck L. Spikerman          
Cook           Harold         10/02/1924  Rose Jaquish                 
Cook           Harrison G.    04/05/1909  Adelaide H. Bailey           
Cook           Herbert        04/05/1921  Inez M. Boice                
Cook           Jessie M.      07/28/1910  Thomas M. Donnelly           
Cook           L. Bertha      08/10/1927  Ray S. Mains                 
Cook           Leo C.         12/03/1925  Dorothy M. Schlafer          
Cook           Leon H.        03/08/1919  Julia J. Howe                
Cook           Leta M.        07/07/1923  Joseph F. Harper             
Cook           Margaret       07/25/1921  Ernest W. Callahan           
Cook           Ralph M.       11/14/1925  Eloise M. Riddell            
Cook           Raymond C.     09/17/1919  Dorothy R. Sands             
Cook           Ruth B.        01/17/1923  Harry D. Silvey              
Cook           Smith G.       09/17/1915  L. Clara Bookhout            
Cook           Vernon W.      07/03/1911  Leona T. George              
Cook           Viola T.       11/05/1913  William A. Glynn             
Cook           Walter J.      04/13/1922  Edna B. Cook                 
Cook           William L.     11/17/1919  Edna B. Kipp                 
Cooke          Irvin J.       11/05/1924  Gladys G. Daniels            
Cooley         Henry W.       11/29/1912  Grace S. Sprague             
Coon           Edith M.       06/20/1924  Harrison E. Roosa            
Coon           Jerry A.       06/20/1923  Matilda Decker               
Coon           Mary R.        09/13/1911  Sherman Bullock              
Coone          Lennie M.      02/05/1909  Marvin E. Clark              
Coons          Hazel          01/02/1912  Ray F. Prudyn                
Coons          Ida M.         11/09/1927  Ernest A. Schriver           
Coons          Millie J.      02/05/1913  William B. J. Scott Jr.      
Coons          W. Albert      04/16/1920  Ferol I. Ruff                
Cooper         Albert L.      11/15/1917  C. Madge Archer              
Cooper         Charles E.     01/17/1920  Irene M. Shea                
Cooper         Clarence L.    11/01/1923  Ethel Bidden                 
Cooper         Cynthia        01/29/1916  Jacob L. Demeres             
Cooper         Earl H.        08/31/1923  Georgia M. Brown             
Cooper         Edith B.       10/28/1919  Wilbur R. Dickinson          
Cooper         Elizabeth M.   05/16/1908  Jason D. Fuller              
Cooper         Harry          11/11/1914  Inez L. Miner                
Cooper         Hilda M.       01/04/1923  Robert W. Jester             
Cooper         Howard B.      05/10/1910  Clarabelle Krafft            
Cooper         John D.        01/12/1910  Anna M. Benjamin             
Cooper         Le Roy         09/22/1922  Margueritte Baker            
Cooper         Lottie M.      01/22/1926  Harold Kille                 
Cooper         Myrna B.       11/11/1926  Henry W. Smith               
Cooper         Robert T.      11/17/1911  Flossie Davis                
Cooper         Vera M.        10/17/1923  Ray R. Roberts               
Cooper         William A.     06/25/1919  Ann L. Shea                  
Copeland       Margarett      03/09/1909  Wiram Crispell               
Copeland       Samuel A.      11/16/1909  Laura A. Thomson             
Copestake      Charles H.     11/05/1923  Sallie G. Smith              
Corbin         Cecil I.       11/17/1913  Margaret E. Mc Clelland      
Corbin         Helen G.       10/01/1919  Frank J. Todd                
Corbin         Nettie         01/22/1918  Ralph Meade                  
Corbin         Robert P.      08/05/1909  Jessie A. Shutts             
Cordner        Beatrice       02/08/1927  Friend Decker                
Corey          Earl E.        10/17/1914  Carrie M. Nemire             
Corey          Ella           12/30/1912  Eugene Fitzgerald            
Corey          Lincoln P.     12/07/1927  Anna A. Forester             
Corgan         Anson B.       01/06/1922  Eunice M. Dewey              
Corgan         Henry J.       12/07/1923  Muriel C. Howes              
Corgan         Olive M.       10/15/1918  Wheeler W. Walton            
Corgan         Shirley M.     11/17/1919  La Verne G. Whitcomb         
Cornelius      Westa W.       09/18/1922  Charlotte G. Kittle          
Cornell        Edward M.      06/03/1924  Viola L. Langley             
Cornell        Ellen          10/04/1910  Frank O. Selleck             
Cornell        Ernest W.      05/05/1927  Vivian M. Baxter             
Cornell        Fanny          06/01/1912  Charles H. More              
Cornell        Florence       09/08/1925  Willian Van Valkenburgh      
Cornell        Fred           03/03/1924  Elizabeth Fuller             
Cornell        Fred R.        04/05/1915  Ruth M. Van Loan             
Cornell        Harold         12/09/1925  Mabel Hotaling               
Cornell        Jennie F.      06/02/1908  Lewis R. Ramsdell            
Cornell        Jennie L.      05/18/1911  John H. Wooten               
Cornell        John L.        12/07/1909  Georgina F. Van Houten       
Cornell        John W.        02/07/1910  Mina Wilkins                 
Cornell        Josephine E.   09/07/1927  Ralph L. Louden              
Cornell        Kathryn M.     07/07/1910  Fred H. Secrest              
Cornell        Lila B.        05/12/1920  Ward J. Goss                 
Cornell        Louis          02/02/1908  Anthie Turk                  
Cornell        Neil C.        02/04/1909  Ethel A. Peters              
Cornell        Ralph G.       08/13/1913  Leah M. Manzer               
Cornell        Raymond J.     10/08/1921  Evelyn Logan                 
Cornell        Ross           06/10/1910  Lena Dunham                  
Cornell        Wilbur A.      07/25/1921  Florence I. Frisbee          
Cornwell       Berton         10/20/1924  Lulu Smith                   
Cornwell       Ellen          02/02/1910  Tobias Stoutenburg           
Cornwell       Fred A.        10/17/1923  Mabel L. Myrick              
Corser         Frances        07/19/1919  William J. Barley            
Corser         Leila          01/15/1914  Burt Gordon                  
Cortney        William P.     12/07/1923  Josephine H. Harby           
Coserio        Josephine M.   10/11/1910  Louis Stewart                
Coss           Carrie         03/05/1918  Willis P. Brown              
Coss           Edith B.       03/05/1918  David R. Schryber            
Coss           Minnie M.      03/05/1918  Paul Furgison                
Cotten         Charles H.     04/16/1918  Estella L. Ferris            
Cotten         Harry D.       10/23/1916  Martha C. Mac Adams          
Cotter         Marie C.       09/21/1920  Allen F. Foster              
Cotter         William J.     08/06/1913  Kathryn Mc Granaghan         
Cotton         Frank W.       12/12/1927  Rose L. Weed                 
Cottrell       Gilbert C.     09/30/1921  Esther R. Tyron              
Cottrell       Lila E.        06/19/1917  Harry M. Burdick             
Couch          Chester E.     01/18/1915  Mary Mc C. Dennis            
Couch          Elsie          11/04/1914  Adar E. Merrill              
Couch          George W.      04/22/1925  Anna M. Young                
Couch          Horton B.      07/05/1911  Bessie M. Sprague            
Couch          Mary C.        11/11/1920  Chas I. Reed                 
Coulter        Andrew E. T.   07/17/1922  Mary B. Elwood               
Coulter        Anna E.        07/26/1910  Edward Strodsahl             
Coulter        Anna M.        09/13/1912  Charles M. Hunt              
Coulter        Elmer F.       12/07/1923  Carrie Love                  
Coulter        Herman J.      02/07/1912  Julia S. Zeh                 
Coulter        Howard         01/03/1910  Nellie V. Tremper            
Coulter        John T.        06/09/1908  E. Juliet Northrup           
Coulter        Mildred        06/18/1925  George E. Sanford            
Coulter        Rena M.        10/10/1911  Robert A. Mc Donald          
Coulter        Thomas D.      11/20/1924  Lillian J. George            
Countryman     Katie          05/02/1921  Arthur G. Furman             
Countryman     Mabel          02/10/1919  Harry J. Mc Lean             
Countryman     Margaret       12/02/1921  Jay C. Utter                 
Countryman     Pearl          01/06/1911  Irving Bullis                
Courtney       Robert         07/16/1917  Anna L. Nash                 
Couse          Edgar          01/29/1916  Edna Ferry                   
Couse          Florence A.    11/18/1912  Edwin C. Mills               
Couse          Frances A.     07/18/1915  Roy P. Beebe                 
Couse          Ida M.         02/18/1921  George W. Fuller             
Couse          John C.        01/02/1918  Alice A. Sackett             
Couse          Ruth D.        07/17/1924  Christopher G. Schlene       
Cousens        Archie         08/05/1909  Carrie E. Young              
Covale         Alexander      09/06/1927  Elizabeth Gottschall         
Coventry       Margaret W.    10/29/1913  Homer E. Watson              
Coventry       Phillip R.     01/03/1910  Rose M. Mattice              
Covert         Agnes M.       04/16/1917  Ralph J. Bowker              
Covert         Donald N.      11/03/1926  Theodora Barr                
Covert         Elizabeth M.   10/02/1909  Walter G. Elliott            
Covert         Emma A.        07/01/1926  Thomas Leslie                
Covert         William A.     02/07/1917  Margaret Muir                
Covey          Amy            07/12/1909  Raymond S. Snedicker         
Covey          Margaret H.    07/02/1910  Edward J. Kruger             
Covey          Zella I.       06/04/1910  Wilson J. Ogden              
Cowan          Andrew         01/07/1909  Anna A. Koutz                
Cowan          Edna J.        07/06/1915  George E. Bennedict          
Cowan          Elsie          07/09/1923  John R. Wight                
Cowan          Florence       12/04/1917  Howard E. Ruff               
Cowan          Hector E.      07/07/1920  Elizabeth B. Chappell        
Cowan          Helen L.       08/04/1922  Edward H. Leete              
Cowan          Irene          11/13/1923  William Reside               
Cowan          Nellie M.      11/05/1909  J. Gordon Holdecroft         
Cowan          Robert B.      11/20/1924  Beatrice E. Van De Bogart    
Cowan          Thomas W.      01/15/1924  Addie Russell                
Cowan          William J.     09/07/1909  Susie E. Littebrant          
Cowen          Clarence       08/11/1909  Marianne Suttle              
Cowles         Will R.        11/05/1914  Anna D. Taylor               
Cowman         Dorothy        10/17/1925  Wilbert J. Smith             
Cox            Daisy B.       01/13/1914  Clarence J. Thackway         
Cox            Henry C.       07/05/1916  Maud Dawson                  
Cox            Mabel E.       01/15/1921  Ralph Woods                  
Coy            Verna A.       09/11/1908  Edgar A. Wills               
Crabb          Ethel D.       07/12/1909  Thomas Gally                 
Craemer        Ruth M.        08/08/1924  Ellsworth Roe                
Craft          Alva           11/08/1926  Rebecca M. Sanford           
Craft          Bessie R.      09/02/1909  Chester A Mayes              
Craft          Bruce G.       09/13/1912  Florence M. Peet             
Craft          Charlotte      08/16/1916  Frank Greene                 
Craft          Edward         12/16/1919  Luella M. Hull               
Craft          Effie M.       01/22/1918  George W. Vermilya           
Craft          Effie M.       11/20/1924  Daniel Moran                 
Craft          Harvey         10/06/1914  Evalyn E. Hunter             
Craft          Leland S.      03/06/1911  Kathryn E. Finch             
Craft          Matie E.       03/01/1910  James Mc Mullin              
Craft          Perry          05/12/1915  Anna K. Yerry                
Craft          Shirley W.     03/17/1920  Marshall C. Knickerbocker    
Craft          Vern V.        10/21/1911  Iva G. Condon                
Craig          Allen I.       07/07/1919  Carrie M. Dibble             
Craig          Elbert M.      01/07/1910  Bertha H. Dibble             
Craig          Henry          07/02/1910  Blanche Wheeler              
Craig          Jessie         11/17/1919  Theodore Arno                
Craig          Margaret D.    09/08/1914  Anthony Bannat               
Craig          Mary           06/23/1915  John B. Johnson              
Craig          Mary E.        10/10/1921  Tracy L. Sargeant            
Cramer         Wm.            07/03/1916  Ida M. Neer                  
Crandall       Carlton J.     10/17/1927  Louise M. Paine              
Crandall       Elie           07/16/1919  George Sodan                 
Crandall       George H.      08/13/1913  Eva M. Thorp                 
Crandall       Ida M.         07/08/1920  Jerry Dijoy                  
Crandall       Julia A.       10/28/1919  Ira L. Smith                 
Crandall       Leon           08/08/1924  Alice Whitaker               
Crandall       Pearl A.       01/05/1909  Lucius A Wright              
Crandall       Ray M.         08/05/1914  Arline G. Ellsworth          
Crandall       Reynold        10/13/1921  Myrtle Parks                 
Crandall       Roy D.         04/09/1919  Clarinda Davis               
Crandall       William D.     01/13/1914  Bernice A. Willsey           
Crandell       Louise         01/10/1910  James Cuyle                  
Crane          Harold T.      12/12/1916  Elizabeth A. Davis           
Crane          Helen M.       07/17/1917  Bruce A. Thomson             
Crane          John H.        11/12/1908  Jennie D. Simonson           
Crane          Lillian        09/17/1924  William I. Kelly             
Crane          S. C.          05/16/1918  H. Isabelle Millerton        
Cranker        Ettie          07/19/1917  Isaac Van Hoesen             
Cranston       Christina C.   05/15/1908  Willis E. Pulver             
Cranston       Walter A.      06/16/1920  Flora M. Hollenbeck          
Cranston       Wilbur J.      10/09/1909  Amelia M. Evans              
Crapser        Edwin S.       12/31/1914  Nelle B. Stevens             
Crapser        Frances Z.     01/02/1924  Walter R. Mason              
Crawford       De Forest      02/20/1918  Bertha Frazier               
Crawford       Ethel M.       09/16/1911  Frank L. Moore               
Crawford       Eula A.        05/29/1923  Otto V. Soules               
Crawford       Floyd R.       03/19/1913  Lena M. Davis                
Crawford       Glen           12/24/1923  Eva Dunshee                  
Crawford       Helen          12/13/1918  Jay Blencoe                  
Crawford       Lee W.         12/26/1922  Alice M. Mills               
Crawford       Lena M.        02/07/1921  William Lewis                
Crawford       Lial G.        02/08/1927  Alice M. Henderson           
Crawford       Marcia L.      11/05/1924  Erwin E. Gillar              
Crawford       Mary           04/06/1909  Elliott Graham               
Crawford       Mary S.        06/20/1912  Ellis H. Menhennett          
Crawford       Myrtle E.      11/29/1912  Frederick W. Reynolds        
Crawford       Oscar T.       03/17/1920  Emilie David                 
Crawford       Ruth J.        10/04/1920  Edward M. Grant              
Crawford       Ruth L.        02/17/1919  William J. Thompson          
Crawford       Sara           11/19/1921  B. Everett Dean              
Crawford       Stanley J.     01/17/1920  Ina Lingel                   
Crawford       Virginia M.    08/30/1920  Harold W. Paine              
Crawshaw       Arthur         07/03/1923  Lagretta M. Chapman          
Crawson        Mildred M.     07/07/1927  Herbert F. Gardner           
Crea           Thomas C.      11/29/1912  Lavancia M. Birdsall         
Crew           David J.       08/18/1921  Ida M. Mc Kinney             
Crewford       Harold D.      11/19/1924  Carrie Ruling                
Crichton       James          01/02/1925  Lilah M. Bessee              
Criddle        Rivernes M.    04/02/1914  Olive E. Garrison            
Crisman        Mildred I.     10/18/1915  Joseph A. Swartz             
Crispell       Elvira         08/01/1918  Adam L. Henderson            
Crispell       Mary A.        06/01/1920  Edward R. Mondore            
Crispell       Wiram          03/09/1909  Margarett Copeland           
Crissell       Ernest L.      12/03/1925  Rosa McGraw                  
Crist          Velma          10/14/1924  Blake F. Todd                
Critchlow      Broden E.      06/08/1927  Grace M. Ray                 
Cronauer       Ellis A. Jr.   11/04/1925  Dorthea M. Brinkman          
Cronauer       Gertrude M.    11/02/1922  Wilmer Archibald             
Cronauer       Hazel          11/02/1922  William J. Hyzer             
Cronk          Addison Jr.    07/16/1912  Clarissa E. Morse            
Cronk          Delia M.       09/17/1915  Fred M. Hait                 
Cronk          Elsie H.       07/01/1926  Burton E. Bouton             
Cronk          Elsie M.       11/03/1924  W. Herbert Stewart           
Cronk          Flora S.       03/19/1908  Eugene T. Keater             
Cronk          Florence E.    03/07/1924  Gideon Le R. Wickham         
Cronk          Hervie O.      01/12/1920  Mabel D. Coan                
Cronk          Iva P.         11/06/1924  Arthue Rogers                
Cronk          Lauren D.      06/05/1922  Ina E. Wescott               
Cronk          Lillian G.     01/22/1918  Wm. T. Hall                  
Cronk          Louis P.       08/05/1912  Blanche E. Salisbury         
Cronk          Nettie M.      06/08/1909  Burton Maxim                 
Cronk          Rachel         09/17/1915  George A. Raeder             
Cronk          Ray H.         10/24/1913  Helen M. Buck                
Cronk          Raymond F.     05/06/1914  Ida Ruteshouser              
Cronk          Raymond L.     08/05/1927  Blanche E. Cuyle             
Cronk          Susie L.       01/16/1922  Henry R. Muller              
Cronk          William H.     09/03/1910  Martha R. Peck               
Crook          Anna L.        01/22/1925  Morgan R. Garrison           
Crook          Atwood         07/08/1920  Edith B. Hume                
Crook          Rita           09/25/1923  Bowman Owen                  
Croop          Isabella E.    08/24/1925  John W. Thompkins Jr.        
Crosby         E. Catherine   09/04/1923  E. LeRoy Van Buren           
Crosby         Fanny E.       01/04/1917  Wilson H. Hooper             
Crosby         Florence       03/18/1924  William F. Ryers             
Crosby         Harry M.       05/12/1926  S. Marguerite Sherwood       
Crosby         Henrietta      08/02/1923  Harold R. Pittsley           
Crosby         Howard         10/02/1917  Estelle Luyster              
Crosby         Jennie M.      07/05/1916  Leonard C. Sampson           
Crosby         Marvin C.      06/01/1909  Mary E. Doolittle            
Crosby         Thea B.        07/10/1915  Frederick A. Ledger          
Crose          Anthony D.     10/18/1921  Marjorie O. Brownell         
Crosetto       Rose           06/08/1927  Joseph L. Barnhart           
Crosier        Harry W.       01/15/1920  Bessie M. Murray             
Crosier        James H.       08/03/1925  Hazel J. Evans               
Crosier        Susie B.       12/15/1922  Howard E. Jackson            
Cross          Albert F.      11/20/1924  Lovenia Ackerly              
Cross          Charles E.     07/20/1914  Maude Schaufler              
Cross          Della          03/12/1912  Lee H. Gonser                
Cross          Gertrude E.    02/09/1914  A. Delbert Sheeley           
Crossman       Clifford       11/05/1924  Flora J. Dibble              
Crossman       Georgianna     02/03/1924  Francis Moneta               
Crothy         John J.        10/16/1908  Adah I. Pond                 
Crouch         James H.       08/18/1915  Grace B. Ketchum             
Crown          Sarah V.       01/04/1918  Ben S. Lewis                 
Crumb          Charles S.     08/02/1924  Bretta J. Moore              
Crumb          Daisy E.       05/16/1913  Marcus L. Huyck              
Crumb          Luella B.      06/19/1923  Lawrence C. Boyd             
Crumb          Mealy E.       01/17/1920  Frank W. Smith               
Cruz           Clemencia      08/02/1921  J. Alejandro Mata P.         
Csuri          John           08/12/1909  Mary Cifranyico              
Cuddleback     Ida            11/10/1914  Mark Berg                    
Culver         Emma C. Z.     10/03/1912  Thomas Mason                 
Cumber         Catherine M.   07/13/1921  Clarence Anderson            
Cumming        Marie          01/06/1914  Sherman Wilcox               
Cummings       Charles        06/09/1910  Lillian Carl                 
Cummings       Charles        02/05/1919  Cora Lauzner                 
Cummings       Elizabeth      10/24/1913  Ray G. Briggs                
Cummings       Florence A.    07/14/1909  David H. More                
Cummings       Ivah           05/04/1921  Kenneth M. Stoutenburg       
Cummings       Jennie         10/17/1908  John C. Cavanaugh            
Cummings       Lena           01/08/1918  Philip Gabriel               
Cummings       Lewis E.       03/20/1918  Augusta Kelly                
Cummings       Walter H.      12/18/1914  Flora E. Hunter              
Cunningham     Adam           01/02/1917  Bessie Lake                  
Cunningham     Herbert E.     10/10/1908  Laura J. Keator              
Cunningham     Lillian A.     06/16/1919  Orson J. Wolfe               
Cunningham     Robenia L.     10/03/1910  John S. Andrews              
Cure           Lillian P.     07/01/1912  Harry L. Finger              
Cure           Obed J.        10/07/1912  Alice L. Lasher              
Curites        Lauren A.      08/08/1927  Lena M. Haynes               
Curran         George R.      03/08/1926  Bertha Hitt                  
Currie         Alfred A.      01/02/1917  Anna M. Butler               
Currie         Charlie        07/07/1908  Francis Terry                
Currie         D. George      11/20/1914  Clara M. Butler              
Currie         Edna M.        10/17/1913  Charles H. Ineson            
Currie         Elizabeth B.   06/26/1909  Charles A. Davidson          
Currie         Howard D.      01/12/1920  Katherine M. Mable           
Currie         Mae E.         09/27/1913  William Sceiford             
Currie         Maude          11/10/1914  Conrad Shook                 
Currie         Robert J.      08/03/1926  Blanche E. Budine            
Currie         Robert Y.      11/16/1914  Jennie I. Wilson             
Curry          Bernard P.     11/16/1915  Hazel I. Thomas              
Curry          Grace E.       10/16/1908  Ralph French                 
Curry          John           09/20/1919  Dorothy I. Buchanan          
Curtess        Robert A.      01/15/1910  Florence M. Best             
Curtis         Elsie J.       03/07/1927  H. Warner Decker             
Curtis         Flora C.       03/02/1912  Frank R. Stevenson           
Curtis         Harry B.       11/17/1916  Stacia O. Hoyt               
Curtis         Henry W.       05/14/1913  Lillian M. Whispell          
Curtis         John K.        11/04/1908  Margaret R. Lehm             
Cutler         Agnes L.       07/09/1927  Harrison L. Wells            
Cutler         Charles E.     03/11/1909  Amelia S. Mac Donald         
Cutting        Grant J.       11/13/1919  Liziebelle Palmeter          
Cutting        Harry E.       07/19/1915  Edith H. Mills               
Cutting        Lena M.        08/16/1909  Frank L. Drake               
Cutting        Lillian M.     01/20/1912  Stanley Carey                
Cutting        Lorena A.      07/02/1914  David A. Bowemaster          
Cuttington     Evelyn J.      02/25/1926  Howard C. Sager              
Cuyle          Augustus E.    07/10/1909  Ida A. Saunders              
Cuyle          Augustus E.    09/15/1910  Julia A. Drew                
Cuyle          Bessie O.      03/17/1927  Arthur E. Cook               
Cuyle          Blanche E.     08/05/1927  Raymond L. Cronk             
Cuyle          Clyde M.       05/16/1918  Bertha Buchanan              
Cuyle          Edna A.        01/09/1912  Hopkins S. Parker            
Cuyle          Homer N.       08/18/1908  Florence A. Jones            
Cuyle          Ida A.         09/16/1920  Floyd W. Belknap             
Cuyle          Irma B.        07/06/1921  Page W. Sperry               
Cuyle          Laura M.       08/18/1915  Harry Alger                  
Cuyle          Thena B.       05/17/1923  Stewart N. Barnes            
Cuyle          Willie H.      03/29/1920  Bernice A. Mac Donald        
Cyle           James          01/01/1910  Olive A. Gregory             

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