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Marriages Taken from the Delaware Gazette

Copied from newspapers on deposit at the Walton Library, Walton, NY
Compiled by Gertrude A. Barber, New York, NY, 1933

The original copy was a carbon and often times difficult to read. Anything in [ ] I have added for clarification. KRO]

1846 - 1853 in this Section


       Jan 7, 1846

Delhi Jan 1, Rev. P. B. Heroy, Charles M. GURGIN to Margaret STEELE both of Delhi

Meredith, Jan 1, Rev. P. B. Heroy, Ebenezer HUTSON of Delhi to Margaret 
DOUGLASS of Meredith

Hamden, Jan 1, Rev. P. B. Heroy, David G. McDONALD of Walton to Jane 
CHAMBERS of Hamden

Franlin 24th ult., Rev. Mr. Thacher, Daniel W. BENNETT to Harriet BARTLETT dau of 

31st ult, Rev. E. Wescott, Cyprus CORRINGTON to Abigail BABCOCK of Hamden.

1st inst., Rev. Mr. Thacher, Ezra MILLER to Martha C. POMEROY dau of Seymour all 
of Franklin

Franklin, Dec 31, Rev. Mr. Smith, Seymour KNAPP to Jane H. GREEN dau of Zadock 
all of Franklin.

       Jan 21, 1846

Roxbury 5th inst., Rev. William C. Smith, Abraham BLUMBURG to Esther REED all of 

Colchester 3rd inst., James Knapp, Esq., Richard V. D. BOGART to Augusta 
(BRANT omit) RYANT dau of Joel R. all of Colchester. (this is as 

Steuben 6th inst., Rev. L. L. Atkins, Robert ROBERTS to Hannah S. PHILLIPS dau to 
Thompson Phillips all Steuben, Oneida Co., NY

Meredith Jan 13, Rev. P. B. Heroy, John MEIN of Bovina to Elizabeth WILLIAMSON 
both of Meredith.

Meredith, Jan 14, Rev. P. B. Heroy, David WILLIAMSON to Ellen MONTEITH both of 

       Feb 4, 1846

Delhi, 29th ult., Rev. A. Wescott, James DYSART of Masonville to Civilla FERGUSON 
of Delhi.

Meredith Jan 30, Rev. R. B. Heroy, Andrew OLIVER to Margaret HYMERS both of 

Cannonsville, Jan 28, Rev. Mr. Jayne, C. T. JUDSON of Oxford to Emily MAPLES of 

       Feb 11, 1846

Davenport, 20th ult., Elder D. Greene, Harvey MACKEY of Meredith to March 
GREENE of Davenport.

Delhi, 5th inst., Rev. P. B. Heroy Andrew P. COWAN to Isabelle POTTS both of Andes

       Feb 18, 1846

Delhi, 12th inst., Rev. P. B. Heroy, Andrew BROWN of Bovina to Jennet McNEE of 

       Feb 26, 1846

18th inst., Rev. Sheldon Davis of Hobart, Angus McDONALD to Lillie GRANT both of 

       Mar 4, 1846

New York, Feb 24, Rev. Asa D. Smith, Rev. P. B. HEROY to Catherine A. FALCONER 
dau of late Josiah of NY

Delhi 27th ult, Rev. Charles Kelsey, John RAFF to Permlis (Permelia) 
WOOD both of Delhi

       Mar 11, 1846

Hobart 4th inst., Rev. George W. Walker, Isaiah HOUGHTALING of Roxbury to Susan 
WETMORE of Hobart

Hancock, 5th inst., Elder Benedict, Edward R. TITUS to Harriet N. INGALSBEE both of 

Bovina 1st inst., Rev. Mr. Bell, Joseph B. HOAG of Vermont to Rebecca McFARLAND 
dau of Thomas of Bovina

       Mar 18, 1846

Ft. Edward, 4th inst., Rev. Mr. Mars, Robert McFADDEN to Ann Eliza McPHAIL 
formerly of Delhi

       Mar 25, 1846

Harpersfield, 12th inst., Rev. William McAuley, Samuel CAMPBELL to Jane G. SCOTT 
of Harpersfield.

Delhi, Mar 9, Rev. P. B. Heroy, John HOLMES to Eleanor WIGHT dau of George all of 

       April 1, 1846

Milwaukee, Wis., Mar 31, Rev. Mr. Ackley, Addison P. MAPES to Margaret CARMAN 
of Milwaukee.

       April 8, 1846

Durham 1st inst., Rev. Arad S. Lakin, Andrew J. GOFF to mary C. BUCK all of Durham.

Delhi 3rd inst., Rev. P. B. Heroy, James WHITMORE of Hamden to Jane BLAKE of 

31st ult., Rev. E. Wescott, George GREENE of Franklin to S. Delia MILLARD of Delhi

       April 15, 1846

Delhi, 7th inst., Rev. J. Leonard, Daniel T. BATHRICK of Kortright to Ruth BARNES of 

       April 29, 1846

North Harpersfield, 22nd inst., by Rev. Mr. Preston, Daniel BAIRD to Helen J. 
HAMILTON dau of late T. Hamilton, all of No. Harpersfield.

       May 6, 1846

Walton, April 30, Rev. B. M. Genung, Elisha Sheldon SAWYER to Damaris S. TAYLOR 
both of Walton

April 26, Rev. R. S. Scott, Beakman BABCOCK to Frances E. CLUM all of Hobart.

       May 13, 1846

Bovina, 30th ult., Rev. John Graham, Dr. E. McKENZIE to Lydia Maria SEACORD all 
of Bovina

       May 20, 1846

Delhi, 14th inst., Rev. Daniel Shepherd, (William) Thomas M. CLARK of 
Andes to Charlotte SUTTLE dau of George of Middletown.

       May 27, 1846

Hatfield, Mass., 14th inst., Rev. Mr. Rogers, Dwight ANDREWS of Delhi to Angeline 
WARNER of Hatfield

       June - none

       July 1, 1846

Delhi, 23d ult., Rev. J. Leonard, Peter P. WRIGHT to Mrs. Jane BURHAMS all of Delhi

Hamden, 10th ult., Rev. Mr. Waters, Lorenzo D. TERRY to Adelia BRISACK both of 

       July 8, 1846

Delhi 4th inst., Rev. E. Wescott, Samuel KENYON to Melissa HARON both of 

       July 22, 1846

Hobart 15th inst., Rev. Mr. Scott, Dunbar McDONALD to John WETMORE dau of 
Elisha all of Hobart.  (this can't be correct!)

       July 29, 1846

Franklin, 22nd inst., Rev. Samuel White, Jephteah KELLUM of Macnhester 
(Manchester) to Elvira B. PARSONS dau of J. P. of Franklin.

       Aug 12, 1846

Delhi 5th inst., Rev. E. Wescott, Oliver F. CANNON of Prattsville to Sophia S. EELLS 
dau of Allen M.

       Sept 2, 1846

Delhi 31st ult., Rev. E. Wescott, Stephen LAUDER to Lovina WHALEY

       Sept 9, 1846

Franklin 1st inst., by Rev. S. White, D. W. HUBBELL to Susan BARNES all of Franklin

       Sept 16, 1846

Franklin 15th inst., Rev. J. F. Ingersoll, Stephen HIN´ to Matilda M. McCALL dau of 
Elihu all of Franklin

1st inst., Christ Church, Cooperstown, by Rev. Alfred N. Beach, Cyrus STRONG of 
Binghamton to Mary Martha BUSH dau of Hon. John H. PRENTISS

Cooperstown 2nd inst., Rev. A. E. Campbell, E. Maxwell LEAL of Cortland to Lucy B. 
KING eld. dau. of Dr. C. King.

Franklin, 2nd inst., Rev. J. S. White, Dr. H. N. BUCKLEY of Delhi to Elizabeth CASE of 

Delhi 1st inst., Elder Cummings, Orrin BOUTON to Sarah WARING of Delhi

       Oct 7, 1846

Delhi 1st inst., Rev. E. Wescott, Walter TURNBULL of Delhi to Betsey Ann CHASE of 

Delhi, 1st inst., Rev. Wescott, Frederick FALING to Adeline E. MOORE all of Delhi

Butternuts, Otsego Co, NY, Sept 30, Rev. T. O. Judd, Eben F. WAITE of Otego to 
Elizabeth WOOD of Butternuts.

       Oct 14, 1846

Otego, Otsego Co., NY, 7th inst., Elder Gallup, Lester W. CLARK of Laurens to Electa 
ADAMS of Otego.

Otego, Edward ADAMS to Plima L. KING of Hobart (no dates)

Delhi, 12th inst., Rev. I. Powers, J. Thomas SMITH of Meredith to Prudence A. 
MAXWELL of Delhi

6th inst., Rev. J. D.  Cornwell, Henry RYER to Emily SMITH all of Stamford.

       Oct 21, 1846

Delhi, 19th inst., Rev. Mr. Waters, Edwin H. SHELDON of Prattsville to Frances 
OGDEN of Delhi

       Oct 28, 1846

Meredith, 20th inst., Rev. Stephen Ellis, Hiram HUNT to Eliza C. WELLS dau of Jonah 

21st inst. Rev. J. Powers, Richard B. JACKSON to Ann GALLUP all of West Kortright

       Nov 2, 1846

Stamford, 27th ult., Rev. H. M. Boyd of Schenectady, Ebenezer F. MAXWELL of Delhi 
to Susan EDGERTON of Stamford.

Oct 27, by Rev. S. Ellis of Meredith, Stephen RAMSEY of Franklin to Diana HALSEY of 

       Nov 11, 1846

Delhi 10th inst., Rev. J. Leonard, William BLAKELEY Jr. to Hannah A. ANDREWS all 
of Delhi

Delhi, 4th inst., Rev. J. Leonard, Charles STODDARD to Sarah BARBER, all of Delhi

West Meredith, 4th inst., Rev. I. Powers, Dr. L. F. TITUS of East Franklin to Adelia A. 
LENT of W. Meredith.

Middletown, 29th ult., C. D. Walcott, Esq., Dr. Gm. GREEN of Franklin to Nancy 
ROBERTS of Middletown.

       Nov 18, 1846

Walton, 28th ult., Rev. M. L. Pendell, Henry TRACY to Catherine WILSON both of 

       Nov 25, 1846

Jefferson, Schoharie Co., 4th inst., Rev. Valentine Buck, W. STEVENS, M. D. of Delhi 
to Jannet TAYLOR of Jefferson.

Walton, 22nd inst., Rev. M. L. Pendell, Amos H. WHEELER to Matilda HEATH both of 

       Dec 9, 1846 - none

       Dec 16, 1846

Dec 3, Rev. W. H. Smith, Rev. Lucius KING of N.Y. to Amanda M. WATERS of 

       Dec 30, 1846

Hobart, 23rd inst., Rev. Russell S. Scott, Charles HOPPEN of Franklin to Ann OMROD 
of Stamford


       Jan 6, 1847

Wurtsboro, Sullivan Co., NY, Rev. Charles Isham, David W. STRATTON formerly of 
Roxbury to Maria D. TURNER dau of Jacob of Wawarsing, Ulster Co., NY

Coventry, Chenango Co., NY, 16th ult., Rev. C. C. Wright, R. M. GALLUP of Unadilla 
to Agnes Ann YALE dau Ozias.

       Jan 13, 1847 - none

       Jan 20, 1847

Millplain, Fairfield Co., Conn., Dec 31, Rev. Mr. Crawford, Moses J. COLLAR to Eunice 
KEELER of Millplain.

Delhi, 13th inst., Rev. E. Wescott, Samuel WEISMERE to Merilla FRISBEE, dau of 
Daniel of Delhi.

Hamden, 12th inst., Rev. Mr. Taylor, Allen BROWN of Delhi to Ellen McFARLAND of 

Cannonsville, 13th inst., Rev. E. L. Benedict, John SMITH to Betsey OGDEN

       Feb 3, 1847

Colchester, 28th ult., R. W. Elwood, Esq., Gilbert EARLEY to Jane HITT all of 

Kortright, 20th ult., Elder D. Grant, William McPHERSON of Stamford to Loretta 
BAKER of Kortright

Bovina, Elder Grant, 27th ult., David G. LANDON of Delhi to D Ann DIBBLE of Bovina

       Feb 20, 1847

Harpersfield, 31st ult., Rev. H. Treadwell, Elisha BABCOCK to Sally McMICKER

       Feb 2, 7, 24, 1847 - none

       Mar 3, 1847

25th ult., Rev. E. Wescott, James W. SMITH to Julia Ann YEOMENS both of Delhi

       Mar 10, 1847

Harpersfield, 244th ult., Rev. J. W. Pierce, David WINSLOW to Sally DAVIS all of 

3d inst, Rev. Sheldon Davis of Hobart, James WHITE Jr., to Amelia WILCOX of 

        Mar 17, 1847

24th ult., Rev. Stephen Ellis, George WRIGHT to  Betsey M. DIBBLE all  of Meredith

Meredith, 4th inst., Rev. P. B. Heroy, John MURRAY of Delhi to Margaret OLIVER of 

       Mar 31, 1847

Delhi, 25th inst., Rev. George Waters, A. Cook EDGARTON to Ann Eliza FLOWER all 
of Delhi

Worcester, Otsego Co,  NY, 18th inst., Rev. D. B. Collins, Robert HOPKINS of Franklin 
to Mary Amanda JOHNSON dau of Col. Bela Johnson of Worcester.

       Apr 7, 1847

Schoharie, 24th ult., Rev. Hiram Chase, John L. HACKSTAFF to Lydia M. SMITH dau 
of Cyrus of Schoharie

        Apr 14, 1847

7th inst., Rev. E. Wescott, Thomas H. WETMORE of Kortright to Ruth FRISBEE dau of 
Daniel of Delhi

Meredith 7th   inst, Elder Greene, John B. SOUTHARD to  Amy Jane WHITLOCK both 
of Meredith

Roxbury, 31st ult, Elder Hewitt, George JONES of Meredith to  Sarah B. JAQUISH of 

       June 2, 1847

East Franklin, 13th ult., Elder H. Robertson, James B. FOOTE to Corinthia C. 

       June 16, 1847

Colchester 3d inst., James A. Miller, Esq., Caleb S. MILLER of Hancock to Ardelia 
FRANCISCO dau Richard of Colchester.

Hancock, 6th inst., James A. Miller, Esq., Mathew GARRISON of Colchester to Sabrina 
TYLER of Hancock

Chicago, Ill., May 16, Rev. A. Edson, William DAVENPORT of Perkins Grove to 
Margaret PHILIPS of Chicago

        June 30, 1847

N. Y. 1st inst., Rev. A. S. Lakin, David P. CARPENTER of Meredith to Mary M. VAN 
WART of Haverstraw.
        July 7, 1847

30th ult., Rev. J. Leonard, William A. CUMMINGS of Bloomville to Frances J. JACOBS 
of Delhi

       July 14, 1847

7th inst., Rev. Sheldon Davis, James DINGEE of Kortright to Olive dau of Zachariah 
WHITNEY of Stamford

       July 21, 1847

Delhi, 15th inst., Rev. Mr. Cleland, Anson A. DUMMONG (Dumond?) of 
Middletown to Christina STEWART all of Delhi

       Aug 11, 1847

July 4, Groveland Cottage, Peoria, Ill., Rev. D. Gore, Rufus K. FRISBEE of Buffalo 
Grove, son of Rev. Geroge, formerly Delaware Co. to Rebecca CORWELL formerly of 
Schoharie Co.

Bovina 5th inst., Rev. P. B. Heroy, David McFARLAND of Franklin, Wis. to Eliza 
JOHNSON of Bovina

       Aug 18, 1847

Reformed Dutch Church, NYC, 5th inst., Rev. J. S. Demune, James A. FERGUSON to 
Marcia D. VAN DELSEN dau of Wm. H. of NYC

Marquette Co., Wis, 4th ult., Elder S. Sergeant, Lucius A. CLARK to Maria Antoinette 
dau William A. MILLARD formerly of Delhi.

       Sept 29, 1847

Cannonsville, 22nd inst., Rev. S. J. White, John J. MILLEN of Tunknannock, Pa., to 
Harriet E. MILLER of Cannonsville.

Kortright, 23d inst., Rev. Mr. Irwin, Lewis MILLS, Esq. to Sally GOODRICH, dau. 
Jared, all of Kortright.

       Oct 6, 1847

Delhi, 29th ult., Rev. E. Wescott, William L. SLOAT to Helen SLEIGH all Delhi.

27th ult., Rev. S. Ellis of Davenport, Elisha A. WETMORE of Hobart to Louisa E. VAN 
DUSEN of Davenport.

Colchester, 29th ult., Rev. F. James, Perry RADEKER to Laura KNAPP, dau of James, 
all of Colchester.

       Oct 13, 20, 1847 - none

       Oct 27, 1847

St. James Church, Delhi, Rev. Mr. Waters, 20th inst., Robert F. MACAULEY of 
Kingston to Rebecca I. PARKER, dau Col. A. of Delhi.

       Nov 3, 1847

Groveland Cottage, Ill, 8th ult., Rev. D. Gore, Austin HARDING to Caroline 
CORNWELL formerly of Schoharie Co.

       Nov 24, 1847

Kortright, 17th inst., Elder Grant, Nemehiah (Nehemiah?) GREGORY of 
Stamford to Amelia BUTTS dau Henry of Kortright.

Davenport 21st inst., by Morton B. Emmons, George W. BEMUS of New Milford, 
Conn., to Jane HALLOCK of Davenport.

       Dec 8, 15, 22, 29, 1847 - none


       Jan 5, 1848

Stamford 1st inst., Rev. Mr. Davis, Daniel SIMMONS - Ann Eliza LAMPORT

Stamford, 1st inst., Rev. Mr. Davis, Joel CARRINGTON of Kortright, to Betsey 

        Jan 12, 1848

Hamden, 6th inst., by H. Treadwell, William T. RUSSELL to Angeline SWART of 

Hancock, 1st inst., Jones Miller, Esq., James TAYLOR of Hancock to Felina VERNOLD 
of Colchester.

       Jan 19, 1848 - none

       Jan  26, 1848

19th inst., Rev. J. Wynkoop, Edward H. GAVIN of Delhi to Sarah MITCHELL dau of 
Nathaniel of Meredith.

       Feb 16, 1848

9th inst., Rev. E. Wescott, Gilbert G. VALENTINE of Meredith to Mary Amelia 
LANDON of Delhi.

       Mar 1, 1848

Sidney 20th ult., Rev. H. H. Adams, Walter H. GRISWOLD of Franklin to Elizabeth 
BETTS dau of J. M. of Sidney.

       Mar 8, 1848

2nd inst., Rev. E. Wescott, John GIBBS of Andes to Antoinette LANDON of Delhi.

        Mar 15, 1848

29th ult., Selino, Mich., Rev. E. P. Marvine, Theron FORD to Amelia E. BURKE all 

        Mar 22, 1848

Feb 8, Elder D. Grant, Hiram G. COMB of Lansingville to Sarah Marion CUMMINGS 
dau of late Rev. William of Lansingville.

15th inst., Rev. E. Wescott, David McCULLOCK to Susan E. FRANKLIN both of Delhi.

Hamden, 16th inst, Rev. P. B. Heroy, George PAINE of Delhi to Jane LAUGHRAN of 

9th inst., Rev. George Tayloer, Arris BAILY to Mrs. Rebecca LANDEN all Delhi.

Thurs, Rev. Francis Jones of Colchester, William SHAVER of Andes to Mrs. Maria 
DIXON of Colchester.

Mar. 13th, Rev. F. Jones, Richard W. HALL to Eliza Ann WARREN all of Colchester.

       Mar 29, 1848

Delhi, 23rd inst., Rev. George Waters, Daniel LEAL to Alanra (?) 
FLOWERS all of Delhi.

       Apr 5, 1848 - none

       Apr 12, 1848

Walton, Apr 5, Henry M. Ray, John S. BUTLER to Catherine Ann HOUGHTALING all 
of Walton.

        Apr 26, 1848

Franklin, 13th inst., Elder Robertson, Lorenzo HOWELL of Beloit to Phebe CASE of 

        May 3, 1848

Meredith 25th ult., G. M. Shaw, Jimmy TOBY of Davenport to Julia E. SHAVER of 

27th ult., Rev. E. Wescott, Oliver PEAKE, Jr. of Delhi to Huldah FERGUSON of Andes.

        May 10, 1848

29th ult., Rev. J. Gould, William A. SHAW of Prattsville to Elizabth TOMPKINS of 

20th ult., Rev. Francis Jones, James BATES of Colchester to Mrs. Catherine GUNN of 

27th ult., Rev. F. Jones, David LOWN to Delilah FULLER, both of Colchester.

        May 18, 1848

27th ult., Brooklyn, Rev. William B. Lewis, William R. HARPER of Harpersfield to Mary 

       May 24, 31 & June 28 - none

        July 5, 1848

Delhi, 28th ult., Rev. J. Wynkoop, Howard THOMPSON of Blooming Grove, Sullivan 
Co., NY, to Sarah J. MEIGS of Delhi.

Walton Church, Rev. Mr. Petteingill, of New Berlin, Hiram OLMSTED to Sarah 
HANFORD both of Walton.

       July 12, 1848

Deposit, 4th inst., Rev. Mr. Allen, Cyrus FLANDERS of Boston, Mass., to Elizabeth W. 
GILLETT of Deposit.

       July 26, 1848

Delhi, 12th inst., Rev. O. E. Brown, Rev. George TAYLOR to Sarah HATFIELD dau of 
Olive S. of Delhi.

24th inst., Rev. E. Wescott, Amasa J. TEN BROECK to Josephine Alida HOWARD dau 
of Dr. Calvin Howard all of Delhi.

       Aug 2, 9, 1848 - none

       Aug 23, 1848

Davenport 15th inst., Rev. S. D. Ferguson, Herman COPLEY 2nd of So. Worcester to 
Mary Catherine VAN DUSEN.

Deposit 12th inst., Rev. A. P. Allen, John McKIERNON of Masonville to Eliza B. 
STILES of Deposit.

       Sept 6, 1848

Walton, 28th ult., Rev. Silas Fitch, William N. WHITE of Athens, Ga., to Rebecca 
BENEDICT of Walton.

Walton, 30th ult., Rev. William Baldwin, Gales S. BENEDICT to Sarah Å. WHITE all of 

       Sept 11, 1848

Meredith 5th inst., Elder D. Greene, John L. BURDICK of Franklin to Mariah HARLOW 
of Davenport.

11th inst., Rev. C. E. Brown of Delhi, William SQUIRE to Lydia Ann THOMAS dau of 
James, all of Stamford.

Catskill, 7th inst., by Mr. Elting, Willis R. WILBUR of Delhi to Sarah CHIDESTER of 

Rome, Oneida Co., NY, 30th ult., Rev. D. B. Butts, Samuel J. MUSEREAU to Esther 

        Sept 27, 1848

19th isnt., Rev. E. Wescott, William SMITH of Meredith to Clarinda MORE of Delhi.

21st inst., Rev. E. Wescott, John N. WOODRUFF to Eunice BLANCHARD, dau of John 
of Delhi.

Ref. Dutch Church at Bloomingrove, NY, 18th inst., Rev. P. S. Wynkoop, Samuel M. 
LASSELL M.D. of Chatham to Lydia S. WYNKOOP dau of P. S.

        Oct 4, 1848

26th ult., Rev. E. Wescott, Joseph P. SHAW to Sally Ann FRISBEE all of Delhi

27th ult, by Rev. E. Wescott, Andrew CLARK to Helen Maria SHEPHERD all of 

       Oct 11, 1848

Walton, 9th inst., Rev. Mr. Brown, Charles A. EDGERTON to Mary T. SMITH of 

4th inst., Rev. E. Wescott, Willard STEDMAN of Deposit to Nancy Ann MILLS of Delhi.

       Oct 18, 1848

Delhi, 17th inst., Rev. George Waters, Hon. Edwin MORE to Sophronia B. THURBER 
all of Delhi.

Delhi, 14th inst., Rev. George Waters, George F. RUMSEY of Chicago, Ill, to Emily E. 
SHELDON, dau of Crawford B.

Lansingville, 8th inst., Elder D. Grant, Marcus L. BAGLY to Mary E. BRANT both of 

Middletown, 12th inst., Rev. William Smith of Andes, Austin DODGE of Rockland to 
Mary F. GRANT of Hamden.

Colchester, 10th inst., Rev. Mr. Blake, William H. RACE of Honesdale, Pa., to Antoinette 
MORE of Colchester.

11th inst., Rev. E. O. Brown, Ira CARRINGTON to Phebe STODDART all of Delhi

        Oct 25, 1848

Sept 13, Rev. Mr. Chapman, William H. GATES of Croton to Marietta STRONG of W. 

Otego, 4th inst., Rev. George W. Walker, Levi COBURN to Lucy M. OLMSTEAD both 
of Otego.

       Nov 1, 1848 - none

       Nov 9, 1848

4th ult., Elder I. Powers, Abram BUSH of Croton to Henrietta R. HINE dau of Miles of 

Franklin, 31st ult., Rev. I. Powers, William OLIVER of Croton to Harriet M. PARSONS 
of Franklin.

Otego, 31st ult., Rev. George W. Walker, Walter L. BUNDY to Roxeline F. REED both 
of Otego.

        Nov 15, 1848

Delhi Nov 7th, Rev. P. B. Heroy, John RUSSELL to Urarula ROBINSON both of 

8th inst., Rev. O. E. Brown, Samuel PEARSALL of Bainbridge to Elizabeth PALMER all 
of Delhi.

       Nov 22, 1848

Colchester, 16th inst., Rev. Mr. Blake, Thomas J. HUBBELL of Honesdale, Pa., to Leity 
GREGORY of Cochester.

       Nov 29, 1848

Delhi, Nov 23, Rev. P. B. Heroy, Eleazer PEAKE of Hamden to Mary HOLMES of 

       Dec 20, 1848

So. Kortright 9th inst., D. McDonald, Esq., Jacob BAYREUTHER of Bovina to Juliet A. 
(Seagood) SEACORD.

Stratford, Conn., 13th inst., Rev. W. B. Reed, Marcus B. BUTLER of NY to Emilie S. 

        Dec 27, 1848

25th inst., Rev. E. Wescott, Theodore W. CAVIN to Julia A. PEASE, both of Delhi.

20th inst., Rev. E. Wescott, Charles A. BOALT to Phebe E. BATES both of Delhi.


       Jan 3, 1849

27th ult., Rev. E. Wescott, Whiting TUPPER of Franklin to Clarissa HUNT of Delhi.

24th ult., Rev. Mr. Erwin, Solomon DAVIS to Mary RIDDLE dau of William all of 

       Jan 10, 1849

Delhi 27th ult., Elder D. Grant, Richard S. CLEVELAND to Catherine COAN both 

NYC, Dec 25, Rev. Mr. Goggart, William BARDEN to Elizabeth ARBUCKLE

1st inst., Hamden, Conn., Rev. J. Warren, George MITCHELL to Julia HOUGH.

        Jan 17, 1849 - none

       Jan 24, 1849

Middletown, Nov 22, Rev. Mr. Pierce, Col. George H. SANDS to Jane SMITH, both of 

Davenport, 18th inst., by Robert McLaury, Esq., Sylvester MARBLE to Jane UTTER 
both of Davenport.

       Jan 31, 1849

25th inst., Rev. E. Wescott, Thomas A. LANDON to Ann T. KINMOTH both of Bovina

28th inst., Rev. E. Wescott, Russell B. NORTHRUP to Margaret A. RONEY both of 

Dryden, Tompkins Co., 20th inst., Rev. Mr. Benham, Elnathan CALVERT to Catherine 
LAMONT dau of Daniel formerly of this town.

      Feb 7, 1849

Harpersfield, 31st ult., Rev. Mr. Hall, Abijah O. HUBBARD to Elizabeth DAYTON both 
of Harpersfield.

30th ult., Elder Martindale, George B. LYON of Stamford to Sarah P. PECK dau of 
David W. of Roxbury.

6th inst., Rev. E. Wescott, T. CARMAN to Asenath BAILEY both of Bovina.

       Feb 21, 28, 1849 - none

       Mar 7, 1849

Andes. 1st  inst., Rev. William Blake, Peter McNEE to Catherine Adelia BARNS of 

       Mar 21, 1849

18th inst., Rev. E. Wescott, Henry BIRDSELL of Franklin to Catherine M. LANDON of 

Delhi 6th inst., Rev. P. B. Heroy, Daniel McGILLINERAE to Sarah S. SMITH all of 

       Mar 28, 1849

Delhi 6th inst., Elder D. Grant, Thomas KINCH to Jane CEASE both of Delhi.

By elder D. Grant, 22nd inst., Henry HARDEN to Mary VOSBURGH both of Delhi 

       Apr 11, 1849 - none

       Apr 18, 1849

15th inst., by E. Denend, Esq., Peter SHAFER of Baskenridge, NJ to Ann Eliza PAINE 
dau of Abijah of Davenport.

       May 2, 1849

Walton 26th ult., Rev. Mr. Cleland, Robert JAMISON of Delhi to Jane HODGE of 

Catskill 25th ult., Rev. Mr. Elton, Joshua CARMAN of Bovina to Jane CHIDESTER of 

       May 9, 1849

Colchester, 3d ult., Rev. Mr. Blake, Charles BARNS of Andes to Rachel P. LLOYD of 

       May 16, 1849 - none

       May 23, 1849

22nd inst., Rev. E. Wescott, Alfred FITCH to Pamelia CHURCHILL both of Delhi.

8th inst., Clark's Factory, Rev. E. Wescott, Peter FIERO to Jane M. JONES both of 

Middletown 25th ult., Calvin Madison, Esq., Alanson MOORE of Middletown to Eliza 
Jane GAVITT of Shandaken.

       May 30, 1849 - none

       June 6, 1849

Delhi, May 31, Rev. P. B. Heroy, Charles W. REYNOLDS to Juliet HARDER both of 

       June 13, 20, 1849 - none

       June 27, 1849

13th inst., Rev. Dr. Starke, Dr. Abram McCLAUGHRY of Kortright to Helen CUREY 
dau of James of Yorkville.

        July 4, 11, 18, 25, Aug 8, 1849 - none

        Aug 15, 1849

Delhi 25th ult., Elder D. Grant, John E. EVANS to Melinda Ann WAYMAN both of 

Rev. Mr. Starrs, Brooklyn, 7th inst., Charles D. RUDD to Rosina H. BLAGROVE.

       Aug 22, 1849

Lansingville, 11th inst., Rev. Mr. Frazier, Edward HARRIS of Elmira to Lydia W. 
CUMMINGS of Lansingville.

        Aug 29, 1849 - none

       Sept 5, 1849

Blenheim Ridge, 23d ult., Rev. C. A. Evans, Darius CHOAT to Phebe A. BREWSTER of 
Blenheim, Schoharie Co., NY

Roxbury, 20th ult., Rev. Mr. Fox, Abram THOMAS of Delhi to Olive C. LYNCH of 

       Sept 12, 1849

11th ult., by E. Denend, Esq., Michael SMITH to Nancy STRANDCOND both 

22nd ult., by E. Denend, Esq., Lester L. LAMPFIELD of Grand Rapids, Mich., to Marion 
C. MAXFIELD of Davenport Centre.

Kortright, 10th inst., Rev. Mr. Chapman, Ransom MITCHELL of Meredith to Sarah A. 
BLAKELY of Kortright.

       Sept 26, 1849

Delhi, 24th inst., Rev. P. B. Heroy, Moses F. PAGE of Hamden to Susan REDFIELD of 

Delhi 12th inst, Rev. Robert Washbon of Rensselaerville, Henry R. WASHBON of 
Louisville, Otsego Co. to Maria SMITH of Delhi.

19th inst., Rev. E. Wescott, Theodore POMEROY to Eliza GOLDSMITH both of 

20th inst., Elder J. Smith, Jr., Milo JACOBS to Angeline DUTCH all of Meredith.

19th inst., Rev. Mr. Wells of Hobart, Ebenezer CHADWICK to Polly Maria ODELL both 
of Harpersfield.

       Oct 10, 1849 - none

       Oct 26, 1849

Portsmouth, N.H., 11th inst., Rev. D.  Burrough, Col. Robert PARKER of Delhi to 
Caroline E. ROBERTS of Portsmouth.

14th inst., Elder J. Smith, Jr., Ebenezer SLAWSON to Polly Louise GREEN both of 

        Nov 7, 1849

1st inst., Rev. Mr. Wells, Archibald FOREMAN to Nancy A. FISHER both of Kortright.

Delhi, 24th ult., Elder D. Grant, Daniel FRISBEE Jr. of Delhi to Margaret GRANT of 

Roxbury, Sept 19, Rev. W. A. Curtis of Hobart, George HUBBELL of Walton to Jennett 
McPHERSON of Roxbury.

At the "Head the Delaware" Oct 22, Rev. W. A. Curtis, Silas C. STERRY of 
Stamford to Mariah J. UNDERWOOD

Hobart, Oct 31, Rev. W. A. Curtis, J. Russel WALWORTH of Leeds, Green Co., NY to 
Mary Ann WILLIAMS of Hobart.

        Nov 14, 1849

6th inst., Rev. E. Wescott, Peter H. SHIFFEN of Deposit to Sarah A. MacPHERSON of 

8th inst., Rev. P. B. Heroy, Archibald STEELE to Ann Eliza HUGHES all of Delhi.

         Nov 21, 1849 - none

         Nov 28, 1849

22nd inst., Rev. Mr. Wells, John F. OWENSHIRE to Eliza M. THOMAS of Kortright

        Dec 5, 1849

29th ult., Rev. Mr. Wells, William ADEE of Bovina to Catherine F. REYNOLDS of 

       Dec 19, 1849

Delhi, Nov 21, Elder Powers, George HUGHES to Sophronia S. PLATNER dau of 
Henry all of Delhi

       Dec 26, 1849

Hobart 12th inst., by Rev. M. Smith, Henry T. SMITH, M.D. of Ludlow, Mass. to Helen 
M. MORE of Hobart.


       Jan 2, 1850 - none

       Jan 16, 1850

Middletown, 7th inst., Rev. E. Wescott, Richard JACQUISH to Ellen SMITH of 

9th inst., Rev. E. Wescott, William F. ARMSTRONG to Mary A. HUGHES both of 

9th inst., Rev. Mr. Wells of Hobart, William D. DOOLITTLE of Gloversville, NY to 
Huldah M. SILLIMAN of Stamford.

        Jan 23, 1850

Delhi Jan 21, Rev. P. B. Heroy, Lewis STRONG to Jennet HYMERS both of Meredith.

17th inst., Rev. P. B. Heroy, John M. AITKEN to Elizabeth BROWN all of Delhi

       Jan 30, 1850

McDonugh, Chenango Co., NY, 22nd inst., Rev. Daniel Clark, LaFayette B. LEAL to 
Frances A. HILL

       Feb 6, 1850

Delhi, Jan 24, Rev. P. B. Heroy, Gurden PAINE to Margaret W. ARBUCKLE

24th ult., Rev. Francis Jones of Colchester, John CAMPBELL of Colchester to Catherine 
Ann SPRAGUE of Rockland

4th inst., Rev. E. Wescott, Harvey DAVIS Jr. to Margaret A. PALMER both of Delhi

4th inst., Rev. E. Wescott, Alfred HEATH to Olive WATERMAN of Delhi

       Feb 13, 1850

Windsor, 1st ult., Rev. H. W. Gilbert, David P. WEEKS of Masonville to Chloe SMITH 
of Windsor.

Windsor, 1st ult., Rev. H. W. Gilbert, Richard C. BEEBE to Charlotte R. PULY 
(?) both of Windsor.

Oswego 5th inst., Rev. Dr. Condit, J. Wells FILKIN to Julia M. THURBER all  of 

       Feb 20, 1850

Middletown, Conn., Rev. Mr. Scudder, Rev. James WELLS to Mrs. Elizabeth T. 
WILLIAMS of Middletown.

Bloomville, 14th inst., Rev. Mr. Wells, Henry M. BLISH of Stamford to Catherine 
BATHRICK of Bloomville.

Delhi, 7th inst., Elder D. Grant, Miles M. BURDICK to Sarah STOUTENBURGH.

Delhi, 7th inst., Elder D. Grant, Milo VALENTINE to Frances T. HALL of Delhi

       Feb 27, 1850

Ashland, Greene Co., NY, 21st inst., Rev. Mr. Judd, James BENJAMIN of Prattsville to 
Chloe SICKLEN of Delhi

       Mar 6, 1850

Delhi, 28th ult., Rev. J. Douglas, James P. DEAN of Bovina to Agnes A. AITKEN of 

19th ult., Elder J. Smith, Jr., Asahel A. DUTTON to Susan Lovancia SANDERS all of 

26th ult., Rev. P. B. Heroy, in Andes, Samuel PECK of Delhi to Jane Jardine JACKSON 
of Andes

20th ult., Rev. E. Wescott, Clinton H. LANDON to Mary FRANKLIN all of Delhi

Delhi 28th ullt., Rev. P. B. Heroy, Robert OLIVER of Meredith to Catherine HUDSON 
of Delhi

27th ult., Rev. J. Wells, Richard KILPATRICK to Juliette DENNISON both Kortright.

       Mar 13, 1850

7th inst., Rev. P. B. Heroy, John McMULLEN to Juliette MAXWELL all of Delhi

       Mar 20, 1850

Butternuts, Otsego Co., NY, 13th inst., Rev. Mr. Bradford, John I. MERWIN, M.D. to 
Alma A. MERWIN of Butternuts.

12th inst., Rev. E. Wescott of Delhi, Walter SCOTT to Margaret A. LADD both of 

       Mar 27, 1850

Hamden, 23d ult., Rev. Mr. Frazier, Henry HOLMES of Delhi to Lucinda PEAKE of 

Roxbury, 21st inst. by Lewis Stratton, Esq., John DUMOND of Middletown to Hannah 
McFARLAND of Roxbury.

        Apr 10th, 1850

4th inst., Rev. Mr. Wells, William P. BRINK of Hurley to Mary E. BARLOW of 

        Apr 17, 1850

West Meredith 4th inst., Rev. J. P. Wells, John W. SMITH, M.D. of Franklin to Susan 

       Apr 24, 1850

Meredith, 22nd inst., Rev. Mr. Chapman, John C. STODDART of Delhi to Sarah 
MITCHELL of Meredith

       May 1, 1850

Delhi, April 24th, Rev. P. B. Heroy, William YOUMANS to Lydia A. FRISBEE all of 

       May 8, 1850

Andes, 6th inst., Rev. E. Wescott, Schultz SMITH of Middletown to Helen SHAVER of 

Delhi, 25th ult., Elder O. Grant, Gabriel YEOMANS to Mary A. JUDSON all Delhi.

       May 15, 1850

Delhi, May 8, Rev. P. B. Heroy, Alston W. HULBERT to Loretta SIGNOR both of 

        May 22, 1850

15th inst., Rev. E. Wescott, Asmon G. MERWIN of Meredith to Maria T. McFARLAND 
of Delhi.

Delhi, 16th inst., Elder D. Grant, Erastus S. JAQUISH to Mary WARING both of 

       June 5, 1850

Albany, May 7, 1850, Rev. Mr. Halloway, Mary C. VAN BUREN to John D. 

Cortlandville, May 27, Rev. Mr. Bush, John M. GREENMAN to Hannah H. COWEN

       June 19, 1850

Stamford, 5th inst, Rev. Mr. Torrey, Joseph B. LAWYER of Albany to Angelline S. 
THOMAS of Stamford.

Franklin 3d inst., Rev. Mr. Ingersoll, Josiah L. HAWES of Cobleskill, Lucia R. FOOTE of 

       July 17, 1850

Delhi, 7th inst., Elder D. Grant, Edward PHILLIPS to Adeline DIBBLE both of Delhi.

Delhi, 7th inst., Elder D. Grant, Thomas SPOOR to Theresa BROCK of Meredith

        July 31, 1850

Ramapo, N.J., 7th inst., Rev. Peter Allen, A. B. DOUGLAS of Andes to Louisa 
CONKLIN of Ramapo.

       Aug 14, 1850

24th ult., Vallonia Springs, Rev. Mr. Hoyt, Frederic L. MILLER of England to Margaret 
E. WHITE of Binghamton, NY

        Sept 18, 1850

Lansingville, 12th inst., Elder H. A. Pratt, S. Mott TITUS to E. Ann GOODRICH all of 

       Oct 2, 1850

Meredith, 25th ult., Elder Scott, Moses GREGORY of Davenport to Eliza HILL dau of 
Samuel of Meredith.

        Oct 16, 1850

9th inst., Rev. Mr. Wells, Charles N. PARSONS of Franklin to Julia A. RICHEY of 

        Oct 23, 1850

Delhi, 19th inst., Col. Philo OLMSTEAD of Walton to Matilda GRAY of Delhi

Oct 22, Rev. P. B. HEROY, John STODDART to Mary A. McDONALD all of Delhi

Bloomville, 16th inst., Rev. Mr. Gibson, Samuel McCUNE of Bovina to Nancy C. 
PETERS of Bloomville

       Oct 30, 1850

Walton, 18th inst., Rev. J. Brown, Lewis G. CONE of Unadilla to Elizabeth MACE of 

Rev. Mr. Wells, 23d inst., William A. DENISON to Rachel S. YOUNGMAN both of 

Rev. I. Powers of West Meredith, 23d inst., George M. DEZELL to Sophia E. 
JENNINGS both of Croton.

        Nov 6, 1850

Bloomville, 31st ult., Rev. E. Wescott, Fitz William FRISBEE of Delhi to Amelia F. 
CAREY (AVERY?) of Bloomville.

31st ult, Rev. Mr. Pearce, William HILTON to Elizabeth DECKER all of Andes

        Dec 27, 1850   (I think this is an error for Nov 27!)

Bovina 8th inst., Rev. John Graham, William D. THOMPSON to Agnes MURRAY all of 

Bloomville, 21st inst., Rev. Mr. Torrey, William MURRAY Jr. of Delhi to Rachel M. 
MERWIN dau Col. Asher of Bloomville.

       Dec 11, 1850

Meredith, 4th inst., Rev. Mr. Chapman, John C. WHITE of Delhi to Maria A. HUNT of 

Bloomville, 4th inst., Rev. Mr. Martindale, Henry S. BUTTS to Adelia KIFF

        Dec 18, 1850

Tompkins, Nov 22, Rev. A. Phillips, John QUAKENBUSH to Almira ADARE 

12th inst., Rev. John Graham, Edward DUNN of Andes to Margaret MILLER of Andes


       Jan 1, 1851

25th ult., Rev. Mr. Wells, John OLMSTEAD to Martha E. BART of Harpersfield

       Jan 8, 1851

Andes 1st inst., Rev. E. Wescott, James D. LADD to Rosanna McUMBER both of Andes

Andes 1st inst., Rev. E. Wescott, Charles HAVILAND to Margaret A. LEAL both Delhi

Meredith 1st inst., Rev. Charles Chapman, Nathan TYRREL to Nancy BISBEE
Ambrose A. KNAPP to Charlotte A. BISBEE 
       Jan 15, 1851

8th inst., Rev. O. Wescott, Nelson A. FLINT of Delhi to E. Lucinda SMITH of Meredith

Dec 31, Calvin Madison, Esq. of Andes, John H. WILSON to Harriet DAVIS both of 

       Jan 22, 1851

15th inst., Rev. Mr. Wells of Hobart, David H.  REYNOLDS of Kortright to Isabella 
ADEE of Bovina

Blenheim, Schoharie Co., NY, 15th inst., Rev. P. Mitchell, Jeremiah GRANT of Stamford 
to Mary PRULEN of Blenheim

       Jan 29, 1851

22nd inst., Rev. Mr. Wells of Hobart, John YOUNGMAN to Electa Ann SAGE both of 

Franklin 22nd inst., Rev. W. H. Adams of Unadilla, Dr. Charles E. ECCLESTON of 
Oxford to Amanda N. FOOTE

Prattsville, Pa., 21st inst. Rev. W. C. Cooley, William C. SHELDON of NY to Mary E. 
DeFORREST of Pottsville (think this should be Pottsville, not Prattsville at 

       Feb 5, 1851

28th ult., Rev. Mr. Wells of Hobart, W. B. HUNT of Kortright to Susan M. 
TREADWELL of Harpersfield.

Meredith 29th ult., Rev. Mr. Chapman, G. Banyar BLAKELEY of Kortright to Elizabeth 
MITCHELL of Meredith

       Feb 12, 1851

1st inst., by E. Denend, Esq., Calvin LANGDON to Jane CRAWFORD all of Davenport.

       Feb 19, 1851

30th ult., Reformed Church, Tompkinsville, Staten Island, Rev. Mr. Thompson, Abraham 
B. TAPPEN of NY to Susan BUTLER of Tompkinsville.

       Feb 26, 1851

19th inst., Rev. Mr. Wells, Joseph WHITE to Cynthia Ann OSBORNE all Hobart

19th inst., Rev. E. Wescott, George Walker FRISBEE to Amanda HOWLAND both of 

       Mar 5, 1851

24th ult., Rev. Mr. Wells of Hobart, Charles CHADWICK to Esther L. ODELL both of 

Hamden 27th ult., Rev. E. Wescott, Marshall A. SHAW to Frances E. BOSTWICK.

       Mar 12, 1851

13th inst., Rev. W. J. Cleland, William HYMERS of Meredith to Margaret Ann WIGHT 
of Delhi

Stamford, 10th inst., Rev. H. Hanford, Ira PALMATER of Harpersfield to Margaret 

13th inst., Rev. Mr. Wells of Hobart, James R. WHITE to Malvina GREGORY both 

       Mar 26, 1851

Franklin, 12th inst., Rev. E. S. Stout, William B. WHEAT to Eliza RICHMOND

20th inst., Rev. Mr. Wells of Hobart, Samuel O. GREGORY to Jane CLARK both of 

       Apr 2, 1851

Stamford 26th inst.., by Rev. Mr. Cornell, G. H. TELLER to Ann E. CASE of Stamford

27th inst., Rev. Mr. Appleton, Jesse BELT (BETTS!) to Clara 

       Apr 9, 1851

6th inst., Rev. E. Wescott, Martin WRIGHT to Mary COLE both Kortright

       Apr 23, 1851

Rev. W. H. Smith, George AVERY of Bloomville to Mary Ann JOHNSON of Bovina 
(no date given)

       May 7, 1851

24th ult., Rev. W. J. Cleland, John MIDDLEMOST (MIDDLEMAST)  of 
Meredith to Nicholis TWADIE (TWEEDIE?) of Walton  (this must 
be an error!)

       May 14, 1851

Stamford 4th inst. by J. M. Olmsted, Thomas RONAU of Kortright to Mary CORMACK 
of NY

       May 21, 1851

Rockford, Ill., 1st inst., Rev. Mr. Clark, James B. HOWELL to Louisa DEWEY of 

       June 4, 1851

Delhi, 27th ult., Rev. Mr. Appleton, John W. MOSCRIP of NY to Sarah Ann NUTTALL 
of Delhi

       June 18, 1851

Roxbury 11th inst., by N. K. Dart, Philip H. WALKER to Angeline WILLIAMS all of 

       June 25, 1851

Delhi, June 24, Rev. Mr. Appleton, Robert E. WALTER of Hobart to Sarah Elizabeth 
BARKER of Kortright.

Rev. E. Wescott, 7th inst., Henry HULIVERT to Eliza Ann CLARK both of Hamden

       July 2, 1851

South East Putnam Co., NY, 2nd inst., Rev. Mr. McClaud, Moses J. COLLAR of 
Danbury, Conn. to Charlotte Z. JACKSON of South East.

       July 9, 1851

Colchester June 19, Rev Francis Jones, Isaac WILSON to Eliza C. HAIT.

June 21, Rev. Francis Jones, William B? WHITE to Sarah A. HOLADAY

Rev. Francis Jones, July 2, William H. ELWOOD to Sarah LEONARD of Colchester

       Aug 20, 1851

Delhi, 25th ult., Elder D. Grant, Randall L. AVERY to Elizabeth A. HILL both of 

Elder D. Grant, 10th inst., George W. PATTERSON of Lansingville to Julia Ann SMITH 
of Delhi

       Sept 3, 1851

Delhi 2nd inst., Rev. Mr. Torrey, Thomas M. AKERLY to Laura E. MEIGS all of Delhi
       Sept 17, 1851

Roxbury 10th inst, Rev. Mr. Turner, Alfred JENKINS to Emily G. KEATOR both 

Delhi, Thurs., Rev. Mr. Appleton, S. Kimball PUTNAM to Mary Elizabeth EDGERTON

        Oct 1, 1851

Stamford, 22nd ult., Rev. Mr. Gibson, Novatus M. BLISH to Marietta COWAN

        Oct 8, 1851

Andes, 18th ult., Rev. W. H. Smith, Allen HARDIE to Rachel GRIDLEY

2nd inst., Andrew McNEE to Kesiah WOODEN

Milford, Otsego Co., NY 7th inst., Elder C. G. Bourne, Charles H. LEE of Bovina to 
Margaret LAUGHTON of Roxbury

       Oct 22, 1851

Portsmouth, NH, 2nd inst., St. John's Church, Rev. Dr. Burroughs, C. H. BELL of Delhi 
to Fanny L. ROBERTS of Portsmouth

7th inst., Rev. E. Wescott, Asa C. SHAVER of Andes to Jane E. WHALEY of Delhi

Harpersfield, 13th inst., Rev. Mr. Boyce, Allen S. GIBBS to Jannet VAN DUSEN dau of 

       Oct 29, 1851

Gilboa, Schoharie Co., NYU, 22nd inst. by J. H. Champion Esq., Gilbert W. GARDNER 
of Walworth, Wayne Co. to Martha M. BREWSTER of Gilboa

       Nov 5, 1851

Delhi 23d ult., Rev. M. Torrey, Gideon VAN AIKEN to Ann DONLEY both of Delhi

Delhi Sept 11, Rev. Mr. Appleton, Bradley BARNHARDT to Euphemia Jane 
McCOMBER both of Andes

Oct 23, Rev. Mr. Appleton, William STEVENS to Mary Jane WASHBURN both of 

       Nov 19, 1851

Oct 1, Rev. E. L. Burr, Lewis B. McCABE to Sarah C. SHAVER all Andes

Nov 5, Rev. B. L. Burr, Mitchell ROBINSON to Hannah Jane VAIL all of Hamden

Nov 5, Rev. John Davy, James BARNS of Delaware, Ohio to Currance BOSTWICK of 

Colchester, Nov 6, Rev. Francis Jones, John HAMILTON of Delhi to Rebecca 
BUCKLEY of Colchester

Keene, NH 12th inst., Rev. Mr. Carleton, Chase Bishop of NH, John SHERWOOD of NY 
to Mary Elizabeth WILSON dau of Hon. James of NH.

Hobart, 12th inst., Rev. Mr. Curtiss, Daniel G. FOOTE of NY to Helen A. FOOTE of 

Brushland 6th inst., Rev. J. Graham, Walter DOIG to Margaret ARMSTRONG both 

Bovina, 17th inst., Rev. Mr. Douglass, Mitchell DIXON of Bovina to Mary Jane CLARK 
of Middletown

       Nov 26, 1851

Hobart, Rev. Wm. A. Curtis, Nov 12, Daniel D. FOOTE of NY to Helen M. FOOTE of 
Oxford, Chenango Co., NY (see notice also Nov 19 paper)

Hobart, Oct 2, Rev. Wm. A. Curtis, William ROLLINS to Ann Eliza FOOTE all of 

Delhi, 13th inst., Rev. Mr. Appleton, Arthur W. WEBB to Jane Amanda BAKER of Delhi

       Dec 3, 1851

N.Y.C. 20th ult., Dr. Patten of Hammond St. Congre. Ch., J. G. McDONALLD to 
Elizabeth MURRY of NY

Archibald, Luzerne Co., Pa., 22nd ult., Rev. J. A. Stone, Josiah F. DIMMOCK of 
Carbondale to Antoinette H. CANNON of Archibald, Pa.

        Dec 10, 1851

Hamden, 22nd inst., Rev. William Frazer, James E. FRAZIER of Ithaca to Caroline 
LOOMIS of Hamden

       Dec 24, 1851

18th inst., Rev. W. J. Cleland, Adam BLAKE of Meredith to Margaret ELLIOTT of Delhi

       Dec 31, 1851

6th inst., John K. Odell, Esq., John H. BELL to Mary QUICK both of Rochester

21st inst. John K. Odell, Esq., Zachariah PALEN to Phebe BOICE both Samsonville 

24th inst. Rev. Mr. Torrey, John DAVIDSON to Isabella BLAIKLEY both of Andes

Bovina, 25th inst., Rev. John D. Gibson, Alex. H. JOHNSON to Elspit F. MAYNARD of 

Bovina, 25th inst., Rev. James Douglass, Walter DUNN to Rosan McDIVIT all of Bovina

Stamford, 25th inst., Rev. John D. Gibson, George SMITH to Julia PAINE all of Delhi

Phila. 22nd inst., Rev. Thomas Brainard, Stephen D. LOW of NY to Josephine 
YEWSKBURY (TEWKSBURY) dau late James Tewksbury, Master of 


       Jan 7, 1852

Hancock, 24th ult., Rev. Francis Jones, Dr. Philip BASSETT of Colchester to mrs. Marie 
Banker of Hancock

31st ult., Rev. A. Curtis, Luther SMITH of Equinonk, Pa. to Mrs. Claissa 
(Clarissa) C. FOOTE of Hobart.

Delhi 3d ult., Elder D. Grant, Daniel CASE of Bloomsville to Sarah M. CAMPBELL of 

Delhi, 23d ult., Elder D. Grant, Edward CARPENTER of Delhi to Adaline CLASON of 

Delhi, 1st inst., Elder D. Grant, Andrew J. DAVIS to Frances BEACON of Kortright

       Jan 14, 1852

31st ult., Rev. John Davey, Sherman F. BARTLETT of Masonville to Margaret H. 
CLEVELAND of Franklin

Colchester, Rev. Francis Jones, Charles J. WILSON of Colchester to Phebe WILLIAMS 
of Hancock

       Jan 21, 1852

1st inst., Rev.  Mr. Henry, Samuel O.(?) SPENCER of So. Worcester to 
Deborah A. WILBER of So. Worcester.

Fergusonville, 20th inst., Rev. Mr. Henry, James LAWSON to Sarah McDONALD all 

Kortright, 20th inst., Rev. Clarke Irving, Ira B. KEELER to Jane LAWSON both 

12th inst., Milford Centre, Otsego Co., Rev. T. B. Owen, Luther GOODRICH to Cornelia 
FLANSBURGH both Davenport

       Jan 28, 1852

Hancock, Dec 26, Rev. B. L. Burr, E. R. TWADDELL to Ann T. LAKIN

       Jan 29, 1852

18th inst., Hiram Fitch, Esq., Jonathan BOLTON to Amelia HOWE all of Hancock

Jan 28, Rev. Clark Irving, Joseph CRAIG to Mrs. Ann DOUGLAS

       Feb 11, 1852

Gilboa, 28th ult., Rev. M. L. Pendell, V. R. MEAD of Middletown to Mary Jane BROWN 
of Gilboa

Eckhart Co., Ind., Jan 1, Elder Oliver Barr, Hon. Solomon P. YEOMAN to Mrs. Emeline 

       Mar 3, 1852

19th ult., Rev. Mr. Torrey, A. H. BISSELL of Binghamton to Elizabeth NEWSHICKLE 
of Delhi

25th ult., Rev. Mr. Torrey, John MIDDLEMIST to Margaret DAVIS both of Delhi

       Mar 10, 1852

2nd inst., Rev. Mr. Torrey, Samuel A. MEIN to Maria LEWIS both of Delhi

4th inst., Rev. Mr. Torrey, Samuel A. BISBEE to Catherine M. PALMER both of Delhi

       Mar 31, 1852

Oneonta 25th inst., Rev. Mr. Spencer, Ira DERBY of Oneonta to Mrs. Clarissa SHUE of 
Davenport Centre.

Delhi, 18th inst., Rev. Joseph Elliott, Joseph BARNES of Alleghany to Nancy M. BELL 
of Bovina

Delhi, 24th inst., Elder D. Grant, William B. CARPENTER of Meredith to A. F. MASON 
of Troy, Pa.

Delhi, 21st inst., Elder D. Grant, Sylvester LAKE of Andes to S. W. MASON of Troy, 

       Apr 14, 1852

Delhi, Rev. Mr. Appleton, James BELL to Mary MACK both of Kortright

8th inst., Rev. Mr. Appleton, Abraham BUSBY to Mary FRITTS both Andes

       Apr 28, 1852

Otego, 22nd inst., Rev. E. Wescott, Charles FIEBIG to Frances PENEY both of Andes

       May 5, 19, 1852 - none

       May 26, 1852

Delhi, 24th inst., Rev. Joseph Elliott, William WIESMER of Delhi to Gertrude KETTLE 
of Delhi

        June 2, 1852

Hamden, 25th ult., Rev. William Frazer, Warren T. VALENTINE of Ithaca to Laura A. 
LOOMIS of Hamden

       July 7, 1852

Portland, Mo., 30th ult. Rev. Mr. Chickering, Robert H. SHERWOOD of NY to Mary 
NEAL of Portland

        July 14, 1852

Albany 6th inst., Rev. Dr. Wyckoff, Alex P. TENBROECK to Mary C. DEMPSEY

         July 28, 1852

Delhi, 11th inst., Elder D. Grant, Norris C. BULL of Delhi to Sabra Ann HOWLAND of 

Delhi, 22nd inst., Rev. S. G. Appleton, John NIBLO of Roxbury to Mariette CAMPBELL 
of Delhi

        Aug 4, 1852

Clarksville, Otsego Co., Jan 10, Rev. S. M. Ferguson, William G. LAMONT of 
Harpersfield to Eliza BECKER of S. Worcester

Hobart, 1st inst., M. Hanford, Esq., Kolbern VORHEES to Polly A. PALMETER

Rev. William H. Burdick of Schoharie, Solomon K. SACKRIDER of Kortright to Mrs. 
Helen E. BEERMAN of Ft. Plain, Montgomery Co., NY

       Aug 18, 1852

10th inst., Rev. John Davey, Solomon HAWLEY of Franklin to Jerusha SMITH of 

       Aug 25, 1852

Delhi, 18th inst., Elder D. Grant, John McPHERSON to Faline GUNN of Davenport.

        Sep 1, 1852

Delhi, 28th ult., Elder D. Grant, Joseph STRAUSS of Memphis, Tenn., to Ruby D. 

        Sep 15, 1852

26th ult., Rev. John Dewey, Noah H. PHILLIPS to Julia A. REYENESS both of Franklin

Prattsville, 8th inst., Rev. E. S. Hammond, Ezekial P. MORE to Nancy Catherine SMITH 
all Prattsville.

4th inst., Summit, Schoharie Co., Rev. Mr. Scott, Admon LINSLEY of Penfield, Ohio to 
Abigail BAIRD of No. Harpersfield.

        Oct 13, 1852

Cooperstown, 5th inst., Rev. J. A. Priest, John H. McLAURY of Kortright to Elvira E. 
DAYTON of Laurens, Otsego Co.

       Oct 20, 1852

Walton, 15th inst., Rev. S. Van Dusen, Rev. Joseph ELLIOTT of NY Conference to 
Harriet M. ANDREWS dau of Abraham

       Nov 17, 1852

12th inst., Rev. Mr. Smyth, Andrew BUCKHAM to Margaret FISHER all of this town

       Nov 24, 1852

Walton, 10th inst., Thomas Marvin, Esq., Marcus L. SLOAT of Delhi to Nancy FRANCE 
of Walton

Walton, 10th inst., Thomas Marvin, Esq., James H. McLEAN to Catherine FRANCE both 
of Walton

       Dec 1, 1852

24th ult., Rev. Mr. Torrey, Zenas MALLORY to Mary A. BOSTWICK dau of Marcus, all 

       Dec 8, 1852

Middletown, 30th ult., E. I. Ousterhaut, Esq., John W. HILL to Martha CONNOLLY all 
of Middletown

       Dec 15, 1852

Walton, 8th inst., Rev. J. S. Pattengill, William E. SHEFFIELD to Maria TOWNSEND


        Jan 4, 1853

Walton, Dec 29, Rev. S. J. S. Pattengill, B. W. ROBINSON of Delhi to Jane CHRISTIE 
of Hamden

St. Johns Church, Jan 5, Rev. Mr. Appleton, James H. ALLABEN to Ellen P. SMITH all 

       Jan 12, 1853

7th inst., Rev. Mr. Appleton, Henry N. MILNE to Julia LEWIS all of Delhi

5th inst., Rev. W. J. Cleland, Silas E. KNAPP of Delhi to Frances D. READE of Franklin

Xmas eve, Robert M. Hamner Esq., Napoleon FULLER to Margaret C. GREGORY all 

       Jan 26, 1853

19th inst., Rev. M. J. Cleland, John TWEEDIE of Delhi to Mary Ann MIDDLEMIST of 

       Feb 2, 1853

Moresville, 25th ult., Rev. Mr. Mitchell, Jacob POWELL to Jane FERRIS

26th ult., Rev. J. Cleland, George N. TENANT of Croton to Helen ELLIOT of Delhi

        Feb 23, 1853

Delhi, Feb 17, Rev. Mr. Appleton, Nathan HAMMOND of Eaton, Madison Co., NY to 

Delhi, 9th inst., Elder D. Grant, John LABOR of Hancock to Prudence A. HALL of Delhi

Delhi, 9th inst., Elder D. Grant, John D. DILLEN of Stockport, Wayne Co., Pa., to Mary 
J. ROSE of Pond Eddy, NY

13th inst., Silas H. Mason, Peter S. AKERLY to Mary J. MOORE all Middletown

Roxbury, 14th inst., A. C. Cowler, Esq., David GANONG to Sabra HALCOTT all 

       Mar 30, 1853

Meredith, 17th inst., Elder Powers,  Nicholas MOAK of Milford to Angeline P. FRISBEE 
of Delhi

       Apr 6, 1853

Mar 24, Rev. C. B. Smyth, Alexander MOBLE to Elizabeth MIDDLEMAST dau Thomas 
all of Delhi

         Apr 13, 20, 1853 - none

         Apr 27, 1853

Delhi, 16th inst., Elder D. Grant, William WOLFE of Meredith to Martha Jane 
BRANDON of Delhi

Delhi, 19th inst., Elder D. Grant, William S. McCUNE of Andes to Olive FRISBEE of 

       May 4, 1853

Apr 12, Delhi, Rev. Mr. Appleton, Harvey S. BROWN of San Francisco to Augusta M. 
FLOWER of Delhi

26th ult. Church of Assumption, NY, Rev. Mr. Bedell, David C. MURRAY of NY to 

       May 18, 1853

Apr 28., Rev. Francis Jones, Russell K. GAGE to Hannah J. RHEAD all Colchester.

       May 25, 1853

18th inst., Rev. E. Wescott, William STODDART to Elvira M. BISBEE of Delhi

20th inst., Rev. E. Wescott, Peter C. DURHAM of New Haven, Conn. to Angeline 
SEARS of Meredith.

      June 1, 1853

Hancock 12th ult., Rev. Mr. Cornwell, William REEVE to Agnes M. D. KNAPP of 

18th ult., New Derry, Pa., Rev. Craig M. Clelland, Smith H. WHITE of Walton to Nancy 
McEWEN of New Derry

        June 20, 1853

Eqinock, 21st inst., Rev. A. P. Allen, Charles E. PARKER to Jane SOUTHERLAND all 
of Equinock

       July 6, 1853

Delhi, 4th inst., Rev. Mr. Torrey, Levi T. LYON of Stamford to Margaret DUNN of 

       July 13, 1853

Jewett, Greene Co., NY, 3d inst., E. B. FENN to Sarah Ann DYER

       July 20, 1853

St. Peters Ch., NYC, 12th inst., Rev. Mr. Beach, Frederic C. COOPER of Jamaica, West 
Indies to Ann Elizabeth McGREGOR or NY

Amherst, Mass, 7th inst., William YEOMANS Jr. of this village to Nancy H. 

Franklin, 13th inst., Rev. S. A. Appleton, Liverus B. HAWLEY M. D. of Delhi to 
Cornelia K. STONE of Franklin

July 6, Rev. Francis Jones of Colchester, James H. DICKSON of Middletown to Emily E. 
LEWIS of Hancock.

       Aug 3, 1853

21st ult., Rev. John Davey, John SIGNOR to Polly ROBINSON of Walton

Delhi, 21st ult., Rev. Mr. Appleton, Rufus E. REYNOLDS of Piqua, Ohio to Pamelia 
BASSETT of Walton

       Aug 10, 1853

Delhi, 8th inst., Rev. Mr. Torrey, Seth H. WHITE to Ophelia S. McDONALD of Delhi

       Aug 17, 1853

Delhi, 13th inst., Rev. B. L. Burr, Abel WALDEN to Margaret BUSH of Walton

       Aug 24, 1853

Blenheim 24th inst., Rev. Adee Vail, Alexander DALES of Harpersfield to Martha 
HILTON of Blenheim

Delhi, 18th inst., Rev. D. Torrey, Lewis FUTCH (FITCH?) to Eliza KELLY 
all of Delhi

       Sept 7, 1853

Oneonta, 1st inst., Rev. E. Wescott, William W. JACKSON of Meredith to Martha A. 

       Sept 14, 1853

Deposit, 31st ult., Rev. Levi Morse, Milo R. SMITH of Unadilla to Emily R. CASE of 

       Sept 21, 1853

Delhi, 20th inst., Rev. Mr. Appleton, Henry A. CLARK of Clarks Factory to Harriet 

Delhi, 18th inst., Rev. Mr. Appleton, Charles SEARS of Owego to Augusta R. HOWE

Davenport, 14th inst., Rev. E. Holmes of Middletown, Milton H. MAYNARD of 
Hancock to Antoinette FLETCHER of Davenport

        Sept 28, 1853

N.Y.C. 17th inst., Rev. Dr. Knox, Mathew McCLAUGHRY of Fountain Green, Ill., to 

       Oct 5, 1853

Davenport Centre, 20th ult., Rev. A. M. Hough, Wesley BUTLER to Lavina SMITH all 
Davenport Centre.

       Oct 19, 1853

Delhi, 13th inst., Rev. Mr. Torrey, Virgil BURDICK to Jane AVERY both Kortright

Colchester, 5th inst., Rev. Mr. Jones, George A. FULLER to Mary J. WARREN

Delhi, 12th inst., Elder D. Grant, Clark GRIFFIN of Meredith to Lucinda KENYON of 

Delhi, 12th inst., Elder D. Grant, Amos B. BARBER of Meredith to Ann Eliza LOUDEN 
of Delhi

       Nov 2, 1853

Grace Church, Prattsville, 26th ult., Rev. D. G. Wright, Hon. Colin M. INGERSOL of 
New Haven, Conn. to Julia A. PRATT

Roxbury 26th ult., Elder Mead, William FRISBEE of Delhi to Mrs. Rebecca STREET of 

Oct 10, Rev. Francis Jones, Henry CHRISTIAN of Colchester to Patience JOSELYN of 

Oct 13, Rev. Francis Jones at Colchester, Horace W. JOSELYN to Maria SPARGUE 

Oct 23, Rev. Francis JONES, Otego, Sylvester KING to (unreadable) 
HENDRIX, all Beaverkill

Oct 27, Rev. Francis JONES, Colchester, Jacob CHRISTIAN of Walton to Mrs. Beulah 

       Nov 9, 1853

Deposit, 1st isnt., Rev. A. P. Allen, Taylor MORE to Betsy BURROWS all of Deposit

        Nov 16, 1853

Delhi, 9th inst., Rev. Mr. Torrey, Hon. William GLEASON to Caroline BLANCHARD

Delhi, 10th inst., Rev. Mr. Appleton, Hassam O. LOVELL of NY to Rebecca MALLORY

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