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Marriages Taken from the Delaware Gazette

Copied from newspapers on deposit at the Walton Library, Walton, NY
Compiled by Gertrude A. Barber, New York, NY, 1933

The original copy was a carbon and often times difficult to read. Anything in [ ] I have added for clarification. KRO]

1838 - 1845 in this Section

        January 3, 1838 
New York City 10th ult., Rev. Dr. Ferris, John R. SYLVESTER, Sr., Prop. 
Catskill Recorder to Unania C. dau Edwin G. KNAPP all of Catskill. 
        January 10, 1838 
Franklin 3d inst., Elder James Anner, Nelson J. ELDERKIN of Franklin to 
Ruth A. CURTIS dau Miles of Hamden 
Franklin 3d inst., Rev. Mr. Hart, Oliver E. BUCKLEY of Gilbertsville, 
Otsego Co., to Juliette DOUGLAS dau of Amos 
Hamden, 1st inst. by same, Jame H. DOW of Franklin to Hannah HOAG of 
former place 
Roxbury 1st inst., Rev. M. Collins, Joseph PECK to Harriet dau Jasper 
Andes 25th ult., Rev. James Laing, William OWENS to Widow Grace 
Andes 25th ult., by same, Benj. CONNER to Jane PHERSON 
Andes 25th ult., by Rev. Mr. Scott, Chauncey P. WOLCOTT of Middletown 
to Caroline BRYANT of Andes. 
1st inst, E. Sands, Abraham NOTT to Huldah UTTER both Andes 
4th inst, Rev. J. Laing, John THOMPSON of Bovina to Juliette GRANT of 
5th by same, Robert YOUNG of Delhi to Betsey CLENDENNING 
(Glendenning?) of Andes 
4th, Rev. Mr. Grant, William MILLER of Andes to Jenny BOGGER 
(Bigger?) of Bovina 
        January 17, 1838 
Hamden, 1st, Rev. Mr. Kent, Benjamin F. GRISWOLD of Delhi to Parmelia 
W. OLMSTEAD of former place. 
Kortright, Jan 2, Rev. W. McCauley, James BLAKLEY Jr. to Susan McCAULEY 
dau Rev. Mr., all of above. 
       January 21, 1838 
Meredith 18th inst. Elder Griswold, Henry E. FISHER of Delhi to Louisa 
MYERS dau Burnet of former place. 
Sidney 2nd inst., Rev. Mr. Frost, Henry E. COOK to Ellen VANDEVORT both 
of Sidney 
       February 7, 1838 
Davenport, December 31, Elder Griswold, Capt. O. G. BUTTS of Meredith 
to Augusta OSTERHOUT of former place. 
Tompkins, 11th ult., Rev Mr. Turner, Charles P. JACKSON to Mary Ann 
TEED both of Tompkins. 
       February 14, 1838 
Roxbury, 28th ult., D. Rowland, David BARTLETT of Roxbury to Margaret 
SHOUT of same place. 
       February 21, 1838 
Meredith, Rev. Mr. Waterbury, 13th inst. Rev. Crispus WRIGHT to Betsey 
BURR dau of Isaac. 
Andes, 15th inst., Rev. Mr. Laing, Stephen D. PARKER to Mary CAMPBELL, 
all of Andes. 
Hancock 15th inst., Rev. David Turner, Dr. Humphrey GILBERT to Sarah 
LAKIN dau James. 
        February 28, 1838 
Sidney Plains 20th inst., Rev. Josiah Slaws, William M. BRADFORD to 
Catherine J. ROGERS dau Charles S. all of Sidney Plains. 
Delhi, 27th ult., Rev. Daniel Waterbury, Alvan SHAW of Delhi to Lucinda 
CORKING of Kortright. 
       March 7, 1838 
Sidney Plains 20th inst. Rev. J. Hawes, William E. BRADFORD to 
Catherine ROGERS dau. Charles S. all of Sidney (see Feb. 28 
       March 14, 1838 
Andes 1st inst., Rev. Mr. Laing, Peter DRUMMON to Harriet GRANT all of 
above place 
       March 28, 1838 
Davenport, 19th, Rev. James McFarlsbe, Jacob F. WOLF to Catherine 
YOUNGS all of Davenport. 
       April 25, 1838 
Walton, 15th inst. Rev. Frederick James, George N. HODGE of Willinsbtic 
(?), Conn. to Hannah M. PELTON of former place. 
       May 2, 1838 
Hamden, 24th ult, Rev. Gershom Howland, William WOOLERTON of Oneonta, 
Otsego Co., to wid. Sophia BROWN of former place. 
       May 9, 1838 
Albany 19th ult., Hon. Jame McKown, Hon. Cornelius BASSETT, Member 
Assembly of this county, to Ellen CONNELL of Albany. 
Kortirght, 26th ult., Rev. D. Huntington, Newton PARKINS of Hobart to 
Caroline GRIFFIN of former place. 
Andes, 3d inst., Rev. Mr. Laing, Duncan MUNN of Hamden to Mary 
McGREGORY of former place. 
       May 15, 1838 
Roxbury, Apr 19, Rev. Robert Forest, James GILL to Mary LYLE both of 
Roxbury, Apr 19, Rev. Robert Forear (Forest?), Hugh 
KINMAN of Kortright to Betsey LYLE of Roxbury 
       June 6, 1838 
East Meredith, 31st ult., Elder J. LaGrange, Orin FISH to Catherine 
LOCKWOOD both Delhi 
Colchester, 22nd ult., James W. Knapp, James K. WRIGHT to Lucy KEMBLE 
all of same place 
       June 12, 1838 
Bloomville, 6th inst., Rev. Dr. Groat, Harvey GREGORY of Ulster Co., NY 
to Lydia C. BATHRICK dau John of Bloomville. 
       June 20, 1838 
19th inst., Rev. B. Kent, William NICHOLS, Jr. of Ill., to Mary Jane 
HUTCHINS of this place. 
       July 4, 1838 
Waterford, NY, 26th ult., Rev. Reuben Smith, Noah W. GOODMAN, merchant 
of this village, Harriet SMITH dau Rev. Reuben of former place. 
Hamden, 27th ult., Rev. Mr. Beach, Benajah McCALL to Marie Antoinette, 
dau Dr. Richard M. GOODRICH, all of Hamden. 
       July 13, 1838 
Kortright, 12th inst., Rev. Mr. Covey, Johnson NASH to Delia P. 
GOODRICH all Kortright. 
       August 1, 1838 
Lexington, NY, 10th ult., Rev. Levi Hill, Major Henry I. SCHERMERHORN 
of Roxbury to Ann C. TREAT, dau Amos C. of Lexington. 
       August 15, 1838 
Monticello, July 10, Rev. Mr. Adams, James M. WILSON of this county, 
Almeda C. VOORHIS of Sullivan Co., NY 
Beach Bill (Hill?), Andes, 5th inst. R. Elwood, William 
JOSLIN of Sullivan Co., to Jane Ann SHAVER of Andes 
       August 22, 1838 
Platter Hill, Middletown, 16thin inst, Warren Dimmick, Phineas E. 
DUMOND to Cornelia C. DUMOND of Middletown 
       August 29, 1838 
In this village, Rev. Mr. Judd, Abr. BECKER of Worcester, Otsego Co., 
to Maria DANFORTH dau Thomas, of Schoharie Co. 
       September 6, 1838 
Delhi, 29th ult., David McFarland, John REED of Bovina to Amy MITCHELL 
dau Ebenezer of former place. 
       September 12, 1838 
In this town, 5th inst., Rev. E. K. Maxwell, John L. CARPENTER of 
Meredith to Juliette Amelia SMITH of Delhi 
Sidney 5th inst., Rev. M. Wattles, Sherman P. JOHNSON to Mrs. Ann ST. 
CLAIR dau Jacob CROCKER all of Sidney. 
       September 19, 1838 
Kortright, 11th inst., J. Stewart, Chauncey C. VALENTINE of Delhi to 
Mary WRIGHT of former place. 
5th inst. Kortright, Rev. George W. Walker, Jacob Y. DUMOND of 
Middletown to Harriet dau. Mayer I. HOLLAND of Richfield 
       September 26, 1838 
In this village, Sunday, A. M. Paine, Jonathan B. CARPENTER of Meredith 
to Phebe Ann HART of Prattsville, NY 
Kortright, 16th inst. by John Hitchcock, John T. GOODRICH to Miss P. 
Mariah BROWNELL, both of former place. 
Village 2nd inst., Rev. Mr. Judd, Caleb B. BURGER to Jane M. MOORE all 
of this village. 
Hamden 3d inst., A. M. Paine, Thomas M. PLATNER of Delhi to Matilda 
MILLER of Colchester. 
Deposit, 26th ult., Rev. Mr. Richardson, John G. GUARD of Utica to 
Antoinette CRANDALE of former place. 
Davenport, 4th inst., Thompson Paine, Ezra DENNEND 2d 
(Dumond?) to Minerva FOOTE all of Davenport      
        October 17, 1838 
In this village 10th inst., Rev. Mr. Judd, William FULLER of Augusta, 
Ga., dau Erastus ROOT of this village 
Rev. James McFarlane, 4th inst., Richard FURLONG to Jane TERRY dau 
Samuel of Terry's Clove, Hamden. 
       October 24, 1838 
2nd inst, New Berlin, NY, Rev. William H. Johnson, Adoniram GREEN of 
this village to Emeline WOOD dau Jacob of former place. 
Sidney Plains, 16th inst., Rev. B. C. Gaylord, Samuel BRADFORD to Susan 
W. BECKWITH dau Delance all of Sidney Plains. 
        October 31, 1838 
In this town 25th inst., Rev. E. K. Maxwell, John HESS Jr. of Walton to 
Miriam MORE of Hamden 
Platter Kill, Middletown, 18th inst., by Warren Dimmick, William C. 
REYNOLDS to Jane Ann DUMOND of Middletown. 
Roxbury, 20th inst., Harry Keator, John E. HUSTED to Ann ALLEN both of 
Roxbury, 23d inst, Rev. David Mead, Asa B. FULLER to Clarissa SMITH dau 
of Joseph. 
Roxbury, 24th inst., Rev. David Mead, John T. BOUTON to Betsey FULLER 
dau of John. 
Roxbury, 25th inst., Rev. David Mead, Charles C.  CROSBY to Lucinda dau 
Isaac COON. 
Franklin, 19th inst., Rev. Chancellor Hartshorn, Rev. Joh VAN HORNE, 
Pastor Bapt. Ch. of Colchester to Mary BENEDICT of Walton. 
       November 14, 1838 
8th inst., Rev. J. Frost, S. T. AVERILL of Oneonta, NY to  Margaret 
STEWART of Bloomville. 
Unadilla 8th inst., Rev. Norman H. Adams, Isaac E. SMITH to Jane ARRIS 
all Unadilla. 
2nd inst., Bridgeport, Conn., Rev. W. Walton, Rufus C. MEAD of Unadilla 
to Julia Amelia JONES dau Col. Hnery of Bridgeport. 
       November 21, 1838 
In this village 18th inst., A. M. Paine, James B. Devoe of NYC to 
Jennet D. MOORE of this place. 
       December 12, 1838 
Stamford 6th inst., Rev. B. Kent, Rodney DUNHAM of Delhi to Mary H., 
only dau of James WETMORE Jr. of former place. 
Bovina 6th inst., David McFarland, Charles DIBBLE to Phoebe TUTTLE both 
of Bovina 
       December 19, 1838 
Roxbury, Rev. Mr. Knight, 12th inst., J. B. DEWEY of Franklin to Sarah 
ANDREWS dau Sylvester. 
       December 26, 1838 
Stamford 16th inst., Rev. Dr. Harrington, Isaac GREGORY formerlly 
Boonville to Maria FULLER of former place. 
       January 2, 1839 
Meredith Dec. 24, A. M. Paine, Maxon HARLOW to Mrs. Martha SHAVER 
William Orr's Hotel, Bovina, 20th ult., Rev. Mr. Crookshank, John ORWIN 
of Bovina to wid. ALGOOD of NYC 
Walton 25th ult., T. S. St. John, Lyman DIBBLE of Tompkins to Mrs. 
Chary WEBSTER of Walton 
Walton 16th ult., Isaac Ogden, Capt. Nathan NICHOLD, 52 y to Mrs. Julia 
HENDERSON, 14, all of Walton 
Walton 26th ult., T. S. St. John, Jonathan WEBSTER to Eliza BENNETT and 
John HUGHSTED, 19y, to Sarah VAN DERBERG, 35, all Walton 
       January 9, 1839 
Delhi, 2nd inst., Rev. E. K. Brownell, Alden GRAY of Hamden to Jucille 
REYNOLDS dau Capt. Elisha. 
Andes, 1st inst., Rev. Mr. Laing, Lemuel MASON to Catherine McNAUGHT 
all of above place. 
Hamden, 2nd inst., Rev. B. Kent, John ALLEN of Franklin to Catharine 
dau George WEISMER all Hamden. 
       January 16, 1839 
Hamden, Jan 1, Elder J. Anner, Richard R. MILLER to Nancy Maria COE dau 
Elihu all Hamden. 
Andes, Jan 10, Warren Dimmick, Amasa M. REYNOLDS to Hannah VERMILYA all 
of Andes. 
       January 23, 1839 
Delhi 17th inst., David McFarland, Lewis DIBBLE of Bovina to Hannah 
FRANKLIN dau Daniel  of former place. 
Roxbury 17th inst., Rev. David Mead Jr., Zer PRESTON to Angeline 
PATTERSON all of Roxbury. 
       February 6, 1839 
In this town 29th ult., James G. Redfield, Enos B. FISHTER to Hannah 
Maria SLOOTE dau William all of Delhi 
Delhi, 24th ult., Rev. E. K. Maxwell, John B. YENDES to Julia A. FISHER 
dau Matthias all of Delhi. 
Gibson, Pa., Jan 25 by E. Washburn, Buel S. WILBUR of this town to Mrs. 
Marilda HALSTED of Nicholson, Pa. 
       February 15, 1839 
Colchester, 24th ult., Rev. Frederick Janes, Hamilton GREGORY to Ann 
Stamford, 5th inst., Rev. Mr. Frost, Bryan BURGIN of Delhi to Mary Ann 
LYON dau Levi of former place 
Kortright, Jan 20, Rev. Mr. Forest, Joseph S. McWILLIAMS to Mary Ann 
KILPATRICK dau late Richard all of Kortright. 
Franklin 9th inst., Rev. B. Kent of this village, Jesse SMITH of Tioga 
Co to Laura Eliza WELTON of former place (Tioga Co., Pa.) 
       February 20, 1839 
Colchester 13th inst., Rev. F. Janes, Col. George W. DOWNS to Caroline 
ELWOOD dau Maj. Hezekiah. 
Middletown 13th inst., Warren Dimmick, Mathew VAN KEUREN, Jr. to Mary 
Eliza HILTON. 
       February 27, 1839 
Hamden, 14th inst., Rev. E. K. Maxwell, Allen G. OLMSTEAD to Margaret 
       March 6, 1839 
Colchester 21st ult., Rev. F. Janes, Henry J. RADEKER to Luna G. HITT 
all of Colchester 
Stamford 26th ult., Elder Mead, Alexander GRANT to Jane Ann McLEAN dau 
Charles all Stamford. 
Stamford 28th ult., Rev. Mr. Harrington, Alexander T. GRANT to Voluccia 
BENNETT dau Isaac all of Stamford. 
       March 13, 1839 
Andes 7th inst., Edward Sands, Silas CARMAN of Bovina to Celia PEARCE 
of former place. 
       March 20, 1839 
Platter Kill, 7th inst., Warren Dimmick, Alex. RUSSELL to Mary DUMOND 
all of Middletown. 
Meredith 10th inst., Elder Brownell, Francis ARNOLD to Mary Ann RYNESS 
all of Meredith 
Meredith 10th inst., Elder Brownell, Paul WARNER to Patsy BUTTS all of 
19th inst., Elder Smith, Ezra OSTERHOUT of Davenport to Zealiett 
JACKSON of Meredith 
Middletown 4th inst. , Rev. S. M. Knapp, Oliver FOLLET of Roxbury to 
Mary SLEAD of Middletown. 
       March 27, 1839 
Kortright, 13th ult., Rev. J. Frost, Moses B. DIBBLE to Corlinda A. 
ELLIOTT all of Kortright. 
14th ult, Rev. Sturges Gilbert of Hobart, Samuel B. KERR to Hannah M. 
Dau Josiah HANFORD all of Kortright. 
       April 3, 1839 
Harpersfield, 28th ult., Rev. Munger, Henry W. ROSEKRAUS of Delhi to 
Rebecca WINSLOW of former place. 
27th ult,, Rev. William McAuly, Joseph McMURDY of Kortright to Eshter 
BELL of Harpersfield. 
       April 10, 1839 
NYC 2nd inst., Rev. Dr. Phillips, Hon. Aaron VANDERPOOL of Kinderhook 
to Ellen McBRIDE dau of James of NY 
        April 17, 1839 
Middletown 7th inst., Warren Dimmick, George HERN to Laura SANFORD 
Shandaken, NY 7th inst., Robert Humphrey, Abraham MISINER 2nd to 
Deliliah TEED formerly of this town 
9th inst., Rev. T. B. Gregory, John LARAWAY of Prattsville, NY late 
Sheriff of Greene Co. to Adeline TUTTLE dau John of Spenceville. 
       April 24, 1839 
This village 17th inst., Rev. B. Kent, James SMITH, merchant of Andes 
to Sally KNAPP of former place. 
Monticello, NY 3d inst., Rev. James Adams, C. F. WOODHUFF of Ithaca to 
Minerva J. PELTON dau Platt of Monticello. 
       May 1, 1839 
NYC, 25th ult., Rev. William Marshall of Peekskill, Andrew MARSHALL to 
       May 13, 1839 
Roxbury 5th inst, Rev. Mr. Washburn, James SECORD to MARIA MORE dau 
Edmund all of Roxbury. 
       May 22, 1839 
15th inst., Rev. W. E. Adams, Thomas ALLEN of Juliett, Ill., to Hannah 
WILMOT dau of William of Unadilla. 
       June 19, 1839 
In this town 9th inst., Elder William Cummings, Alanson NORTHRUP of 
Kortright to Berset (Betsey) FRITTS of Davenport. 
Hancock, 9th inst., N. W. Williams, George BROOKS formerly of 
Colchester to Annis BAXTER of Hancock 
       June 26, 1839 
Kortright, 19th inst., Rev. Mr. McAuley, Timothy GOODRICH of Davenport 
to Sarah McMINN dau David of former place. 
7th inst., Rev. Mr. Forrest, James KILPATRICK of Kortright to Ann Eliza 
dau. Abr. BUSH of Hobart. 
       July 3, 1839 
St. Matthews Church June 28, Rev. N. H. Adams, E. G. MEAD - Elizabeth 
FINCH dau David all of Unadilla 
        July 10, 1839 
Andes, June 20, Warren Dimmic, Richard AKERLY of Middletown to 
Catherine GREGORY of former place. 
Platter Kill, 4th inst., by same, William SMITH to Henrietta BESIDE 
(Reside) all of Middletown. 
       July 17, 1839 
In this village 9th inst., Rev. E. K. Maxwell, Dubois BURHANS, 
merchant, to Jane HATHAWAY 
       July 24, 1839 
6th inst. Thompson Paine, Joseph FISH to Anna GOODRICH all Davenport. 
       August 7, 1839 
In this town 1st, Rev. Dr. Judd, Lyman E. PERKINS to Almeda BILL. 
       August 14, 1839 
Meredith 7th inst., Rev. W. L. Judd, Dr. RUSSELL of Bovina to Caroline 
ORR of former place. 
       August 21, 1839 
Catskill 14th inst., Rev. Mr. Phillips, Sherman CROSSWELL to Delia 
ADAMS dau of John. 
       September 4, 1839 
Cooperstown, 27th ult., Rev. F. T. Tiffany, Isaac BUSH, atty. of 
Bainbridge, NY to Mary Martha dau of Hon. John H. PRENTISS of former 
       September 11, 1839 
Albany, 28th ult., Rev. Mr. Van Kleeck, of Troy, Rev. Daniel SHEPARD of 
Chatham, Conn., to Elizabeth, dau. of Col Gerrit HOGAN of Albany. 
       September 25, 1839 
Hamden, 18th inst., Elder William Cummings, Albert DART of Kortright to 
Sybel PEAKE of former place. 
       October 2, 1839 
Davenport, 24th ult., Thompson Paine, Hiram BENNER to Adelia FOOTE 
Davenport, 24th ult., T. Paine, George FOOTE to Polly DENNEND all of 
Hamden, 26th ult., Rev. Mr. McFarland, N. BROOKS to Freelove SLOCUM 
both of Meredith. 
        October 9, 1839 
Kortright, Sept 16, Rev. W. McAuly, Col. Frederick GRIFFIN to Ann S. 
dau Henry MARSHALL, M.D. all of Kortright. 
NYC 22nd ult., Rev. Spencer H. Cone, Alvah H. TYLER of Roxbury to Sarah 
GRANT of former place. 
       October 16, 1839 
Walton, 21st inst., Rev. Daniel Shepard of this village, D. H. GAY to 
Susan GARDINER both of Walton. 
17th inst., D. McFarland, John VOSBURGH to Catherine MOWER all of Delhi 
       October 22, 1839 
Meredith, 19th inst., Martin Leet, Gilbert DRAKE to Mariah FOX all of 
Blenheim 9th inst., Rev. William Knight, William DOMONAY of Moresville 
to Nancy HIGABOON of Schoharie. 
       October 30, 1839 
In this town, 24th inst., Rev. T. S. Judd, William SLOOTE to Hannah 
In this town 24th inst, Rev. E. K. Maxwell, Alexander PAINE to Jane 
       November 6, 1839 
Colchester 16th ult., by Rev. Davis, Travas T. SIGNOR of Hamden to 
Adaline V. D. BOGART of former place. 
Andes Oct 30, Rev. Ï. Janes of Colchester, Richard WOOLSEY Jr. of Andes 
to Janet DICKSON of Middletown. 
Columbus, Ga., Sept 26, Orrin L. OLMSTED of Meredith to Mary I. FULLER, 
dau of Capt. off former place. 
       November 13, 1839 
Roxbury 7th inst., Rev. S. Washburn, Henry G. HULL to Rhoda Ann CORBIN 
dau of Timothy all of Roxbury 
       October 31, 1839  (this is way the date is written 
tho' it is out of sequence and date doesn't fit with Oct.'s paper 
publishing date nor does it appear to fit with November dating) 
Rev. J. Davies, Charles BAXTER to Julia WILLIAMS dau of N. W. all of 
Roxbury, 7th inst., Rev. R. R. Knight, Thomas M. MONTGOMERY to Ann 
HENDERSON lat of Co. of Han., Scotland. 
Lodi, Ohio, 17th ult., Rev. Mr. Brown, Stephen W. HALL formerly of 
Meredith to Parmelia MASTERS of Lodi, Ohio. 
         November 20, 1839 
Hamden, 15th inst., Rev. McFarland, William TERRY to Anne FOSTER all of 
       December 4, 1839 
Harpersfield, 18th ult., Rev. Seth Williams, Michael HEBBARD to Mrs. 
NELLY all of Harpersfield. 
Also same day, Michael Dayton, Chauncey DAYTON of Bureau Co., Ill. to 
Lydia BRAINARD of Harpersfield. 
Jackson Hill, nr. Washington D.C., 21st ult., Rev. H. Slicer, Frederic 
B. CULVER, M.D. of Oldham Co., KY to Adelia KENDALL dau of Postmaster 
Onondaga Hollow, 18th ult., Rev. Mr. Storer, Sanford C. COLTON to Jane 
Ellen TERRY 
       December 25, 1839 
In this town 18th inst., Rev. E. K. Maxwell, Harvey G. MILLARD to 
Clarissa dau. Gideon FRISBEE. 
In this village 18th inst. Rev. Mr. Maxwell, Capt. G. McGREGOR to 
Isabella DAVIS, all of Delhi 
Bovina, 11th inst., Rev. Mr. Graham, Robert SCOTT to Janet HAMILTON 
12th inst. by same, Walter HAMILTON to Margaret McNAUGHT all of Bovina 
       January 8, 1840 
W. Meredith Dec. 25th, Rev. E. Westcott, George J. FISHER of Delhi to 
Miranda B. STILSON dau of Nathan. 
W. Meredith 1st inst., Rev. E. Westcott, Lansing STILSON to Cornelia 
GALLUP all of Meredith 
Bovina, 1st inst., Rev. Mr. Forrest, Thomas SECORD to Ann CARMAN dau 
Middletown, 1st inst., Rev. J. W. Birck, Cornelius PIKE of Delhi to 
Juliana PAUL of former place. 
       January 15, 1840 
Kortright, 26th ult, Rev. McAuley, William H. REID of Argyle, 
Washington Co., to Margaret A. McCLAUGHRY of Kortright. 
Andes, 1st inst., Warren Dimmick, Samuel MULLENEIX to Deborah VAN 
Bainbridge, NY, 22nd ult, Rev. N. H. Adams, Dr. Evander ODELL of Sidney 
Plains to Mary A. MULFORD of former place. 
       January 22, 1840 
Hamden 16th inst., R. W. Elwood, Philip FRANCISCO of Colchester to 
Eliza COVELL of Hamden 
Roxbury, 15th inst., Timothy Corbin, Maj. Ira HICKS to Laura CHACE all 
of Roxbury 
Davenport, 14th inst., Rev. D. S. Abel, Aaron G. WICKHAM to Edith TEN 
EICK dau Andrew G. all of Davenport. 
Same time by same, Armstrong McMORRIS of Davenport to Eliza Jane ALLEN 
of Harpersfield. 
Middletown, 16th inst. by W. Dimmick, John CARROLL to Maria AKERLY all 
of Middletown. 
Stamford, 8th inst., Rev. Dr. Forrest, John MITCHELL of Bovina to 
Isabekka (Isabella) GRANT of former place. 
Manchester, Pa., 15th inst., Rev. Arad S. Lakin, Richard KNIGHT to 
Cassandra LAKIN both of Hancock. 
        January 30, 1840 
R. W. Ellwood, Robert LAUNT of Hamdeen to Elizabeth HUNTER dau of 
Daniel Jr. of Colchester. 
Same day, Rev. Mr. Davis, Benjamin H. BOGART to Rachel WILSON all of 
Same day, Walter Chase, William MOORE to Sally ROBINSON. 
Franklin, 27th ult., Rev. Mr. Hubbard, Lyman HALL of Delhi to Emeline 
CLARK of Franklin. 
        February 5, 1840 
Franklin 16th ult. Rev. Mr. Hartshorn, Homer BOSTWICK of Meredith to 
Elizabeth C. HOWELL dau of late Jacob of Franklin. 
       February 12, 1840 
Binghamton, 22nd ult., Rev. N. Andrews, John J. YOUMANS of Unadilla to 
Charlotte A. MORGAN of former place. 
Middletown, 29th ult., Warren Dimmick, Charles FALKNER 
(Faulkner) to Maria HILTON all of Middletown. 
       March 11, 1840 
Kortright, 5th inst., Rev. J. B. Wakely, Abram S. BROWNING to Mrs. Mary 
JAQUISH all of Kortright. 
       March 18, 1840 
Harpersfield, 12th inst., Rev. Mr. Harrington, Samuel H. HARRINGTON to 
Caroline JOHNSON both of Laurens, NY. 
Catskill, 8th inst., Rev. Joseph F. Phillips, Caleb CROSWELL to 
Elizabeth Jane WILLARD dau of Horace. 
       March 25, 1840 
Franklin 12th inst., Rev. E. K. Maxwell, Thomas ARBUCKLE of this town 
to Jane SAUNDERS of this place. 
       April 8, 1840 
At Legation of U S at Constantinople, Jan 30, John  P. BROWN to Mary 
Ann PORTER, niece of Gen. Porter. 
       April 15, 1840 
In this village 8th inst., Rev. Mr. Westcott, Morgan C. MERRITT of 
Franklin to Adelia PHELPS dau of Elihu C. 
Camden, Mich., 17th ult., Rev. P. W. Warriner, Alber G. HOBBIE of 
Chicago to Eleanor O. METCALF dau Nathan W. of former place. 
       May 6, 1840 
W. Davenport, 26th ult., Thompson Paine, William FRITTS formerlly 
Cayuga Co. to Sophia CLOUGH of former place 
       May 13, 1840 
Delhi, 8th inst., James G. Redfield, Isaac ARCHER Jr. of Kortright to 
Sophia GREGORY of same place. 
        May 20, 1840 
W. Davenport, 13th inst., Thompson Paine, Hazen CHAMBERLAIN of Byron, 
Genesee Co., NY to Phebe BREWER of same place. 
       May 27, 1840 
Meredith 20th inst., Elder Westcott, John STRONG to Susan dau opf John 
CARPENTER all of Meredith. 
         June 24, 1840 
Middletown 11th inst., Warren Dimmick, William PALMATEER of Andes to 
Mary Ellis DUMOND of Middletown. 
Middletown, 21st inst., Warren Dimmick, John JONES of Andes to Phebe 
KELLEY of Middletown. 
         July 1, 1840 
Halcottville, 18th ult., Rev. D. Mead, Sniffen GANOUNG Jr. to Electa 
KELLEY dau of Hiram. 
In this town, 10th ult., Rev. George Frisbee, Rufus PERKINS to Jane 
WEBSTER all of Delhi 
In this village 26th ult., Rev. T. Judd, Daniel HENDERSON of Middletown 
of Mary EFFECK formerly Scotland. 
       July 8, 1840 
Hamden, 2nd inst., Elder Roberts, Philander PETTIS to Barbara CHASE dau 
of H.  P. 
       August 19, 1840 
11st inst., Jackson Hill nr. Washington D.C., Rev. Mr. Thornton, Daniel 
GOLD of this village, Asst. Clerk House of Rep. US to Mary Ann KENDALL 
dau of late Postmaster General. 
        August, 1840 
Davenport, 13th inst., Rev. William McAuley, H. Webb DUNSHEE of NY to 
Mary PARKER dau of Benjamin of former place. 
Andes, 19th inst., Rev. James Lang (Laing), Dr. M. T. PEAK to 
Sophia BASSETT all of Andes. 
Hobart 19th inst., Rev. F. Harrington, William HUNT of Washington D.C. 
to Sara Arabella, 2nd dau of Dr. Calvin HOWARD of former place. 
       September 9,  1840 
Ithaca, 1st inst. Rev. Judd, Henry W. SAGE to Susan E. LINN dau of 
William, all of Ithaca. 
        September 23, 1840 
16th inst., Rev. E. Westcott, Harvey BELL to Lucinda B. REMINGTON both 
of W. Meredith. 
Jamesville, Rockland Co., NY, Aug. 27, William B. Sheldon, Gilbert 
McNAUGHT to Lucy SMILEY all of Janesville. 
        September 30, 1840 
Franklin 23d inst., Rev. E. Westcott, James H. JACKSON to Annis TERRY 
both of Franklin. 
       October 14, 1840 
7th inst., Rev. E. Westcott, James STEWART of Franklin to Maryette 
FLINT of Meredith. 
Kortright, 30th ult., Rev. William Cochran, John McMORRIS of Davenport 
to Lydia HARKNESS of Kortright. 
       October 21, 1840 
Franklin 14th inst., Rev. C. Waterbury, Henry G.  BEACH, Baldwinsville, 
NY to Mary THOMPSON dau of John of former place. 
So. Worcester 18th inst., Heman Coplay, John FIGURE of Davenport to 
Hetty DARLING of former place. 
Cannonsville, 14th inst., Rev. Mr. Bullock, Dr. Samuel C. PETTENGILL of 
Hancock to Selana HOAG of Cannonsville. 
Pompey 14th inst., Rev. Storer Victory, James BIRDSEYE to Betsey Ann 
MARSH dau of Daniel. 
       October 28, 1840 
Hamden, 15th inst., Rev. Mr. Roberts, William W. WOODWORTH formerly of 
Montville, Conn. to Julia Ann CHASE dau of Walter of former place. 
        November 11, 1840 
Davenport, Oct 22, Heman Copley 2nd, Herod WILBER of Worcester, NY to 
Hannah ARNOLD of Davenport. 
Same place 3d inst., H. Copley 2nd, Benjamin FULLER of Jefferson, NY to 
Eliza JOHNSON of former place. 
Same day by same, William ST. JOHN to Sarah BENEDICT of Walton 
       November 25, 1840 
In this village 18th inst., Rev. J. B. Wakely, George SMITH of 
Middletown to Achsah O. MILLARD dau Wm. of this village. 
NY, 18th by Rev. Mr. Hatfield, John C. MORE, merchant of 
Manhattanville, to Adelia M. KNAPP dau Jonathan formerly of this 
       December 2, 1840 
Stamford, 25th ult., Rev. Harrington, William S. RUSSELL to Lany Ann 
       December 16, 1840 
Kortright, 4th inst., Rev. Robert Forest, Alexander McNEIL to Margaret 
KELSO all of Kortright. 
In this village 10th inst., Rev. J. B. Wakely, Stephen COSE 
(Close) of Bovina to Elizabeth FOWLER of Delhi. 
       December 23, 1840 
In this town, 18th inst., Rev. Wakeley, Daniel W. SACKRIDER of 
Kortright to Jane E. LANDAN of Delhi. 
Andes, 15th inst., Rev. Mr. Davis, Thomas RYSER to Rachel FERGUSON dau 
John D. all of Andes. 
          December 30, 1840 
23rd inst., Rev. Wakeley, John W. ANDREWS - Esther ROBINSON dau of Rev. 
Eben of this town. 
Franklin 24th inst., Rev. Chancellor Hartshorn, William WATERS to 
Elizabeth THOMPSON dau of J. of former place. 
24th inst., Elder E. Westcott, Richard LEE of Sidney to Esther WARFIELD 
of Franklin. 
       January 6, 1841 
Harpersfield, Dec. 24, Rev. A. S. Lakin, Phineas BENNETT to Minerva 
HAIKES both of Harpersfield. 
Bloomville, Dec. 30, Rev. J. B. Wakeley, Adam A. KEDZIE to Cynthia 
GREGORY both of Bloomville. 
Harpersfield, Dec 20, Rev. A. S. Lakin, George BRUCE to Jerusha 
McMULLEN of Davenport. 
       January 20, 1841 
St. Johns Church in this village, Sunday, Rev. T. S. Judd, Alfred T. P. 
THAYER of Bainbridge, NY to Adaline EASTON of Delhi 
In this town 14th inst., Rev. James McEwen, William McNEE of Hamden to 
Jane ARBUCKLE of Delhi 
       January 27, 1841 
Oxford, 20th inst., Rev. Mr. Bush, Frederick A. SANDS of Unadilla to 
Mrs. Clarissa A. DONNELLY dau late Henry MYGATT. 
        February 3, 1841 
Colchester, 21st ult., R. W. Elwood, David ALLEN to Julia LANE 
24th ult., by same, Jacob I. FINCH to Hannah BUTLER all Colchester. 
       February 10, 1841 
In this village 2nd inst., Rev. S. Williston, James H. WRIGHT to Maria 
A. GRISWOLD dau Horace. 
Honesdale, Pa., 4th inst., Rev. J. B. Graves, Capt. George D. BUTLER of 
Deposit to Phebe dau Henry WRIGHT of this village. 
Davenport  3d inst., Rev. Mr. Paddock of Oneonta, George W. GOODRICH to 
Mary Adaline TEN EICK of former place. 
       February 17, 1841 
In this town 10th inst., Rev. J. B. Wakeley, Remsselaer V. D. BOGART 
formerly Colchester to Harriet HOLLISTER dau Capt. David of Delhi. 
In this village 11th inst., Rev. James McEwen, Edward T. HUNTER of 
Colchester to Ann dau Alex. SMITH of Delhi. 
14th inst., Rev. A. S. Lakin, Archibald CAMPBELL to Ruth Ann COOK all 
of Fulton, NY 
       February 24, 1841 
Delhi 21st inst., Rev. J. B. Wakeley, Abram MACE, formerly of 
Poughkeepsie to Antoinette PHELPS dau of E. C. 
17th inst., Elder H. Westcott, Linus WOLCOTT of Franklin to Lucy A. 
JACKSON of W. Meredith 
Delhi 18th inst., Elder William Cummings, Smyth KENYON of Tioga Point 
to Statira WEBB of Kortright. 
Troy, Pa., 17th inst., Rev. Mr. Barns, Gideon FRISBEE 2nd of Delhi to 
Ann Ophelia pARKS formerly of Delhi 
       March 3, 1841 
Delhi, 24th ult., Rev. J. Wakeley, James WOOD of Stamford to Elsie J. 
LEWIS of Delhi 
Meredith Feb. 24, Isaac Burr, Israel P. MERCEREAU of Union, NY to 
Elizabeth BENEDICT of Meredith. 
25th ult., William MUNSON to Mrs. Amy SMITH 
25th ult., Charles CORNWELL to Nancy HUBBELL all Meredith 
        March 10, 1841 
4th inst., Dr. McFarland, William McLEAN to Hannah CARMAN both of 
Andes, 14th ult., Charles Barlow, Robert B. LEAL to Jane LANDON dau 
John M. 
       March 24, 1841 
Bloomville, 16th (18?) inst., Rev. Wakeley, Samuel B. 
BARLOW to Adelia WHITE both of Bloomville. 
Franklin, 14th inst., Linus Porter, George PAINE to Catherine YANSON 
all of Franklin. 
        April 14, 1841 
NYC, 8th inst. Rev. Dr. Van Vranken, Harrison PRICE to Jane BARCLAY 
        May 5, 1841 
Harpersfield 27th ult., Rev. Arad S. Lakin, Norman DAYTON to Sally 
NICHOLS both Harpersfield. 
Kortright, 29th ult., Rev. Wakeley, William McINTOSH to Catherine 
BURNSIDE all of Kortright. 
Liverpool, Onondaga Co., NY 18th ult., James Webster, John MOSCRIP to 
Mary INGERSOLL all of that place 
       May 12, 1841 
18th Presbyterian Church, NY Apr 12, Rev. C. S. Porter, Jared OLMSTEAD 
to Julia S. BETTS of that city. 
        May 25, 1841 
Little Falls, NY, 19th inst., Epis. Ch., Rev. Mr. Bartlett, H. N. 
JOHNSON formerly of this village to Maria SMITH dau of late Dr. C. W. 
Smith all of Little Falls. 
In this town, 13th inst., Rev. J. McEwen, Albert SMITH to Elizabeth 
STEELE all of Delhi. 
Durham, NY, Rev. Jonathan Cone, Charles COOPER, merchant of NY to Mary 
DENTON of former place. 
       June 9, 1841 
Sunday, Elder William Cummings, Levi D. WICKS to Juliette ROWE all of 
this village 
       June 15, 1841 
Andes, 19th inst., Rev. Ransom Washburn, William HORTON of Colchester 
to Lana WILSON of Andes. 
       June 23, 1841 
Masonville, 15th inst., Elder Robinson, Stephen ABBEY of Ronout, Ulster 
Co., NY to Caroline VAIL of Masonville. 
Cairo, NY, 8th inst. Rev. Mr. Hough, Josiah W. BALDWIN, merchant of 
Catskill, formerly of this place to Caroline Augusta KARL dau Eben of 
       June 30, 1841 
Kortright, 23d inst., Rev. William McAuley, William ORR of Albany to 
Mary MARSHALL dau Henry M.D. of Kortright. 
       July 6, 1841 
1st inst., Rev. E. Westcott, Linus BRONSON to Nancy B. REMINGTON all of 
W. Meredith. 
Prattsville, 27th ult., Rev. A. S. Lakin, James F. MAYBEE to Diamy 
CALKINS both of Prattsville. 
        July 21, 1841 
New Milford, Conn., St. Johns Church 13th inst., Rev. Enoch Huntington, 
Thomas A. FOLLETT to Catherine EVERITT both of Franklin. 
       August 4, 1841 
Roxbury, July 24, by Edward I. Burhans, Andrew WOOLHIZER late of 
Poughkeepsie to Rachel GANOUNG dau of James. 
Hobart, 2nd inst., Rev. Sturges, Gilbert S. Brandage HANFORD, M.D. to 
Nancy ERKSON of Hobart. 
       August 25, 1841 
Yesterday, Rev. J. S. T. Judd, Col. Amasa PARKER to Mrs. Phebe MORE all 
of this village. 
       September 1, 1841 
Prattsville, Aug 17, Rev. A. S. Lakin, Rev. William SILSBEY to Phebe 
NEWTON both of Blakely, Pa. 
Cooperstown, 17th ult., A. V. Moore, Lewis TEMPLE of Middlefield, 
Otsego Co, NY to Mercy ANDRUSS formerly of this town. 
       September 8, 1841 
St. Peters Ch., Albany, 31st ult., Rev. Mr. Van Rensselaer, Eliphalet 
WOOD to Mary J. GRANT dau Sweeton Grant of Hobart. 
       September 15, 1841 
Meredith, Rev. W. L. Judd, 8th inst., Milton BOSTWICK to Jane E. SMITH 
adopted dau. Street DUTTON 
        September 29, 1841 
Kortright, 23d inst., Rev. Daniel Shepard, George M. EDGERTON to Lydia 
C. HUNT dau. Ambrose of Kortright. 
29th inst., St. George Church, Newburgh, Rev. John Brown, William P. 
JONES of Butternutts, NY to Elvina dau Elisha HALE. 
Same time, place, by saame, Henry D. PAINE, M.D. formerly of this 
village to Eliza dau Elisha HALE. 
Same time, place, Rev. H. B. Van Kleeck of Troy, Augustus W. HALE to 
jennette VAN KLEECK dau of Dr., all of Newburgh. 
East Durham, 15th inst., Rev. John Spoor, Amos CLEVELAND to Eliza T. 
WINANS of former place. 
       October 20, 1841 
St. James Church in this village last eve. Rev. T. S. Judd, Henry S. 
PECK of Rensselaerville to Mary D. CLARK of this village. 
Coventry, NY, 13th inst., Rev. Mr. Hoyt, George F. SMITH of Masonville 
to Mary A. SMITH of former place. 
Kortright, 15th inst., Rev. William Y. M'LAUGHRY to Nancy dau. of 
Ebenezer HOWLAND, all of Kortright. 
Baintrim, Pa., 4th inst., Elder David Dunock, Chuza HOLLISTER of 
Bridgewater, Susquehanna Co. to Mrs. Olive SILSBEE of former place. 
       November 3, 1841 
20th ult., Somers, NY, Rev. George Todd, Charles T. SANDS of Franklin 
to Ann M. TURK of former place. 
Sidney, 28th ult., Elder James Anner, William MORENUS to Betsey S. 
BISHOP dau Rufus, all of Sidney. 
       November 10, 1841 
Hamden, 2nd inst., Rev. Aaron Rogers, Benjamin Scovill HOBBS to Sylvia 
Cornelia HULBERT dau Lyman formerly Prattsville, NY 
       November 17, 1841 
Roxbury 21st ult., Rev. David Mead, Capt. Samuel A. SCHUTT of Bovina to 
Charity STRATTON dau David of former place. 
Same place 4th inst., Rev. George W. Walker, Peter H. HULL to Malissa 
CROSBY dau of Thomas all of Roxbury. 
Prattsville, 10th inst. Rev. A. S. Lakin, Joseph D.  FULLER of 
Harpersfield to Nancy WOODWARD of Jefferson. 
       November 24, 1841 
E. Bainbridge 11th inst., Rev. Mr. Hall, Andrew W. STEELE of Walton to 
Harriet EDGERTON of Delhi. 
Mt. Upton, 7th inst., Caleb P. THURBER of Oxford to Alvira S. DENNEND 
of former place. 
       December 8, 1841 
North Hamden, Sat., Elder William Cummings of this village, Aaron BEERS 
of Walton to Perkins BRADLEY of above place. 
       December 15, 1841 
Unadilla, NY, 8th inst., Rev. J. Winkoop of Gilbertville, Capt. William 
J. HUGHSTON of Sidney to Clarinda W. SPALDING of former place 
       December 22, 1841 
Meredith 15th inst., Rev. Mr. Ellis, Almond P. BURROWS of Tompkins to 
Elizabeth Jane WHITE dau of John Y. of former place 
In this village 21st inst., Rev. Daniel Shepard, Truman H. WHEELER, 
attorney, to Ann H. L. ROBERTS dau late Edmond of Portsmouth, NH. 
Hamden, 16th inst., Rev. J. McEwen, Walter STOTT of Bovina to Mary Ann 
NEISH of former place. 
       January 5, 1842 
Southport, Wis., 12th ult., Rev. William Allenson, Haynes FRENCH to 
Mary F. LEET dau. Charles formerly of this village. 
       January 12, 1842 
Rev. J. Lang, 5th inst., Aaron P. SHAVER of Andes to Eliza dau John S. 
DAVIS of same place. 
Tompkins Oct. 24, Rev. A. C. Fields, Samuel GUYER to Bersheba A. 
CARPENTER all of Tompkins. 
In same place Dec 16, last Rev. Mr. Clark, Thomas W. OSTROM to Emeline 
Same place 6th inst., Rev. A. C. Fields, Richard C. LOVE to Harriet E. 
Mt. Pleasant, Racine Co., Wis., 7th ult., Daniel B. 
(Bostwick) Bork, Bostwick BEARDSLEY formerly of this town to 
Mary (Fowlert) FOWLER all of Racine. 
       January 19, 1842 
Meredith 30th ult., Rev. W. L. Judd, Street DUTTON to Mrs. Elizabeth 
NEWCOMB all of Meredith 
Hamden 6th inst., Ira Mallory, Lewis CABLE of Walton to Sarah Ann 
WOODBECK of Hamden 
13th inst., Rev. Mr. Harrington, Peter A. GRANT to Clothilda Maria 
BALDWIN dau of Elijah, all of Stamford 
       January 26, 1842 
20th, Elder W. L. Judd, J. G. JACOBS of Davenport to Emily Selina 
WARING of Delhi 
25th inst., Rev. S. Cranby, Spees, Vernon FRISBEE to Harriety RAYMOND 
all of this town. 
Hamden, 20th inst., Ira Mallory, Ransford HARROW to Jane BICE all of 
Hamden, Thurss, Elder W. Cummings, Alex. GRAHAM to Maria HITT all of 
       February 9, 1842 
Tompkins, 21st inst., Rev. J. C. Fields, John B. ROSE to Mrs. Lucy 
        March 2, 1842 
Roxbury, Rev. Mr. Lakin, Charles HARLEY to Gertrude BURHANS both of 
        March 16, 1842 
Roxbury 7th,Rev. A. Lakin, Charles BURHANS to Lydia SIMMONS both of 
Blenheim 9th inst., Rev. A. S. Lakin, Gould SILLIMAN to Lucretia SINES 
both of Blenheim. 
        March 23, 1842 
Oneonta, 9th inst., Elder W. Cummings., Reynolds MAXSON of Davenport to 
Lydia BUTTS of Oneonta. 
       March 30, 1842 
Moresville, 21st inst., Rev. A. S. Lakin, Dr. Aaron B. GAUL of Cortland 
Co, NY to Eveline COLE of Delaware Co. 
        April 13, 1842 
31st ult., Rev. A. N. Cornish, James LAMPORT to Harriet W. HUNT dau of 
Maj. Joseph all of Hobart. 
        April 20, 1842 
Kortright, 13th inst., Rev. William McCauley, Edmund ROSE of Delhi to 
Nancy BLAKELY of Kortright. 
Kortright, 13th inst., Rev. Wm. McCauley, Morgan C. MERRITT of Franklin 
to Elizabeth BLAKELY. 
        May 4, 1842 
Harpersfield, 21st ult., Rev. William McAuley, of Kortright, Joseph P. 
DOUGLASS to Martha dau of John HARPER all of Harpersfield. 
       May 18, 1842 
Syracuse, 28th ult., Rev. J. F. B. Storer, V. H. VAN SEEST to Emma 
BARNES dau Thomas all of Syracuse. 
       May 25, 1842 
Utica, 10th inst., Rev. Dr. Prosl, George WOODLAND to Hannah STEVENS 
all of Utica 
Poughkeepsie 11th inst., Rev. Dr. Reed, John H. SELKRAG to Claarissa M. 
TURNER dau of William of former place 
Arkville, Middletown, 17th inst., Rev. John Carver, Gritaan ELWOOD of 
Kingston to Jemima DIMMICK of Middletown. 
       July 6, 1842 
In this town, 29th ult., Rev. Mr. Judd of Meredith, James BROWN to 
Elizabeth FISK 
Syracuse, June 23, Rev. J. F. Storer, Frederick BENSON, Sheriff of 
Onadaga Co., to Mrs. Caroline A. MORSE 
        July 13, 1842 
Green Bay, Lt. William ROOT, USA s. Gen. E. Root of Delhi to Mrs. Emily 
J. DICKINSON dau Col. J. WHEELOCK of former place. 
Green Bay, Lt. J. C. ROBINSON, USA s. Hon. T. of Binghamton to Sarah 
Maria dau C. C. PEASE of Green Bay. 
NYC June 30, Rev. Mr. Black, Henry S. SHAFER formerly of Shavertown, 
Delaware Co., to Jane Ann ZELLER 
       July 20, 1842 
Washington D.C., 1st inst., Rev. H. Stringfellow, C. B. THOMPSON to 
Elizaabeth L. BALDWIN dau late Frederick formerly of this village. 
       August 3, 1842 
Hamden 27th ult., Elder William Roberts, Joseph W. HOBBS to Mary Eliza 
Thomas WILLIAMS to Sally Ann BAGLEY 
        August 17, 1842 
Blenheim, NY, 7th inst., Rev. F. Harrington, Garret WILLIS of Stamford 
to Ann Eliza GRANT dau Walter of Blenheim 
        September  28, 1842 
W. Davenport, 15th inst., Rev. Mr. Smith of Oneonta, H. Alex. HAMILTON, 
M.D. of Oneonta to Rebecca COWLEY dau Ledger Cowley. 
Otego, 21st inst., Rev. E. Westcott, John McMURRAY of W. Meredith to 
Maiah P. CRAMER of Otego 
Ithaca 15th inst., Rev. Montgomery Schuyler of Marshal, Mich, Charles 
P. DIBBLE of same palce to Betty JOHNSON 
       October 12, 1842 
Moresville, 3d inst., Rev. Mr. Laking, Richard P. BURHANS of Roxbury to 
Almira HARLEY of former place. 
Fulton, NY 4th inst., Rev. Dr. Leentner, W. DANFORTH, M.D. of 
Middlebirgh to Caroline BOUCK dau William C. of Fulton 
       October 19, 1842 
In this town 11th inst, Rev. Thomas L. Judd, Aaron BARLOW of Stamford 
to Ann Eliza dau Grover WEBSTER 
Franklin 12th inst., Rev. Mr. Washburn, John EDGERTON, Sheriff of 
Delaware Co. to Mary EVERITT 
        October 26, 1842 
Delhi, 19th inst., Rev. A. Rohers, Peter FELTER of Schoharie Co, NY to 
Deborah Ann WELDEN of Franklin. 
In this village 19th inst., Rev. T. S. Judd, John A. PECK to Mary Ann 
CAMPBELL all of this village 
Franklin 18th inst., Elder E. Westcott of W. Meredith, John W. MURPHY 
to Sally BROWNSON both of former place. 
Walton, 19th inst., Rev. A. Bassett, John M. CALL 
(McCALL?) Jr. to Eliza M. DAY dau of Charles of Walton 
         November 9, 1842 
Hickory Glen, Wis., 13th ult., Rev. Walch, Thomas WRIGHT, lawyer of 
Racine to Maria S. SHELDON dau Gen. W. B. of former place. 
Schuylerville, Tues. 1st inst., John A. COREY to Ruth S. dau of George 
STROVER of former place 
        November 16, 1842 
Meredith, 24th ult., Elder E. Westcott, Peter MORENUS of Broome Co, NY 
to Arabella BRISTOL of Meredith 
        November 23, 1842 
This village, 16th inst., Rev. S. G. Speed, Smith M. TITUS to Catherine 
DeGRAFF dau Abraham all Delhi 
Hamden, 15th inst., Rev. Thomas J. Judd, Wm. H. M. BURTIS to Harriet 
Eugenia GOODRICH dau Dr. Richard of Hamden 
Tompkins, Oct 17, Rev. Thomas Thurbee, Asa THAYER of Otego, 72y to Mrs. 
Ann Culver 65y of Tompkins. 
Tompkins, 9th inst., Rev. Elder Mumford, Abram AXTELL to Lydia Jane 
BAKER all of Tompkins 
       December 14, 1842 
Cannonsville Nov. 17, Rev. A. Fields, Samuel PALMERTON to Lydia KELSEY 
all of Tompkins. 
Masonville, Nov 30, Rev. A. Fields, Rev. John DAVIS formerly of England 
to Huldah Jane COUSE of Masonville. 
Masonville, 8th inst., George Willis, Eliphalet REYNOLDS of Tompkins to 
Janes MILLS of Masonville. 
Meredith, 12th inst., Rev. W. L. Judd, Valorous CHILSON to Elizabeth 
PEARSE all of Meredith.  
        December 21, 1842 
Hancock, 8th inst, J. M. Miller, William GEE s. Joseph to Juliette 
WHEELER dau James all Hancock 
Locke, Cayuga Co, NY 22nd ult, Levi Henry, Seth STEVENS of Hartford, 
Cortland Co., NY to Íylvia HEATH dau Benjamin of former place. 
       December 23, 1842 
Bovina, 22nd inst., Rev. John Graham, Peter CLARK s. of W. to Elizabeth 
RAITT dau John of Bovina 
       January 4, 1843 
Meredith 28th ult., Rev. A. Rogers, William FOWLER of Utica to 
Christina RAY of former place 
28th ult., Rev. E. Westcott, Reuben S. HURLBURT to Betsey A. SATTERLEE 
both of Franklin 
Delhi, 27th ult., Rev. C. G. Spees, Alfred MEEKER to Mary LEAL all of 
       January 18, 1843 
Oneonta 9th inst., Rev. A. Hull of New Berlin, Erastus COOKE to Lunicia 
GATES both of Oneonta. 
       January 25, 1843 
Delhi, 18th inst., Rev. Mr. Holmes, Dwight MITCHELL of Meredith to 
Susan CAVIN dau James of Delhi 
       February 1, 1843 
Tompkins, 19th ult., Rev. Mr. Thacher, John NAILOR to Mrs. Etta CORLEY 
and dau of John HOLLENBACK all of Tompkins. 
       February 8, 1843 
Stamford 16th ult., Rev. Turner, John BUTLER of Tioga Co. to Jane 
BARLOW dau of James. 
By same, at same time and place, Lewis REED to Henrietta BARLOW 
11th ult. by same, Eli T. STILLMAN to Margaret REED dau. of Amos dec'd. 
all of Stamford. 
       March 1, 1843 
E. Franklin, 22nd inst., Rev. Mr. McChain, John McMEIN to Elizabeth 
SCHERMERHORN, dau John, all Franklin. 
       March 15, 1843 
Walton, 8th inst., Rev. Mr. Corss, James LAUGHERAN to Angelica dau 
William MONTGOMERY all of Roxbury. 
       March 22, 1843 
Stamford, Mar 20, 1843, Rev. R. Forrest, Bethuel SOUTHERLAND of 
Prattsville to Emily BLISH of former place. 
        March 29, 1843 
Meredith, 22nd inst., Rev. Mr. Ellis, Marcus W.(?) 
FRISBEE of Delhi to Ann STRONG dau late Chauncey of former place 
        April 5, 1843 
Roxbury 29th ult., Rev. Isaac Hewitt, John LEOBARD (Leonard) 
to Isabel SMITH dau John M. 
W. Davenport, 16th ult., Elijah Mabie, Ezra McDONALD to Mary COUSE all 
of Davenport 
       April 26, 1843 
Bovina 13th inst., Isaac Maynard, Charles T. McCUMBER of Middletown to 
Prudence DUMOND of Bovina 
        May 3, 1843 
Andes 27th ult., E. W. Elwood, Daniel GREGORY of Andes to Maria YAPLE 
of same place. 
       May 10, 1843 
Goshen, 3d inst., Rev. Dr. McCarter, John S. CLARK formerly of this 
village to Jane HAMMOND of Goshen. 
       May 17, 1843 
Hamden 18th inst., Elder Westcott, William KNOWLES of this village to 
Esther BROUGHTON of former place 
Greenville, Greene Co., May 8, Rev. S. G. Spees of Delhi, Samuel B. 
SPEES Jr. of former place to Sarah WAKELY dau late Stephen, merchant of 
Seneca Falls. 
       May 24, 1843 
Hancock 9th inst., Nathan W. Williams, Joseph HUSTED, 80y to Catharine 
PLOUGH 34y dau Mr. Plough of Walton. 
Hobart 21st inst., A. Y. Marvins, George LEE to Eleanor BARTRIM both of 
       May 31, 1843 
Harpersfield 29th inst., Rev. Mr. Parsons, Alfred BURGE to Sarah 
REYNOLDS of Kortright. 
        June 14, 1843 
31st ult., Rev. George Frisbie, Nathan COVILL to Elizabeth HUGHES dau 
of James all of Delhi. 
10th inst. by Rev. George Frisbie, John FRISBEE of Roxbury to Jane 
SMITH of Roxbury 
        June 21, 1843 
Lowville, Lewis Co., NY, 14th inst., Rev. S. H. Batten, L. Sprague WOOD 
to Mary S. JOHNSON formerly of this village; both of Lowville. 
        July 5, 1843 
Kortright 28th ult., Rev. Turner, Daniel ANDREW of Stamford to Isabel 
Ann dau John McDONALD of former place. 
        July 19, 1843 
Village, 14th inst., Elder Westcott, Robert ARMSTRONG to Monimia 
CAMPBELL all of this village 
         August 30, 1843 
23rd inst., Bovina, Elder Westcott, John McCALL of Oxford, NY to Polly 
R. CARMAN of former place. 
       September 6, 1843 
So. Franklin 3d inst., Rev. Charles Gorse, Asahel B. CHAMBERLIN to 
Sarah ROSE all of Franklin. 
       September 13, 1843 
Masonville, 7th inst., Rev. Moses Thatcher, Stephen E. THATCHER to 
Deidema D. WILLIS 
Same time, place, by same, Leving BARTLETT to Ruth A. STEBBINS all of 
Franklin 7th inst., Rev. Charles Gorse, Robert P. MORE of Roxbury to 
Elizabeth WARDELL of Roxbury. 
        September 20, 1843 
Amherst, Ohio, 3d insts., Rev. Tyrrell, Osman E. STEELE of this village 
to Mary B. STEELE dau of John of former place. 
Bainbridge 12th inst., Rev. Willis, Col. John TOWNSEND of Walton to 
Sarah HOWELL of former place. 
Same day, Walton, by same, Thaddeus S. HOYT to Letetia FITCH both of 
        October 4, 1843 
1st, inst., Rev. A. C. Hillsman, Rufus W. BAKER to Nancy M. BOOTH dau 
of Levi all Roxbury. 
       October 11, 1843 
Delhi 4th inst., Rev. A. S. Spees, Alfred M. WEBSTER to Lydia Ann 
THURBER dau of Abner G. all of Delhi 
        October 18, 1843 
Delhi 12th inst., Rev. T. Redfield, James YEOMANS Jr. to Sarah 
H(?) REDFIELD dau James G., all  of Delhi 
Colchester 10th inst., Rev. C. Chapman, Milo BARBER of Shandaken, NY to 
Cornelia G. G. DOLL of Colchester 
Village 17th inst., Rev. Spees, Caleb A. FROST to Mary GRISWOLD all of 
this village 
Franklin 4th inst., Rev. Mr. Kerr, David G. OLMSTEAD of Walton to 
Marcia G. STRONG, dau Alfred of former place 
Sidney 3d inst., R. T. Hunt, Erastus TAYLOR to Lucy HOGABOOM and Levi 
HOGABOOM to Polly TAYLOR all of Sidney 
       October 18, 1843   (this date is probably 
Penn Yan, NY, 19th ult., Rev. Ruchards, Dr. H. GREGORY of Bethany, Pa., 
formerly of Colchester to Isabella W. SLOAN of Penn Yan. 
Franklin 18th inst., Elder Powers, Elijah M. SMITH of Meredith to Mary 
J. STEWART of former place. 
       December 20, 1843 
Andes, 15th inst., Rev. J. Lang, Capt. William T. HADDOW to Maria A. 
HUNTINGTON all of Andes. 
        December 28, 1843  (date is probably 27 - not 
11th inst., Elder Westcott, Stephen W. FELLOWS, Tully, Oneida Co., NY 
to Louisa M. FISH of this town. 
Bovina 11th inst., Isaac Maynard, John YAPLE of Middletown to Sally Ann 
DUMOND of Bovina. 
        December 27, 1843 
Masonville, 15th inst., Rev. Moses Thacher, Martin A. BARTLETT to Diana 
B. PERRY all of Masonville. 
21st inst., Elder Westcott, George LAUDON to Mary BROWN all of Franklin 
       January 3, 1844 
Andes, 30th ult., Rev. Mr. Seppe, Valentine BRADD of Meredith to Emily 
MASON dau Reuben of Troy, Pa. 
       January 24, 1844 
Cannonsville, 18th inst., Rev. E. B. Willis of Walton, Erastus S. 
EDGERTON of Delhi to Eliza CANNON of former place. 
       February 7, 1844 
Walton, 4th inst., Rev. Willis, Samuel W. SMITH to Margaret A. GARDENER 
both of Walton. 
Kortright, 24th ult., Elder D. Grant, Curtis B. DIBBLE of Sidney to Amy 
DIBBLE of Kortright.  
So. Kortright, 16th  ult., Rev. Turner of Hobart, Stephen BROWN to 
Henrietta GRANT both of Kortright. 
        April 14, 1844  (this date should be February - not 
12th inst., Elder Westcott, Henry D. BANKS to Margaret BUTTS both of 
       February 21, 1844 
Berne, NY, 13th inst., Rev. P. Weidman of Schoharie, William H. GALLUP 
to Pamelia WHIPPLE dau Malachi, dec'd of Berne. 
       February 28, 1844 
Bloomville 21st inst., Leman Stewart, James McDONALD to Catherine 
BATES, both of this village. 
        March 6, 1844 
Delhi 15th ult., Elder Grant, Elias W. GRISWOLD of Hudson to Metsey M. 
WILBER of former place. 
Elder Westcott, 5th inst., George W. MUNSON to Sarah I. HUMISTON both 
        March 13, 1844 
Davenport, Jan 1, 1844, Elder Green, Benjamin MACKET of Meredith to 
Orphan GREENE of Laurens. 
Davenport, Jan 23, Elder Green, James CRAWFORD to Mary Ann PERSONS both 
of Davenport. 
At same place 7th inst., William COVERT to Betsey Jane HOUGHTALING 
Meredith by E. Bryan, Lseter VAN HOSEN of Davenport to Rose Ann OLEN 
(?) of former place. 
       March 20, 1844 
Meredith 28th ult., Elder Powers, Jotham SCUDDER to Juda CARPENTER all 
of Meredith. 
Meredith 7th inst., Rev. Washburn, Aaron HUNT to Clarissa POST all of 
Delhi 14th inst., Elder Grant, Lewis R. TIRRELL to Harriet BRIGGS both 
of Delhi. 
       March 17, 1844  (should be 27 - not 17) 
Davenport, 14th inst., Rev. Fields, Armstrong McNAUGHTON to Eliza ADAIR 
dau of Robert all of Kortright 
       April 10, 1844 
Franklin, 8th inst., Rev. Thacher, Rev. Adam S. KEDZIE lat of Hobart to 
Mrs. Elizabeth DEWEY of Franklin. 
       April 17, 1844 
NYC, 10th inst., Rev. F. F. Cornell, James ANDREWS formerly of Stamford 
to Hester Å. BOLSTER dau Henry B., all of NYC 
Colchester 30th ult, Rev. A. S. Lakin, Leman TWISS to Sylvia HOLADAY 
all of Colchester. 
       May  8, 1844 
Kortright, 4th ult, Elder Grant, (Elizabeth), Zebadiah C. 
BURDICK to Emily BURDICK both of Kortright (note: not sure why the 
Elizabeth is in the above - copied as written) 
Kortright, 10th ult., by same, Eli BURDICK to Huldah LEWIS both of 
Delhi, 1st inst., by same, James P. HALSEY to Antoinette FISH, both of 
Phila. 28th ult, Rev. T. Brainard, Cyrus C. METCALF of Masonville to 
Elizabeth NEELY of that city. 
        May 22, 1844 
Village yesterday, Rev. Mr. Graves, Samuel EELLS of Walton to Sarah B. 
LEAL dau of Robert. 
Davenport, 12th inst., Rev. A. Fields, Truman SPENCER of Harperfield to 
Lucinda FULLER of So. Worcester. 
        May 29, 1844 
Delhi, 19th inst., Elder D. Grant, Jacob FARMAN to Sally Louise HILL 
both of Kortright 
Davenport, 23d inst., Rev. E. Sumner, Edward PRATT, M.D. of Milford, NY 
to Helena dau Harry NEWELL of Davenport. 
       June 5, 1844 
Village 4th inst., Rev. G. Waters, John A. PARSHALL to Juliette THURBER 
all of Delhi 
Kinston, 28th ult., Rev. J. H. Van Wagenen, Daniel L. DECKER to Jane 
CLARK dau Thomas all of that place. 
At same time, Rev. P. Chamberlain, William C. MORE of Roundout, NY to 
Sarah NEWKIRK of Kingston. 
       June 12, 1844 
6th inst., Elder Westcott, James McCOY of NY to Julia Ann BROWN of 
        June 19, 1844 
16th inst., St. Peter's Church, Hobart, Rev. Sheldon Davis, James 
PIERSON of Lowville, Lewis Co. to Cornelia S. FOOTE dau of Cyranus. 
        July 3, 1844 
In this town 28th ult., Rev. Washburn, Thomas M. WHEELER of NY to 
Candace THURBER of former place. 
Oxford 16th ult., Rev. A. Burtiss, Charles F. CHAMBERLIN of Milwaukee 
formerly Delhi to Eliza HILL of Oxford. 
In this town, 1st inst., Elder Westcott, William H. HULL to Polly E. 
VALENTINE all Delhi. 
Roxbury 23d ult., Elder Mead, Rudolph HANNA of Greene Co. to Salina J. 
LEONARD of Roxbury dau Henry 
         July 31, 1844 
Middletown, 21st inst., Rev. I. Hewitt, David WILLIAMS of Roxbury to 
Angeline GRAY of former place. 
         August 7, 1844 
By Elder E. Wescott, 5th inst., John B. CLARK of Franklin to Nancy Ann 
THOMPSON of Delhi 
         August 14, 1844 
Monday, Delhi, Rev. W. L. Judd of Meredith, Erastus SMITH of Franklin 
to Cornelia VAN HOSEN of Delhi 
        August 21, 1844 
Franklin 15th inst., Rev. Thatcher, William TEED to Julia Ann VAIL all 
of Franklin 
       August 28, 1844 
Roxbury, 19th inst., James (Jonas?) M. SMITH to DEBORAH 
KEATOR of Roxbury. 
       September 4, 1844 
Binghamton, 29th ult., Rev. Dr. Andrews at res. of Judge Tracy 
Robinson, Charles L. ROBINSON to Mary B.  MARTIN y. dau late Gen. 
Martin of Martinsbury, NY 
        September 18, 1844 
St. John's Church, Delhi, 11th inst., Rev. Mr. Waters, Jacob ELWOOD to 
Mary Jane JOHNSON 
St. John's Church, Delhi, Charles A. FOOTE to Sally Adelia JOHNSON both 
daughters of Elias Johnson, all of Delhi 
Delhi last eve., Rev. Mr. Waters, Albert EDGERTON to Rebecca D. CLARK 
of Delhi 
Hamden 10th inst., Rev. John Trippett, Stephen HAWLEY to Elizabeth C. 
BRISSACk eld. dau Philip. 
         September 25, 1844 
Walton 19th inst. Rev. E. D. Willis, Maj. Jeter GARDINER of Albany to 
Anne KELLSO (Kelso?) of Walton. 
Walton, 19th inst., Rev. E. D. Willis, J. Beard KELLS to Sarah OLMSTEAD 
dau Col. Philo Olmstead. 
17th inst., Rev. John Trippett, Stephen BROWNELL to Frances BUTTS dau 
of Henry of Kortright. 
Davenport 15th inst., Rev. N. Sumber, Luman R. SLADE of Oneonta - Rosee 
P. BOOTH dau of Jesse of Davenport. 
19th inst., by Elder Wescott, Charles P. NORTHRUP of Middletown to Ruth 
A. LUDINGTON of Bovina 
       October 2, 1844 
16th ult., Rev. James McGinness, Rev. Mr. Alex. C. HILLMAN of Roxbury 
to Anna McGINNES dau of George of Shipersburg, Pa. 
       October 16 1844 
Franklin, Oct 1, Rev. M. Thacher, John NICOL to Sally D. ELDERKIN dau 
of Nelson of Franklin 
Oct 9, Rev. M. Thacher, Seth H. BISSELL of Hartwick to Adeliza GILLETT 
dau of Maj. Joel Gillett of Franklin. 
Otsego, Oct 10, Rev. M. Thacher, Eliju SMITH of Sidney to Anna BLAKELEE 
of Otego.   
        Novvember 6, 1844 
Walton, 27th ult., Rev. Daniel Shepard of Delhi, Richard PATRICK to 
Margaret PINE both of Walton 
Walton, 29th ult, by Thomas Marvin, Esq., Henry McCALL to Jane WELDON 
of Walton 
Walton, 29th ult, by Rev. E. D. Ellis, Roswell C. ST. JOHN to Caroline 
LINDSLEY all of Walton 
Bloomville, 27th ult., Rev. John Trippett, Joseph W. BROWNELL to Polly 
FIELDS of Kortright 
Delhi, 30th ult., Elder E. Wescott, Charles FRISBEE to Hannah YEOMANS, 
both Delhi 
Walton, Oct 29, Thomas Marvin, Esq., John BUNTO of Kensington to Polly 
FRANCE of Walton. 
       November 13, 1844 
Bloomville, 6th inst., Rev. John Trippett, Andrew ALLISON to Rebecca 
Hamden 7th inst., Rev. J. Trippett, Francis ROBINSON to Catherine TERRY 
y. dau of Samuel Terry 
Delhi, 31st ult., Elder D. Grant, Ira J. BRIGGS of Kortright to Sarah 
HARDER of Delhi 
Kortright, Elder Grant, 7th inst., Oliver SHAW of Delhi to Mary SHELLY 
of Kortright 
       November 20, 1844 
Stamford, 13th inst., Rev. T. Redfield of Delhi, Isaac SILLIMAN to 
Abigail SMITH dau of James both of Stamford. 
31st ult., Rev. Mr. Laing, Capt. William RENWICK of Bovina to Elizabeth 
        December 4, 1844 
NYC, Nov 27, Rev. Charles P. Bush, Nathaniel HATHAWAY of this village 
to Mary STEWART, dau of John of NY 
Delhi Nov 10, A. M. Paine, Esq., Green MOORE 2nd to matilda SLOOTE dau 
of Clark Sloote (Sloat) 
       December 25, 1844 
Hobart, 19th inst., Rev. S. S. Davis, David McCRUM late from the U. S. 
Frigate Potomac to Martha JOHNSON of NY 
21st inst., Elder E. Wescott, William HITCHCOCK to Rebecca HOUGHTALING 
both of this village. 
       January 1, 1845 
Roxbury, 24th inst (ult??) Rev. George Frisbee, 
Abraham J. KATOR to Ruth FRISBEE dau of John Frisbee, Esq. 
Stamford, 26th ult., Rev. S. Davis, Charles H. NICHOLS of New Paltz to 
Margaret E. GRANT dau of Sweeton Grant, Esq. of Stamford. 
       January 8, 1845 
Walton 1st inst., Rev. Mr. Willis, William ST. JOHN to Julliette 
BRISTOL all of Walton 
       January 15, 1845 
8th inst., Rev. A. Lee of Hobart, Henry BARLOW to Angeline LYON dau of 
Levi, all of Stamford. 
       January 22, 1845 
15th inst., Rev. John Trippett, John GRAY to Eunice SOPER dau of Nelson 
Soper of Hamden Hill. 
       February 12, 1845 
Meredith 29th ult., Rev. Mr. Ellis, James SHAW of Delhi to Julie 
MITCHELL dau of late David Mitchell of Meredith. 
New York 1st inst., Rev. Sanford Washburn, Henry T. WEBB to Julia Y. 
NEWTON formerly of Delhi 
       February 19, 1845 
12th inst., Portsmouth, R.I., Rev. Mr. Burroughs, Robert PARKER, Esq., 
to Statira H. PIERREPONT dau late Dr. Pierrepont of Portsmouth. 
       February 26, 1845 
Delhi 19th inst., Rev. George Waters, Frederick A. MORGAN to Vesta Ann 
FLOWER all of Delhi. 
Kortright, 12th inst., by Lewis Mills, Esq., John ODEL of Harpersfield 
to Lawry Ann DIBBLE dau of Henry of Kortright. 
       March 5, 1845 
Bovina, 27th ult., Elder E. Wescott, James G. CLASON to Allatha CARMAN 
both of Bovina. 
       March 26, 1845 
Franklin 25th ult., by Rev. H. White, Willliam S. WEBSTER to Catherine 
PARKER both of Franklin 
       May 7, 1845 
1st inst. by Elder E. Westcott, Warren N. GOULDEN  to Sarah WOOD both 
of Hamden 
       June 11, 1845 
Franklin 9th inst., Rev. Mr. Thacher, Thomas CHAMBERLIN of NY to 
Deborah Ann BUGBEE of Franklin 
       June 25, 1845 
Colchester 19th inst., by James W. Knapp, Capt. Nathan ELWOOD to Phebe 
DAN dau of Ebenezer Dan, all Colchester 
11th inst., Rev. W. W. Newell of Montgomery, Andrew J. MARVIN of Delhi 
to Anier J. WEED of So. Middletown. 
Roxbury, 1st inst., Rev. George Frisbee, Peter HOVER to Salome A. 
4th inst., St. Peter's Church at Hobart, Rev. Sheldon Davis, John 
GILBERT to Elizabeth PENNIE both late of England. 
7th inst., Rev. Sheldon Davis at Harpersfield, J. Wheeler TAYLOR of 
Hobart to Thirza M. BOOTH of Harpersfield. 
       July 9, 1845 
Roxbury, 26th ult., Rev. George Frisbee, Riley H. HAMILTON of 
Harpersfield to Caroline J. NOBLE y. dau late Curtiss of Unadilla 
Roxbury, 1st inst., Rev. George Frisbee, Alex. Hamilton BURHANÍ to Jane 
Elizabeth CATON dau of Jacob C. all of Roxbury. 
       August 6, 1845 
Franklin 4th inst., Rev. Mr. Thacher, Alonzo H. SLISH of Stamford to 
Mary Elizabeth BARNES dau of Levi of Franklin. 
       August 20, 1845 
Delhi 12th inst., Rev. Mr. Waters, Henry G. SMITH to Mary Elizabeth 
TROUT all of Delhi 
       September 3, 1845 
No. Harpersfield, Aug 27, Rev. S. S. Wheeler, Rev. A. C. WHEELER to H. 
E. Remington (HAMILTON) dau of late Talmon Hamilton of No. 
       September 10, 1845 
Colchester 4th inst., by R. W. Elwood, Esq., Thomas WILSON of Andes to 
Íally Ann EARLEY of Colchester 
       September 17, 1845 
Delhi 4th inst., Rev. George Waters, William E. JONES of Chicago to 
Caroline OGDEN dau late Abraham of Walton. 
Poughkeepsie, 15th inst., Rev. Henry G. Ludlow, Rev. Josiah LEONARD to 
Mary C. SMITH of Poughkeepsie. 
11th inst., St. George's Church, NY, Rev. Dr. Tyng, Erastus Root ST. 
JOHN of Mobile, Ala. to Margaret M. BELGROVE of Brooklyn, NY 
East Franklin 9th inst., Rev. Mr. Powers, Julius BRONSON to Mary OGDEN 
W. Meredith 11th inst., Rev. Mr. Powers, Nelson REMINGTON to Mary H. 
Meredith 2nds inst., Elder Judd, Capt. Peter MITCHELL to Frances E. 
Kortright 9th inst (Elder) Rev. Samuel Chadwick, Calvin M. 
TINKER of Kortright to Mariah GOODRICH of Davenport 
Walton 15th inst., Rev. E. D. Willis, Walter HANFORD to Eunice GARDINER 
all of Walton. 
       September 24, 1845 
Colchester 17th inst., Rev. David Gregory, Col. George W. WHEELER of 
Deposit to Antoinette DOWNS dau. of late Abel of Colchester 
17th inst., Rev. Edmund Richmond, Christopher V. BARNETT, M.D. of 
Lexington to Mary Adelaide HOWARD dau. of Dr. Calvin of Hobart. 
       October 1, 1845 
Hobart, 25th ult., Rev. Mr. Gibson, William B. CHAMPLIN Jr. to Frances 
CLARK all of Hobart 
Prattsville, 21st ult, Rev. George Frisbee, Edward VAN DYKE to Mary LEE 
all of Roxbury. 
       (no date of paper) 
Harpersfield, Nov 26, Rev. Seth Williston, Alfred P. GRANT of Stamford 
to Maria A. DAVENPORT dau of Erastus of Harpersfield. 
Harpersfield, 2nd inst., Rev. Seth Williston, Abner B. DAYTON to Mary 
WINCHELL dau of Ephraim all of Harpersfield. 
      December 17, 1845 
Walton, Nov 25, Rev. B. M. Ganung, Peter ST. JOHN to Cynthia BENEDICT 
both of Walton. 
Meredith 4th inst, Rev. Stephen Ellis, Garry A. BALDWIN of Osbornville 
to Nancy M. BROOKS dau Silas Brooks Jr. of Meredith 
New York, 3d inst., Rev. Dr. Stark, Alexander FRASIER of Delhi to Alice 
Jane DOUGLAS dau of Rev. James of Andes 
Harpersfield, Dec 3, Rev. Philip Peyson, Calvin PECK of Blenheim to 
Emeline HAGER dau of R. V. M. Hager of Harpersfield. 
4th inst., Rev. E. Wescott, John S. MC KEEVER to Delinda E. HALL both 
of Delhi 
4th inst., Rev. Mr. Waters, Arnold WOLLENTON to Mary Ann McDONALD 
4th inst., Rev. Mr. Waters, Thomas JOHNSTON to Mrs. Rebecca FLOWER all 
of Delhi 
       December 24, 1845 
Delhi, 18th inst., Rev. Mr. Waters, Dr. Calvin EDWARD of Hobart to mrs. 
Emeline P. TEN BROECK 
Walton, 18th inst., Rev. B. M. Ganung, Lorenzo DURPHY to Betsey 
BENEDICT of Walton. 
Athens, Ohio, 5th ult., Rev. Mr. Bondou, Aaron HULL Jr. to Nancy J. 
KESSINGER of Athens. 
Harpersfield, 16th inst., Rev. P. Payson, William Pudney of Stamford to 
Julia GRAVES dau Orange Graves of Harpersfield. 
       December 31, 1845 
Delhi 30th inst., Rev. P. B. Heroy, James ALEXANDER to Jane MURDOCK of 
Harpersfield, 17th, Rev. Mr. Scott, Richard VAN DIKE of Roxbury to 
Harriet J. MAYNARI dau of Cooly Maynard of Harpersfield. 

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