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Marriages Taken from the Delaware Gazette

Copied from newspapers on deposit at the Walton Library, Walton, NY
Compiled by Gertrude A. Barber, New York, NY, 1933

The original copy was a carbon and often times difficult to read. Anything in [ ] I have added for clarification. KRO]

1819 - 1837 in this Section


       Thursday, November 18, 1819 

At Kortright, Rev Mr Forest, Willliam R. CLARK to Hetty SQUIRES of former place.

Sidney, Elder Rucker, Lewis SCOFIELD of Masonville to Susannah PERRY of former place.

       Thursday, November 25, 1819

Walton by William Lupton, John DEVON to Harriet WHITMARSH

Otsego, 11th inst. Rev. John Smith, E.B. CRANDALL, Editor Watch Tower, Cooperstown  NY to Mary WOOD, dau of Jehiel.

       Thursday, December 2, 1819

Colchester, 27th ult. by John H. Gregory, George WOODWORTH of Hector, NY to Eliza  FINE

       Thursday, December 9, 1819

Franklin, 1st inst. Rev. Mr. Knight, Orator BLAKESLEY to Hearsy KINGSLEY

Franklin, 1st inst. Catherine GAY to Charles CLARK

23d ult. Mr. FREAR to Elvira WELTON

       Thursday, December 16, 1819

Walton, Rev. Mr. Hadley, 9th inst. Benjamin W. NORTH to Emeline NORTH dau of Judge North

Delhi, 9th inst. Rev. Daniel Maybee, Daniel FRANKLIN to Emma DAVIS.

Delhi, 9th inst. by Walter Chase, Walter G. MASON to Nancy HARROWER

         Thursday, December 23, 1819

Franklin, Rev. Mr. Knight, Peter PETTS of Bainbridge, NY to Mrs. WILLIS, wid of late Doctor of former place


       Thursday, January 13, 1820

Harpersfield, Dec 19, Rev. Mr. Fenn, Isaac WILCOX to Harriet DAYTON

3d inst., Rev. O. Mack, James TREADWELL to Mrs. Catherine ELLARTON, wid. of late William of Broome, Schoharie Co., NY

4th inst., Rev. Seth Williston of Durham, Greene County, NY, Abraham C. BOGARDUS of Stamford to 
Fanny M. PENDEL of former place.

5th inst., H. R. Phelps, John MAXWELL to Malinda CHASE dau of W. Chase, both of Delhi.

        January 27, 1820

Delhi, Sunday, Rev. Mr. Scoville, William BAKER, 62 yrs to wid. Elizabeth BRAUGHTON, 41 yr.

Sunday last, H. R. Phelps, Anson TIFFANY to Polly RICH of Walton.

Walton, 20th inst. Rev. Mr. Scoville, John W. DENNISTON of Cairo, NY to Phoebe HEATH

Stamford, William BLAKELY to Polly COOLEY

Roxbury, Liberty PRESTON to Betsey MOORE

Roxbury, Jacob KEATOR to Betsey SMITH

Roxbury, Henry LEONARD to Huldah HULL

      February 10, 1820

Stamford, 27th ult. Rev. Mr. Forrest, Capt Daniel BUSH of Kortright to Eliza SILLIMAN of Stamford

Stamford, Rev. Mr. Adams, Richard  PETERS Jr. to Polly WILCOX

Delhi, Sept 16th, John RUSSELL to Catharine THOLBORN, dau of Aaron.

      February 24, 1820

Delhi Sunday last, Daniel BLAIR to Sally M. MAXWELL

Roxbury, Rev. O. Mack, Garret H. TEN BROOK to Mrs. Lois SEARS

        March 9, 1820

Andes, Thursday last, Rev. Mr. Maxwell, Adam DOUGLASS to Elizabeth COWAN

Delhi, Rev. Robert Forrest, Thomas LATHAM to Betsey BALLYANTA )Ballentyne?+

Delhi, Andrew JOHNSON - Mary HAMILTON

Norwich, NY, John F. HUBBARD to Almira MEAD dau of Gen.

Clinton, NY 7th ult., Rev. Mr. Davis, Lewis H.REDFIELD to Anna Maria TREADWELL dau of Nathaniel of Plattsburgh.

        March 23, 1820

Stamford, 17th inst., Rev. Mr. Forrest, Stephen HOYT to Betsey LYON

        March 30, 1820

Franklin, 31st inst. Rev. Mr. Knight, Elkanah SPEARS son of Rev. Mr. Sears of 
Meredith to Desire PHELPS of Franklin. [Spears or Sears - copied as written]

       April 13, 1820

Unadilla, 29th ult. Rev. Mr. Wheeler, John C. CLARK of Bainbridge, NY to Susan Maria BENJAMIN of Unadilla.

       May 25, 1820

Kortright, 18th inst., Rev. Mr. Hill, Joseph TOOTHELL to Hannah SMITH

       June 8, 1820

Stamford, 6th inst., Rev. A. D. Smyth, Jeremiah STILSON, 72 yrs to Mrs. McKay, 70 yrs.

       June 29, 1820

Kortright, 11th inst., Matthew VALENTINE of Fishkill to ......)name not given in transcript+

       July 20, 1820

Delhi, 12th inst. Allen BIBBER - Jeruah GATES

       Aug 3, 1820

Arbor Hill, 21st ult. Rev. Mr. Maxwell, William HUTTON to Jemima FOOTE all of Franklin.

       Aug 31, 1820

Franklin, 23d inst., Rev. Silas Spaulding, Martial ARENTS to Jemima FOOTE all of Franklin.

)note: I think there May be an error in the two above but they are copied as given. KRO+

        Sept 14, 1820

Walton, 6th inst. Rev. Isaac Hoadley, Robert NORTH Jr. s. of Robert - Mary PINE dau Joshua all Walton.

        Sept 21, 1820

Franklin, 16)?+ inst, Rev. Silas Spaulding, Charles WILLIAMS to Lydia CHAMBERLAIN.

11th inst., Rev. Caleb Knight, Samuel WHITE - Flavia MERRICK

13th inst., Rev. Caleb Knight, David CHAMBERLAIN - Betsey MITCHELL

        Sept 28, 1820

Roxbury, 14th inst., Rev. William Warren, John A. SNYDER to Gitty KEATOR dau Dr. Thomas, all of Roxbury

       Oct 26, 1820

Delhi, 18th inst., by Walter Chase, George GATES to Angeline HOWLAND

       Nov 9, 1820

Waterville, Wed.,  Rev. Robert Forrest, Dr. William OGDEN of Walton to Anna GREGORY of Waterville.

      December 14, 1820

In this town )Delhi+ 23rd ult., Rev. Mr. Maxwell, James SMITH to Elizabeth HAIT


       January 8, 1821

Bovina, Thursday last, Rev. Mr. Maxwell, Capt. James COWAN of Stamford to Miriam MAYNARD of Bovina.

Walton, 14th inst., Nehemiah Richards, Seymour BENJAMIN of Delhi to Betsey FELTEN of Walton.

     March 1, 1821

Franklin, 20th ult., Rev. Caleb Knight, Daniel DAYRE of Cairo, NY to Mrs. WILLES, wid Dr. A. of Franklin.

       May 17, 1821

Delhi, 8th by Squire Stone, Robert MASON to Nancy MARTIN dau Joseph

        June 7, 1821

Kortright, 24th ult., Rev. Mr. Forrest, Samuel W. ANDREWS of Stamford to Martha FULLER of former place.

       Sept 20, 1821

Stamford, 13th inst by A. D. Smyth, Elisha H. MAYNARD to Nancy M'DONALD both of Stamford

       November 8, 1821

Andes, 3rd inst., Dr. STOCKTON to Harriet STONE both of Andes

       December 3, 1821

12th inst., Rev. Mr. Forrest, Charles LEET of Bovina to Mrs. Mary KEDZIE of Bovina


       Wednesday,  Jan 2, 1822

In this town )Delhi+, 1st inst., Rev. Mr. E. K. Maxwell, Caleb P. THURBER of this village to Maria DENNAND

       Wed. Jan 16, 1822

Roxbury, 27th ult., J. E. Burhans, Edward A. MORE to Harriet PRESTON dau of Gen. Otis.

Roxbury, 27th ult., by M. Halcott, Nathaniel B. BOUTEN to Betsey CORBIN

       Wednesday,  Feb 13, 1822

Walton, 5th inst., Rev. Mr. Headley, William P. M'KINSTRY )?+ merchant of Rodman, 
Jefferson Co, NY to Caroline HAND dau of Samuel of Walton

Delhi, 7th inst., Rev. E. K. Maxwell, William MASON to Julia RODGERS

7th inst., Rev Daniel Mabielm, Stephen R. BALLARD to Mrs. Jane GRANT both of Delhi.

Andes, Jan 23, Rev. Daniel Waterbury, Ezra WATERBURY to Betsey REYNOLDS

        Wednesday,  Mar 13, 1822

Thursday, Rev. E. E. Maxwell, James BEATS - Eliza YEOMANS both of Delhi

       Wednesday,  May 1, 1822

Delhi, Thurs., Rev. E. K. Maxwell, Alex. MOORE - Betsey M'GIBBON

Stamford, 25th ult., Elder Cummings, William A. MILLARD of Delhi to Sally PEARDE

       Wednesday,  May 29, 1822

Waterville, 27th, Rev. J. P. E. Clark, Col. Fred'k P. FOOTE of Delhi to Laura WAINWRIGHT dau. David C. of Waterville.

       Wednesday,   June 5, 1822

Vermont, William DOUBLE to Ann Maria SINGLETON    

Belfast, Maine, Horatio GRAY, 19 yrs to Mariah KNOWLTON, 14 yrs

Preston, John PENNY to Isabella PENNY both of Preston

Hollis, N.H., Stephen WRIGHT to Sally PATCH

Danby, 2nd inst, Rev. Dr. Bears, Alonzo WHITNEY, 14 yrs to Fanny PINE 82 yrs

       Wed. June 26, 1822

Tompkins, 10th inst. Benjamin Hathaway, Charles DAY to Mary CHAMBERLAIN dau of Calvin.

Middletown, 24th inst. Rev. Mr. Waterbury, Daniel N. JAQUIST [Jaquish] of Roxbury to 
Mary Ann BERRY of Middletown

       Wednesday,  July 3, 1822

Meredith, 27th ult. Rev. Mr. Sears, Alexander W. MAXWELL to Emma WIERD

       Wednesday,  Nov. 20, 1822

Meredith, 7th inst., Rev. Mr. Fisher, Adam CATRILL to Jemima SPOOR all of Meredith.

Meredith, Sumner BISBEE to Charlotte CRANE

       Wednesday,  Dec 4, 1822

17th inst. by I. Bartlett, Ira BALLARD of Burlington, NJ to Roxana BEACH of Franklin in this county.

       Wednesday,  Dec 18, 1822

In this town )Delhi+ 12th inst. Rev. Mr. Maxwell, John McEWEN of Bovina to Catherine McNAUGHT of Delhi.

In this town, Oliver BARBOR to Miriam MASON

Malichi HOWLAND to Jane MASON all of Delhi


       Wednesday,  Jan. 8, 1823

Stamford, Wednesday,  Elder William Cummings, Bennett BUNDY of Stamford to 
Elizabeth WHITNEY of former place.

Fleming Co., KY, Joseph GLASS to Elizabeth WIRE

       Wed, Jan. 15, 1823

Waterville, 3d inst by A. D. Smyth, John FOOTE to Mary STURGES

       Wednesday,  Jan 29, 1823

Stamford, 23d inst Rev. Robert Forrest, Ira HUBBLE of Blenheim, Schoharie Co.,, NY to Elizabeth HAIT

Missouri, Rev. Thomas CAMPBELL to Mrs. Pembroke PAUL

       Wednesday,  Mar 19, 1823

Washington D.C, Samuel CAMPBELL of Chenango to Maria Recine QUEEN of Washington

Washington, Rev. Mr. Matthews and Rev. Mr. Lowrie, Charles Joseph DE BRESSON to 
Catherine Livingston THOMPSON dau of Hon. Smith Thompson, Secy of the Navy.

       Wednesday,  Apr 30, 1823

In this town, 24th inst. Rev. E. K. Maxwell, Robert ARBUCKLE to Sally McGREGOR

        Wednesday,  May 14, 1823

Middletown, 10th inst. Rev. Richard Woolsey, Benjamin SHAVER of Andes to Patty BROWN of Middletown.

        Wednesday,  May 21, 1823

Guilford, Chenango Co, NY 14th inst Rev. Mr. Donaldson, Daniel LOOMIS Jr. to Betsey PHELPS of former place.

       Wednesday,  June 11, 1823

Tompkins, 1st inst. Caleb Smith, Capt. James J. GALLY to Abby CANNON

Roxbury, 11th ult. J. E. Burhans, William DECKER, merchant to Jane MORE.

        Wednesday,  Aug 27, 1823

Waterville, 25th inst. Rev. E. K. Maxwell, Elisha MILLS of Cincinnati, Ohio to Sally Delia BEERS of Waterville.

       Wednesday,  Nov 12, 1823

Middlefield, Otsego Co., NY, 7th inst. Rev. John Smith, Abner G. THURBER of this village to 
Lucy DUNHAM dau Capt. of Middlefield.

In this village 5th inst. Rev. E. K. Maxwell, Rensselaer F. THURBER to Polly McLEAN.

       Wednesday,  Nov 26, 1823

Thursday last, Rev. Mr. Richardson, John MILLER 40 y to July Ann JAMES, 15 y, all of Hartford County.

       Wednesday,  Dec 10, 1823

Franklin, 30th ult. James HITCHCOCK of this village to Mrs. Betsey HALL of Franklin

Franklin, 3rd inst. Rev. Mr. Knight, William BETTS Jr. to Mariah BEACH all of Franklin.

       Wednesday, December 24, 1823

Bovina 18th inst. Rev. E. K. Maxwell, James THOMPSON to Elizabeth SCOTT


       Wednesday, March 24, 1824

In this town 17th inst. Elder Tuttle, John D. JONES to Emeline FLINT

       Wednesday, March 31, 1824

Kortright, 22nd inst. Rev. William M'Auley, John BILBY to Elizabeth MARSHALL of Kortright.

Kortright, 23d inst. Rev. William M'Auley, William HENDERSON to Margaret SMITH.

       Wednesday, April 28, 1824

In this town, 22nd inst. Rev. E. K. Maxwell, Daniel BLAIR to Jane McNAUGHT

       Wednesday, May 5, 1824

In this town, 20th ult. Rev. E. K. Maxwell, Archibald McAUSLAN to Isabel McGIBBON

       Wednesday, May 26, 1824

Harpersdield, 12th inst. Rev. Mr. Pomeroy, Nielson PARMATRE to Peggy WILLIAMS

       Wednesday, June 16, 1824

Bloomville, 9th inst. Rev. Mr. Fenn, Thomas MARTIN Jr. of Andes to Susan Ophelia MERWIN dau Col. Asher of Bloomville.

Bloomville, 15th inst. Rev. Robert Forrest, Nathaniel H. McCOLLUM to Rebecca COAN, both of Bloomville.

       Wednesday, September 8, 1824

In this town, Thurs. Elder Mabie, John BLANCHARD to Polly DIBBLE

Meredith, Thurs, Elder Tuttle, Levi DALTON to Abby BENEDICT

        Wednesday, September 15, 1824

Walton, 7th inst. Rev. Isaac Headley, Caleb S. BENEDICT of Walton to Eliza Annis HOYT, late of Wilton, Conn.

        Wednesday, September 22, 1824

Catskill, 15th inst. Rev. Mr. Prentiss, Edwin CROSWEL to Catherine ADAMS, dau of John.

       Wednesday, September 29, 1824

Walton, 26th inst. Rev. Isaac Headley, Smith ST. JOHN to Melissa COLEMAN dau of Daniel Jr.

       Wednesday, November 17, 1824

Hancock 3d inst. Edward Doyle, George C. TWADDELL to Perasinda LANFIELD dau of M. all of Hancock.

       Wednesday, December 1, 1824

Harpersfield, 24th ult, Rev. Stephen Fenn, Samuel MULFORD to Alma GAYLORD.

1st ult. of Richmond, Va., the Rev. John BYRNE, Rector of that place ae 84 yrs to Miss Ann EUMEUF 
dau of Mr. Etneuf last Schoolmaster of Richmond in the 12th year of her age!!!  [names as 
given in transcript]

       Wednesday, December 22, 1824

Kortright 18th inst. Elbert Mabie, Edward GRAVES, 85 y to Auremah WHITCOMB, 13 y.

Kortright, 18th inst. Elder Maybie, Reuben M'CALLUM to Polly SMITH.

Kortright, 12th inst, Zacheus Smith, Jehiel GREGORY to Cynthia OSBORN.

Stamford, 4th inst. Rev. Robert Forrest, Isaac SQUIRES to Susan PETERS.

Stamford, 15th inst. Sutton PETERS to Susan SQUIRES.

       Wednesday, December 29, 1824

In this town 22nd inst., Rev. E. K. Maxwell, Joshua SIMMONS to Polly MILLARD dau Amasa, all of Delhi.


       Wednesday, January 12, 1825

Kortright 9th inst., H. R. Phelps, John E. DENIO of Delhi to Mrs. Polly BURNSIDE of Kortright.

Meredith 6th inst, Elder Tuttle, Charles DIBBLE to Louisa BENEDICT of Kortright.

Harpersfield, 2nd inst. Rev. Stephen Fenn, John BRISTOL to Polly MERRIAM all of Harpersfield.

Hudson, NY, William THOMAS of Stamford, Delaware Co. to Angeline FOLGER of Hudson.

       Wednesday, January 19, 1825

Franklin 12th inst. Roger Dewy, Jesse JOHNSON to Permelia SMITH

       Wednesday, January 28, 1825

In this town 19th inst Rev. E. K. Maxwell, Harry MILLARD to Esther COMSTOCK

Franklin 20th inst, Selden FINNEY of this town to Annis JOHNSON of Franklin

       Wednesday, February 2, 1825

Franklin 27th ult, Rev Mr. Waterbury, Henry EDGERTON to Susan BARTLETT dau of Ichabod all of Franklin

       Wednesday, April 13, 1825

Cooperstown, Thurs. Rev. Mr. Tiffany, Hon. Samuel NELSON to Catherine RUSSELL dau of Dr. John of Cooperstown.

       Wednesday, May 11, 1825

In this town 8th inst., Rev. E. K. Maxwell, David YEOMANS to Nancy WARDELL all of Delhi

       Wednesday, July 6, 1825

Harpersfield 29th ult., Rev. Stephen Fenn, Jedediah GAYLORD to Hannah PARPER [Harper?]

        Wednesday, September 21, 1825

In this town 15th inst, Elder Cumming, Roderick E. BLISH of Stamford to Florilla FARRINGTON

Walton, 15th inst Rev. E. K. Maxwell, Dr. David S. DENIO of Walton to Sally ANDREWS of Walton

Colchester, Elder Woolsey, John OGDEN, merchant to Maria DOLL of Colchester

         Wednesday, October 12, 1825

Roxbury, 2nd inst, Rev. Mr. Mead, Joseph POWELL to Melinda OLDER

         Wednesday, October 19, 1825

In this town 18th inst, Rev. E. K. Maxwell, Major Herman D. GOULD, merchant of this village 
to Ann Eliza dau Samuel SHERWOOD

Walton 10th inst, Rev. Isaac Headley, Charles BUTLER of Geneva, NY to Eliza A. OGDEN, dau of the late Abr. of Walton

Meredith 13th inst, Rev. Mr. Fisher, Dr. Horace K. THURBER to Millicent PENFIELD both Harpersfield.

       Wednesday, December 28, 1825

Walton, 22nd inst, Rev. Mr. Isaac Headley, Capt. Platt TOWNSEND to Abigail MEAD dau of Allen, all of Walton.


       Wednesday, January 25, 1826

Franklin 5th inst., Rev. John Sears, Morris VAIL to Harriet EDWARDS both of Franklin

Franklin, 11th inst., Rev. John Sears, William B. WEED of Sidney to Polly CHAMBERLAIN of Franklin

John RATHBONE to Abigail FITCH both of Franklin

12th inst., Martin COLTON of Lansing to Sarah LOVELAND of Franklin

Benjamin BISSELL of Unadilla to Phebe GARGER of Sidney

Harpersfield, 18th inst., Elder Daniel Wright, Lot LEWIS to Clarissa TREADWELL

       Wednesday, February 22, 1826

Hamden, 12th inst., Elder Cummings, Samuel ROBINSON to Mr. Jane RIGERS

Walton 21st inst Rev. Isaac Headley, Joseph OSBORN to Mary FITCH day of Seymour

       Wednesday, April 10, 1826

In this town Thurs. last, Elder Cummings, Henry MORE Jr. to Betsey Ann FARRINGTON all of Delhi

       Wednesday, April 26, 1826

Hamden, Thurs. last, Smith St. John, Michael GOODRICH to Polly CABLE.

Hamden, Thurs last Nathan BENNETT to Sally CABLE

       Wednesday, June 14, 1826

Franklin, 11th inst. Elder Tuttle, Dr. Almiron FITCH of Meredith to Caroline CASE dau of Roger of Franklin

Ledyard, Cayuga Co, NY, 17th ult. Jeremiah FOOTE, merchant Waterville, in this county, 
to Maria WOOD, dau of Jethro of former place.

       Wednesday, June 28, 1826

Hamden, Thurs. last, Rev. Isaac Headley, William WILLARD of this town to Ann LOOMIS of former place

In this town Wed., Rev. E. K. Maxwell, Halsey GATES to Lucy BRADLEY all of Delhi

Harpersfield, Thursday last, Rev. Stephen FENN, Frederick A. FENN, merchant to Louisa BABCOCK 
dau of John W., all of Harpersfield.

Middletown 15th inst., Elder Mead, Dea. Joseph DODGE of this town to Mrs. Charity VERMILLIOR 
[Vermilya] of Middletown.

Sidney, 11th inst. Rev. John Sears of Franklin, Rodney GAGER to Sophia DAVIS both of that place.

       Wednesday, July 19, 1826

Walton, 12th inst., Rev. Mr. Headley, Henry SMITH to Julia OGDEN, dau of Daniel all of Walton.

       Wednesday, August 30,  1826

In this Village, Monday last, Rev. E. K. Maxwell, Roger CASE of Franklin to Parmelia WARD

       Wednesday, September 20, 1826

Rev. Mr. Headley, Allen EELS of Walton to Mary STARKY formerly Trenton, NJ.

Walton, Thursday, Rev. Mr. Headley, Jacob HOVER to Jane HANFORD both of Walton

Andes Wed, Rev. E. K. Maxwell, William MARTIN to Rosannah HAFFIE, both of Andes.

       Wednesday, November 28, 1826

In this town 6th inst., Elder Crane, Nathaniel STEWART of Meredith to Mrs. Abigail FLINT of former place.

       December 6, 1826

Kortright, 20th ult. Rev. Mr. M'Auley, George LYMAN of Conn. to Mrs. Ann LEAL of former place.

       December 20, 1826

Stamford 19th ult., Rev Robert Forrest, Martin KEELER Jr., merchant, to Harriet 
HITCHCOCK dau of Jabez of this village.

Meredith 11th inst Rev. Mr. Fisher, Miles HINE to Julia F. RICH


       January 3, 1827

In this village  Thurs. Rev. Mr. El K. Maxwell, Cypron S. SMITH of Franklin to Annie HOWLAND of Delhi

Roxbury Thurs. Rev. Mr. Page, Herman PECK of Blenheim, Schoharie Co, NY to Jane MORE dau of John T., of former place

        January 17, 1827

Franklin 13th inst. Josiah STRONG to Mrs. Mary FERGUSON both of Meredith

        January 24, 1827

Middletown, Rev. Mr. Waterbury of Franklin, Capt. Evert W. LAWRENCE to Eliza VAN WAGGONER both of former place

       February 7, 1827

In this town Wed last, Rev. Mr. Fisher Major Morris L. FARRINGTON to Ruth FRISBIE dau of Gideon both of this town.

In this town Thurs., Elder Cummings, Herman WHITNEY to Jane MILLARD, dau of Amasa.

Richfield, Otsego Co., NY, 31st ult, William C. NASH of Exeter to Barbara WEBER of former place.

         February 21, 1827

Roxbury, 1st inst. Elder Adams of Harpersfield, David VAN HORN to Ann HUBBLE dau of Joh A., all of Roxbury.

         March 7, 1827

Hamden, Wed by Walter Chase, George SACKETT to Eliza Ann PEAK, dau of Roswell.

       April 11, 1827

Meredith, Rev. John Sears, Harvey MUNSON to Lucretia SEARS, only dau of late Benjamin.

Roxbury, 5th inst. Rev. Mr. Mead, John E. GOULD to Mary MORE all of Roxbury

        April 18, 1827

Franklin, Thurs, Rev. Mr. Waterbury, Mr. HINE of Meredith to Sally NOBLE of former place.

Sidney, 12th inst. Rev. Cyrus Silliman, Miles BEERS to Rachel BARLOW

Sidney, 12th inst. Rev. Mr. Sears, Chauncey SMITH to Abigail BLOWERS

        May 2, 1827

Hamden, 4th ult by J. Bostwick, Daniel REEVES, 70y to Mrs. Elizabeth BAKER, 67y

Hamden, J. Bostwick, Mr. BALDWIN to Mrs. Eliza NEBURY

       May 9, 1827

In this town, 5th inst. by Mr. Hitchcock, Melancton AIKEN to Betsey DAVIS all of Delhi

        May 23, 1827

NY City 16th inst, Rev. W. G. Moller, Major Charles HATHAWAY, Attorney to Maria Augusta BOWNE, 
dau of Mrs. Bowne of former place.

Hamden, Thurs by Walter Chase, John THOMPSON of Bovina to Catherine CRAWFORD of Hamden.

        June 5, 1827

Roxbury 24th ult., Rev. Winslow Page, Alexander DANIEL to Harriet WICKES.

       June 13, 1827

Middletown, 3d inst. Rev. David Mead, John TIFFANY of Roxbury to Polly FERGUSON of Middletown

Roxbury 7th inst., Rev. Mr. Smith, William GRAVES to Elizabeth DONALDSON all of Roxbury

Meredith Sunday, Elder Oliver Tuttle, Reuben MUNN to Mrs. Sally THORNTON

        July 23, 1827

Bloomville, 19th inst., Rev. Mr. Smith, Agrippa BUTTS of New Berlin, Chenango Co, 
NY to Mary WHITE dau of Shadrack of Bloomville

In this town Thurs. Elder Daniel Mabie, Horace CARTER to Betsey FLOWER

        August 1, 1827

Delhi, Tues, Rev. E. K. Maxwell, Robert HYDE of Kortright to Allison KEDZIE dau of James of former place

        September 26, 1827

Oxford, NY, 29th inst. by Rev. Leverett Bush, Benjamin CARY, Editor of Chenango Republican, 
to Leafa BALCOM dau of Francis B. all of Oxford

         October 3, 1827

Blenheim, Sunday last Rev. Mr. Paige, James SMITH of Roxbury, merchant, to Eliza POPPENO of Blenheim.

Franklin, Thursday, Rev. Daniel Waterbury, Edwin BENEDICT to Eliza PHELPS all of Franklin

Leesville, NJ, 26th ult., Theodore SHUTE of Oxford to Rachel Ann LEE of Leesville, dau of Adam.

        November 7, 1827

Colchester Thurs, 1st inst. Rev. Mr. Gosman, Maj. Joseph S. SMITH of Kingston, NY 
to Caroline DOWNS dau of Abel, decd.

Bovina 24th ult. Jabez Hitchcock, Henry M. RAY of this village to Polly MILLARD of former place

       November 21, 1827

Walton 14th inst. Rev. Isaac Headley, John BAXTER of Sidney to Maria TOWNSEND dau of William of former place.

       December 5, 1827

NY, 28th ult., Rev. Mr. Hart, M. M. NOAH to Rebecca JACKSON all of NY

      December 26, 1827

Tompkins 3d ult, Darius Smith of Masonville, Master Peter SMITH 17y to Betsey EGGLESTON both of Tompkins


       January 2, 1828

Meredith 31st ult, by Isaac Burr, Lucius TURRELL to Harriet BILL

       January 23, 1828

Roxbury 10th inst. Rev. David Mead, Obadiah S. SCUDDER to Sally CHASE

Roxbury 10th, Rev. David Mead, George KATOR to Betsey BENJAMIN

By Elder Cumming, Henry PATTERSON to Rosalie LOCKWOOD all of Roxbury

Hamden, 16th inst., J. Bostwick, William CHASE to Lorinda CHURCH

17th by Rev. E. K. Maxwell, George MASON to Fidelia HITT.

         January 20, 1828

Roxbury 26th inst., Rev. David Mead, Dubois BURHANS to Mariah BALLARD all of Roxbury.

Meredith 27th inst. Rev. Oliver Tuttle, Capt. Alpha BLICH to Almira H.  WIARD

       February 27, 1828

Franklin 14th inst. Rev. Daniel Waterbury, T. W. TABERS to Harriet Ann ___ [not given in transcript]

21st inst. Rev. D. Waterbury, Silas COOK to Lucy AUSTIN.

Jefferson, Schoharie Co., NY, 9th ult. Rev. Mr. Salisbury, Peter SMITH of Kortright of Rachel BUCKINGHAM of former place.

Kortright 19th ult Rev. William McAuley, Samuel McILWAIN of Harpersfield to Eliza HARKNESS of Kortright.

       March 26, 1828

Hamden, Thursday, by Joseph Combs, Francis T. CHACE to Ursula A. BENJAMIN

       April 9, 1828

Meredith 8th inst. Elder Kingsley, Ira WILLIS of Franklin to Carolina STILSON dau of William of Meredith

       April 16, 1828

Masonville 8th inst. Rev. Egbert Roosa, William HUMPHREY to Ann HINMAN all of Masonville.

Walton 10th inst, Elder Ferris, Charles GRAY to Sally BUTLER

       May 14, 1828

In this town, Thursday, P. Beardsley, John BAXTER to Laura JAQUES

       July 2, 1828

Masonville, 8th ult. Elder Griswold, John JONES of Sidney to Lucy ROBINS of Masonville.

15th ult., Rufus THOMPSON to Emeline WELLS.

2nd ult. John GOULD to Emeline ROBINS.

       August 29, 1828

Walton 20th inst. Rev. Isaac Headley, Rev. Robert BROWN, Stockbridge, Mass. to Eliza HEADLEY 
dau of Rev. Isaac of former place.

        September 10, 1828

Andes 4th inst. Elder Richard Woolsey, Nicholas AKERLY to Sally HAMILTON

       September 17, 1828

Exeter, Otsego Co., NY, Thurs. Rev. Daniel Nash, Edward B. PAINE of this village to 
Sally Ann JOHNSTON of Cooperstown, dau of )Henri+ Horatio G.

       September 24, 1828

Meredith, Monday, Elder Tuttle, Ephraim ROBBINS to Julia BENEDICT dau of Benjamin all of Meredith.

       October 8, 1828

Oxford, NY, Sat, Rev. E. D. Wells, John BOYDEN to Orilla TYRRELL dau of Thomas M. all of Oxford

       October 15, 1828

Hamden 8th inst. Rev. Mr. Babbitt, Roswell BRANT to Betsey YENDES dau George all of Hamden.

       October 29, 1828

Trinity Church, Athens, 15th inst, Rev. Mr. Prentiss, Henry K. SANGER of Utica to Caroline PRENTICE of former place.

June 3 through Nov 3, 1829 missing


      November 4, 1829

Windham, Greene Co., NY, 22nd inst., Rev. C. Goodrich, Asahel PHELPS of  Windham to Margaret MATHEWS of Windham.

       December 8, 1829

Harpersfield 25th ult. Rev. Stephen Fenn, Smith LAMB to Nancy E. DAYTON

Roxbury 26th ult. Rev. Stephen Fenn, Joseph MORE to Mariah SAMENSON


        January 13, 1830

Kortright 24th ult., Rev. Mr. Calder, William STEWART to Eluna PAGE

        Janurary 27, 1830

In this town 26th by Walter Chase, Henry PLATNER to Lucinda NOBLES.

Kortright 21st inst. by Rev. Mr. Forrest, George MILLER of Spaulding, England to 
Mrs. Ann CHESEHOLM dau of Thomas E. CLARK of Kortright.

       February 3, 1830

Bovina, Sunday, John Landon, John McQUEEN to Mrs. Eleanor WASHBURN.

Hamden, 27th ult. J. S. Combs, Andrew ANDREWS to Mariah PEAK, dau of Howell, all of Hamden.

Walton, 28th ult. Rev. Mr. Lilly, Adna MALLORY Jr. of Hamden to Miss E. SPOOR of former place

Blenheim, 27th ult. Rev. Stephen Fenn, Henry J. WILCOX of Harpersfield to Eliza BROWN of former place

Kortright, 30th ult by same, David HAMILTON of Jefferson, to Miss Esther DALE dau of Alex.

Andes, 27th ult by Rev. Mr. Chapman, Samuel A. L. DAVIS of Bovina to Deborah Ann HAWLEY of former place.

       February 24, 1830

Hamden 11th inst. Rev. H. H. Peters, Joseph H. BARLOW of Delhi to Avis ROBINSON dau Rowland of former place.

Stamford 13th inst. Rev. Robert Forrest, Simon ANDREWS to Sally GRANT all of Stamford.

In this village 18th inst by Anthony M. Paine, Thorn MOORE of Middletown to Caroline STRONG of Delhi.

       March 3, 1830

Andes, 24th ult. John M. Landon, Jeremiah MARVIN of Kortright to Jane LAKE of former place.

        March 10, 1830

Meredith, Wed, Rev. Mr. Fisher, Greene MOORE to Mary DENIO both of this town.

       March 17, 1830

Andes 4th inst. John M. Landon, James CAMPBELL of Kortright to Sarah Ann LAKE of former place.

       March 24, 1830

Andes 14th inst. by Asa Grant, Levi WARREN to Ann ORR all of Andes

        March 31, 1830

Friday, Samuel JONES 2nd to Mrs. Echie M'INTOSH

Bovina, 28th inst. by James Cowen [Cowan], Alex. SHAW of Delhi to Miss Emily LENOX 
late of NYC dau of James of Bovina.

       April 7, 1830

Hobart Mnday, Rev. Hewlett R. Peters, Major Edward E. MARVIN of this village to Frances J. PERRY 
dau of Charles B. of former place.

       April 14, 1830

Prarie du Chien, MO., 3d March, Lt. T. B. W. STAOCKTON [Stockton?] of USA and 
formerly of this place to Mariah SMITH of Stamford.

Stamford, 9th inst. Evenezer Gilbert, Emily [Emil?] EASTLAND of Harpersfield 
to Cynthia Ann LENT of former place.

        April 21, 1830

Roxbury 15th inst. Rev. David Mead, Philetus SCUDDER to Mariah DART all )of New+ Roxbury.

       April 28, 1830

Hamden 19th ult., Rev. E. K. Maxwell, Philip BLANCHARD of Clarkstown, NY to Hannah FROST of Hamden.

       May 5, 1830

Sunday, Rev. William Fisher, Peter SHAVER to Martha OLIN all of Meredith.

       May 13, 1830

Blenheim, 29th ult. Rev. Stephen FENN to Laura BENNETT

Stamford 5th inst. by same, Orrin GRIFFIN to Laura BENNETT
                         )could the above be an error?+

Andes 23th ult. James Cowan, John GLEASTON [Gleason] of Bovina to Isabel ELLIOTT of former place.

Delhi 9th inst by John M. Landon, George F. STOUT to Fanny Mariah BAURIS both of Kortright.

       May 29, 1830

Arbor Hill, Delhi, 6th inst., Rev. E. K. Maxwell, H. H. WOODBRIDGE, attorney to Maria Louisa ROSEKRANS.

Middletown 11th inst. Rev. Mr. Scott, William DICKSON to Eliza Ann SANDS dau late Abel all of Middletown.

Andes 13th inst, Rev. Mr. Maxwell, Capt. Elijah CHURCHILL of Harpersfield to Sally Ann BENEDICT of former place.

       June 23, 1830

In this village 17th inst., Rev. E. K. Maxwell, Daniel ABEL, merchant of Cincinnati to 
Julia GOODMAN dau of Simeon of former place.

Kortright 21st inst. Elder David Millard, Jerome PITMAN to Harriet KIFF both of that town

       July 7, 1830

Hudson, 24th inst. Rev. Mr. Stebbins, John Day DOWNS, merchant of Havana, Tioga Co., NY to Jane C. BUTLER.

Kortright, Thurs., Rev. Mr. McAuley, John PETERS of Stamford to Jane BLAKLEY dau William of former place.

Milfordville, Otsego, Co., NY, 20th ult. E. R. Ford,  Boyle V. B. BALDWIN of Stamford to Mary WOLF of former place.

Masonville, 30th ult. Elder Tucker of Deposit, Solomon WHEAT of Franklin to Ruth M. dau of 
Elder Simeon GRISWOLD of former place.

       August 4, 1830

North East, Dutchess Co., NY, 15th ult. Rev. Mr. Birtch, Amos PHILLIPS of Rhinebeck 
to Jane Ann CAULKINS of former place.

       September 1, 1830

Meredith 26th ult. Rev. Oliver Tuttle, Benjamin HITCHCOCK to Sally REYNOLDS dau of Isaac all of Meredith.

Hamden 26th ult. by Joseph Combs, Henry DART to Emeline PEAK all of Hamden.

       September 22, 1830

16th inst. Rev. Mr. Harrison, Oramanun  CRANDALL to Betsey Ann CARR all of Tompkins.

       October 6, 1830

Kortright, 29th inst. Rev. Mr. Pear, John H. BATHRICK to Laura C. BROWNELL dau of Isaac all of Kortright

Roxbury, Sunday, Elder Mead, Reuben FRISBEE to Sally BURHANS dau of John E. all of Roxbury.

Thurs. Rev. Mr. Wells, Thomas Jefferson GREEN to Deliah NASH all of Walton.

        October 20, 1830

Kortright, Thurs, John McDonald Jr., George J. SCOTT of Kortright to Eleanor HENDRICKSON of Davenport.

       November 10, 1830

Daport [Deposit?] 4th inst. Rev. Mr. Orton, Lewis G. ENSIGN to Rebecca M. FORTMER all of Deposit.

Tompkins, 12th inst., Lewis RAYMOND Jr. of Sidney to Polly CARROLL of former place.

Hartford, Conn, 4th inst. Rev. Dr. Spring, Simeon GOODMAN Jr. to Maria S. CASWELL.

        November 24, 1830

Middleburgh, Schoharie Co., NY, 4th inst. Rev. Mr. Garretson, Benoni SPAFFORD, attorney of 
Hobart to Sarah Jane SWART dau Peter Swart Jr. of former place.

        December 1, 1830

St. Matthews Church, Unadilla, Rev. H. A. Adams, 24th ult, Jacob BROWN of Cincinnati, Ohio 
to Maria O. PAGE dau of Sherman of former place.

       December 8, 1830

Andes 1st inst. Rev. Mr. Chapman, Capt. Anthony )Wibber+ WILBER of Bovina to 
Lucy Ann GRANT dau of Capt. Alex of Andes

       December 15, 1830

Andes, 8th inst., Rev. Mr. Chapman, James GARDNER of Newtown, L.I. to Mary Ann WATERBURY of former place.

        December 29, 1830

NYC 23d ult, Rev. Henry Anthony, Maj. Gen. Otis PRESTON of Roxbury to Betsey ADAMS of former place.


         January 12, 1831

Franklin, Thurs. Rev. Daniel Waterbury, Stephen C. JOHNSTON, Attorney of this village to Mary Ann SWIFT of Franklin.

Harpersfield, 4th inst. by James Spencer, John WICKHAM Jr. to Chloe BIRDSALL

At the same time and place, by James Spencer, Joseph BENNETT to Lydia BIRDSALL all of Harpersfield.

       February 2, 1831

Roxbury 24th ult, Elder Hollister, Henry D. WICKHAM to Phoebe BARTRAM.

Stamford, 27th ult. by same, Stephen W. BUTLER of Roxbury to Mary NESBITT of former place.

       February 9, 1831

Andes 3d Rev. Mr. Lounsbury, James HOBBS 67 y to Olive WILLIAMS 18 y.

       February 16, 1831

Middletown, 10th inst. John Dickson, Jr., John VAUN )VAUGHAN+ to Mrs. Ellen DRUMMOND, both of Andes

       February 22, 1831

Andes 20th inst, Rev. Mr. Chapman, Mathew PRICE of Roxbury to Emilla BURTCH of former place.

       March 2, 1831

Franklin March 1, Rev Mr. Waterbury, Capt. James A. GRANT of Bainbridge, NY to Abigail G. PLATT of former place

Deposit, Wed. Rev. Mr. Hull, Hezekiah BENNETT to Sally FLYNT both of Deposit

       March 15, 1831

Colchester 19th inst. by Alex. Cole, Moses DUNNING to Sally WILLIS

Colchester, Samuel YOUNGS to Susan DIBBLE dau of Amos

Roxbury, 19th inst., Rev. James Mead, Henry FAULKNER to Eliza STONE all of Roxbury

Davenport, 10th inst., Rev. Mr. Evans, Ira CARPENTER to Susan SHELMAN all of Davenport.

Mar 2, Baptist Church in this Village, Doratus KELLOGG of Baldwinsville, NY to Sylvia COON of Marcelus, NY

       March 23, 1831

In this town last ev. Rev. E. K. Maxwell, William BENEDICT of Andes to Electa DODGE dau of Joseph of former place.

       March 30, 1831

Middletown 20th inst. John Dickson Jr., David AKERLY to Maria FALKNER )Faulkner+ of said town.

Roxbury, 21st inst. E. J. Burhans, John SECOR to Ruth SCUDDER dau Philetus, all of that town.

       April 13, 1831

Walton 13th inst. Rev. Russell Wheeler, Amos N. WHEELER, merchant of Garretsville, Otsego Co., NY, 
to Eliza NORTH dau Benj. of former place

Phila., Mar 23, Rev. Mr. Hughes, Theophilus E. CUBERT, formerly of Middletown, NY to Ann Maria ROBERTS dau Thomas S.

       April 27, 1831

Andes, George T. JEROME of New Hartford to Jane PAINE dau Moses of former place.

       May 11, 1831

Stamford 5th inst. Rev. Mr. O'Malley, Daniel BARLOW to Nancy REDFIELD all of Stamford.

       May 18, 1831

Sunday, Martin Leet, Salmon JACKSON to Sarah Ann FLINT all of Meredith

        May 25, 1831

Middletown, 18th inst., William O'CONNOR to Jane Ann FAULKNER

       June 1, 1831

Cannonsville 26th ult, Rev. Mr. Calder, Benjamin LANE to Susan HART both of N.H.

        June 8, 1831

Hamden, 4th inst. Matthew T. Tift, Alanson C. SURINE to Jane McLEAN dau of John.

By same, 5th inst, James McLEAN to Helich SURINE dau Peter all Hamden

       June 22, 1831

Franklin 15th inst. Rev. Dr. Waterbury, Lewis HART of Ward, Worcester Co., Mass. to Amanda BEACH of former place.

        July 27, 1831

Bovina 21st inst., Elder J. Hobbie, David W. THOMPSON to Polly CARMAN all of Bovina

       August 24, 1831

Hamden, 18th inst. Rev. Mr. Chapin, Charles HART of Deposit to Charlotte BRADLEY of former place.

       September 7, 1831

Franklin, Sunday, Rev. Mr. Waterbury, Henry EDGERTON  to Sally FINNEY dau Jonathan of this place.

       September 14, 1831

Meredith 13th inst. by Street Dutton, James M. LAWRENCE of Milfordville, Otsego Co., NY to Nancy Jane LOMBARD of Andes.

Harpersville 11th inst Rev. Mr. Adams, Hiram GRAVES to Ann BOTSFORD

        September 23, 1831

Roxbury 24th inst. by Alex Daniels, Peter RIDER to Sarah PARYRIDGE all of Blenheim

Sat. 24th, Stamford, Rev. Mr. Wescott, Robert L. GRANT to Abigail WHITNEY

       October 6, 1831

Delhi, 18th ult. Elder James Wescott, Asa FANNING to Pauline SLOOTE

Franklin 22nd ult. Rev. James Anner, Charles WOOD of Unadilla to Eliza WHEAT dau Capt. Wm. of Franklin

Andes 27th ult., Rev Mr. Howland, Rev. James CONNELLY to wid Mary WELLS w. John decd.

       October 12, 1831

In this town 29th ult. Rev. E. K. Maxwell, Archibald PATTERSON to Nancy McMULLEN dau Angus all of Delhi

        October 19, 1831

Meredith 16th inst Rev. Mr. Tuttle, Samuel GORDON of this village to Frances M. LENT dau Martin of former place.

In this town, yestereday, Rev. E. K. Maxwell, Abram H. YAPLE, merchant of Middletown, to Frances L. DAVENPORT

Presbyterian Meeting House, Andes,  9th inst. Rev. Mr. Harrington, Ahira SANFORD of Middletown to Amanda HULL of Andes

Andes 13th inst, Edward Sands, Hiram MILLS to Emeline BORDEN both of Middletown

Spencertown, Columbia Co., NY 13th inst. Rev. Joel Osborn, John W. BABCOCK Jr. of Harpersfield 
to Mary A. LUSK dau of Wm. of Lisle.

       October 23, 1831

Roxbury, 25th inst. Elder William Cummings, William REED to Harriet E. MERWIN dau Col. A.

Same town 20th inst. Elder John Hollister, Ira C. WALKER to Perla JUMP

       November 2, 1831

Bloomville, 27th ult. Rev. J. M. Tappeen, Horace K. WILLARD, M.D. to Sarah Christina DOLL both of Kinderhood, NY

In this town 2nd inst. Rev. Anthon M. Paine, William GAY of Meredith to Louisa REYNOLDS dau Capt. Elisha of former place

Harpersfield, 24th ult. Rev. Stephen Fenn, Daniel ODEL to Harriet DAYTON, same time John BUTLER to Sally DAYTON

       November 9, 1831

Walton 30th inst. by Thomas Marvin, Major George RAYMOND to Morgana McCALL dau of John all of Walton

        November 16, 1831

South East, Conn., 28th ult. Rev. D. P. Bentley, Bearsley E. DISBROW of Harpersfield to Lois P. HIGGINS of former place.

       December 7, 1831

Roxbury 21st ult. Rev. Mr. Page, Ambrose M. BARBER to Betsey DUDLEY

Hancock 24th ult by James Lakin, William LAKIN to Sophia WHEELER dau of Royal

Philadelphia, Rev. Mr. Barnes, Andrew JACKSON Jr., a President of the U S to Sarah YORKE dau of late Peter of Phila.

       December 28, 1831

Ballston, NY, 21st inst. Rev. Mr. Harris, Bradford KINGSLEY Jr. of Schenectady late of Franklin 
to Mary Ann GREEN of Ballston


       January 4, 1832

In this town Monday last, Rev. Mr. Fisher, Deman GOFF of Meredith to Ă…daline DEAN dau of William of former place

       January 11, 1832

29th ult Rev. Mr. Orton, Calvin MAXWELL to Louisa DODGE dau of William of Delhi

       January 18, 1832

Davenport 4th inst. Joseph A. Goodrich, William HAMMOND of Delhi to Maria BURGET of Davenport

Davenport 5th inst Rev. Stephen Fenn, Michael FLETCHER to Rachel GOODRICH all of Davenport

Middletown 5th by John Dickson Jr., James C. RUSSELL to Eliza DUMMOND dau of William all of Middletown

Middletown, John Dickson Jr., Robert CLOSE of Shandake)n+ to Gitty DELAMATER of Middletown

       January 26, 1832

Middletown 13th inst. by John Dickson Jr., Cornelius B. YAPLE to Lydia IRELAND all of Middletown

At the same place 19th inst, Rev. David Mead of Roxbury, Thomas GRIFFIN Jr. to Jane JAQUISH 
dau of John both of Middletown

Unadilla 15th inst, Rev. Mr. Adams, William J. THOMPSON to Eliza BETTS

Gilboa, NY, Rev. Mr. Pendle, James J. GRANT to Angeline CONNER 

Oneonta, NY 15th inst E. R. Ford, James YOUNG to Betsey LIVINGSTON

Windsor 19th inst., Rev. Mr. Stoddard, Augustus J. CRANDALL of Deposit to Ann HILL of former place

       February 1, 1832

In this town 20th ult., M. L. Farrington, John HOBBIE to Sally WILBUR

Harpersfield 24th ult, Rev. Stephen Fenn, James BRISTOL to Sarah THORP

       February 22, 1832

Walton 15th inst. Rev. Charles Chapman, Jesse WOOD of Walton to Millicent HOYT

        February 29, 1832

Middletown 23d inst. by John Beadle, Moses ROSE of Shandaken to Maria VREDENBURGH of same place

Hamden, 8th inst. William ROW of Davenport to Mrs. Lucinda HALLOCK of former place

        March 7, 1832

23d ult, Elder James Mead, John KELLY to Ann SMITH all of Middletown

Saco, Mass, Rev. William Jenkins the following:
Theophilus HUTCHESON to Martha WELLS
Richard HUTCHESON to Richard Ann WELLS )?+
Ebenezer HUTCHESON to Virginia WELLS

       March 14, 1832

Meredith Thurs Rev. Mr. Fisher, Charles LENT of Meridith to Sarah B. WIARD dau Mathew of former place

Hamden 7th Walter Chase, Walter WOOD to Mrs. Catharine WILSON all of Hamden.

       April 18, 1832

Harpersfield Centre 11th inst F. A. Fenn, Mr. SEWARD to Eliza BENEDICT both of Kortright

Sandford, Broome Co, NY, 12th inst Rev. Mr. Frederick, David ALLEN of Deposit to Electa LAMEREAUX of former place

       May 30, 1832

Bloomville, Sunday, Rev. Mr. McAuley, Stephen R. KEELER to Betsey L. MERWIN dau Col. Asher.

Homer, Cortlandt Co., NY 20th inst, Rev. A. Bennett, M. R. HULSE of Deposit, NY to Elliza Ann CURTISS of Homer

       June 20, 1832

Roxbury 3d inst. by Rev. James Mead, Capt. William CROFT )Craft+ to Polly HECTOR all of Roxbury

Bovina 14th inst John H. Landon, Anson DOOLITTLE to Frances D. SMITH all of that place

       June 27, 1832

Albany 13th inst. Rev. William Thomas, Rector of Christ Church, Duanesburg, NY, 
Hon Edward F. LIVINGSTON of Clarmmont, Lt. Gov of State of NY to Mary C. BROHN dau of late William of Hyde Park

Sackette Harbor 12th inst. Rev. Mr. Boyd, Lt. Jesse H. LEAVENWORTH of 
USA s. Gen. H. to Elvira C. CLARK dau of Festus Clark of that place

Bovina 21st inst. M. L. Farrington, James RENWICK to Isabella THOMPSON both of Bovina

Delhi 23d inst. Elder James M. Westcott, Charles C. SLOOTE to Esther MORSE all of Delhi

        July 18, 1832

Bovina 3d inst by John T. Wilbur, David MUIR of Andes to Charlotte TURNBULL of former place

Deposit 12th inst. Rev. Mr. Frederick, Homer R. TWITCHELL to Mary Ann CRANDALL dau late Silas all of Deposit

       August 1, 1832

Hobart, Monday Rev. Mr. Allason, T. W. BALDWIN, merchant of Catskill to Marietta BOOTH of former place

       August 22, 1832

Kortright 14th inst Rev. Mr. Forrest, Robert MARSHAM, MD to Francis Maria KEELER dau Hon. Martin.

       September 18, 1832

14th ult Leominster, Mass, Rev. Cyrus Mason, Rev. Fordyce HARRINGTON of Roxbury to Cynthia BOUTELL of former place

       September 12, 1832

Deposit, Thurs, Rev. C. H. Goodrich, Dr. E. S. KNAPP of NYC formerly of this village to Malmin, 
dau Wm. WHEELER of Deposit

Kortright, Thurs, Rev. M. Allanson, Henry PALMER to Roxey DENNISTON both of Kortright

       October 9, 1832

St. John Church, in this village, Wed. Rev. Orange Clark, Ambrose W. CLARK of Cooperstown and 
one of the editors of Otesego Republican to Pauline S. JOHNSON of this village

       October 17, 1832

Meredith 10th inst. Rev. Mr. Fisher, John M'DONALD, one of the Editors of the Delaware Republican, 
to Electa DeGRAFF of this village

In this village 15th inst. Rev. E. K. Maxwell, of Arbor Hill, Charles MARVINE to Frances FOOTE 
dau late Charles A. fo this village

       December 12, 1832

Harpersfield, 28th ult, Rev. H. Boyce, Major H. DICKERMAN of Windham to Sarah BABCOCK of former place

Hancock, 5th inst. by Rev. Mr Frederick, John BARBOUR of Tompkins to Maria LEONARD of former place

       December 26, 1832

Walton 6th inst. Rev. Mr. Chapin, Abraham OGDEN to Margaret SAWYER all of Walton


       January 16, 1833

Davenport 8th inst, Rev. Harper Boice of Harpersfield, Socrates GRAY to Maria TEN EICH both of Davenport

Stamford, 7th inst Rev. Robert Forrest, John T. MORE of Moresville to Rachel STEWART

        January 23, 1833

Sanford, Broome Co., NY, 15th inst Rev. Mr. Frederick, Randolph SEAMAN to Emily SNELL

       January 30, 1833

Meredith 22nd Rev. Mr. Fisher, Abijah PAINE to Anne MITCHELL all of Meredith

20th inst same, William CORNWELL to Eliza COTTRELL

Franklin 22nd inst Rodney DUTTON of Meredith to Currence CASE of former place

Andes 3dd inst., Francis Yeoman, Benjamin K. WARDEN to Martha FERGUSON all of Andes

       February 6, 1833

Meredith 31st ult, Rev. Mr. Fisher, David DALES of Kortright to Eliza WIARD of Meredith

       February 20, 1833

Harpersfield 19th inst Rev. Mr. Roger, William B. HENDRY to Emma SMITH all of Harpersfield

       February 27, 1833

Kortright, 30th )20th?+ inst, Elder Westcott of Delhi, Samuel KIFF to Susan KENYON both of Kortright

Florida NY 14th inst, Rev. Mr. Stevenson, William James SLINGER, land merchant of Albany to 
Sarah Maria dau of John Jay SCHUYLER of former place

       April 3, 1833

Davenport, 18th ult Joseph A. Goodrich, Moses GUN to Betsey HAMMOND all of Davenport

       April 24, 1833

Hancock 20th inst, Josiah Martin, Joseph DENIO formerly of this village to Phebe LEWIS of former place.

       May 1, 1833

Thurs 26th ult, Rev. Mr. Orton, Alexander C. ERKSON of Springfield, NY to Caroline B. dau William MILLARD of this town

Davenport, 21st ult, Elder Brownell, Nathan BRISTOL of Harpersfield to Cornelia DAVIS of former place

       May 8, 1833

Hobart 30th ult. Rev. Mr. Howard, William R. FORD of Albany to Caroline A. GRANT of fomer place

Stamford, 2nd inst Rev. Mr. Allanson, Abraham SILLIMAN to Lucinda BUSH all of Stamford

Kortright 1st inst Rev. John Bangs, David McLAUGHRY to Maria SLYSMITH

        May 22, 1833

Cherry Valley 6th inst., Rev. J. W. Paddock, Charles McLEAN, Editor of Cherry Valley Gazette to Mary JUDD dau Oliver

       May 29, 1833

Roxbury 22nd inst, Rev. Mr. Howe, Col. Ezekiel PRESTON to Cornelia L. SMITH dau of David of Roxbury

Hamden 13th inst, Richard M. Goodrich, Eldridge PHELPS - Delia NOLES

Hamden 15th inst, Rev. Charles Chapman, John G. COMPTON to Charlotte BRANT all of Hamden

Sanford, Broome Co., NY 16th Rev. Mr. Frederick, James ALLINGTON to Sally Ann ANTHONY both of Sanford.

       June 5, 1833

Roxbury 22nd ult, Rev. Mr. Russell, Major Daniel SINCLAIR to Abigail MORE

       June 12, 1833

Auburn 3rd inst, Rev. Dr. Budd, J. Henry GERRY formerly of this village to Jane V. dau late Robert DILL all of Auburn

Hobart 10th inst, Rev. Mr. Allanson, Roderic C. STEELE, merchant of Auburn, Delia Augusta PERRY, 
dau Chas. B. of former place

Unadilla 2nd inst, St. Matthews Church, Rev. Mr. Adams, Dr. Harman GRAY of New Berlin to Maria FINCH 
dau of David of former place

In this town 10th inst, Rev. G. L. Kirtland, Mason SALISBURY of Sandy Creek to Mary Ann OLMSTEAD of fomer place

       June 19, 1833

Kortright, 13th inst, John McDonald, Lemuel BURDICK to Agnes McCLAUGHRY all of Kortright

Roxbury, 13th inst. Rev. John Hollister, Henry MORE to Christina M. PERSON all of Roxbury

       June 25, 1833

Hancock 13th inst, Rev. Mr. Frederick, John K. TYLER of Colchester to Pamela SANDS of former place

       July 3, 1833

Cannonsville, 27th ult Rev. Mr. Frederick of Deposit, Daniel BLANCHARD formerly of Bainbridge 
to Sally RANDALL of former place

       July 17, 1833

Davenport, 13th inst Rev. Mr. Fisher, James HITCHCOCK of this village to Mrs. Charity MICKLE of former place.

Hamden, 10th ult Joseph S. Combs, Alden ANDREWS to Sally BRAINARD

       July 24, 1833

Deposit, 17th inst. Rev. Mr. Creary, F. G. WHEELER to Sophia SHAW all of above place

Jefferson, Schoharie Co, NY inst, Rev. Mr. Brown, Benjamin TURNER to Angelina STARR all of that place

       July 31, 1833

Danby, Tompkins Co, 23d inst., Rev. Mr. Riggs, George McKENZIE of Hobart to Juliet SMITH of former place

23d inst at same place, Rev. Mr. Colburn, Allen J. GRANT formerly of this county to Sarah A. FORD of Danby.

18th inst, Rev. Mr. Scott, Matthew GRIFFIN of Middletown to Clara DODGE of Delhi

       August 7, 1833

Harpersfield, 28th ult, Rev. Stephen Fenn, J. D. SMITH to Delia HAIT all of Harpersfield

       August 21, 1833

In this villge 18th ult, Rev. Orange Clark, Henry L. ROBINSON of Binghamton to Elizabeth ROOT dau of Gen. Erastus.

        September 11, 1833

Colchester 29th ult. Rev. J. B. McCreary, Dr. Edward GRAVES of Hancock to Polly GREGORY dau of John H. of former place

Deposit 21st ult Rev. J. B. McCreary, Daniel N. BACON of Carbondale, PA to Phebe Ann FLYNT of Deposit

Hobart 4th inst, Rev. Mr. Alanson, Charles FITCH, merchant of Walton to Elenor SILLIMAN of former place

Middletown 8th inst., Harvey Keator, Marvine BUTLER of Lexington, Greene Co., NY to Rachel MayS of former place

        September 18, 1833

Stamford 10th inst William Allanson, George B. FOOTE of Hobart to Hannah ANDREWS of former place

Middletown 13th inst Rev. Mr. Scott, Alanson PEASE of Warrensburgh to Catharine JAQUISH of former place

Walton 12th inst. Rev. E. D. Willis of Morrisville, John S. COLEMAN to Cornelia TOWNSEND dau of Wm. both of former place

Burlington, Otsego Co., NY 12th inst, Rev. John Cassidy, Dr. Gaius HALSEY of Kortright to 
Andeline LISCOMB dau Joseph of former place

        September 25, 1833

Franklin 11th inst. Rev. Daniel Waterbury, W. C. RIPLY to Hannah BETTS all of that place

Andes, 13th inst Rev. Mr. Scott, Miles LANDON of Bovina to Pernett BRYANT of former place

        October 2, 1833

Unadilla, Sept 10, Rev. N. H. Adams, John HOGABOOM of that place to Elizabeth PURDEE )Purdy+ dau Jesse of Bovina

Hancock 23d ult, Nathan W. Williams, Charles MILLER to Catherine HOLLOWAY of Walton

Blenheim, Sept 1, Elder James Westcott, Sidney WELLS to Loretta BREWER all of that place

Roxbury 4th inst Elder John Hollister, John H. MOORE to Frances N. GRAVES

Same place 17th ult, Elder Wright Butler, John MOSIER to Elizabeth Ann SIMISON

So. Worcester, NY, 23d ult, Christian Mutter, Sameul ROOT of Jefferson, Schoharie Co., NY 
to Hannah, dau of Col. William JOHNSON of Davenport

       October 9, 1833

Otego, Otsego Co., NY, Thurs, Rev. Mr. Paddock, William S. NOBLE, merchant of Franklin to Mary HURD of Otego

Same day, Franklin, Rev. D. Waterbury, Erastus LOVELAND to Nancy HITCHCOCK all of Franklin

       October 16, 1833

Franklin Thurs, Rev. D. Waterbury, Otis WHITE to Mary WATERS all of Franklin

Middletown 9th ult, Rev. Salmon Scott,  Thomas WASHBURN to Hannah MUNSON

Same place 10th isnt, Edward P. HUNT to Rebecca GRIFFIN all of Middletown

       October 23, 1833

Sidney Plains 20th inst., Charles S. Rogers, Phinehas NEWTON to Sally AVERY dau of John all of Sidney Plains

Harpersfield 20th inst., Rev. Harry Brown, William L. HAYES of Penfield, Ohio to Aurelia LINSLEY 
dau of Daniel of former place

Middletown 10th inst, Rev. Mr. Scott, Henry SHOEMAKER formerly of Dutchess Co. to Jane ROBERTS of former place

St. Andrews Church, New Berlin, NY, 12th inst, Rev. Edward Andrews, Samuel S. RANDALL, Sr. Editor 
of New Berlin Herald to Sarah HUBBELL of Columbia

Springfield, Mass, Francis A. BIRGE of Greenfield to Lucy STEBBINS

        October 30, 1833

Delhi 28th inst, res of Col. H. D. Gould, Rev. O. L. Kirtland, Hon. Thomas P. DANFORTH of 
Middleburgh, NY to Angeline HATHAWAY of former place

Carbonsville, Greene Co., NY 24th inst. Rev. C. H. Goodrich, Lucius ROBINSON, lawyer of Catskill 
to Eunice OSBORN dau of Bennett of former place

Bloomville, 20th inst., Rev. S. Fenton, Benjamin DAVISON of Hudson, Columbia Co., NY to 
Abigail BATHRICK dau John of former place

Hamden 15th inst Francis Yeoman, Alfred BORDON to Fanny COVILL all of Hamden

Middletown 8th inst, Matthew Halcott, Elijah PARKER, Vet. of Rev., 73 y to mrs. Freelove BOLLARD, 68 y of Middletown

Deposit 23rd inst., Rev. D. D. Sullivan, Henry P. ENSIGN of Carbondale, Pa, to Sarah Ann TURNER of former place

Tompkins, 24th inst, Irra Bixby, Benjamin WEST of Sterrucca, Pa, to Ann WHITAKER )Phebe Ann+ of former place

Same place 24th inst, Edler Stephen Sriles )Stiles?+, John C. WHITAKER to Emily STILES both of Tompkins

        November 6, 1833

Deposit, 30th ult, Peter Pine, Smith STRINGHAM to Elizabeth NEWMAN both of Sterrucca, Pa.

At same place 31st ult, Simon Lusk, Otis BRIGGS to Mary Lee LUCE both of Tompkins

Delhi 24th ult, Rev. Mr. Maxwell, Silas K. DAVIS of Greene Co, NY to Catherine Ann BECKER of Delhi

       November 20, 1833

Stamford 9th inst, Ebenezer Gilbert, Jacob WALLIS to Mary BUTLER all of Stamford

Colchester, 14th inst, Rev. Caleb Rush, Jared G. MONFORT of Hamden to Loretta FULLER dau of Nathan of Colchester

Walton, 7th, Rev. David Terry, James F. HITT, Jr. to Clarinda RAMSEY both of Walton

Newburyport, Mon. Rev. Dr. Dimmick, Benjamin E. HALE to Martha Ann DAVIS

Phila., Wed, Rev. William White, William DUANE, a late Secy of Treas. to Louisa dau Samuel BROOKS

        December 4, 1833

In this town 27th ult, Rev. E. K. Maxwell, Owin MARRIN to Elizabeth J. PATCHEL dau Samuel

       December 11, 1833

Bovina 21st ult, Rev. John Graham, Benjamin O. TUTTLE to Rosilla CLOSSON, all of Bovina

       December 18, 1833

In this town Sunday, Anthony M. Paine, Eli WASHBURN of Colchester to Lydia GRAY dau Daniel of former place

Walton 12th inst. Rev. O. Clark, Benjamin W. NILES of Delhi to Mary GARDINER of former place

Buckingham, Pa., 14th ult. Ransom F. Wheeler, Oliver N. May to Ruth SANDS

Buckingham, Pa, 17th ult., Esq. Poon, Mr. HUMPY to Miss HOPP all of Buckingham.

       December 25, 1833

Hamden, 19th inst, Rev. E. K. Maxwell, Robert B. LEAL of this village to Matilda BARLOW dau William of former place

Meredith 19th inst by same, Thomas MYERS to Eunice Alvira DOOLITTLE all of Meredith

Middletown, 19th inst., Rev. Salmon Scoute, Thomas SMITH of Pine Hill to Billeche BEADLE of Gloversville


       January 8, 1834

Kortright 1st inst, Rev. Wright Butler, Ira WOOD of Delhi to Sarah HOWLAND of Hamden

Hamden, 26th ult, Hon. Jabez Bostwick, William BEAR of Walton to Laura PAIGE of former place

       January 15, 1834

In this village 9th inst., Rev. Orange Clark, Jacob D. CLARK to Mary N. HOBBIE

Oneonta, 1st, Rev. Frederick F. Tiffany, R. J. EMMONS, merchant to Elizabeth MEIGS dau of Edmond

So. Worcester, Otsego Co, 7th inst, Rev. Mr. Goodrich, Jabez S. FITCH, merchant of Bainbridge, NY 
to Catherine K. GILBERT dau of Joseph of former place

       January 22, 1834

In this town 15th inst, Rev. O. L. Kirtland, Thomas M. DENNIS of Harpersfield to Louisa YENDES of former place

Schoharie Village, 14th inst., Rev. Hamilton VanDyck of Prattsville, L. HUBBARD, M.D. to Evelina, 
dau of C. H. VanDYCK, M.D.

Franklin, 1st inst, Rev. Elbert Osborn, Henry KING to Ann HARBY all of Franklin

So. Worcester, NY, 14th inst, Barney WAGER of Davenport to Nancy STEWART of former place, dau Gen. Stewart of Otsego.

So. Worcester, NY, 14th inst, Rev. John Gray, Barney WEAGER of Ghent, Columbia Co, NY to 
Nancy C. STEWART dau of Gen. James of latter place

       January 29, 1834

Bovina, 23d inst, Rev. John M. Landon, Wright TUTTLE to Sally LIGHT of Bovina

       February 5, 1834

Roxbury, Jan 19, Rev. James Russell, James B. SIMONSON, merchant Franklin to Araba, dau of Joshua FERRIS of Roxbury

Davenport, 19th ult, J. A. Goodrich, Elijah COOK, 17, to Joanna CARPENTER dau John, 14, of former place

       February 12, 1834

Delhi, 6th inst., Rev. Orange Clark, Lewis B. JUDSON to Julianna -- )surname not given+

Delhi, 6th inst., Rev. Orange Clark, Lewis B. JUDSON to Pauline MABIE all of Delhi

       February 18, 1834

Hamden, Jan 27, Rev. E. K. Maxwell, John P. ALLEN of Hudson to Anna WEISMER of former place

Hobart, 31st ult, Rev. Mr. Allanson, Henry GRANT to Caroline C. BEERTS )Beers+

Hobart, 4th inst, by same, William WOOD - Cornelia A. BEERS

Franklin 13th inst., Rev. Daniel Waterbury, Dr. Daniel CLARK of Smithville, Chenango Co., NY 
to Harriet DOUGLASS dau of Hon. Amos of former place

       February 26, 1834

Hobart, St. Peters Church, 10th inst, Rev. Orange Clark of Delhi, Rev. William ALLANSON, Minister 
St. Peters Church to Jane MARSHALL dau of Robert, M.D. of Kortright

       March 5, 1834

St. Johns Church, Delhi, Sunday, Rev. Orange Clark, Horace DRAKE, merchant of Delhi, to 
Elizabeth Caroline dau of Amasa PARKER of same place

Davenport, 3d inst, by Carleton Emmons, Lewis A. HOUGHTALING of Oneonta to Jane COUSE of former place

       March 12, 1834

Meredith 27th ult, Oliver Tuttle, Richard FULLER to Ann NICHOLS both of Bovina

       March 19, 1834

Bovina, 9th inst, Rev. David Mead of Roxbury, Joel M. BAILEY to Mahala E. CARMAN both of former place

Harpersfield, 27th, Rev. Mr. Boice, Julius C. STEWART to Margaret WILSON dau of William all of Davenport

       March 26, 1834

Kortright, Mar 2, William CAMPBELL of Harpersfield to Ann McAULEY dau of Rev. of former place

       April 2, 1834

Mar 19, Rev. E. K. Maxwell, Gurdon P. MAXWELL to Elizabeth HALL dau Adam both of Delhi

       April 16, 1834

Roxbury Mar 27, Harvey Keator, Levi JENKINS to Angeline ELLIS all of Roxbury

Roxbury 28th ult, by same, Harvey WHIPPLE to Polly ELLIS all of Roxbury

Andes, 3d inst, Rev. Mr. Scott, Adam MINSEY to Margaret ELDER all of Andes

Harpersfield, 8th inst, Rev. Robert Forest, David McMURDY of Kortright to Eleanor CAMPBELL dau of James of former place

Union Church, Stamford, 8th inst., Rev. Mr. Howard, Homer W. HAMILTON to Elizabeth CAMPBELL dau 
Mr. Campbell all of Harpersfield.

        April 23, 1834

Under this head last week we published the names of Adam MINSEY - Margaret ELDER of Andes.  
We are requested to state that no such marriage has taken place.  The asertion was grounded on public rumor.

       April 30, 1834

Bovina, 23rd inst., John M. Landon, Joseph A. CARMAN to Sally Ann LYON all of Bovina

       May 7, 1834

20th ult. Rev. D. Mead, Richard MORE to Maria BURHANS dau of John E., all of Roxbury

Turin, Lewis Co., NY, 13th ult., Rev. Mr. Lee, Dr. Walter DEWEY of Antwerp, Jefferson Co., NY to 
Maria Theresa, dau of Homan STICKNEY all of fomer place.

       May 14, 1834

6th ult, St. Mathews Church, Unadilla, Rev. Norman N. Adams, Theodore HANFORD of Albany to 
Harriet Jane, dau of Daniel of former place )as given in transcript+

       June 11, 1834

4th inst, Rev. Solomon Fenton, Alvin W. HAIGHT of Westchester Co. to Polly DIBBLE of Colchester

Washington City, 27th ult., Rev. Mr. Callum, James Mason CAMPBELL of Baltimore to Ann Arnold TANEY dau of R. B.

       June 18, 1834

In this village yesterday, Rev. O. L. Kirtland, Samuel MALLORY to Hannah Maria LEAL, dau of Robert

       June 26, 1834

Albany, 10th inst., Elder H. T. Welch, Robert S. LAY of Westerly to Ann Maria SLINGERLAND, dau of D. B. of Albany

Catskill, Wed, Rev. Dr. Porter, Homer R? PHELPS of Albany to Ruby PHELPS of fomer place

       July 2, 1834

 In this town 29th inst., Elder James, Dr. MERRIT of Kingston, NY to Julia PHELPS of former place

Davenport 28th inst, Rev. Mr. Frasier, formerly of Scotland, Dea. Joseph CRANE of Jefferson, NY, 
to Esther E. GOODRICH dau of Joseph of former place

        July 9, 1834

Stamford, 27th ult., Rev. William McAuley, Dr. Gains HALSEY of Kortright to Barbara GRANT of former place.

       July 30, 1834

Detroit, Mich. Apr 6, Rev. Mr. Dutney, Nicholas BECKER to Sarah E. LANDING dau of John of that place

So. Worcester, Otsego Co., NY, John MONROE of Broome Co., to Maria WILSON dau Joseph of former place.

Andes, 13th inst, Rev. Mr. Bush, William F. BIGELOW to Elizabeth EARL

Same time and place by same, Cornelius BIGELOW to Susannah EARL all of Andes

       August 13, 1834

Rome, 4th inst., Rev. Moses Gillet, Abraham MILLER, M.D. of this village to Frances M. SHERMAN of former place.

Middletown 3d inst, Rev. Mr. Fennon, Abraham D. I. MONTANYE to Bridge VAN DYCK of Roxbury

       August 27, 1834

Davenport, 15th inst, Jesse Booth, Leobard ROOR formerly Jefferson, Schoharie Co, NY to 
Henrietta PIERCE dau of Daniel of former place

Oneonta, Otsego Co., NY, 20th inst., Rev. Norman H. Adams, Samuel H. CASE, M.D. to Emily A. MEIGS dau of 
Edmund both of former place

       September 3, 1834

Middlefield, Otsego Co., 17th ult., Rev. L. Sperry, Homer DENTON to Polly VAN VALKENBURGH

East Franklin, 25th ult., Rev. E. Osbourn, Orin R. TREADWELL, - Sallenda KENNEY all of same place

       September 10, 1834

Portsmouth, N.H., 27th ult., Rev. Dr. Burroughs, Amasa J. PARKER, lawyer to Harriet LANDON dau 
Edmund ROBERTS of former place

In this town Wed., Rev. O. L. Kirtland, Abel HINKLEY to Lucinda CAVIN dau of James all of Delhi

Butternuts, NY, 21st ult, Rev. R. Wheeler, John A. COLLINER of Binghampton, NY to Elizabeth LEE 
dau Lewis all of former place

       September 17, 1834

Franklin, 4th inst, Rev. D. Waterbury, Sherman B. HINE to Cyrene GREEN both of Franklin.

       September 24, 1834

Blenheim 3d inst. Rev. Mr. Salisbury, John REED to Sally Ann GREGORY all of Blenheim.

Bovina 15th inst. Rev. Mr. Howe, Ebenezer FLOWER of Stamford to Mary SWART of former place.

       October 1, 1834

Davenport 13th ult. Jesse Booth, Christopher BRASEE to Phebe Ann HENDRICKSON.

Maryland, Otsego Co., NY 2nd ult. Jesse Rose, John C. BRASEE to Celinda RATHBORN dau of Gen. S.

In this village, Delaware Co. Hotel, 18th ult. Rev O. L. Kirtland, John Campbell WATSON of 
Warwarsing, NY to Jane DAVIS of Delhi.

Jefferson, Schoharie Co, NY 21st ult. Elder James Ingles, Timothy A. MILLARD of Davenport to 
Catherine REYNOLDS of former place.

Kortright, 17th ult. Rev. Mr. Osborn, George YEOMAN of Delhi to Marcenline MUNGER of Kortright.

       October 8, 1834

In this town 1st inst. Rev. O. Kirtland, Erastus B. OLMSTED merchant of Colchester - 
Emily HOLLISTER dau Capt. David of Delhi.

W. Meredith 2nd inst. Rev. Stephen Jones, Seba REMINGTON to Julia Ann dau Elisha BROWN

At same time, place, by same, Robert FITZGERALD of Sidney to Sophia BROWN

Franklin, Rev. A. Smith, Elijah SMITH to Maria ROMEYN

Bovina 2nd ult. Rev. John Graham, John GRAHAM to Polly Sophia LUDINGTON

Moresville, 28th ult. Rev. James Russell, Peter MOOT to Margaret, dau Thomas MACKEY or Packey

       October 15, 1834

Arbor Hill 7th inst. Rev. E. K. Maxwell, Leroy L. ALEXANDER of Cairo, NY to Sarah, dau of 
George BROWNELL of Kortright.

Worcester, NY 14th inst. Rev. Harper Boice, Dr. Henry R. HAMILTON of Harpersfield to 
Theresa Maria JOHNSON dau Col. Bela of former place.

       October 22, 1834

In this town 13th inst. Rev. E. K. Maxwell, J. G. WARD of Gloversville, Montgomery Co., NY to 
Catherine, dau of Olive PEAK of this town.

In this town 17th ult. by Rev. E. K. Maxwell, Charles L. JUDSON to Mary BURGIN

Roxbury, 20th inst. Rev. D. Mead, Jacob NEWKIRK, M.D. to Deborah M. BURHANS dau of John R.

Oneonta, Otsego Co, NY, 9th inst. John McBURNEY of Davenport to Deborah GIFFORD of Oneonta.

       October 29, 1834

Colchester 2nd inst., Charles Knapp, Daniel STEWART to Martha WRIGHT dau of Daniel all of former place.

At same place 23d inst by Rev. Mr. Bush, George WILSON of Andes to Eliza HORTON of Colchester.

So. Worcester, NY, Rev. Harvey Brown of Jefferson, Schoharie Co., NY Dr. William STEWART to 
Hannah BECKER, dau of wid. Catherine, all Worcester.

       November 8, 1834

Middleburgh, Schoharie Co., NY, Wed, 29th ult. William B. Thomas, Rector Christ Church, Duanesburgh, NY, 
Dr. Ebenezer STEELE of this village to Harriet DANFORTH, dau Thomas of Middleburg.

Andes, 2nd ult., Francis Yeoman, Abraham ADEE s. of Joshua to Nancy AUSTIN, dau of Samuel, all of Andes

Davenport, 30th ult., Rev. Mr. Cornell, Frederick MARBLE to Polly BANNER dau of Jacob.

       November 12, 1834

Owego, 28th ult. Rev. Norman H. Adams of Unadilla, Charles NOBLE to Abigail CAMP both of Owego.

St. Peter's Church, Bainbridge, NY, 30th ult. Rev. Norman N. Adams, George JULIAND of Greene Co, NY to 
Paulina NEWTON dau of John of former place.

Meredith 5th inst, Rev. S. B. Jones, Isaac SEELEY of Franklin to Lucy STILSON dau of Nathan of former place.

       November 19, 1834

Sanford, Broome Co, NY 11th inst. Rev. Mr. Owens, Alex H. MacCLURE to Betsey LUSCOMB both of Sanford.

Arbor Hill, in this town, 13th isnt. Rev. E. K. Maxwell, William BARNES to Catherine SMITH all of this place.

Gloversville, 6th inst., John Beadle, Ellijah VAN VELSLY to Hannah GORDAN, all of Gloversville.

       November 26, 1834

Austerlitz, NY, 17th inst. by Rev. Timothy Woodbridge,  Sylvester WHEAT of Franklin, NY to Julia MINARD of former place.

Maryland, Otsego Co., 16th inst by J. Peasley, E. Whitehead CARPENTER of Davenport to Alpha UTTER 
dau of William of former place.

       December 3, 1834

In this town, Oct 30, Rev. Mr. Kirtland, Jesse BETTS of Kortright to Sally F. BEARDSLEY dau 
of Patrick )Parruck+

N.Y. Monday, 24th ult. Rev. Dr. Lansing, Albert M. CLARK, merchant of above place to Harriet F. CLARK of Hudson.

       December 17, 1834

Colchester 4th inst. Charles Knapp, William D. KIMBALL to Deborah CARRIER all of Colchester.

Buckingham, PA, 17th ult. R. F. Wheeler, Abraham HAYNE to Catherine COOK

By same 27th ult. at same place, Benjamin THOMAS to Lovisa NEWTON

        December 24, 1834

Bovina 11th ult. John Landon, John PALMER to Amelia TUTTLE all of former place

Bovina 12th ult. Rev. John Graham, James FETTER of Andes to Miss C. MILLER of Bovina


       January 7, 1835

East Franklin 1st inst., Rev. S. B. Jones of Meredith, Levi MILES to Emilly BOYD dau of Amos of former place.

In this town 25th ult. Rev. Mr. Kirtland, Capt. Ziba BRONSON of Andes to Rebecca ORWIN dau of John of former place.

In this town 17th ult. by Rev. Mr. Forrest, Cornelius PULVER to Matilda YEOMAN

Rockland, Sullivan County, NY, Rev. S. Cornelius VAN CISCO of Masonville, to Mrs. Rhoda ROSE widow John.  
He was a Rev. Soldier, 73 yrs. old.

Stamford, 1st inst. Rev. Elder Osborn, Jacob ANDER of Kortright to Deborah A. HUBBELL of Stamford.

In this town 1st inst. by same, Urrin PALMER to Catherine BOOMHOUR

        January 11, 1835

Tues, Dec. 2, St. Thomas, London Fist Upper Canada by Rev. Mr. Burnham, N? Edson SHELDON, M.D. of NY to 
Elizabeth Goodwin OLIVE, dau of Mrs. Olive of Bridgenorth, England and grand dau Goodwin Lloyd, Alderman of that Borough.

Roxbury, Dec 22, Rev Mr. Boyd, Robert E. MORE to Asenath BALLARD of Roxbury.

       January 31, 1835 )Jan 21?+

Schoharie Wed. last, Rev. Mr. Smith of Palantine, Ferris JACOBS M.D. of this village to Nancy LASSELL of Schoharie.

      January 28, 1835

Sidney Plains, 21st inst, Rev. J. Haws, John COLTON of Butternuts, NY to Almira, dau of late Capt. Hugh JOHNSTON.

Tompkins 15th inst. Rev. Stephen Stiles, Benjamin M. HAWLEY to Abigail HATHAWAY all of former place.

Kortright Wed. Rev. Mr. Butler, Abraham SCOUTEN to Louise BRIGGS all of former place.

        February 4, 1835

Unadilla, 29th ult. Rev. N. H. Adams, Capt. John MEAD of Walton to Sophia GRISWOLD of former place.

        February 11, 1835

Deposit, 3d inst. Rev. Mr. Terry, Ethan MILLS to Mary SMITH all of Deposit

In this town Sunday A. M. Paine, Orrin BILL to Lydia ANDREWS all of Delhi

       February 18, 1835

Meredith 9th inst. Rev. Mr. Fisher, Frederick M. FRAYER of this village to Susan SHAW of Meredith.

Meredith, 14th ult. Rev. E. Osborn, Cornelius P. REYNOLDS to Sally SPOOR of Meredith.

       February 25, 1835

Roxbury, 13th ult. Elder David Mead, Harvey GRIFFIN to Sarah Ann LOUNSBERRY both of Middletown.

       March 4, 1835

Bainbridge, NY, 17th ult. Rev. Mr. Adams, Chester HULL Jr., Editor of Green Co. Advertiser, to Rosa M. HODGE of 
former place.

       March 11, 1835

Middletown, 24th inst, Rev. Salmon Scott, Alex. C. SLEYTER to Julia Ann LAWRENCE dau James all of Middletown.

4th inst Delaware Co. Hotel, Rev. Mr. Maxwell, William TILFORD )Telford?+ of Burlington, 
Otsego Co., NY to Margaret LAIDLAW recently from Scotland.

So. Worcester, NY 26th ult. Rev. J. Starks, Lucas BARNUM of Jefferson, Schoharie Co., NY to 
Nancy McCOLLUM dau James of former place

       March 15, 1835

Franklin 5th inst. Rev. Mr. Waterbury, Charles GRANT of Stamford to Miss Amanda GREEN of former place.

        April 8, 1835

In this town 25th ult. by Elder James, Alonzo MALLORY to Sally VALENTINE

         April 29, 1835

In this village 24th inst Rev. Elbert Osborn, Charles STODDARD to Caroline NEWTON both of Delhi

          May 20, 1835

Ithaca, 11th inst. Rev. Mr. Geer, Henry BAILEY formerly of this place to Harriet dau James RAYMOND of that place
        May 27, 1835

In this village 24th inst. Rev. Mr. Bennett, Jesse EASTON of Bainbridge, NY to Mrs. Elizabeth MOORE dau Joel EASTON

Cooperstown 13th inst, Rev. F. T. Tiffant, Julius HALE of Newburgh to Caroline H. JOHNSON formerly Delhi.

Stamford, 20th inst. Rev. Mr. Harrington, Dr. S.  B. DALES to Janet NEWELL

       June 17, 1835

Meredith 11th inst. Rev. Mr. Fisher, William DEAN to Pauline BRADLEY all of Meredith

       July 3, 1835  )this should be June+

Middletown 17th ult. Rev. Mr.  Fenton, Abraham BEADLE to Mrs. Eunice ELLIS all Middletown.

Meredith 31st ult. Elder Roberson, Mr. MURDOCK to Sarah REYNOLDS all of above place.

Monday 31st ult., Rev. Mr. Fisher, Henry ANTHONY to Sarah OLMSTEAD all of Meredith.

       July 1, 1835

In this village 29th ult. Rev. E. K. Maxwell, Green MORE to Emily STEELE dau Nathaniel

Albany 22nd ult., Rev. S. Center, Hon Levi BAXTER Jr. of Tecumseh, Mich to Elizabeth M. ORTON of this village

In this town 18th ult. G. H. Edgerton, Nathaniel R. THOMPSON to Caroline WHITLOCK dau Ezekiel.

      July 22, 1835

Andes, 25th ult., Rev. Mr. Scott, Robert AUSTIN to Nelly PHENIX

Andes, 26th ult., Rev. Mr. Scott, Justice BETTS to Sally BURDOCK

Middletown 25th ult., Rev. Mr. Scott, William WARREN to Jane E. MILLS

15th inst., Rev. C. A. Rogers, Abner JOHNSTON of Sidney Plains to Nancy LATHAM dau John of Guilford, NY

Jefferson, Schoharie Co, 16th inst., Rev. William Frasser, Titus FENN of Royalton, Niagara Co, NY to 
Emeline GAYLORD of Harpersfield, dau of Joel.

       August 5, 1835

In this village yesterday, Rev. O. L. Kirtland, Christopher FIELD to Charlotte DeGROFF dau Abr.

      August 12, 1835

Chatham, NY Wed. last, Rev. Mr. Poor, E. H. CRESSEY, Principal Delaware Academy to Amanda WILBUR of former place.

       August 26, 1835

Delhi, 19th inst. Rev. O. L. Kirtland, Col. Samuel WELLS of Walton to nancy B. WEBSTER of former place.

Walton 20th inst., Rev. F. Sherpherd, Thomas HEATH to Fanny JOHNSON all of Walton.

       September 2, 1835

East Franklin 31st ult. Elder Griswold, Jairus BURT to Miriam OGDEN dau Daniel.

       September 9, 1835

Guilderland, Albany Co., NY 26th ult. Rev. William David, George J. McMURDY of Kortright to Jane W. GRANT of 

Hancock, 27th ult, John Doyle, Royal WHEELER 2nd to Sally Jane MILLER

        September 16, 1835

Colchester 9th inst. Rev. E. K. Maxwell, Daniel S. COMBS of Hamden to Adelia BOGART to Colchester.

         September 20, 1835

14th inst., Rev. O. L. Kirtland, Henry ANDREWS of Meredith to Sarah Maria, dau C. HOLLISTER of Delhi.

22nd inst, Rev. E. K. Maxwell, Charles A. FISH to Laura Ann HOTCHKISS all of Delhi

21st ult., Rev. Elbert Osborn of Harpersfield, David POWERS to Abigail HARRINGTON both of Worcester, NY

Montrose, Pa., 22nd inst., Rev. Mr. Worden, Major Sidney T. ROBINSON of Catskill, NY formerly Binghamton, to 
Mary L. POST dau of David of Montrose.

Union, Broome Co., NY Rev. J. M. Rowland, Ransom BOSTWICK formerly of this village to Mary V., dau 
Capt. Laurence MERCEREAU all of Union.

       October 14, 1835

In this town 1st inst. Rev. Mr. Maxwell, Bela C. FROST to Finanda, dau William FRISBEE.

In this village 8th inst. Rev. Mr. Maxwell, James B. HOWE to Ann STEELE dau Nathaniel.

Hamden 7th inst., Rev. Mr. Maxwell, Robert MEICKLESHEM to Catherine YENDES dau George.

       October 21, 1835

Kortright 19th ult., Rev. D. Starks, Andrew JUDSON of Jefferson, Schoharie Co, NY to Nancy STAFFORD dau of 
wid. Stafford of former place.

12th inst. by same, Herman G. SHELDON to Phebe Ann REYNOLDS dau Henry.

Harpersfield, 1st inst. Rev. E. Osborn, Nathan B. BARNUM to Sylvia QUAIL all of Harpersfield. 

By same 14th inst., Francis LEVALLEY  of Summit to Margaret BARGER of Jefferson.

        October 28, 1835

19th inst., res. of William S. Thompson, Rev. Samuel A. Van Brenken, Thomas T. EVERITT, M.D. to Jane H. THOMPSON

20th inst, Rev. Dr. Reed, George M. VAN KLEECK to Eliza WILSON all of Poughkeepsie.

 Andes 17th inst., by James Laing, James WILSON of Kortright to Mary FLETCHER of Andes

        November 18, 1835

Hamden 5th inst., Richard M. Goodrich, William HUNTINGTON to Penina ROODE both Tompkins.

        December 2, 1835

NY, 17th ult., Rev. Mr. Eastburn, Hon. Churchill C. CAMBRELING to Phebe GLOVER dau John J.

22nd ult, Fort Jackson on board canal boat Genessee, E. B. Briggs, Capt Thomas MAYNHOOD of Saratoga to 
Mrs ---, a widow of Ohio.

Brooklyn, 19th ult. Rev. Dr. Coulter, Jonas WINCHESTER to Susan B. STORY all of Brooklyn.

       December 9, 1835

Masonville, Nov 29, Rev. Mr. Manning, David WAIT of Smmer Hill, Cayuga Co., NY to Mrs. Sarah C. McGRAY of former place.

Franklin Oct 15, Rev. D. Waterbury, Stephen M. BETTS to Mary E. COLEMAN dau of Charles.

Prattsville, NY 8th ult. Thomas REYNOLDS to Mary A. FRAYER. 

       December 16, 1835

Stamford 8th inst. Rev. Mr. Fenton, Hiram THOMAS to Susan WINSLOW all of Stamford

       December 17, 1835

17th inst.  Rev. John Graham, John ERKSON, Jr. of Bovina to Ann HAMILTON, dau. of Robert, all of Bovina.


       January 13, 1836

Sidney 7th inst., Elder Simeon Griswold, Dwight POMEROY to Sally MENFORE dau. Garrett.

       January 20, 1836

Middletown 13th inst. Rev. Mr. Scott, Horace WOOLCOTT to Margaret ROBERTS

Middletown 14th inst. Rev. Mr. Scott, Benjamin W. BALER to Mary ROBERTS

Roxbury, Jan 7, by D. Howland, Peter TERRY of Putnam Co., Ill, to Eliza FRAUNCE of Middletown

Middletown, 11th inst., B. Howland, Mathew HUBBLE to Amanda WHEELER both of Middletown

       February 10, 1836

Andes 21st ult., Rev. E. K. Maxwell, Andrew COWAN to Bovina to Jenet E. BEARDLEY [Beardsley] of Andes

Andes 27th ult, Rev. Mr. Laing, George N. CLINTON to Jane Ann GIBBS all of Andes

       February 17, 1836

Meredith 11th inst., A. M. Paine, Elijah E. CRANE of Delhi to Selina MUNN dau Reuben of Meredith

Dutch Church, Ithaca, NY 9th inst. Rev. Mr. Mann, H. C. SEYMOUR of Deposit to Mary SHERRILL dau Augustus of former place.

Butternuts, NY 4th inst, Rev. M. Wheeler, Nathaniel STEVENSON of Hobart to Esther HOLCOMB of Butternuts
Martinsburgh, NY 10th inst., Dr. Miller, Capt. R. P. MATHER, merchant of Hancock to Belinda WHEELER, dau. 
James of Martinsburgh.

       February 24, 1836

Butternuts, NY, 3d inst., Rev. E. Byington, El. L. BENEDICT of Deposit to Laura S. SHAW dau. of Samuel of former place.

Sidney, 17th inst., Rev. E. H. Adams, Major Silas SCOTT of Unadilla to Ruth Ann BRYANT of former place.

       March 9, 1836

Walton, 25th ult., William Mason, James MC DONALD of Hamden to Susan SIGNOR of former place.

Otego, Otsego Co. 3d ult., Elder Charles I. Butler, Dr. Ralph SHEPARD to Charlotte HATHAWAY dau of Cephas all of Otego.

       March 16, 1836

Roxbury 3d inst., Elder David Mead, Capt. Abram VAN BLARCUM of Andes to Betsey STRATTON of former place.

Middletown, 23d ult., John Beadle, Asahel HALL of Delhi to Parmeia [Parmelia?] M. JACKSON of Middletown

Delhi, 1st inst., Rev. William Cumming)s+, Nathan CLARK of Franklin to Prudence A. HALL of former place

       March 23, 1836

Stamford, 18th inst., Duncan McDonald, Henry J. SOULS of Blenheim, Schoharie Co., NY to Catherine PALMSTREE 
dau Rev. Nathan of Stamford

19th inst at house of Solomon P. Yeomans, by S. Goodman, Jr., Thomas PERKINS of Delhi to Wid. Sally BROWN, 
dau Samuel ANDRUS of Harpersfield.

       March 30, 1836

Roxbury 23d inst., Rev. Asahel Benson, Levinus MONSON to Mary PARISH

       April 6, 1836

In this town 31st ult. by A. M. Paine, John WILCOX of Lexington, Greene Co., NY to Anna Maria dau of 
Capt. Elisha REYNOLDS

Delhi 30th ult., Rev. Stephen Jones, Ira PARK to Freelove KILLMORE

Delhi, 31st ult., Rev. Stephen Jones, Milton FRISBEE of Meredith to Angeline PARK of Delhi.
       May 11, 1836

Roxbury 2nd inst., Rev. A. Bronson, Aaron HURD to Jane BUCKHOUT, all of Roxbury

Paris, Oneida Co., NY, 15th inst., Rev. B. B. Hotchkin, Martin H. COOPER to Catherine McCHESNEY all of Paris.

       May 18, 1836

In this village 12th inst., Rev. Mr. Waterbury, Gideon WIEST to Clarissa GOODMAN dau Simeon.

Franklin 3d inst., Elder H. Griswold of Meredith, Levi COOK - Emeline dau Daniel REMINGTON all of Franklin

Delhi, 18th inst., Elder J. M. Westcott, Joseph FOWLER to Phebe WOOD of Delhi

       June 1, 1836

Hudson 12th ult., Rev. William Whittaker, P. Dean CARRIQUE to Elizabeth COLEMAN, both of Hudson.

Trinity Church, Utica, NY, 18th ult., Rev. P. A. Freal, Eli MAYNARD to Mary L. DOWNER of Kortright.

Catskill 18th ult., Rev. J. M. WYCLOFF, Nelson BEARDSLEY of Auburn to Frances POWERS dau James of Catskill

        June 8, 1836

3d inst., Rev. Mr. Huntington, Robert MENZIE to Ann THORP all of Hobart

Ithaca, May 28, Rev. M. Mason, Adj. Gen. Levi HUBBELL to Susan LINN dau of late Gen. Simeon DEWITT

        June 15, 1836

Kortright, 2nd inst., Rev. Mr. Clark, Ruggles MERWIEN to Amanda FRENCH

Harpersfield, 3d inst., Rev. Mr. Forest, Samuel BELL to Eliza DOUGLAS

4th inst. Rev. Mr. Forest, Robert BALLOUGH of NY to Jane CRAIGH of Davenport.

       June 22, 1836

15th inst., A. M. Paine, Joel B. MALLORY to Jane CARPENTER both of Meredith

       July 13, 1836

Troy, June 23, Rev. Dr. Snodgrass, John C. MATHER of Deposit to Alba PORTER of Troy.

Middleburgh, Schoharie Co., June 23, G. A. Littner, Abm. BECKER, Attorney of Otsego Co., NY to 
Eliza DANFORTH dau Hon. Thomas P. of Middleburgh.

       July 20, 1836

Rotterdam, July 6, Rev. J. Boyd, Peter PANGBURN to Mrs. Elizabeth VAN VALKENBURGH both of Rotterdam.

Towanda, Pa, Julius WATERS, 16y to Mrs. Rosina WHISKEY 84 y.

       July 27, 1836

Andes, 21st inst., Rev. A. Rarick, Philip BRISZEE to Maria BARNS, dau Amos all of Andes

        August 24, 1836

Meredith, 14th inst., Elder Simeon P. Griswold, Bushrod W. BUTTS of Cooperstown to Urania HOWLAND dau of George.

       September 21, 1836

Colchester, 15th inst., James Knapp, William MILLER - Eliza THOMPSON all of Colchester

        September 29, 1836

NY, 19th inst., Rev. Mr. White, Norwood BOWNE to Priscilla C. BARRY, dau S.S. all of NY

       October 12, 1836

Cannonsville, 6th inst., Rev. Mr. Warren, Foster WELLS of Masonville to Sarah HART of Cannonsville.

Hamden, 6th inst., William Mason, Joseph MILLER Jr., to Alice OLMSTEAD dau James all Hamden

       November 2, 1836

In this town 26th inst. A. M. Paine, Edward BUTLER of Kortright to Angeline DUNHAM of Delhi

       November 23, 1836

Meredith, 10th inst., Rev. Mr. Judd, William JUDSON of Delhi to Lucinda ROBINSON of former place

Kortright, 16th inst., Rev. D. Huntington, Solomon S. D. WETMORE of Stamford to Revecca Ann JACOBS of Kortright

       December 7, 1836

N.Y. City, Thurs., Rev. Mr. McLaren, James RICH of Stamford to Jane E. SOUTHERN of NY

       December 28, 1836

Walton, 22nd isnt. Rev. E. K. Maxwell, Nelson K. WHEELER, attorney in this village, to Emily B. OGDEN late dau of Abraham.


       January 18, 1837

Meredith, 8th inst. by Thomas Smith, John BARTLEY to Mrs. Elizabeth BENEDICT.

Hamden, Jan 8, Ira Mallory, John MILLER of Colchester to Phebe TIFFANY of Hamden

       February 1, 1837

Ceres, McKean Co., Pa, 22nd ult., John Forbes, C. Edick WRIGHT of Deposit to Martha dau of Rensselaer WRIGHT of 
former place.

Colchester, Jan 17, Rev. Mr. Chitman, Major James ELWOOD to Maria Louisa PHELPS dau David all of Colchester.

       January 8, 1837

Stamford 1st inst. Rev. F. Harrington, Jesse F. COWLES to maty PUDNEY dau of James, all of Stamford.

Union, Broome Co., 26th ult. Rev. J. M. Roland, James BENEDICT, merchant of Owego to Caroline MERSEREAU of 
former place.

       February 15, 1837

Davenport 2nd inst Thomas Smith, Henry HOUGHTALING of Salina, Onondaga Co. to Jane COUSE of Davenport.

Durham 2nd inst., Rev. Jonathan Couse, Abraham RICHTMEYER on Conesville, Schoharie Co. to Ervilla O'BRIEN of 
Great Barrington, Mass.

18th inst., Rev. Stephen Jones, Orrin BALDWIN to Polly ROBINSON dau Ebenezer all of this town.

       February 22, 1837

Delhi 15th inst., Rev. W. F. Collins of Prattsville, James DUBOIS of Middletown to Harriet YEOMAN dau of James.

Kortright 15th inst., Rev. Mr. McCauley, Henry C. MERWIN of Meredith to Isabella BLAKLEY dau of William of Kortright.

       March 1, 1837

Deposit 22nd inst., Rev. J. B. Graves, W. WILCOX M.D. of Smithborough, Tioga Co., to Louisa PETERS dau of 
John of former place.

        March 8, 1837

Stamford, Rev. D. Huntington, St. Valentine's day, Samuel PERKINS to Juliette GRIFFIN dau of John.

Stamford, Rev. D. Huntington, St. Vanlentine's day, Henry FOOTE to Clarissa RICHMOND

At same place, by same, 1st inst. Herman SMITH to Sophia MUNSON all East Franklin

East Franklin 26th ult., Elder Griswold, Hiram STILSON to Louisa BACKUS

Cannonsville, Feb. 14, Rev. Walter Mann, James E. THOMPSON to Francis MAPLES dau Darius.

Cannonsville, Mar. 1, Elder Thomas Durfee, Stephen H. EDICK to Julia SMITH dau of Caleb.

        March 15, 1837

Delhi, 12th inst. Rev. Mr. Judd, Daniel SMITH Jr. of Meredith to Louisa F. GOULD of Delhi

Cannonsville, 9th inst. Rev. W. Warren, Hiram FISH of Hancock to Persis A. UNDERWOOD of former place, dau of Silas.

East Franklin 1st inst. Elder Griswold, Heman SMITH of Meredith to Sophia C. MANN of former place.

       March 22, 1837

Delhi 14th inst., W. Mason, Gootleip HEULREIGLS to Christine PLATNER both Delhi

Hamden, 15th inst., Elder James Anner, Henry H. COE to Irene COVERT dau Abr., all Hamden.

Hameden, 16th inst., Rev. S. Griswold, Charles A. BOURN of East Franklin to Betsey Ann HOWLAND of former place.

In this town, Feb 23, Elder S. W. Butler, Beardsley FRISBEE to Amanda HOWLAND.

15th inst by same, Daniel GRANT to Polly FRISBEE all Delhi.

       April 12, 1837

Oct, 9, 1836, Rev. Adam Rarick, Robert Towsend CORNELL to Sally PARISH all of above place.

By same, Dec 6, 1836, David CLARK to Fanny MUNROE of Sanford, Broome Co., NY

By same, Mar 23, 1836, Nelson HANKS )Banks?+ to Mary Ann RARICK both of Andes.

Harpersfield, 4th inst. Rev. Mr. Huntington, James H. VAN HORN of Alton, Ill., to Nancy WILSON dau of 
John of Harpersfield.

       May 2, 1837

In this village 2nd inst., Rev. Mr. Judd, Jesse PALMER, lawyer, of Deposit to Ann Caroline PARKER

Franklin, 30th ult. Rev. Mr. Brownell, Dr. E. STRICKLAND of Meredith to Cornelia WHITNEY of former place.

North Blenheim, Schoharie Co., NY, Rev. Mr. Harrington, 19th ult., John FERGUSON, M.D. of Davenport to 
Emeline, dau of Eli JONES of former place.

Unadilla, NY, 20th inst., Rev. N. N. Adams, Rev. C. S. PAGE s. of Hon. Sherman to Margarette BENNETT dau 
Col. of Baltimore.

Augusta, Ga, 18th ult. A. J. Huntington, Elijah SCOTT of Delhi to Mrs. Sarah McCOLLISTER of former place

At the same time and place by same, Frederick SHOUT of Delhi to Caroline Elizabeth dau 
Alex. TWIGGS of Lincoln, Ga.

       May 24, 1837

Tompkins, May 16, Elder Thomas Durfee, Benjamin J. CHAMBERLAIN to Olive OWEN

Bovina, 18th inst., Rev. John Graham, John MUNN of Hamden to Margaret CLARK of Bovina.

       June 14, 1837

Schoharie, 18th ult., Rev. Paul Heidman, William K. GALLUP to Eunice THROOP dau Jabez W. of that village.

       June 21, 1837

Colchester, 15th inst., Rev. Mr. Graves of Deposit, Silas THOMAS of Hancock to Sarah GREGORY dau 
John H. of former place.

       July 12, 1837 

In this village Monday, Rev. Mr. Judd, Charles E. PERRY, merchant to Mary Ann LANGDON, dau 
Edmund ROBERTS of Portsmouth, NH.

       July 19, 1837

Tully, NY 6th inst., Rev. Mr. Clark of Preble, John BLAKELY of Kortright to Sarah PETERS dau Richard.

       August 7, 1837

St. Johns Church, Unadilla, 1st inst., Rev. Norman H. Adams, Henry H. HOWARD to Harriet NOBLE dau of
 late Curtis of former place.

       August 30, 1837

In this village 26th inst. A. M. Paine, Freeman UTTER to Elizabeth BURCH both of Andes

       September 6, 1837

Bovina 2nd inst., John Y. Wilbuar, William FIELD of Durham, Greene Co., to Mabel CLOSE dau of Eli.

       September 20, 1837

In this town 7th inst., Rev. Mr. Waterbury, John DEWEY of Franklin to Elizabeth KEDZIE dau of James

11th inst., Rev. I. A. Barrows, Sherburne, Burr B. ANDREWS, merchant of Norwich to Lovina HAMMOND of later place

       September 27, 1837

Meredith 20th, Rev. McAuley, Ezra T. GIBBS, M.D. of Kortright to Rebecca R. HUTCHINSON of former place.

       October 4, 1837

Kortright 1st inst., Rev. S. M. Knapp, Stephen Forman, M.D. to Prudence ROBERTS all of Kortright.

Hudson 18th ult., Rev. J. B. Waterbury, Benjamin BASSETT of Walton Mary L. BENTON

       October 17, 1837

Maryland, Otsego Co., NY 5th inst., Rev. Nathan D. Wright, Fairman WILSON of Colchester to 
Eunice PAIGE of Lowville, Lewis Co., NY

Middletown, 12th inst., Rev. David Mead, Augustus HILL of Roxbury to Harriet SANFORD of former place

       October 25, 1837

Hamden, 4th inst., Rev. Mr. Raymond, William F. RAYMOND of Sidney to Eliza BOSTWICK dau of Hon. Jabez of Hamden.

Sidney 5th inst. by same, S. Thompson PALMER of Middlefield, Otsego Co., to Angeline RAYMOND dau of 
Lewis of former place.

Scienceville, Greene Co, 19th inst., Rev. F. Harrington, E. D. COWLEY of Stamford to A. W. WHITE of former place.

       November 1, 1837

In this village, 26th inst., Rev. Mr. Judd, Robert L. SHOLTUS to Janet CAMPBELL

In this village, 23d ult, Rev. S. M. Knapp, Gabriel GRANT to Sabrina WHITENY both of above place

Roxbury 13th ult., Elder J. Mead, Edward I. BURHANS to Mary MORE dau of Jonas.

       November 8, 1837

Milwaukee, Wis, 12th ult., Rev. J. Ostrander, William H. GARDNER, Dist. Atty formerly Onandaga Co., 
NYU to Marie SHELDON dau Gen. William B. of this village.

Hancock 15th ult., Rev. Mr. Broughton, John FISH to Lauretta APPLEY

At same place 19th ult, George ENSLIN to Rhoda BOLTON

       November 22, 1837

In this town, Rev. Mr. Judd, Benjamin B. MEAD of Covington to Eliza BILLS of former place )no date given+

        November 29, 1837

In this town Thurs. last, A. M. Paine, William PINNEY of Sanford, Broome Co., NY to Lucy L. MAXWELL of Delhi

Deposit, 23d inst., Rev. J. B. Graves, Benjamin R. NICKERSON, merchant, to Sarah MATHER dau. T. Mather, M.D. all Deposit.

Deposit, 15th inst., Rev. J. B. Graves, M. C. CANNON to Clarissa Jeannette ROGERS, dau of Thomas S., M.D., all of Deposit.

Same place 23d inst., Elder James Ammes, Daniel GOLDSMITH of Franklin to Clarissa dau Oragne POMEROY of Hamden.

       December 20, 1837

Delhi, 6th inst., Rev. E. K. Maxwell, Hiram DENNIS, Postmaster, Bovina, to M. M. LANDON of former place.

       December 27, 1837

Hamden, 21st inst., Ira Mallory, Nathan BRADLEY of Colchester to Mary MASON of Hamden.

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