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Submitted by Mary Cable

Deaths for 1885 taken from the Diary of Sarah Antionette Holiday Williams wife of Henry A. Williams Colchester (Downsville N.Y.)
January 2       Josephine Miller
January 18      Jane Knapp
January 21      Mrs. James Davidson
January 22      Hannah Bogart
January 23      James Flinn
January 25      Sylvia A. Wilson
February 16     Dr. Hart
March 16        Jacob C. Rhead
March 27        John R. Radeker
March 30        Mr. Mills
April 21        Mrs. Howard
June 4          Mrs. Jane Bogart 
June 15         Mr. Henry Gregory
August 25       Mr. Huntley
August 25       James M. Radeker
September 14    Hine Ackerly
November 8      John McDonald 
December 6      Amos Fuller
December 11     Robert Briden
December 29     Mr. Bennett

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