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Historic Cemetery Slated for Repair Work

The Village of Margaretville, WORKING in collaboration with the M-ARK Project, has received a $3,000 matching grant from the A. Lindsay and Olive B.O'Connor Foundation, for repairs to a historic section of its cemetery. Major support from the Middletown Historical Society has generated much of the match needed, but efforts are now underway to raise community donations for the balance.

Rain, snow, and weather conditions over the years have caused major damage to sections of the cemetery, which has more than 2,000 graves on nine acres of hilly terrain. One of the oldest cemeteries in Delaware County dating from the early 1800's, this village landmark has an endangered area in a prime view site. Civil War veteran James Myers, who was wounded in at the Battle of Honey Hill, SC in 1864, was buried in the cemetery in 1903 and his burial site is in desperate need of repair. The Myers Plot is situated on a level area between two banks of grassy hillside and surrounded by a wall of concrete blocks with pillars and stair-steps.

Because of erosion through the years, the ground has pushed the blocks out from their original site. Some are starting to crumble and the stairs have become loose and dangerous. This family plot is one of the highly visible, outstanding areas of the cemetery. Because of the historical and visual significance of this site, it is imperative that these walls be stabilized as soon as possible. While Village funds can cover normal maintenance and routine repairs, reversing 100 years of erosion at this site is a much more costly undertaking than usual,

To date, in addition to the O'Connor grant commitment, $2,000 has been raised from the community and $1,000 must still be raised. Anyone who wishes to help is urged to send a check c/o M-ARK Project, PO Box 247, Margaretville, NY12455 or drop it by their offices at 773 Main Street. All donations for this project are fully tax deductible. More information on this and other Village projects is available by calling 845-586-3500.

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