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(Source: The Bloomville Mirror, April 15, 1862 p.1 c.2)
Transcribed by Linda Robinson, April 17, 2002
Muster Roll of Co. E., Van Alen Cavalry, from Delaware County.

Washington, April 5th, 1862

Friend Champion---I was yesterday the recipient of one of your ever welcome Mirrors, in which I found a marked paragraph stating that you wished to obtain a list of all the Union Soldiers from Delaware County in the army, and I now take the opportunity of sending you a list of the members of Company E, N.Y. 3d, or more commonly know as Van Alen Cavalry.

Rank          Name                Town

Captain Ferris Jacobs, Jr. Delhi 1st. Lieut. Colon Richardson Delhi 2d " George C. Stone Margaretville 1st Serg't George C. Gibbs Stamford 2d " Herman E. Smith Margaretville 3d " Herman D. Hanmer Colchester 4th " Julius D. Seely Sidney 5th " Patrick Jeffries Deposit 1st Corpor'l Wm. H. Scribner Meredith 2d " Wm. D. Bishop Margaretville 3d " Levi Mosure Shavertown 4th " Samuel W. Sprague Delhi 5th " Abram Banker Walton 6th " Matthew Benedict Sidney 7th " Howard Gregory Stamford 8th " George Pellet Deposit Bugler Charles Gibbs Stamford Bugler George Banker Walton Saddler Lee Mott Rochester, N.Y Farrier Wm. A. Dibble Delhi Stablemas'r Alex Bedford Franklin Blacksmith James Johnson Gilboa, Scho. Co.

Hezekiah Brandow, Kortright; Wm. M. Tomkins, Kortright; Geo. L. Benedict, Sidney; Elisha Morenus, Sidney; Harvey B. Morenus, Sidney; Henry A. McIntyre, Sidney; David Vandervoort, Sidney; Holland Borden, Hamden; John Delemater, Hamden; David Bouton, Middletown; David Brunner, Middletown; Andrew I. Knapp, Middletown; Michael Murray, Middletown; John B. Osterhoudt, Middletown; Geo. R. Ridenburg, Middletown; Julius G. Smith, Middletown; Wm. Cormack, Middletown; Gideon Blackman, Delhi; Jerry M. Dorman, Delhi; Alex Dyzart, Delhi; Wm. S. Gordon, Delhi; John McComb, Delhi; Edwin C. Markam, Delhi; John McIntyre, Delhi; Charles Nuttall, Delhi; Frank Spiers, Delhi; Henry Smith, Delhi; Peter Weber, Delhi; Burgett Banner, Davenport; George Ellett, Davenport; Lewis M. Figger, Davenport; Clarence McMinn, Davenport; Marcus L. Reynolds, Davenport; Loren I. Disbroe, Stamford; Charles Lane, Stamford; Stephen Burroughs, Deposit; Harrison H. Hall, Deposit; John P. Matthews, Deposit; Joseph B. Owens, Deposit; Orson Putnam, Deposit; Robert M. Smith, Deposit; Horace I. Wheeler, Deposit; James L. Watson, Deposit; Angervine Dougherty, Tompkins; Silas H. Drake, Masonville; Roswell H. Gilbert, Harpersfield; Richard Cronk, Harpersfield; Austin Goodrich, Walton; George Hoyt, Walton; Isaac Minor, Walton; Chester F. Wakeman, Walton; John T. Gemmell, Bloomville; James S. Humphreys, Unadilla Otsego Co.; Daniel Koman, Margaretville; James I. Vorris, Margaretville; John D. Lynch, Roxbury; Dan'l D. Tompkins, Roxbury; Rob't P. Tompkins, Roxbury; Thomas A. Lee, Bovina; Wm. H. Stott, Bovina; John L. Smith, Sanford, Boome Co.

Darius M. Allen,   Deposit
Coriel Cannon      Masonville
Nathan Egner       Gilboa, Scho. Co.
Wm. T. Rose        Shandaken

Frank Seymour      Deposit
Wm. Smith          Deposit
Austin I. Every    Bloomville
Palmer McClure     Sanford, Bro. Co.
Squire McClure     Sanford, Bro. Co.
Melville Barnes    Milford, Ots. Co.

The foregoing, with the exception of the discharged and deserters, is the muster roll of our company as it now stands. We have lost but one man by death, Corporal David Batchelor of Gilboa, Scho. Co., at Poolesville, Md., of typhoid fever. He was buried at the above named place, with the honors of war. There are some in the list that are from other Counties, but they are all members of Company E. I also send the list of the discharged and the deserters. We are encamped a short distance back of the Capitol, anxiously awaiting orders to go somewhere; our division has gone to Fortress Monroe, both whether we will follow, we do not know.

Yours, &c.,
Samuel W. Sprague

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