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(Source: The Bloomville Mirror April 22, 1862 p.1 c.2)
Transcribed by Linda Robinson, April 17, 2002
Mr. Mirror-- I noticed in the Mirror of April 1st, that you wanted a list of the Delaware Volunteers. The following is the list of Co. G.:---

Rank          Names             Town

Captain       A. Buckham        Delhi
1st. Lieut.   T.A. Dodge        London
2d   "        M. Shaver         Colchester
1st  Serg't   I.L. Hulslander   Delhi
2d   "        I.W. Fero         West Davenport
3d   "        C.E. Sackett      Colchester
4th  "        Wm. S. Murphy     Delhi
5th  "        Wm. H. Colburn    Franklin
1st. Corp'l   J.S. Dow          South Kortright
2d   "        H. W. McGeorge    Franklin
3d   "        E.H. Peak         Colchester
4th           H.E. Stoutenburg  Delhi
5th           C.B. Smith        Davenport
6th           G.A. Sackett      Colchester
7th           J.B. Todd         Middletown
8th           A.C. Stilson      Franklin
Com. Sergt.   E.P. Walling      Walton


O.M. Anderson, Hamden; A. Chase, Hamden; Wm. Deyo, Hamden; E. Fuller, Hamden; T. Holmes, Hamden; G. Holmes, Hamden; E. Hurd, Hamden; E. Miller, Hamden; A. Miller, Hamden; ___ Thurston, Hamden; H. Jessup, Hamden; Wm. Anderson, Delhi; Oris O. Bailey, Delhi; J. Mclure, Delhi; C. Stoutenburg, Delhi; R. H. Hall, Delhi; L. Gress, Delhi (burnt in barracks); R.G. Bailey, Hancock; C.R. Brooks, Hancock; J. Lewis, Hancock; J. Canan, Hancock, J. Heany, Hancock; E. Butts, Sidney; A.M. Burdick, Franklin; C.L. Merrell, Franklin; J.E. Bush, Walton; V. Dix, Walton; W. Dow, Walton; S. Miller, Walton; M. Helsinger, Walton; P. Helsinger, Walton; Wm. Frazier, Walton; A. Thayer, Walton; P. Thayer, Walton; J.S. Collett, Prattsville Greene Co.; ___ Person, Prattsville Greene Co.; T. Shoemaker, Prattsville Greene Co.; N. Lewis Ashland, Greene Co.; J. Carman, Middletown; W. Crosby, Middletown; S.S. Dimmick, Middletown; R. Redmond, Middletown;; R. Franor, Middletown; J. Mayes, Middletown; J. Raae, Middletown; G. Raae, Middletown; R. Rundle, Middletown; L. Smith, Middletown; J. Figger, Davenport; Staff Howe, Davenport; J. Murphy, Davenport; W. Smith Davenport; G. Chase, Davenport; J. Schermerhorn, Davenport; O. Fuller, Colchester; L. Miller, Colchester; H. Spencer, Colchester; S. Thomson, Colchester; O. Tiffany, Colchester; C. Follett, Fremont Centre; J. Clough, Fremont Centre; D. Hewett, Deposit; R. McLaury, Deposit; A. Johnson, Meredith; W.T. Merrell, Fergusonville; L. Mellory, Richford; A. Shoots, Otego Otsego Co.; J. Tripp, Shandaken Uster Co.; T, Madigan, Pennsylvania; J. Stanton, Pennsylvania.

M. Goodrich   Died at Washington
___ Sprout      --------
___ Thomson         "
___ White           "
___ Whitmore        "

J. Bradd          Baby act.
D. Gurnsey           "
C. B. Stoutenburg    "

CO. C., 51ST REGT. N.Y.V.

Drummers,    E.M. Lewis        Hobart
"            James Radigan     Bloomville
Privates,    Adelbert Vroman   Hobart
             John Stewart      Hobart
             Charles Stewart   Hobart
             John G. Perkins   Hobart
             Charles Odell     Hobart
             James McAlpine    Hobart
             Charles Wotten    Hobart

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