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(Source: The Bloomville Mirror, June 10, 1862 p.1 c.2)
transcribed by Linda Robinson, April 17, 2002

Muster Roll of Co. B., 4th Regt., N.Y.V.

Fort De Kalb, Va., June 2d, 1862
Mr. Mirror---I herewith send you the names of the members of Company B, 4th Regt. N.Y.V., from the counties of Delaware, Schoharie and Greene.
Yours respectfully,
Wm. C. F.

Captain,        Chas. Morrison, Brooklyn N.Y.

1st Lieut. John B. Vandeweile, New York 1st " Henry G. Harris, New York 2d " G.L. Morrison, Albany N.Y. 2d " Wm. E. Van Name, New York. 1st Serg't Burton Tompkins, Ashland, Gr. Co. 2d " S. D. Soule, Moresville 3d " Jacob Shoemaker, Fulton 4th " George Chichester, Gilboa Co. Dr' Serg't Wm. C. Furrey, Hobart 1st Corporal Felix Fimmons, Gilboa Scho. Co. 2d " Samuel More, Moresville 3d " Robt. Getty, Brooklyn N.Y. 4th " Francis G. Lawyer, Gilboa Scho. Co. 5th " Auther Falkner " " 6th " Walter S. Hay " " 7th " Wm. H. Smith, Oak Hill, Gr. Co. 8th " Fred'k VanSegger, Brooklyn N.Y.


Assjohn, R.D. Cairo, Gr. Co.; Ames, Frank C. Gilboa; Andrews, George L. Moresville

Bullis, Wallace Cairo; Borthwick, Alex. Gilboa; Bailey, Jas. L. Gilboa; Bear, Ralph Gilboa

Clark, James Moresville; Clark, Curtis Moresville

Dean, Joshua P. Cairo; DeSilva, Homer Gilboa; DeSilva, Henry Gilboa; Duncan, Chas. D. Conesville; Dibble, Henry Conesville

Finch, Stephen Gilboa; Gordon, Jas. B. Gilboa

Hitchcock, Vernon Conesville; Hanlon, Jas. O. Gilboa; Harris, Roscoe Gilboa; Hawver, Ed. H. Ashland; Hay, Wm. H. Gilboa; Hubble, Solon Gilboa

Jenkins, John L. Moresville

Layman, Thad. Gilboa; Lemily, Geo. Gilboa; Lemily, Samuel Gilboa; Lake, Romantus Medusa

Moon, L.D. Gilboa; Monroe, Henry Gilboa; Monroe, Jos. Gilboa; Mangan, Bernard No. Blenheim; Mangan, Patrick No. Blenheim; Mackey, Jas. A. Gilboa; McLean, Clark Ashland; Mosher, Martin Hobart; Mosier, A. E. Manorkill

Oakley, H.T. Roxbury; Oakley, Eri P. Moresville; Oakley, Wm. C. Moresville

Peck, A.M. Moresville; Porter, Jas. H. Conesville

Richtmyer, Martin Gilboa; Rogers, H. T. Gilboa; Richtmyer, Marcus Conesville Schermerhorn, W. Gilboa; Silver, Amos Gilboa; Sox, Charles Gilboa; Small, Samuel W. Conesville; Sinclair, Wm. H. East Durham

Tompkins, Geo. Ashland; Thomas, Sidney Gilboa; Thorp, Ed. Gilboa

Van Loan, Alex. Gilboa; Van Loan, Jas. L. Gilboa

Weasmer, Malbone Gilboa; Wright, John N. Gilboa; Welch, Michael Gilboa


Maham, Thos. C. No. Blenheim

DESERTERS Driggs, A. E. Gilboa Clapper, Sylvester Gilboa Lemily, Wilson P. Gilboa Weasmer, John Moresville Sheafer, Geo. No. Blenheim

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