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Transcribed from the Bloomville Mirror by Linda Robinson, April 17, 2002

Last Tuesday, June 4th, the first company of volunteers from this county, left Delhi to join Gen. Sickles'
Excelsior Brigade at Camp Scott, Staten Island. On Monday Evening, a Captain and 1st Lieutenant were elected, and other officers temporarily appointed so that the officers of the Company stood as follows:

Captain -- Robert T. Johnson; 1st Lieutenant -- John P. Sandford; 2nd Lieutenant -- Henry H. Epes. 1st Sargeant, N.A. Packard, Delhi; 2nd Sargeant, Jas. Fogarty, Delhi; 3rd Sargeant, John M Gordon, Delhi; 4th Sargeant John Clark, Hobart; 5th Sargeant, Wm. B. Shaver, Andes. 1st Corporal, C.A. Van Vradenburg, Sidney; 2nd Corporal, Geo. W. Goodrich, Hamden; 3rd Corporal, Henry E. Ford, Franklin; 4th Corporal, Samuel Howell, Hobart; 5th Corporal Herschel D. Horton, Colchester; 8th Sargeant, Chas. Wardell, Delhi.

The Company were escorted through the village by the Delhi Fire Companies, preceded by the Brass Band and Martial Music. In front of Edgerton's Hotel, they were addressed by Hon. S. Gordon, who concluded by presenting the volunteers with 100 Havelocks, (a sort of head dress to protect them from sun stoke in a hot climate), the generous offering of the ladies of Delhi. Remarks were also made by Hon. J.A. Hughston and Capt. R.T. Johnson, after which prayer was offered by Rev. A.D. Benedict. Teams were then driven up to convey them to the Railroad at Hancock, the parting scene enacted, and amid loud cheers by a large assemblage, the volunteers left the village. All along the route, the citizens cheered them on their way and in return received the cheers of the "bold soger boys." When near Walton, they were met by the Walton Band and Fire companies, who led the procession into the village under the direction of Gen. Bassett and Maj. Mead. The citizens furnished dinner for the company at the Hotels of E. Launt? and S.W. Smith. The Band and Firemen escorted the company out of the village, and we left amid the cheers and congratulations of those assembled.

We arrived at Hancock about dark, and took supper at Judson's and Hunter's Hotels. Several persons enlisted at Hamden, Walton and Hancock. We believe only two that had joined the company could not be found when the roll was called before taking the cars.

In the evening, a meeting was held in the public hall, which most of the volunteers attended. Remarks were made by Judge Palmer B. F.? Gerowe, F. Jacobs Jr., Rev. Mr. Carl J.P. Sanford and "Champ." Great enthusiasm was manifested to defend the Government and sustain the honor of the Stars and Stripes.

> About 2 1/2 o'clock Wednesday morning we embarked for New York on board of the cars. We numbered about 115. By an arrangement between the State and the Railroad Company, no fare was charged the volunteers. During the journey, the company gave vent to their patriotic feeling, by frequent cheers and singing National songs. We reached New York about 9 o'clock meeting many Delaware county people at the depot. After taking a "smile" at the Libby House, we reported ourselves at the City Hall. Here we waited some time, for acceptance, after which (about 10 o'clock) we marched to the Rainbow Hotel and took breakfast. We showed the proprietor a speciman of tall eating and if marched to battle the company hope to show some tall fighting. Justice being done to the edibles, we marched about the Park to see and be seen, and then started for the ferry boat at pier No. 2 and crossed to Vanderbilt's Landing, on board the Josephine. After a brisk march some two miles, we entered Camp Scott. Here we found some 3,000 to welcome us. We formed a line in front of the Officer's quarters and two persons passed along and asked such questions in regard to the age, occupation, health &c., as each case suggested. Gen. Sickles took a peep at the company and at once accepted every man, about 112. Two or three remained in the city, to join the ranks the next day. The tents are of canvass, the location on good pasture land, commanding a view of the ocean. Several loads of provisions came into camp while we were there, which indicated that the men will fare well. They are allowed to march to the beach once a day, and take a swim in salt water if they chose.

Mr. W. H. Elwood of Downsville, was with us, and after the acceptance of Capt. Johnson's company, heard the officers say that it was the best company received into the Brigade so far. He was authorized to raise a company, and if he does it will be placed in the same regiment with Capt. Johnson's. Any enlistments can be made with him, or with James Elwood at Delhi.

The boys were in good spirits and won the admiration of all who saw them, for their orderly deportment
throughout the journey. The seemed cheerful and contented, and should they be called into battle, will prove equal to the occasion, reflect honor on our county and prove themselves worthy of the best place in the memory of future generations.

About 3 o'clock we obtained a permit to leave the camp, shook hands with the brave volunteers, and returned to the city. Thursday was a rainy day, yet we managed to get things in order, saw our acquaintances, many soldiers, and at 5 o'clock was on the way home. We reached Judson's Hotel at Hancock at 11 1/2 P.M., by the way one of the best stopping places in that section. On Friday morning we took passage on Gould's excellent line of Stages for Delhi, and reached home before evening, well pleased with the trip and the many scenes that came to our notice during the journey.

Below are some of the names on the enlistment roll, and our regular correspondent will furnish a list of those in the company, and those who backed down.

R.T. Johnson, Delhi; J.P. Sanford, Delhi; Fred K? Monger, Delhi; N.A. Packard, Delhi; M. C. Lewis, Delhi; Jas. Fogerty, Delhi; G.L. Sloat, Delhi; Alex Cummings, Delhi; M.L. Kniskern, Delhi; F.B. Cormack, Delhi; Jas. P. Fisher, Delhi; John French, Delhi; T. Warren, Delhi; Peter V. Foulka, Delhi; John M. Gordon, Delhi; Wm. Cormack, Delhi; Jas. W. Clark, Delhi; Charles Wardell, Delhi; Charles Ballou, Delhi; Geo. W. Davidson, Delhi; J.W. Whitney, Delhi; Wm. D. Pierce, Delhi; Jehial Moscript, Delhi; Douglas Bell, Delhi; W.H. Jamison, Delhi; Robert Penny, Delhi; Robert Maxwell, Delhi; C.A. VanVradenburg, Unadilla; Benj. M. Nichols, Unadilla; Henry Hogaboom, Unadilla; John J. Haynes, Unadilla; Henry Whitney, Unadilla; George Ames, Unadilla; H.H. Epes, West Meredith; Peter Bryce, Hamden; B. McCall, Hamden; A. McFarlane, Hamden; E?.D. Stevens, Hamden; C.H. Bagley, Hamden; Geo. H. Goodrich, Hamden; John Mills, Hamden; Abraham Barber, Hamden; C.H. Holibert, Hamden; Daniel Sprague, Hamden; Robt. Davidson, Hamden; Wm. H. Bushnell, Hamden; Eli Rose, Hamden; James Russell, Hamden; Elbridge Signor, Hamden; James V. Partridge, Hamden; Geo. H. Bostwick, Hamden; D.C. McLean, Walton; John G. Bivens, Bloomville; Wm, E. Wynne, Bloomville; Martin G. Baker, Bloomville; N.B. Northrup, Andes; Wm. B. Shafer, Andes; Peter Weber, Andes; Edward O.C. Anthony, Andes; Porter G. Gibbs, Andes; D.H. Johnson, Franklin; Asa D. Buell, Franklin; Thomas Robertson, Franklin; Edwin Judd, Franklin; Henry C. Ford, Franklin; Edward Butts, Franklin; H.D. Horton, Colchester; H.H. Husted, Colchester; John Foy, Colchester; Thos. B. Miner, Colchester; Richard H. Miner, Colchester; Geo. H. Johnson, Colchester; Wm. Farrell, Colchester; Lewis Hoyt, Colchester; Charles Varnold, Colchester; Ansel Newberger, Colchester; James McDonald, Colchester; Milo S. Sewell, Colchester; Thos. Lawrence, Colchester; Edgar S. Williams, Colchester; John Newcomb, Hobart; John Clark, Hobart; Samuel Howell, Hobart; Benj. G. Bates, Hobart; Austin Hagar, Hobart; Hector Cowley, Hobart; S.C. Wilcox, Hobart; G.B. Peters, Oneonta; P.W. Goodfellow, Oneonta; Edwin Cutshaw, Oneonta; Erastus Patterson, Oneonta; James Kinyon, Davenport; Benj. Smith, Laurens; Philip Decker, Laurens; Samuel B. Loudon, Meredith; Wm. H. Garrison, Meredith; Thos. Blake, Meredith; Chas. V. Cowley, Meredith; Horace J. Reynolds, Meredith; Harvey W. Bell, Meredith; Peter Huftalin, Meredith; Daniel W. Stansbury, Meredith; John L. Waldie, Meredith; Wm. Johnson, Bovina; Geo. H. Clover, Harvard; T.C. Bookhout, Roxbury; Levi L. Hogaboom, Croton; John Rotman, Downsville; Wm. Smith, Downsville; Samuel Smith, Downsville; Theron S. Thompson, Downsville.

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