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(Source: The Bloomville Mirror, August 5, 1862 page 1 column 4 and page 2 column 1)
Transcribed by Linda Robinson
Names Present
Butler Fitch, Captain
J. Hiram Champion, 1st Lieut. & Chaplain
Peter Morton, 2nd Lieut.
Richard R. Cline, 2nd Lieut.
James D. Ladd, Orderly Sergeant
George C. Burnham, Co. Qr. Master
Webb Hill, Sergeant
Adams Bassett, Sergeant
Charles A. Shafer, Sergeant
Andrew Jersey, Corporal
Henry S. Murray, Corporal
Andrew C. Shafer, Corporal
Thomas W. Cornell, Corporal
George Rifenburgh, Corporal
Robert O'Neil, Corporal
Wm. Easson, Corporal
Martin C. Rowe, Corporal
Anson W. Thornton, Corporal
Jackson Scudder, Corporal
Charley H. Schermerhorn, Artificer
Jonathan A. Strong, Artificer
Samuel G. Shafer, Artificer
Daniel Parcels, Artificer
John H. Sanford, Bugler
Eugene P. Benjamin, Bugler
Clark H. McDonald, Division wag. Master
Henry Williams, Company teamster,
O.L. Lawson, Sutler
Silas E. Sands, Stable Sergeant
John E. Knapp, Gudon

E. O'C. Anthony, Thomas Blake, Wm. Brinkman, Lewis L. Bussey, John Burns, Francis Clark, Chas. C. Cromie, Wm. Carr, Jas. Dingy, Wm. E. Edson, Elias W. Edson, John Elliott, Isaac H. Every, Noah D. Fuller, John Grey, Henry Gregory, Wm. H. Hitt, Benj. F. Hilton, Alex. H. Hunt, Wm. Hunter, William Jelly, Michael Kaine, Alonzo C. Knapp, Pell Knox, S.G. Luddington, Squire Lee, Nicholas McCormick, Michael McCormick, Jas. H. McDonald, Jas. McNair, Francis, McKernan, Emory Merrihue, John L. Minser, Jas. Mills Jr., John Norwood, Jas. Palmatier, Wm. Park, Geo. Patterson, Andrew J. Robinson, Matthew Shadfer, Peter Syring, Joseph B. Stalker, Arthur Tompkins, Robert White, Robert A. Whitbeck and John Wickham.

R.D. Seacord, Sergeant
Gilbert Jackson, Sergeant
J.W. Ayres Jr., Corporal
Alex. Shaw, Corporal
Wm. Albee, R. Barnhart, Wm. H. Bushnell, Henry B. Brinkman, Jerome Dixon, Wm. R. Dibble, George D. Eighmy, John T. Elwood, David Finkle, Daniel Finkle, Frederick W. Fisk, Wm. H. France, Alexis Gibbs, Archibald C. Grant, Albert Launt, John Jersey, Stephen Loudon, Wm. T. Ludington, Michael Larkins, George F. Maxwell, Lyman Palmer, Emory T. Rowe, Edgar D. Seacord, Wm. Sliter, John M. Smith, Wm. Thompson, James Townsend, Wm. H. Washburn

James R. Gemmel, Sergeant
Darius Hadley, Private
Wm. W. Kelly, Private
Orrin B. Maynard, Private
Rudolff Smith, Private

Commissioned Officers Resigned:
Solomon Rice, 1st Lieut., Jan. 2, 1862
Z.H. Sloat, 1st Lieut., April 8, 1862
A.B. Scutt, 1st Lieut., June 6, 1862

Discharged for Disability:
George D. Buckley, Sergeant, April 10, 1862
Hiram Rundle, Private, Jan. 25, 1862
Hugh Black, Private, April 9, 1862
Henry George, Private, May 12, 1862
Wm. J. Rowe, Private, May 1, 1862
Stephen H. Seacord, Private, June 18, 1862
David W. Thompson, Private, July 11, 1862

J.L. Smith, Corporal, at Washington, Feb. 8, 1862
Lewis T. Granger, Private, at Washington, March 23.
Adam C. Hammond, Private, at Washington, March 27.
Edwin W. Hood, Private, at Washington, Jan. 20, 1862
James McComb, Private, at Washington, Feb. 3, 1862
Chas. Palmatier, Private, at Washington, Jan. 29, 1862
Chas. W. Rikard, Private, at Washington, June 1st, 1862
Benjamin Tuttle, Private, at Washington, Jan. 23, 1862
Geo. H. Young, Private, at Washington, May 30.
Richart T. Gunn, Private, at Washington, April 3
Francis Groesfent, Private, at Washington, March 19th.
Ira T. Wood, Private, at Delhi, January
George D. Seath, Private, Andes, April 9
Nathaniel Cornell, Private, at Baltimore, May 19
Hugh Black, Private, at Kortright, July 14.

John C. Whitbeck, private, from Newburg, November 5, 1861
Isaac Ryan, private, from Newburg, November 3, 1862
John D. Bogart, private, from Bottom's Bridge, June 12
Nathan G. Hilton, Jan. 24th, 1862

The following named officers and men were by order of Gen. McClellan, assigned to this Battery, June 6, from Battery B, 1st N.Y. Artillery, which lost its guns at the battle of Fair Oaks, May 31:
Absent Sick: Norman M. McQueen, 1st Lt., George P. Hart, 1st Lt.
Enlisted Men Present: Hiram Richer, Sergt.; Jas.W. Brumfield, corp'l.; Orrin A. Medbury, Ira Burgess, Andrew J. Stone, Stephen H. Crandall, George S. Scullen, Jams H. Farnun, George W. Burgess, John W. Babcock, Oliver C. Winslow, Charles F. Sumner, George W. Mannering, Alonzo H. Preston, Kelsey A. Brooks, Frank Port, Charles Dopp, Volney E.Wofile (Woffle?), Erasmus D. Arnold
Enlisted Men Absent Sick: Oriel H. Smith Sergt.; Tyler E. Searle, Sergt.; Chas. W. Sixbury, Corp'l; J. VanPatten, Corporal; Julian Phetteplace, Byron M. Nash, Charles E. Smith, David B. Owens, Nathan A. Crandal, Charles K. Davis, Francis Shoots, William Ellis, Samuel Sexton, James H. VanWormer, William H. Kellogg, Isadore V. Smith, George W. Reynolds, Andy J. Shepard, Joseph Burgess, Arnold G. Crandall, Joseph F. Stanburg, Jacob H. Heckman

Men detailed from Infantry Regiments to Serve in this Battery:
Privates Present: Daniel Barkman, John Flowers, Hiel S. Leonard, George H. Colemlock, Samuel Brighton, Charles Lytle, Thompson Garrison, Andrew J. Frakes, Luther Cribbs, John Frill, Wm. Campbell, James Porter, Isaac Barnhart, John Gordon, Daniel Greek, Harvey Peck, Wm. W. Swart, John T. Miller, George W. Askins, Charles D. Campbell, Wm. Daley, Johnathan Taylor, Charles Stull, David Baldwin, James Mayhan, James Graydon, James Cleary, Samuel Minnier, Wm. A. Kelly, Curtis R. Dunmore, Charles Billoda, John Griffin, John Hasty, Carl Hauck, Chas. Smith, Wm. H. Burch, Jacob Robosco, Michael McMann, Sylvester Kile, Fred Wildoner, W.B. Franks, James Grimes, Henry Bower, Adam Thierolf, Joseph Jones, George King, Gerard Sheppard, Wesley Grems, A.P. Martin, M.S.Bury, Joseph H. Estes, Robert Doyle, Edward Clohacy, Duncan Oak, Joseph Nero, Henry H. Brown, Peter Graham, Christopher Roscoe
Absent Sick: John Resee, Samuel O. Thomas, J.T. Mooer, Cyrus McMillen, Walter O. Donald, John Smith, George Tucker, Lyman D. Morehouse, James Young, James M. Howes, Samuel Solden

Commissioned Officers 4
Non " " 17
Artificers, Musicians &c 9
Privates 124
Total Present 154
Commissioned Officers 2
Non " " 9
Privates 62
Total Absent 73
Whole number present and absent 227
Resigned 3
Discharged 7
Died 14
Deserted 4
Total of the Co. since organization 255
It will be seen at a glance that Gen McClellan keeps the numbers of this battery up to WORKING order. 156 is the maximum, and it now has 155 present. The reason for taking men from other arms of the service and placing them in batteries as the numbers of a battery diminish by killed, deaths from disease, discharges, absent sick &c, is that a battery cannot be worked to advantage without at least 125 men. Artillery is greatly needed. Every six-gun battery skillfully handled is considered more efficient than 1000 men in either of the other arms of the service. But of course due proportions of the various arms must support each other. With diminished numbers of men a battery is far more easily taken by the enemy, and their loss is quite expensive business. The battery with its forge, battery-wagon, baggage-wagons and baggage and 125 horses, costs between 30 and 40 thousand dollars.

Of the long list of absent sick, which by the way, is not as great as the average of the army of the Potomac, many are sick indeed, but some who went away sick 3 months ago soon recovered and might now be at their posts. Some, prompted by cowardism and dishonesty, feigned sickness, worked at it faithfully for weeks, and then, in sometime of excitement slipped off. Some better able than many who are here and will stand to the last, are lounging about hospitals, and a few fully able to do duty are by their presence, disgracing the green hills of old Delaware. They ought immediately to southward face and forward march. If they don't the people ought to start them. Any family or neighborhood, should be ashamed to have one of its members, enlisted in the service of his county, and drawing pay, able to do duty, absent from his post.
Yours truly,

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