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from: Ulster & Delaware RR HS - President Steve Delibert, 21 Feb 2002:

The 1912 Sanborn's Insurance Map of Fleischmanns/Griffin's Corners is a BIG (712k) file, so only do this if you have a fast connection or a couple of spare minutes for the download.
Map of Fleischmanns/Griffin's Corners - 1912 Sanborn's Insurance Map (pdf file)

Sanborn Insurance Maps showed every existing building, in great detail; for the most part, owners were only shown for commercial properties or dwellings of special significance (read: expensive for insurance companies to replace) like the Fleischmann family's properties. Also, they had a bad habit of sticking in cutouts and inserts of various parts of town, that may or may not relate to the main map they accompany. Once you get past these problems, though, they are incredibly detailed and useful references, and if you are a map fan, you will really enjoy this posting.

I was particularly interested to note that in 1912, the dividing line between Fleischmanns and Griffin's Corners was very clear -- it ran right down the middle of "Division Street", which we know today as Bridge Street, running in front of Roberts' Auction from Main Street to Wagner Avenue.

Hope this is helpful and fun.
Steve Delibert