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This is a copy of a letter sent by my Grandfather (John Lakin) to his brother Samuel Lakin, I am copying it as it was written. - Marjorie V. Gould, June 1, 2001

Fish's Eddy

Sept. 3, l890

Brother Perkins
Yours received and the paper also. That fire must have used Austin nearly up. Last Thursday ther was an excursion to Scranton, there was twenty went from this place. We had a nice time, went all through the steel mill works, saw them making rails 1 per minute. Also saw them making engines, some of them are for this road, what they call the Mother Hubbard. When we got home it was eleven o'clock, Stevens had a dance in the Rink that same night. We got off the excursion and went up and had a good time. Palmatier and Baxter played. This was putting in good time, I thought. Last month we had a picnic down to Baker's Falls for the Church, cleared 65.00 dollars. Tomorrow there is a Clam Bake up to East Branch for the benefit of the Redmen. Vol LaVallely is going up to roast them, he has got something made on purpose . Last month there was a man from New York by the name of Harris lectured in the church on temperance. He started a lodge here, there was a good many joined, Tom Grant, Arthur Grant and myself. I am WORKING on the railroad yet do not think I will stick to it long. There is a good many more trains on the road now, since the new road got to running. George Gould has offered me $26.00 dollars per month and board to run engine. He has got his new mill done. It is hard but I don't like to go back there in the woods. Wright wants to know is you can get him a job there, he is getting tired of driving team and WORKING for the Davis family. How far are you from a telegraph office and what is the name of it? Helena Proskine has gone to N.Y. as a nurse for Jule Dardonville's childdren, they went Saturday. there was a good many boarders to "Madams" this summer. Troylous Lewis is braking on the road. Dan McAuliff was cutting wood up where he did last winter, he fell on his axe. Well I must close, I don't know as you can read this, I have wrote it in such a hurry. Write soon, John

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