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Transcription from pages in Russell Genealogy compiled by my Grandfather, Rev. David Barton Russell

submitted by Cindy Vojnovic, November 18, 2007

NOTE: &c as seen in text of letter is an antiquated way of saying etc.

1836 LETTER, Thomas (14) to his Grand Newphew, Matthew, addressed, Long Island or city of New York. (Verbatim and literatim)

My Dear Matthew I was in hopes to have a whiles converse with you before you wint away &c but now as you are where you are still under the eye of that providence that your forefathers ware & the ware wonderfully preserved from the contagience of the times the lived in as it is handed down to me &c. My Grandfather Matthew McClaughry was a horseman which was called a grannadeear (grenadier) in the King William service against the french & romaine trash & his fathers family wint all to Scootlin for safety & left him and his sweetheart Margaret Parkes to venter thire lives in the fields of batle &c wonderfull was the loses croses & disapointments the wint through & if you should live to my eage your history might be worth printing. I pray you study your onw duty towards god & man & behave yourself in such a manner as you can put your hand to your hart & act as Abraham & Josha & Samuel did & then you will have a little heaven upon Earth of your own & be trying to get what the world cant give nor take away &c you have so much good scence as you know birds of a feather will floock together & now is your time to loock to god for direction & protection in all your undertakings & if you are a true feairer of god and his laws & ordinances you will become a lover of his ways of dailings with you & yours. I pray you remember the Sabath day study to spend it in prayer & praise & joyne to some place of sollam worship & do not be runing or riding abroade your under very grate temtations to bracke that holy day in all your bargins have that day to yourself & carry your bible every day and you may have time unexpected & if you will but pray fervently to god for an understanding hart & a true spirit to dissern good & eivel you may be shure you will geet it for there is none turnt away empy but remember you must wate his time as all the sincere seekers of true holiness has done befoure us &c. I pray you dont fill your head with sinefull history I know you can have the perusal of all sorts I pray keep cleair of such vile stuff, study holiness for without it no man will see the lord ther is a Mr. McCloude that praiches in the owld church of Mr. Macesens (Mason's?) an Excellent man tell him I sent you to him, tell him you are aquainted with Mrs. Christian Rose his nors & tell him who is your minister here he can & will give you good advice & deriction whare you might be well accomodated &c a number of sodent deaths since you left hear & Bartley harkness & Robert McMurrays daughter is thursday maried & feail for your perents you never will know what the sufer till your foot is in shure & you may earn money to put it in a bag with bowels what is goot over the divils back will assurdly go under his bealy, a few days sickness will spoile all your pleasure & if you are one of gods children you will assurdly have your tryals in this world & hapy for us if we have it hear, O for heaven hear after whare all our trobels will be at an end &c I am my dear Matthew you much esteemed & respected Grand uncle & has hapy in this world as I can always Expect.

Thos McClaughry

> N.B. My best respect to Revd. Thos & Doct. Samuel & Matthew Samuel McAulys your acquaintance with sum of them may be for your interest both soul and body I advise you keep a book pen & ink & wright what you are aboute every day with your name in your book & whare you did belong your perents & ministor town & country &c that if any thing should happen you your wrightings would give information. May 9th. 1826 Mount Pleasant in the town of Kortright County Delaware & State of New York. Now I beg of you dont take me nor the best of men for your fule for you know we ear & come short of our duty but take the Savior of the world for the rule of your life & manners &c.

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