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There are three letters here. The first letter was written by Albert Ronk to C.W.R. Radeker in 1899. The second was written by Bolivar Radeker to Mrs. Webb Horton (Elizabeth, sister of C.W.R. Radeker) in 1916. The third was a response to the Bolivar Radeker letter by C.W.R. Radeker on behalf of his sister, also dated 1916. The first two letters specifically mention Delaware county by name. The third letter primarily focuses on the Radeker family in Ulster County when Ulster and Delaware were one. Since it mentions John and Jacob Radeker, two of Colchester's more prominent citizens, I thought it appropriate to include it in this submission. If anyone is interested in looking at copies of the actual letters, I scanned copies of these photocopied letters. - Sue Dewey, TX, March 13, 1999

1st Letter

June 5, 1899

CWR Radeker

Dear Sir
I hope to hear that you are progressing in your family genealogy and will be pleased to hear what luck you have met with the directions which I gave you. As I mentioned to you in a former letter that two brothers of your grand father Henry Radiker - John and Jacob moved to Delaware County N.Y. and became engage largely in rafting lumber down the river. There was a Barney Radeker who died an old man some yeard ago in that County who seems to me to have been a son fo John. Barney has married son Elbridge Radiker living in Binghamton N.Y. and am under the impression that Elbridge has a brother John also living in Binghamton.

Barney lived and died near Downsville Delaware County N.Y. I have often heard Peter's children speak of their Uncle John and Aunt Sally and their children, but do not remember of having made much mention of their Uncle Jacob and his family. By getting in communication with the Binghamton N.Y. parties you ought to obtain valuable information. I have found it is advantageous to write P. Waters stating my object and for them to consult some of the old people upon the subject. I have just closed the genealogy of the Hardenburgh family and is being published in the Newburgh Sunday Telegram. I go back to 1174 in Germany and Holland and in America till 1644. The second American Hardenburgh bought from the Indians and confirmed by Royal grant two millions acres of land lying and being in the counties of Orange, Ulster, Sullivan, Delaware and Green, New York, and there is very little of this enormous grant held by his descendants to day.

Will be pleased to hear from you. By the way, I have a niece a teacher at Burnsides Orange County N.Y. tells me while driving out that you were pointed out as a Mr. Radiker from Pa some three years ago.

Yours very Respy
Alb Ronk
158 President St
Brooklyn N.Y.

A dozen or more years ago there was a Radiker from Pa near NY line bought Dry Goods from Mr. Hasting in our House - L M Bates & Co Broadway New York City.

2nd Letter

Livingston Manor, N.Y.
Feby 8th 1916

Mrs Webb Horton

In my youth I heard our ancestors talk among other things, that originally four brothers came from Germany & that two of them settled in Orange County & the other two, one settled in Philadelphia & the other settled in Unadilla, N.Y.

The other in Delaware County coming from the Orange County settlers and the other two never married and died very wealthy and their property went to the Two States.

My uncle Peter took up the matter to investigate but he died and no one I think has taken the matter up since.

Recently I saw in print an application for the forming of the County of Delaware 1766. The name of James Radeker in one of the applicants, this brought to mind the old stories I heard in my youth. I and others who have no data for any of these things would like to know more about it if we can. I do not know who to write to and I took the liberty to write to you and if you cannot give it; can you inform me who can. I would like the names of the four who first came to this County, the date, and their ages, also the names of the generations that followed down to the time of Jeremy, Henry, John, Jacob, & e.

Two of these settled in Colchester, Delaware County - John and Jacob. Jacob was my grandfather. I am now 86 years old.

I presume you cannot give all if any of the information I ask for, but if not all, if any let it be cost so little I will be greatly obliged.

Very Truly yours
B. Radeker
(suppose the given name is Bolivar)

I wrote to Mrs Webb Horton, because I do not have your name.

3rd Letter

C.W.R. Radeker
Parkersburg, W. VA

Leap Year's Sunday
February 27th 1916

Mr. Bolivar Radeker
Livingston Manor, N.Y.

My dear Friend and Relative Kin!
Your letter of the 8th inst to Mrs. Webb Horton Middletown, N.Y. came to her, and as she does not do any letter writing owing to her hands being so stiffened from rheumatism, and I happening to be visiting her at the time of your letter, and I am now undertaking to do so, but I am afraid that I shall not be am able to furnish you with much if any information other than that which you already have. Mrs. Webb Horton is my sister; her name before marriage was Elizabeth Ann Radeker. She being the eldest child of Henry Radeker and Rachel Taylor his wife. There was 9 children born to my father and mother 6 sons and 3 daughters. Elizabeth Ann (Mrs. Webb Horton) will if she lives until the 26th of this coming March will be 83 years old, and I will end my 71st year on the 21st day of this coming May. There is one more son living whose name is George Hunter, and on next May the 5th day he will have lived over 76 years of his life; there has been 4 of our brothers and 2 sisters who have passed on. Our grandfathers name was Henry, he being a brother to the children born unto Henricus Radeker and Johanna Terpenning his wife. There was 9 children born to them as follows:

       Henry                 born about the year 1755. (our grandfather)
       Maria                   "         "       1757.
       Johannes or John        "         "       ____ no date.
       Jacob                   "         "       ____ no date.
       Rachel                  "         "       ____ no date.
       Jeremiah or Jeremy      "         "       ____ no date.
       Huldah                  "         "       1766.
       Peter                   "         "       1772.
       Abraham           Baptised                1774.

       Probably this last one died when quite young.

My great grandfather Henricus Radeker left the "flat lands" of Germany on the North Sea, and the people from that section were known as "Pluitt Dutch" signifying "flat lands." Hernricus Radeker left his native land for America he passing through Holland to reach the Seaport he desired to make his start from. After reaching what is now New York City he then went to Ulster County, N.Y. and was married there to Johanna Terpenning a daughter of Abraham Terpenning, Sr. and Maria Schmidt, the marriage was in 1753. Henricus Radeker located on a farm in the town of Shawangunk, Ulster County, N.Y. twelve (12) miles South of New Paltz and one (1) mile from the Orange County line. And this same farm our "old homestead" is still in the name of Radeker never having been out of the family his great grandson Halsey Radeker is the present owner (or was at the date of my information. March 13th 1899.) If what I have herewith given you is of any benefit I shall be very glad indeed, am sorry I cannot furnish you with more full information. My authority for the dates herein given of Henricus Radeker and his direct descendants, & ewas Mr. A.M. Ronk (but who has since died) he being born on the adjoining farm to that of Henricus Radeker.

Very Truly Yours,
C.W.R. Radeker
(full name Charles Washington Reed Radeker)

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