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First Annual Delaware County
Magistrates Association Meeting

By Karen Cuccinello

This photo from the Stamford Village Library archives was labeled Kass's Inn Hobart 1950. So I wondered where is/was this Inn. I emailed Jim Meagley, my Hobart go-to historian, and he said he never heard of the name in Hobart. Upon further research I figured out that the Kass Inn was in Margaretville and the event took place April 26, 1952.

The inscription written on the back of the photo: left to right - Judge and Mrs. J. Robert Johnson of Schoharie County; Charles Johnson attorney from Andes and father of Judge Johnson; unknown lady (perhaps Mrs. Charles Johnson); Judge and Mrs. A. Lindsey O'Connor; Ed Corsi State Labor Comm. speaker and Ed Mason of Hobart Pres. of Association.

April 25, 1952 Catskill Mountain News - The Delaware County Magistrates association will hold its first annual banquet for members and their ladies Saturday evening at 7:30 at the Kass Inn. Edward Corsi, New York State commissioner of labor, will be the speaker. Other guests at the banquet will be, Delaware County Judge Walter L. Terry, Schoharie County Judge J. Robert Johnson, Dr. E. Ogden Bush and several other Delaware and Schoharie county officials.

The association is composed of justices of the peace and police justices in this county. Edward Mason of Stamford, president of the association, said that there will be about 70 members and their ladies present at the dinner

May 2, 1952 Catskill Mountain News- Delaware county is the fourth wealthiest county in New York State, and the Catskills are a great attraction," said Edward Corsi, New York state industrial commissioner Saturday evening. Mr. Corsi spoke at the Kass Inn at the first annual banquet of the Delaware County Magistrates association. Edwyn Mason of Stamford, president of the association, was master of ceremonies at the dinner, which was attended by about 150 persons. Charles B. Johnson of Andes, retired justice of the peace, father of Judge Johnson, and S.S. Cronk (this would probably be Selleck) of Grand Gorge were honored by Mr. Mason. Each has served as justice of the peace in this county for more than 25 years. (The article continued with excerpts from Mr. Corsi’s speech)

The Kass Inn, in Margaretville, was advertised in newspapers until the1980's then at some point in the 1990's it became the Hanah Country Club.

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