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Illustration of County Clerk's Office
  • Delaware County Clerks Office
    Sharon A. O'Dell, County Clerk
    Debra A. Goodrich, Deputy County Clerk
    Haley L. Gransbury, Deputy County Clerk
    Debra K. Lambrecht, Records Management Specialist
    Shirley Houck, Records Clerk
    P. O. Box 426
    Delhi, NY 13753
    (607) 746-2123
To prepare a copy of any record or paper $.65 - Minimum of $1.30
To prepare and certify, per page $1.25 - Minimum of $5.00
Faxing - first page $3.00, additional page $1.00
Prepare and Certify Orders & Judgements $1.25 - Minimum of $5.00
MARRIAGE RECORDS: Prepare and/or certify $5.00

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