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Transcribed by Roger D. Davis, June 29, 2002


Pepacton Grange No. 1407 was organized November 20, 1916, by Brother George E. Ballard, Deputy of Delaware County at that time. It had twenty-six charter members. This was a flourishing grange for several years then interest failed and it became nearly dormant for four or five years. In 1935 through the efforts of Deputy Cleveland and Brother H.G. Shaver, grange spirit was again revived and Pepacton Grange is now one of the leading granges in the present membership of 133.


R.H. Champlin, Mrs. R.H. Champlin, George W. Sickler, Mrs. George W. Sickler, James Rutherford, Mrs. James Rutherford, Soloman Signor, Mrs. Soloman Signor, Mrs. Ida Signor Harmon, Miss Bessie Sprague, Harold Sprague, Merton Allen, Mrs. Merton Allen, Mrs. Adelaide Shaver, Maynard Shaver, Miss Alfaretta Conklin, Marshal Tiffany, Mrs. Marshal Tiffany, James Barrett, Frank Elmore, James E. Conklin, Mrs. James Conklin, Ross Medlar, Mrs. Rose Medlar.


Master, R.H. Champlin; Overseer, George W. Sickler; Steward, Harold Sprague; Assistant Steward, Ross Medlar; Lecturer, James Barrett; Chaplain, Merton Allen; Treasurer, Mrs. George W. Sickler; Secretary, Alfaretta Conklin; Gatekeeper, James Rutherford; Ceres, Mrs. Maynard Shaver; Pomona, Mrs. James Barrett; Flora, Bessie Sprague; Lady Assistant Steward, Mrs. R.H. Champlin; Purchasing Agent, James E. Conklin; Trustees: Soloman Signor, James E. Conklin, Marshal Tiffany.


R.H. Champlin, 1916, 1917, 1918; George Sickler, 1919; James W. Barrett, 1920, 1921, 1922; Adam J. Eadie, 1923; James W. Barrett, 1924; Gleason Tiffany, 1925; Herbert G. Shaver, 1926; J.W. Barrett, 1927, 1928; M.W. Brush, 1929; Edison Smith, 1930; Herbert G. Shaver, 1931; Mrs. Daniel Bryden, 1932, 1933; Herbert G. Shaver, 1934, 1935; Perry Champlin, 1936, 1937; Bruce E. Champlin, 1938, 1939.


Master, Bruce E. Champlin; Overseer, Howard Tait; Lecturer, Idabell Tait; Steward, Wendall Salton; Assistant Steward, Ralph Reynolds; Chaplain, Mabel Champlin; Treasurer, Leon Neish; Secretary, Mrs. H.G. Shaver; Gatekeeper, Herbert G. Shaver; Ceres, Margaret Salton; Pomona, Helen Reynolds; Executive Committee: Herbert G. Shaver, Bruce E. Champlin, Perry Champlin.


Mrs Mary J Shaver   Myrtle Miller          Philip Tait
Lyle Vonarx         Viva Elmore            Leona Tait
WG Newman           Lee Stepp              Harley Shaver
Volney Keator       Bert Tompkins          Bessie Shaver
Herbert Shaver      Howard Tait            Lewis Robinson
Mrs Herbert Shaver  Idabelle Tait          Ernest Bogart
Earl Signor         Joyce Howe             Amanda Bogart
Mrs Earl Signor     Amos Howe              Oakley Shaw
Arthur Shaver       Archibald Campbell     Juanita Shaw
Mrs Lyle Vonarx     Nancy Campbell         Mildred Terry
Perry Champlin      Bruce E Champlin       Edna Finch
Mrs Volney Keator   Mrs Bruce E Champlin   James Mills
Emmett Bryden       AD Liddle              Lena Mills
Dan Bryden          Shirley Liddle         Edgar Lakin
Mrs Dan Bryden      Evans Reside           Gladys Lakin
Mrs Perry Champlin  Caroline Shields       Richard Champlin
Carroll R Jenkins   William Elwood         Frank Hubbell
Cecil Stone         Donald Freeman         Cecil Brown
Mrs Cecil Stone     Felix Stepp            Harry Wright
Leon Neish          William Shields        William Robson
Mrs Dollie Tompkins John W Tompkins        Shirley Robson
Maynard Shaver      Charles Williams       Hammie George
Mrs Maynard Shaver  Mrs Charles Williams   Naomi George
Tracy Neish         Marguerite Williams    Orville Hathaway
Mrs Tracy Neish     Frances O'Connor       Sherman Shields
Eugene Stone        Daniel Scott           Marian Shields
Mrs Eugene Stone    Mrs Daniel Scott       Josephine Taylor
Ward Fairbairn      Grace Reside           William Kamprath
Len Fairbairn       George S Holmes        Ria Kamprath
Ralph Reynolds      Margaret Holmes        Wallace Elwood
Elmer Barnes        Wendall Salton         Marvin Bull
Jane Neish Reynolds Margaret Salton        Gertrude Bull
Marguerite Neish    Mildred Williams       Frank Shaver
George Young        Adelaide Fuller        Maude Shaver
Charles Allen       Irvin Conklin          Harold Conklin
Leslie Kirk         Mrs Irvin Conklin      Channing Garrison
Marguerite Kirk     Harry Shaw             Anna Stalker
Caroline Elwood     Lulu Reside            George A Tingue
Betty Elmore        Fairbairn Bertha Stepp  Helena Tingue
Reuben Edwards      Grace Clapperton        Virginia Tingue
Anna Elwood         Cora Shaw               Irving Perry
Fred Warren         Oscar Adgate            Marie Perry
Nettie Mericle      Tilden Coller           Archie Birdsall
Clara Mericle       Catherine Clark Coller  Vera Birdsall

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