The Battle of Honey Hill, S.C.
Orders of Battle
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Federal Units Involved in the Expedition
General E.E. Potter's First Brigade
  56th NY
  127th NY
  144th New York
  157th NY
  25th Ohio
  32d U.S.C.T.
  34th U.S.C.T.
  35th U.S.C.T.  (from Hyde County, NC)

Colonel A.S. Hartwell's Second Brigade
  54th Massachusetts
  55th Massachusetts
  26th U.S.C.T.
  102d U.S.C.T.

Colonel William Ames's Artillery
  3d New York, Batteries B and F
  3d Rhode Island, Battery A

Captain George P. Hurlbut's 4th Massachusetts Cavalry

Admiral Dahlgren's Naval Brigade
  under command of Commander George H. Preble

Both the 35th USCT and 54th Mass. were involved in the Battle of Olustee (Florida)

Col. A.S. Hartwell
Colonel A.S. Hartwell and his original uniform
Photographed at USMC Museum at Parris Island, SC

Confederate Units Defending the Charleston & Savannah Railroad
  3rd SC Cavalry, (Company I)
  Georgia State Militia, 1st Brigade
  Georgia State Line Brigade
  47th Georgia
  32d Georgia
  Athens, Ga. Battalion
  Augusta, Ga. Battalion

Col. Charles J. Colcock
Colonel Charles J. Colcock

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