Casualties in the Battle of Honey HillNovember 30, 1864Material Provided by Wayne FonteixTranscribed by Marjorie Kwiatkowski
157th NEW YORK VOLS.Five companies were engaged, Lieut.-Col. J. C. Carmichael commanding.   Co. A.Benjamin, T. Sergeant – right legKelley, J. Private – right thighMouton, W. – right handWood, M.C. – right side, contusion.Co. B Grant, R. E. 1st Lt. – chest, seriousAvery, G. Sergeant - handHurd, C. Sergeant – handBeck, A. Private – left legCo. CLyon, P. Corp’l. – right legCooper, W.S. Private – right armGunther, J. – chest, seriousKinney, J. – forearmLivingston, M. – handPotter, O. – right shoulderShaw, J. – wristShaw, W. – headCo. GMcWilliams, L. Capt. – right thighForbes, Jerome 2d Lt. – legNear, C. Corp’l. – headAvery, A. – left handJohnson, J. –right thighKeeney, J. O. – legKimball, N. – groinMcMasters, J. – handMiller, J. –left handMiller, M. – wristNessler, S. – headCo. HChamplin, G. – Graves, C. Private – handPerry, W. – hand
127TH NEW YORK VOLS.Officers wounded:Prouix, Geo., Lt., com’d’g Co. EBatterson, H.H. Lt. Acting AdjutantCo. A Killed –Platt, Jesse K. PrivateWounded-Privates:Haswell, Geo. F.Howell, Geo.Kennedy, Ewd.Co. BWounded –Corporals:Hoag, Edwin A.Bagley _______Co. CKilled –Privates:Armstrong, JamesBogert, CorneliusWounded –Washborne, A. S. 1st SergeantBarry, JohnDurand, DavidFitzpatrick, JohnHavens John S.Hedge, John S.Co. EWounded –Sammis, C. A. Serg’t.Blossom, Stephen, Corp’l.Bennet, Robt. R.Chichester, AndrewHolmes, Chas. A.Moore, Thos.Pearsald, EzraCo. FKilled –Bedell, William H.Wounded –Cocraft, James H. Sergt.Klime, Adolph Sergt.McCleary, Alex CorporalHight, Wm. Corp’lCoughler, Josiah W.Frederick, JohnLake, ReubenLittle, JamesTompkins, Ewd.White, JohnWilliams, John G.Co. GWounded –Renkins, John H.Co. HWounded –Fillingburst, Charles S. SergeantWiggins, Thos. A.Co. IWounded –Wright, Jas. C.Co. KKilledHedges, Lyman B.McMahon, JohnNewton, HarrisonWoundedCorwin, E. C. Sergt.Benedict, Robt. F.Halsey, Erastus E.Roe, Thomas25TH OHIOCo. A.Wounded –Fassett, R. D. – slightFlynn, Charles –armHowes, W. L. – slightJustice, James Sergt. – slightMcCormick, J. – slightMcLelland, A. J. – slightWhite, T. G. – severeCo. BKilled – Sergts.Benson, HenryGurnsey, Wm. D.Wounded –Mattison, Jas. 1st Lt. – slightG_llin, M. C. 1st Sergeant – slightJames, Sergt. – slightCorpls.:Fitch, Benj. – slightOdell, Dennis H. – slightWilliams, Chas. H. – slightPrivates:Benson, Wm. – slightBrows, Martin – slightBurton, Jos. – slightJones, Gideon M. – slightPardon, Jasper – slightParton, Enoch – slightRoberts, Peter – slightRussell, Jarvell – slightSturkey, Abraham – slightCo. CKilled –Holmes, Austin, 2d Lt.Privates:Holmes, James M.Monroe JamesWounded –Williams, O. W. 1st Lt. – slightTwadden, John H.  Color Sergeant – slightRidgeway, James Corp’l – slightPrivates:Conelly, Jere – badEastman, James – badFinally, Thomas M. – badGrear, James – badHenderson, John – badHomer, Benjamin – slightLadother, W. M. – slightLockwood, C.H. – slightMarkin, David N. – slightReed, Albert - right thighSprigglemere, Amos – slightSteel, W. H. - slightWright, G. W. – badCo. DKilled –Privates:Bundy, DavidFowler, DavidShaffer, M.Wounded –Bell, Morris S. 1st Lt. – slightVangundy, Thos. Sergeant – slightCorporals:Bogart, George – slightCardiff, A. – badCrawford, Thomas –slightFolk, James – slightHardwagen, Geo. – slightHaycock, Bardy –slightRobert, John – slightStevens, Manuel – slightTaylor, Judson R. – badCo. EWounded –Howell, Thomas SergeantTemple, E. T. Corp’lCarmen, HowardGrant, Jerey (since died)Hall, Harry N.Lash, Conrad – slightMackey, JeryMiller, Thos. – badShults, FredCo. FWounded –Tucker, John Sergt.Munger, Francis Corp’lPrivates –____IsaacBrownlee, JohnCaw, WilliamCollins, J. R.Hoffman, John C.Hoffman, MichaelRussell, JohnSherman, W. T.Stevens, AlfredWestfield, EliCo. GWounded –McGondarty, Bargot, CaptainGuthrey, Nathan, 2d. Lt. – leg amputatedTroxweld, Isaac, SergeantKarns, Elijah S. Corp’lAdams, B. - mortallyMissing –Longmur, Oliver C.Piccard, JosephSaunders, S. S.Sharp, NelsonShaw, GeoSholwell, JohnSimeon, RickWagner, JamesPrivates:Mooer, L. – since diedStyles, Ely S. – since diedCo. HKilled –Pyle, Ely Corp’lDunn, Oscar J. PrivateGilespie, John PrivateWounded-Thomas, Hez. 1st Lt.Clement, Jas. S. Sergeant – mortallyThumberlath, Theodore Corp’l – leg amputatedPrivates:Bramersley, Chas.Burwell, Wm. A.Eager, Geo. W.Geary, MilesGillespie, Sam - slightMusgrave, ArlellonNoland, BuellCo. IWounded –White, J. Capt. – in arm, slight___John H., 1st Lt. – slightMcWilliams, James CorporalPrivates:Brown, ____Greary, ___Hathaway, ____McMeans, DavidMiller, ____Sculler, ____Wancel, ____Wilson, _____Missing:Privates –Moore, ____Thompson, ____Welsh, ___Wharton, ____Co. KKilled –Knock, Augustus, Color Sergt.Barnes, JohnShaw, Geo.Wounded –Ferguson, Chas. W. – both legsTrequent, Peter, 2d. Lt. – badlyLewis, Mareson, Sergt. – slightGreen, John A. Corp’l.Angel, George – badlyConrad, Fred – badlyRichards, Frederick – badly56TH NEW YORK VOLS.Co. BWounded –Lawrence, Andrew K. – groinCo. CKilled –Eassie, Thos.Wounded –Carr, Robt – slightlyCo. EWounded _Spragne, Sergt. – slightlyCo. FKilled –Bloomer, JohnLaFever, AlfredCo. GKilled – Peel, ClarenceSlater, M.Wounded –Brath, H. G. – mortallyCo. HWounded –Bambour, Jacob – in faceCo. IKilled –Robinson, Wm. Sergt.Wounded –Aochmoody, W. A. Lt. – slightlyBowers, A. C. 1st Sergt. – slightlyCrisste, Jourdan – severelyCo. KKilled –Hugo, Alex.Jones, SylvesterWounded –Johnson, Charles, Sergt. – foot amputatedGriffin, Martin – slightlyCo. LKilled –Williams, Richard35TH U.S.C.T.Field and StaffWounded –Beecher, James C. Colonel – groin and left leg, severelyWhite, Josiah C. – contusion of the left hip, slightlyKnohs, Henry 2d Lt. – left leg, slightlyMissing –Ambler, Sam’I C., Jr. 2d Lt. Co. AKilled –Jones, CharlesWilliams, BryantWounded –Keys, Wm. Sergt. – slightJordan, John Corp’l. – slightAlexander, S.- finger, slightChadwick, D. – thigh, slightHerring, George – leg, slightMonro, E. – finger, slightSheppard, S. – hip, slightWard_oot, John – slightWright, Wm. – face, slightCo. BWounded –Jackson, Wm. Sergt. – headPowers, Andrew Sergt. – legGregory, Miles, Corp’l – leg brokenBell, Major – faceBlany, Jos. - shoulderButler, Mannel – ankleFarrow, Benj. – breastSheara__Frank[indecipherable]Co. CKilled –Lathight, A.Wounded -Gaskius, Corp’l. – fingerJohnson, J.  Corp’l. - faceWalker, Corp’l – footBarnes, H. – headBecton, Eli – handHolt, Sam’l – legManning, George – temple and neckPatrick, Eli – breastStearns, S. – foreheadWindly, G. – armMissing –Haddock, AllenCo. DKilled –Montgomery, JacobWounded –Williams, Edwin Sergt. – shoulderBrown, Lewis – sideLewis, Wm. H. – sideMay, Jesse –sidePage, Nathan - backSmith, L –faceSpencer, Sol –both legsWalker, Arnold Washington, George – handMissing –Delany, EnochCo. FWounded –Lee, Fletcher Sergt.  - footThompson, D. Sergt. – shot through bodyWilliams, Alfred Corp’l – both legsGreely, H. – footJones, Boston – footLawson, Columbus – thighNewby, Sol – headRandall, Michael – footWilliams, Austin – headWilliams, George – hipCo. GKilled –Moore, Chas.Wounded –Smith, Sergt. – thumbNorman, H. Corp’l. – arm brokenPugh, Champ Corp’l – footSpellman, R. Corp’l. – sideDavis, Simon – handEdwards, Alfred – handFeldon, Isaac - footGregory, Enoch – leg and bodyHatch, John – both legsMirth, S. - shoulderSheppard, Owen - footSmallwood, Chas. – neck – severeCo. HKilled –Hodgson, J. Wounded –Sproul, A. Corp’l. – shoulderVanorton, J. Corp’l –armBrocks, A. – headClark, R. –thighForks, R. –legGregory, Major – legGregory, Geo. – handKelly, Wm. – shoulderKeys, Isaiah - legsSilver, J. – handSpencer, E. – armSuthithle, J. – legWhitfield, J. – foreheadMissing:Carter, S.Co. IWounded -Maddick, Luke Sergt. – shoulderReddick, Henry, Sergt. – headLee, Munroe Corp’l – fingerBarnhill, Eli – mouthFleming, Jas. - faceLawson, Martin – armSawyer, James – armShellington, Dan’l – neckMissing:Sykes, FranklinCo. KWounded –Chapman. H. Sergt. – both legsDudley, H. Sergt. – armMcLenny, Cate Sergt. – leg and wristCherry, J. Corp’l. – both legsMegell, Reuben Corp’l. – side and footNickson, J. Corp’l. – handBrown, Edward – falling of treeLatham, Peter – backPage, James – legStanley, Henry – arm32D U.S.C.T.Lt.-Col. E. C. Geary, wounded in groinCo. AWounded – Berry, Moses Corp’l – splinterAlexander, James L. - shoulderBrown, Jeremiah – nose shot offBurton, Z. J. - footJones, William – facePhilips, Charles – shoulderCo. BWounded –Alexander, Peter – severeGriler, Chas. - slightLee, Sam’l – severeMiller, Purrell – slightCo. CKilled –Gilbert, Wm. Corp’l Wounded –Lohman, Abraham 1st Sergt. – slightDavis, Jacob Corp’l – severeBrown, John – stomachRingold, Thos. Rogers, John – severeCo. DKilled –Howell, FrancisWounded –Collins, Wm. – face, severeGriffin, Wm. – handJames, Henry – legCO. EWounded –Miller, Sam’l – shoulderBrier, Sam’l – slightCarter, Lloyd – slightSch__k, Abraham – armCo. FWounded –Graham, Geo. D. Sergt. – legHillory, Henry – armSimpson, Thos. – groinSmith, John – groinStevens, John W. -  handTownsend, Robert – shoulderCo. GKilled –Hill, EmanuelSwan, OliverWounded –Davis, CharlesJefferson, JosephKane, Geo.Lewis, Dan’l.Miller, DavidCo. HKilled –Gray, ThomasHarris, EdwinWounded –Norton, Corp’l. – severeDidymus, H. J. – severeGanges, Peter – severeNatkins, Thos. – severeYoung, George Co. IKilled –Still, IsaacWounded –Scott, Wm. R. Corp’l.Bostick, Spencer – severeDavis, George Loyd, Thos.Miles, JohnParker, Wm.Co. KKilled –Currier, AddisonFitzgerald, JosephWounded –Woods, Peter Sergt. – groinRoaly, Charles – slightCo. not specifiedWounded –Simpleton, G. M. Capt. –legWinter, Robert D. Lt. – hipSillman, Alexander Corp’l. – wrist54TH MASS. VOLS.Co. BWounded –Hallett, Charles O.  2d Lieut. – thigh, severeCo. CKilled –Foster, Richard, M. Corp’l.Wounded –Alstine, Wm. Van Gladden, HenryHarden, PeterPenington, Wm. J.Co. DWounded –Emerson, Edward B. 1st Lt. – in face, severeRenkins, Alex Corp’lButler, Wm.Hawkerson, CharlesHunter, Sam’lSandis, JohnMissing:Rennard, Wm. R.Stewart, HezekiahCo. EWounded –Chipman, Charles G. 1st Lt. – slightly in armDeforest, Andrew Corp’l.Stewart, Henry, T. Corp’l.Bruce, PeterHolmus, Benj.Co. GWounded –Reid, Joseph, 1st Lt. – reported killedCunningham, Wm. A. Corp’l.Harris, hill Corp’lCummings, AaronDuncan, Sam’lFranklin, StephenReynolds, Geo.Shorter, JohnSimpson, Lewis L.Co. HWounded –Freeman, Thomas, D. Corp’l.Alexander, Geo.Brodie, Geo.Etheridge, Andrew J.Henderson, Wm.Johnson, John 2dRoundtoe, TyrrelStewart, Jeff B.Walker, DavidCo. IWounded –Lewis, LorenzoMissing:Burger, Thos. E.Co. KWounded –Bronson, DavidNelson, RobertParker, FrancisStevenson, Sam’l
144TH NEW YORK VOLS.Co. AKilled –Ayers, Thos. G.Wounded –Penet, John D. Capt. – leg amputated above ankleAxtell, Lafayette, Sergt. – head, mortallyMiner, George, Sergt. – leg, slightlyHess, James, Corp’l. –side, slightCarpenter, John C. – arm, severeEdick, Charles – shoulder, severeNixon, Walter A. – head, not dangerousCo. B[indecipherable] (killed)Wounded –Fitch, Eli Sergt. – hand, slightWelles, Wilson J. Corp’l. – abdomen, mortalBlaisdell, Joseph – head, severeLyon, Wm. S. – arm, flesh woundCo. CKilled –Davidson, Thos.Smith, JamesWounded –Telford, Thos. Sergt. – breast, severePuffer, Harry Corp’l. –side, slightHartman, Henry – breast, severeHowland, Joseph A. – hand, slightHowland, Joseph B. – arm and side, severeKeyser, Jacob – head, severeMaxwell, Joshua A. – severeSalton, John E. – hand, slightThomas, Charles –hand, slightBailey, H. E. 2d Lt - neck, slightlyLee, Joseph - head slightlyCo. EWounded –Divers, James – leg, slightGibbs, John – face, not dangerousCo. FKilled –Mack, Jas. W. 2d Lt.Miller, Edward Sergt.Quick, Jas. R.Wounded –Houghtaling, Elias, Corp’l. – arm, severeBroughton, Geo. – arm and leg, severeFaucher, Silas D. – head, not dangerousHazens, Chas. P. – head, slightKnight, Paul – thigh,  seriousKnight, Valentine – side, severeLord, Jaspar – hand, slightShelmer, Thomas –thigh, severeThomas, Edward – arm and leg, seriousWheeler, Jas. M. – hand, slightWhite, George C. – leg, seriousMissing:Hainuer, Jacques – probably killedPrice, Job– probably killedCo. GKilled –Elliott, James E.Wounded –Blish, Silas Corp’l. – hand, severeMyers, Daniel. H., Corp’l – abdomen, severe Brown, Anthony – hand, slightDury, Sidney, arm, severeFuller, Joseph - side, not dangerousGavit, D. W. – breast, seriousHubbell, Wiiliam – hand, severeHulstead, Albert – face, slightMyers, James – hand, slightPhilips, Dewitt – head, slightWeighly, Jas. – shoulder, seriousCo. HKilled –Craft, Charles V. Corp’l.Van Buren, Peter H.Vanderville, CorneliusWounded –Bailey, H. E. 2d Lt - neck, slightlyLee, Joseph - head slightlyCo. IKilled –Clark, J. L., Sergt.Wounded –Hine, Frank T. 1st Lt. – knee joint, seriousButts, J.K.O. Corp’l. – leg, severeMakeley, G. R. Corp’l. – shoulder, severeGerowe, James – head, mortalMakely, Morgan – hand, slightTait, Wm. –head, slight55TH Mass. Vols.Officers killed –Crane, W. D. Capt.Boyuteu, Winthrop P.Wounded –Hartwell, A. S. Col. – hand, contusion of side and footHall, Josiah C. Lt. – in side, probably not dangerousJewett, E. H. Lt. - lipSoule, C.C. Capt. –arm, slightWoodward, G. M. Capt. – thigh, flesh woundTrotter, J. M. Sergt. Major – slight graze of neckCo. AKilled –Morgan, H.Porter, E.Purnell, W.Wounded –Patterson, J. Corp’l. Claiborne, A. – leg and shoulderGowens, Jas.Lewis, W. - thighManley, James - footMoss, D. -slightSaunders, W. H. Sergt. – handSpears, David Sergt. – fingerSpencer, P.Co. BKilled  -Boyer, J.Brown, C.Bush, G. W.Haven, J.Jones, W.King, A. S.Lewis, E.Wounded –Bazil, G. Sergt. – flesh of thighAdams, A. Corp’l.Dobbs, Corp’l.Hall, E. Corp’l.Oglesbee, O. Corp’l.Bodry, W. – fingerChism, J.Christy, W.Cox, S. – scalpCurtis, R. H.Fox, W.Howard, W.Kees, J.Mitchell, P.Moore, W. H.Overton, T.Ritchie, R.Smith, J.Thomas, E.Wheland, F.Wiggins, A.Ventris, T.Co. CKilled –Duncan, O.Higgins, A.Wounded –Adams, D. Corp’l.Barrett, G. Corp’l.Barrett, D.Bowlin, JBowlin, W.Connor, T.Crockett, J.Harrison, D.Hightower, J. P.Hill, S. - fingersJenkius, A.Roberts, R.Roberts, W. C. Stuart, E. J.Co. DKilled –Lewis, A. R. Taylor, G. Corp’lAllen, E.Griffin, W. H.Posey, J.Stafford, C.Ward, W.Wounded –Shorter, J. F. 1st Sergt. – knee and backFountain, P. Sergt. – flesh of sideCrowder, P. Corp’l. – backHenry, B. Corp’l. – groinBrown, L. S. – armBurk, R.Crainshard, W.Derrickson, E.Dickson, C.Fitzgerald, T. H.Glaspy, W.Hall, F.Lee, B.Peel, W. J.Riley, W. J.Sarmons, T.Sharp, S.Co. EKilled –Butler, C.Charleston, C.Wounded –Black, J. – handFlood, E. G. – cheekMilderdam, W. H. – handScott, J. - bodyThompson, M. – handWashington, G. – faceWells, F. – kneeCo. IKilled –Gibbs, W. Major E.Vina, H.Wounded –Mitchell, C. L. Sergt. – foot torn oft by shellDonagan, C. Corp’l. – contusion, slightHaddox, J. Corp’l. – footChamp, N. – fingerDavis, S. – nose, slightDitcher, B. F. – side, slightGilliard, J. – wristHurley, J. H. - scalp, slightlyNorthrop, A. – shoulderPayne, D. A. – head and bodyShipp, J. - backWebster, S. - fingerWicker, W. – fingerCo. JWounded –Mathiz, J. Sergt. – graze of shoulderMorrison, R. Corp’l. – armGraham, J. N. - handJones, J. –handKane, J. – flesh of thighRoberts, G. – faceCo. KKilled –King, R. M. Sergt. Wounded –Fleming, Peter Sergt.Turner, A. Sergt.Jackson, R. Corp’lMcPherson, G. Corp’l. scalpCross, E. – slightlyJanuary, S.Jarvis, HLewis, J.Redman, C.Stevenson, J. W. – handWheeler, J. - contusionWilliams, A. A.4th MASS. CAVALRYCo. BWeaver, Chas. H. – left arm amputatedNAVAL BRIGADEMarines Killed –Knapp, Orderly Sergt. Of the MingoeWounded –Clancy, Corp’l. of the PontiacYoung, Corp’l. – CanandaiguaMaloney, Private – CanandaiguaKelly – SonomaWalker – Pawnee – mortallyWilson – MingoeMissing –Joy, Private – MingoeNaval Battery –O’Neal, Private – of the Memphis, woundedSmith, S. Carolina – missingNaval Infantry –Kittering, Henry – of the Memphis – missingAnd one man from the CamellaBATTERY B, 2d N.Y.Wounded –Wildt, E. A. 1st Lt. –mortally (since died)Crocker, G. H. 2d Lt. -  lost an eye and wounded in legPrivates:Branch, Chas.Dinehart, E. W.Miller, WmPringle, JamesGreening, J.H.Heathers, Wm. BATTERY F 3rd N.Y.Wounded –Harrington, Oscar – slightlyGremer, John – severelyMcCue, LawrenceVandenburgh, Gilbert24TH U.S.C. TROOPSCo. BBarnwell, Thomas - headBulmer, John Sergt. -  backCo. EPowell, Daniel Orderly Sergeant – in thighGilliard, Sam’l. Corporal – contusion in sideSmall, Monday – side102D U.S.C. TROOPSCo. AWounded –Johnson, Isaac – fingers shot offNelson, ____Parrott, _____Co. BMissingHarris, Elijah – slight in faceSmith, JacobCo. CWounded –Alvoid, H. H. 1st Lt –thighEster, Jas. Corp’l. – face, slightFord, Jere –killedGray, John E. – right leg, severelyThompson, Elijah – right arm, badlyCo. DKilled  -Lindsay, A. E. CaptainWounded –Harris, Corporal – side, slightlyWhite, Philip Corporal – right leg, flesh woundBuckner, John – thigh, badlyCaraway, Leroy – toes, slight (purposely)Goodman, Daniel – contusion, footMarshall, Joseph – back of neckCo. EWounded –Harrison, Henry – side, slightMorgan, Joseph – right arm badlyMissing –Johnson, John CorporalCo. HKilled -Wade, JohnWounded –Strothers, David – fingers and head, slightlyCo. KWounded –Horton, I. – left arm, badly
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