The Battle of Honey Hill, S.C.
Written Accounts of the Battle
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Union Accounts of the Battle
  Excerpt from A Brave Black Regiment (the 54th Mass.)
  Excerpt from Civil War Letters & Diary of Henry W. Prince (the 127th NY)
  Perspective of Admiral Dahlgren's Marine Battalions
  Lt. A.S. Bodine's Honey Hill narrative (127th NY)

Reports of Officers from the Official Records
  Maj. Gen. John G. Foster, U.S. Army, Commanding Department of the South
  Brigadier General John P. Hatch, U.S. Army, Commanding Coast Division
  Brigadier General Edward E. Potter, U.S. Army, Commanding First Brigade
  Colonel William Gurney, One Hundred and Twenty-Seventh New York Infantry
  Lieutenant Colonel Nathaniel Haughton, Twenty-Fifth Ohio Infantry
  Colonel Alfred S. Hartwell, Fifty-Fifth Massachusetts Infantry, Commanding Second Brigade
  Colonel Henry L. Chipman, One Hundred and Second U.S. Colored Troops
  Lieutenant Colonel William Ames, Third Rhode Island Artillery
  Commander George H. Preble, U.S. Navy, Commanding Marine Brigade

Confederate Accounts of the Battle
  Excerpt from Maj.-Gen. Gustavus W. Smith's report, Official Records

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