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The following is a transcription of a copy of the Petition to Prove and Record the Will of James Follett, one of the pioneers of Franklin, NY, which I have received from the Delaware County Surrogate Court. A copy of the Petition is also included in The Descendants of John Follett, 1669-1718, Son of Robert of Salem, Mass., Katherine R. Follett, May 1985.

The Will of James Follett has already been transcribed and is posted on the Delaware County NY Genealogy and History Site at willjamesfollett.html. What is meaningful to me and perhaps others is that several children and grandchildren are mentioned in the Petition who were not included in the Will, including my ancestor, Lucy (Follett) Swift. -- Scott E. Tracy, August 10, 2005


Deceased:          James Follett
Date of Petition:  June 5, 1837
Petitioner:        Thomas A. Follett
Mentions:          Mary Ann Follett, widow (2nd marriage)
                   Hannah Fitch 1, wife of William Fitch
                   Lucy Swift 2, wife of Cushing Swift 
                   Huldah Hanford 3, wife of Ebenezer Hanford
                   Sluman Follett 4
                   James Follett, Jr. 5
                   Bethune Dewey 3, wife of Daniel Dewey
                   Ralph Follett 6
                   Mahitabel Hunt 3, wife of Ransom Hunt, Jr.
                   Harriett Thompson 3, wife of Elisha Thompson
                   Thomas A. Follett 7 (Petitioner)
                   Polly Swift 2, deceased, late wife of Nathaniel Swift 
                   Eletia Taylor 2, deceased, late wife of Giles Taylor
                   Grandchildren 2 of deceased daughters of Deceased:
                   Harriett & Charlotte Swift, children of Polly and Nathaniel Swift
                   Adeline & George Taylor, children of Eletia and Giles Taylor
Surrogate:         A. Parker
Source:            Surrogate Court, Delaware County, New York
Copy:              The Descendants of John Follett, 1669-1718, Son of Robert of Salem, Mass.
                   Katherine R. Follett
                   May 1985

To the Surrogate of the County of Delaware

The Petition of Thomas A. Follet (sic) of the Town of Franklin in said County, shows (?) that James Follett late of said Town & County, died on or about the twenty first day of April last, and was an Inhabitant of said County at the time of his death, & left affects therein. That he left a certain instrument in writing, purporting to be his last Will & Testament and duly executed.

The deceased left a widow named Mary Ann Follett, who resides in Franklin, & heirs at law & next of kin as follows, to wit. Hannah Fitch, wife of William Fitch, said Hannah resides in Franklin aforesaid, & said Fitch in the City of New York. Lucy Swift, wife of Cushing Swift who reside in Hamburgh, Erie County, N.Y. Huldah Hanford, wife of Ebenezer Hanford who reside in Franklin aforesaid. Sluman Follett residing in Franklin aforesaid. James Follett Jr. who resides in Otega, Otsego County, Bethune Dewey, wife of Daniel Dewey residing in Sidney, Delaware County aforesaid, Ralph Follett, who resides in Virgil, Cortland County, Mahitabel Hunt, wife of Ransom Hunt Jr. who reside in Otego aforesaid, Harriett Thompson wife (of) Elisha Thompson who reside in Otsego County aforesaid & your Petitioner. Polly Swift deceased, late the wife of Nathaniel Swift, left two children who are the grandchildren of said James Follett, deceased, viz. Harriett Swift & Charlotte Swift, the former of whom your Petitioner understands is married but to whom he does not know, but understands, she and her husband reside in Chautaugus Co. N.Y. and the latter (Charlotte) is believed to be under the age of twenty one years, & resides in Erie County aforesaid. Eletia Taylor, deceased, formerly the wife of Giles Taylor was a daughter of said James Follett, dec'd, and left two children, grandchildren of said James Follett dec'd, & next of kin & heirs at law, viz. Adeline Taylor & George Taylor who reside in Franklin aforesaid, and are minors, under the age of twenty one years.

Your Petitioner, being named an Executor and a Devisee in said Will, is desirous to have said Will and Testament proved and recorded as a Will of real estate and also admitted to probate & recorded as a Will of personal property, & letters testamentary granted thereon, and prays that a citation may issue for that purpose.

Dated June 5, 1837
Signed Thomas A. Follett

Delaware County: Thomas A. Follett above now being duly sworn says that the facts set forth in the foregoing Petition signed by this Declarant (?) are true, as he verily believes sworn before me this 5th day of June 1837.

Signed - A Parker, Surrogate
Signed - Thomas A. Follett

Will of James Follett, recorded on November 15, 1837 LINK - index.html/willjamesfollett.html

1. Referred to in Will as "my eldest daughter".
2. Not mentioned in Will.
3. Referred to in Will as "my daughter".
4. Referred to in Will as "my oldest son".
5. Referred to in Will as "my second son".
6. Referred to in Will as "my third son".
7. Referred to in Will as "my youngest son".

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