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Assorted Old Newsclippings - chronological order

transcribed by B.J. Shawd, October 24, 2002

Calvin L. Lewis Wedding
December 28, 1893

Calvin L. Lewis of Deposit, was united in marriage last evening to Miss Edith Brooks, at her home at 107 St. James Place, Brooklyn, New York.

Hancock Herald
January 28, 1896

Clarissa Lewis

Mrs. Clarissa, wife of Sherman S. Lewis died January 21st at the age of 65 years and 2 months. Her death was due to paralysis. Besides her husband she is survived by four sons and three daughters. The funeral will be held at the Fish's Eddy M.E. church tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment in Partridge Island cemetery.

Julius Lewis & Lucy Lakin

Hancock Herald - March 26, 1896

On Wednesday of last week, Julius Lewis of Fish's Eddy, was united in marriage with Miss Lucy E. Lakin at the home of the bride, near Tyler's Switch. The ceremony was performed by Rev. R. L. Rose.

BJ's Note: Julius Lewis was the son of Sherman S. Lewis & Clarissa Fuller. He was born on June 23, 1863 in Fish's Eddy, Delaware Co., NY and died on May 7, 1919 in Hancock. Lucy E. Lakin was born January 13, 1878 in Fish's Eddy and died on May 31, 1927 in Hancock, Delaware Co., NY. Julius and Lucy were married on March 18, 1896.

Lieut. Isaac Newton Lewis Wedding
Hancock Herald - 1896

Lieut. Isaac Newton Lewis, of the Second Artillery U.S.A., and Minnie, daughter of Rev. Dr. Wheatley, were married Thursday evening last in the Lexington Avenue NY M.E. church, of which the bride's father is pastor. Dr. Wheatley officiated, assisted by the Bishop of New York.

Rev. Mr. Wheatley formerly preached in Hancock and his family usually spend their summers here and are well known. He married Laura Hawk of Hancock, sister of Mrs. J.F. Yendes, Mrs. Jacob Labar, Mrs. David Leonard and Mrs. J.F. Broat. Mrs. Samuel N. Wheeler and Mrs. Garrett of Hancock attended the wedding.

Sherman S. Lewis
Hancock Herald
March 31, 1898

Sherman S. Lewis, aged 74 years, died at his home in Fish's Eddy on Thursday night of last week, after a long and painful illness.

Deceased is survived by seven sons and four daughters, namely; Robert of Readburn, Frank of Port Jervis, Julius of Tyler's Switch, Jerry and Troylus residing Fish's Eddy, and John and Melvin living in Iowa; Mrs. Ellen Harter, Mrs. Josephine Howard, Mrs. Henrietta Sprague and Mrs. Mary Rourk.
The funeral, which was held in the Fish's Eddy M.E Church Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock, was one of the largest ever witnessed in that

Probate Record
Delaware County, Delhi, New York

Clarissa Fuller Lewis died on January 21, 1896. Petition of son Robert B. Lewis to be administrator of estate on April 9, 1898 lists the following survivors:

Henrietta Sprague, daughter - Susquehanna, PA
John W. Lewis, son - Rock Rapids, Iowa
Josephine Howard, daughter - Lexington P.O., Green Co., NY
Ellen Harter, daughter - Stevensville, Sullivan Co., NY
Robert B. Lewis, son - Fishs Eddy, NY
Mary Rourk, daughter - East Branch, NY
Julius Lewis, son - Fishs Eddy, NY
Frank Lewis, son - Matamoras, PA
Melvin Lewis, son - Rock Rapids, Iowa
Jerry Lewis, son - Fishs Eddy, NY
Troilus Lewis, son - Fishs Eddy, NY
James Layman, grandson - Cooperstown, NY (Otsego Co.)
Grace, granddaughter - Richfield, NY
Marcus Layman, grandson - Cooperstown, NY

Items included bills to the estate for the inscription of the headstone $18.00, $60.00 for funeral services of Sherman Lewis from Geo. E. Beers, undertaker. Total inventory of the estate was listed as $411.95.

Wedding of Fred A. Lewis
Hancock Herald
September 8, 1904

Yesterday, at Rockland, Fred A. Lewis, O & W agent at Starlight, PA, was united in marriage with Miss Mae Garrison, formerly of Hancock.

Rosa Lewis - W. Ray Elmore Wedding
Hancock Herald
December, 1905

Miss Rosa Lewis of Hancock and W. Ray Elmore of South Fallsburg will be united in marriage Wednesday, December 27th. The ceremony will be performed at 12:30 p.m. by Rev. B. Eldridge at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Lewis, West End.

BJ's Note: Rosa Lewis and W. Ray Elmore were married on December 27, 1905.

Samuel Lewis Wedding
1910 - Hancock Herald

Thursday, January 27th, at the Baptist parsonage here, Samuel Lewis and Miss Mamie Howard, both of East Branch, were united in marriage by the Rev. Schultz.

Florence C. Lewis - Harry Stickles Wedding
Hancock Herald
May, 1911

At the home of the bride's parents, of this village, last Tuesday at 1:00 p.m., Miss Florence C. Lewis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lewis, was joined in wedlock with Harry W. Stickles of Fallsburg. The ceremony was performed by the bride's pastor, the Rev. C. J. Schultz. The couple will reside in Middletown.

BJ's Note: Florence and Harry were married on May 16, 1911.

May Lewis Wedding
February 9, 1912

William Sanderson of Peakville and Miss May Lewis of Honesdale, PA were married in Hancock yesterday.

August 3, 1916 Wedding
Lewis-Hammond Nuptials

A pretty wedding took place at the Manchester, NY Baptist church at 3 o'clock on the afternoon of August 3rd, the wedding party coming from Canandaigua in automobiles. The bride was Miss Bernice Elizabeth Hammond, oldest daughter of Mrs. and Mrs. G. W. Hammond of 202 Gibson Street, Canandaigua, and the groom, Sherman Ray Lewis of Mountainville, N.Y., son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lewis of Hancock.

Over thirty guests accompanied the wedding party which entered the church to the strains of Mendelssohn's wedding march, played by Miss Mable N. Beeman of Canandaigua. The bride was attended by her sister, Miss Helen Hammond and the best man was Earl Brougham, a college friend. The bride's niece, Helen Hammond was flower girl and her nephew, Cecil Hammond, acted a ring-bearer. Preceding the ceremony James S. Hammond, brother of the bride, sang "Oh Promise Me."

Vera Lewis Wedding
November 17, 1921

Louis Skinner and Vera Lewis were united in marriage in Hancock on November 2nd.
- East Branch

From the HANCOCK HERALD - May 29, 1926
Half-Century Event Celebrated at Home of Mr. & Mrs. R. B. Lewis

Members of the Robert B. Lewis family began to arrive at the homestead, Lilac Farm, on the east bank of the Delaware River, one mile from Hancock, Saturday, May 15. By 10 o'clock Sunday morning all who could come had arrived and the merriment was well under way.

Fifty years ago, May 16, 1876, Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Lewis were married at Fish's Eddy, Town of Hancock, by Milton H. Maynard. They first began housekeeping up City Brook, a lumbering center about nine miles east of Hancock. Their first home was a log house built by Mr. Lewis' father in 1849 where in 1857 Mr. Lewis was born.

Mrs. Lewis was the daughter of Alexander Proskine, who was the son of one of Napoleon Bonoparte's personal bodyguards. Jean Baptiste Christopher Prosquine (Proskine). She was born in French Woods in 1859.

The gathering of the children and grandchildren of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis, together with other relatives and friends, was to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of their wedding.

Six daughters and three sons with their husbands and wives and children constitute the immediate family of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis. One daughter, Jeannette, died in 1921. In all, there are thirty-seven in the family circle; namely, Mr. and Mrs. R.B. Lewis of Hancock, Miss Henrietta Lewis of Catskill, Dr. & Mrs. Burt W. Lewis & son John of Anderson, Indiana, Mr. & Mrs. Edgar D. Lewis of Barryville, Mr. & Mrs. (Rosa) W. Ray Elmore & children Florence, Duane, Charles, Floyd, Kenneth, Francis, Russell, Dorothy and Irving of South Fallsburgh, Mr. & Mrs. (Minna) Lynn Leonard and children Eloise and Maurice of Hancock, Mr. & Mrs. Sherman R. Lewis and son Barney of Mountainville, Mr. & Mrs. (Florence) Harry Stickles and sons Robert and Clarence of Kingston, Mr. & Mrs. (Bessie) Ray C. Mudge and son Donald of Lynbrook, L.I., Mr. & Mrs. (Inez) Wallace Blake & sons Herbert and Perry of Oneonta.

All were present with the exception of a son-in-law Harry Stickles and sons Robert & Clarence, who were detained at home on account of illness, and Lynn Leonard. Other guests present were: Rev. John Weinhauer, pastor of the local Baptist Church and wife; Jerry Lewis (Mr. Lewis' brother) and wife and two grandsons, George and Leo Sayer of Middletown and Mr. Mudge (Bessie's father-in-law) of Lynbrook, L.I.

Fancy wedding cakes bearing the dates 1876 - 1926 were made and presented by Mrs. Sherman R. Lewis and Mrs. W. Ray Elmore. At 1 o'clock a chicken dinner, with all "fixings", was served to the forty guests present, after which each person read an appropriate article bearing on himself or herself which was found in the place cards on the on the table, written by Mrs. W. Ray Elmore. This caused much merriment and laughter. A poem, written by Mrs. Harry Stickles, entitled "Some Fifty Years Ago" was read by Miss Florence Elmore and greatly enjoyed by all. The program closed by the singing of "Blest Be The Tie That Binds". Mr. & Mrs. Lewis were presented with fifty dollars on gold plates. Rev. J.F. Weinhauer, their pastor presented them with a pretty wedding booklet in which the autographs of all persons present were written.

Lewis - Houck Wedding
June 19, 1930

Miss Claudia Frances Houck of Walton and Mrs. Russell S. Lewis of Hancock, were united in marriage at Franklin May 31, by Rev. S.E. Sergeant. The bride is a graduate of the Walton training class and is teaching at the Hamden Hill school. Mr. Lewis is employed as a lineman by the American Telephone and Telegraph Company.

Wedding of Edna May Lewis
Hancock Herald
August 20, 1931

Saturday evening, August 15, Miss Edna May Lewis of East Branch was united in marriage to Louis Misner of Honesdale, PA by Justice of the Peace F.J. McMorris at his office here in the presence of the bride's father, Samuel C. Lewis of East Branch and A.A. Fancher of this place. If the old proverb "practice makes perfect" holds good, Fred will soon be adept in the art of tying knots. - Fishs Eddy.

Edna May Lewis Wedding
August 20, 1931

Saturday evening, Augsut 15th, Miss Edna May Lewis of East Branch was united in marriage to Louis Misner of Honesdale, PA by Justice of the Peace F.J. McMorris at his office here in the presence of the bride's father, Samuel C. Lewis of East Branch and A.A. Fancher of this place. If the old proverb "practice makes perfect" holds good, Fred will soon be adept in the art of tying knots.
- Fishs Eddy

John W. Lewis

HANCOCK HERALD - Sept. 19, 1935

John W. Lewis of Westside, Iowa, brother of Robert B. Lewis of RD Hancock died September 8 at the age of 83. He was born in City Brook, lived in Fishs Eddy and went west when he was 18 years old and returned east only once and that was about 45 years ago.

BJ's Note: John W. Lewis, son of Sherman S. Lewis & Clarissa Fuller was born on March 7, 1852. He married Florence C. Miner, daughter of Thomas Miner and Phoebe Hall. Florence died sometime between 1925 and 1930 in Westside, Crawford Co., Iowa.

Robert B. Lewis - 50 Years
May, 1936 - Hancock

Fifty years ago, May 16, 1876, Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Lewis were married at Fishs Eddy, town of Hancock by Milton H. Maynard. They first began housekeeping up City Brook, a lumbering center about nine miles east of Hancock. Their first home was a log house built by Mr. Lewis' father in 1849, where in 1857 Mr. Lewis was born. The golden wedding was celebrated in Hancock by 37 in the family circle. Mrs. Lewis was the daughter of Alexander Proskine, who was the son of one of Napoleon Bonapart's personal bodyguards, Jean Baptiste Christopher Prosquine (Proskine). She was born in French Woods in 1859.

Hancock Herald - May 21, 1936
Mr. & Mrs. Lewis 60 Years Married
Joyous Reunion At South Fallsburgh Saturday
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lewis, longtime residents of Hancock, celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on Saturday at the home of a daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Elmore, South Fallsburgh. The Lewises are respectively 79 and 77 and in good health and spirits.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis have spent most of their lives on farms at Hancock, where they both take an active part today. They keep a cow and annually raise 400 to 500 chickens, besides cultivating a garden. For a number of years Mr. Lewis was in the lumber business in Delaware County and made as many as fifty trips on log rafts down river as far as Philadelphia.
Mrs. Lewis, before her marriage, was Julia Proskine, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Proskine of Fish's Eddy. Among the children present besides the hosts were Mr. & Mrs. B.W. Lewis, Anderson, Ind.; Mr. & Mrs. Sherman R. Lewis & son Barney, Washingtonville; Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Lewis, Port Ewen; Mrs. Minna Leonard, son Sherman, Mr. & Mrs. Morris Leonard, Mrs. Wilbur Phillips & four children and Walter Soules, Hancock; Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Mudge, Oceanside; Mr. & Mrs. Walter Blake, Oneonta; Mr. & Mrs. Harry Stickles, Kingston & Miss Henrietta Lewis, Catskill. Sherman Lewis is master of Orange County Pomona Grange.

Wedding of George W. Lewis
Hancock Herald
September 24, 1936

Married at the Hancock Baptist Parsonage by the Rev. S.A. Allen on September 20 were George W. Lewis of East Branch and Cora E. Bennett of Lakewood, PA. They will reside in Lakewood.

Wedding of Georgena M. Lewis
Hancock Herald
September 29, 1938

At a home wedding last Thursday (September 22), Miss Georgena M. Lewis, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Lewis of Middletown, was married to Edward W. Bouchoux, only son of Mrs. Lottie Persbacker of Hancock, at the home of the bride's paternal grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. E.M. Lewis in East Branch. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Roscoe Strivings, pastor of Emery Methodist Church in Hancock.

Marie Lewis Bride of William P. Wright
December, 1938

Marie I. Lewis and William P. Wright were united in marriage at the Hancock Methodist Episcopal parsonage by the Rev. Roscoe S. Strivings on Saturday, December 17th at 6:00 p.m. They were attended by Helen Wright, sister of the groom and Ned Crosby. Present were parents of the bride and groom, Mr. & Mrs. E. Guy Lewis of Middletown, formerly of Hancock and East Branch and Mr. & Mrs. Dwight D. Wright of Cadosia.

The bride wore a dress of dusty rose and the bridesmaid a dress of King Blue. Accessories were corsages of Talisman roses. Immediately following the ceremony a dinner was served at the Risley home, covers being placed for twenty-seven, including members of the immediate families and seven fraternity brothers of Mr. Wright from Rider College, Trenton, N.J. After the reception, Mr. & Mrs. Wright left by motor on a trip to Niagara Falls. Upon their return, they will occupy a furnished apartment in the Busfield block on East Front Street.

Miss Lewis was graduated with the class of 1936 of Hancock Central School and later completed a course in beauty culture in Binghamton. Mr. Wright was also a member of the class of 1936, H.C.S., and in August last completed a business course in Rider College, Trenton. He now conducts the general store at Cadosia.

The best wishes of a wide circle of friends are extended to the popular young couple.

Wedding of Irene Lewis
Tompkins - Lewis
(East Branch correspondent)
April 1940

Saturday evening, April 6, at the East Branch parsonage, Rev. Otto Schenk united in marriage Irene Lewis and Clinton Tompkins, both of Liberty. The bride was attired in a powder blue dress with Floradorable hat and corresponding accessories. Her corsage was talisman rosebuds. They were attended by the parents of the bride, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Lewis. Irene was a graduate of the class of 1939 of Hancock Central School. A gathering was held Sunday in honor of the occasion at the home of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. E.M. Lewis. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. E. Bouchoux and son Jerry, Mr. and Mrs. W. Wright and daughter June and Helen and Judy Wright of Hancock. After a brief honeymoon, the couple returned to Liberty, where Mr. Tompkins is a merchant.

Hancock Herald - May, 1942

The marriage of Sherman R. Lewis and C. May Vail was solemnized in the bride's home at Cornwall-on-Hudson, N.Y. at 2:00 p.m., May 16, 1942.

Mr. Lewis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Lewis of Hancock, N.Y., graduated from Hancock High School in the class of 1905 and received his B.S. degree from Cornell University in 1914. Since that time he has been engaged in farming in Orange County for several years and has been operating his own farm at Washingtonville, NY. He has been active in several farm organizations and is a past master of his local Grange and of the Orange County Pomona Grange.

The bride is a daughter of Carrie M. and the late William T. Vail of Cornwall-on-Hudson and for several years has been head bookkeeper for C.E. Cooks' Sons of Cornwall-on-Hudson. The hamlet of Vails' Gate near Cornwall was named after the bride's great grandfather, James Vail who kept the toll gate.

The Hancock Herald - January 6, 1944
Robert B. Lewis

The death of Robert B. Lewis occurred at his home in Hancock, December 31, 1943. He had been in failing health being weakened from the flu nearly two years ago.

Mr. Lewis had lived his entire life in the town of Hancock, along the branches of the Delaware river, and was one of the few remaining of his kind to link the days of the pioneer with the present. He was the fifth child born to Sherman S. Lewis and Clarissa Fuller Lewis, who had built a log house up City Brook - where the couple lived, when Robert was born March 3, 1857. But two of the family now remain, Jerry of Middletown and Frank of Miami.

Mr. Lewis occasionally related some of the facts of his early life lived up City Brook and at Fishs Eddy where the family bought the place near the two bridges crossing the river when Robert was yet a boy. His Aunt Sophronia Norwood lived in another log house up City Brook, a mile or so this way from Robert's home. This aunt was proficient in making shoes, making them for her own family and those of her brother. Farther up from Robert's home there was a third log house where lived Rantez Parks, who worked for Robert's father, but in winter made buckskin gloves to sell, having more orders than he could fill. He remembered the old cemetery in the knoll before the river in front of the Tyler Switch school house, which disappeared with the coming of the "Midland" railroad. Robert's father had a saw mill at the foot of City Brook Falls.

In those early days Robert's folks were the only ones owning a horse. When spring came the horse was borrowed even by those at the river to do the ploughing, and Robert went along to ride the animal.

At the time the family moved to Fish's Eddy, there were no bridges over the river. The only way of getting across was by fording the stream, or driving on the ice, or by row boat. The work of getting people over in the boat fell largely to young Robert.

In 1876 Robert married Miss Julia M. Proskine, daughter of Matilda LaFave and Alexander Proskine of the same place. They began housekeeping up City Brook in the log house where Robert was born. But one child, Burt, was born in this same log house. A few years later a new house was built farther down the brook near a good spring.

Up City Brook Mr. Lewis was engaged in lumbering for the Wheelers.

After a bad fire, Mr. Lewis moved his family to Hancock where he purchased the Gibson homestead near Little Falls, where when his father was a boy there was a water power gristmill. At times Mr. Lewis sold milk throughout the village.

In 1922, Mr. Lewis bought the Marve Knight farm along the Peas Eddy Road, where he resided when death came.

For years Mr. Lewis had been a devoted member and liberal supporter of the Hancock Baptist church.

The funeral was held in the Henderson Funeral Parlors on Sunday, January 2d, with Rev. Carl Elgena of the Hancock Baptist church conducting the service. Burial was in the family plot in Riverview cemetery. The pall bearers were: Roscoe Kingsbury, H.J. DeGraw, Frank Chamberlain, Henry Scoville, Perry Hoffman, Jr. and Vernie Morse.

Besides the aged wife of his youth, nine children survive, and seven were present for the funeral; Miss Etta of Kingston, Edgar of Port Ewen, Mrs. W. Ray Elmore of Fallsburg, Mrs. Minna Leonard of Deposit, Sherman of Washingtonville, Mrs. Ray Mudge of Oceanside and Mrs. Wallace Blake of Oneonta. Mrs. Harry Stickles of Florida and Burt of Indiana wired they could not be present.

There are nineteen grandchildren and eleven great grandchildren, and several of these were present Sunday, besides sons-in-law.

The flowers given by loved ones, friends and the church, bedecked the coffin, testifying to the esteem held for the departed one.

Transcribed by: BJ Shawd Email:

Transcript of
Julia Proskine Lewis Obituary

from March 23, 1944 - Hancock

Mrs. Julia M. Lewis, 84, widow of Robert B. Lewis, all of her long and useful life a resident of the Town of Hancock, died at her home in Hancock on March 15. She was a daughter of the late Alex Proskine of Fishs Eddy and was born in the French Woods section of Hancock. She is survived by the following children: Miss Etta Lewis, Kingston; Dr. Burt Lewis, Anderson, Ind.; Edgar Lewis, Port Ewen; Mrs. Ray Elmore, South Fallsburg; Mrs. Minna Leonard, Deposit; Sherman R. Lewis, Washingtonville; Mrs. Harry Stickles, Florida; Mrs. Ray Mudge, Lynbrook; Mrs. Wallace Blake, Oneonta. Also surviving are 21 grandchildren, 18 great-grandchildren and one brother, Alex Proskine of North Creek.

Bessie Lewis - Ray Mudge 25th Wedding Anniversary
Hancock Herald - June, 1949

Twenty-five years ago, Bessie Lewis, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lewis, was married to Ray C. Mudge, a New York City printer, in the Hancock Baptist Church. Last Saturday the 25th anniversary of that happy occasion was just as happily celebrated at the Mudge home, Peas Eddy Road.

There were songs and speeches and family reminiscences and a bountiful dinner. Of the nine living children of the late Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lewis, eight were present, besides grandchildren and great grandchildren. Besides the bride and groom of a quarter-century ago, the guests included the following: Edgar D. and Grace L. Lewis, Barryville; Jerry Lewis, Middletown; Harry and Florence C. Stickles, Kingston; Sherman R. and May V. Lewis, Washingtonville; Etta Lewis, Hancock, Nina Mudge Sills, Horseheads; Florence E. Gehrke, South Fallsburg; May L. Whittaker and Addella M. Whittaker, Woodburne; Donald L. and Ruth E. Mudge and their two sons Nathan and Danny, Onaquaga; Wilma Kingsbury, Hancock, Minna Leonard, Deposit; Florence Smith, Holland Patent; Susan Warfield, Hancock; Eloise Phillips, Hancock, Evelyn Kilmer and Barbara Jean Kilmer, Walton; Mrs. Maurice Leonard, Virginia Sands, Hancock; Rosa Lewis Elmore and her son Edgar, South Fallsburgh; Inez Blake, Oneonta; Ila M. Hahn, Sidney Center; Dr. and Mrs. E. Leigh Mudge, Hancock.

BJ's Note: Bessie Lewis and Ray Mudge were married on June 30, 1924.

Guy Lewis 42nd Wedding Anniversary
Hancock Herald
August 19, 1956

On Sunday last, the 42nd wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Lewis of Walton, formerly of Hancock, was observed with a family picnic at the Green Flats Cottage on the river.

Robert Kenneth Lewis Wedding
February 13, 1964

Miss Marilyn Elaine Johnson, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. William Johnson of Cadosia, became the bride of Robert Kenneth Lewis, son of Mrs. & Mrs. Kenneth Lewis of Callicoon on January 18th in St. Paul's Roman Catholic Church in Hancock. The attendants were Miss Anita Louis Sutliff of Hancock, cousin of the bride and Miss Patricia Diane Johnson, of Owego, niece of the bride. Maurice Roche of Callicoon was best man, James Hillriegle of Roscoe, brother in law of the groom and Alfred W. Johnson of Owego, nephew of the bride were ushers.

Letter from Burt W. Lewis to
the Sherman S. Lewis Family Reunion Committee

July 26, 1964

Burt W. Lewis
220 West Eleventh Street
Anderson, Indiana

To the Sherman S. Lewis clan.

First we desire to thank the committee for the notification of, and the invitation to attend the Lewis Family Reunion. It is a long time from 1824 when Sherman S. Lewis was born to July 26, 1964 when his descendants are going to gather in Kingston, New York. Six generations have been born since then, but of the generation immediately following Sherman S., none remain - Jerry Lewis who died October 14, 1963 being the last survivor of that generation.

Our Reunion presents two phases - first, that concerning the middle age group who are concerned about the things of the present, the everyday activities and responsibilities; the second group who are planning for their tomorrows.To the younger members of the clan, the Reunion will be the actual meeting and mingling of relatives, some children and older members of the Lewis blood line.

However, for some of us with tottering step and dimmed vision, this clan meeting seems very far distant from our day, our real reunion, of fact, necessarily must be a "memory" meeting with our associates, those whom we loved and cherished but who now have taken up residence in the land beyond tears and sorrows.

We understand the meaning of the statement - "When a person gets old, he knows more dead people than living people."
Maude and I through the months of the past year have really anticipated a glad meeting with you - young and older members of the clan. But my vision and Maude's heart condition have determined other plans.

Our friends and relatives have convinced us that it would be the height of folly and a dangerous undertaking for us under the present circumstances. Therefore, this communication must be a substitute for our being there.

The Sherman S. Lewis clan, if vitalized and awakened, would find itself far expanded and inspired by the hovering spirts of Sherman S. Lewis and Clarissa Fuller Lewis and their descendants - Martha Lewis Layman, Josephine Lewis Howard, Ellen Lewis Harter, Mary Lewis Rourk, Robert Lewis, Julius Lewis, Jerry Lewis and Troylus Lewis. Henrietta, Melvin and Frank left no descendants.

Perhaps someday the "Family Spirit" may reach into every home of the members relative to the persons mentioned above.

I am enclosing a check in the sum of Two Dollars for Robert B. and Julia M. Lewis whose spirits certainly are in the midst of your meeting.

Our very best wishes for every member of the clan, for those present and for those absent. With regrets for not being with you, with deep love and with good wishes, we are sincerely,

Burt & Maude Lewis

BJ's Note: Burt Lewis was the son of Robert B. Lewis & Julia Proskine Lewis. He was born on January 12, 1879 in Hancock, Delaware Co., NY and died on December 20, 1967 in Anderson, Indiana.

Burt W. Lewis Letter to the
Sherman S. Lewis Family Reunion Committee

July 27, 1966

Burt W. Lewis
220 West Eleventh Street
Anderson, Indiana

From the senior member of the Lewis Clan to each member: My dearest Relatives,

As I sit at the typewriter to send you a greeting, my mind is crowded with many memories, - some bringing happiness and others sadness. I turn the pages of time backward and see unbroken homes, beaming with joyful people, some young and some old and all emanating hope, anticipating success and oblivious, happily, to the disappointments down the road. Pleasant indeed are the memories reflected from this page of the Book of Time.

But the other side of the page is different. Old age has crept into the midst of the older members of the Lewis family. Death has pushed open the doors of many homes and snatched away loved ones whose memories this very clan meeting today purposes to perpetuate and to evaluate. The good book states that other men have labored and we have entered into their labors. While we meet on those old premises which could speak of many people and their relationships, may we pause long enough to comprehend the service, the sorrow, the planning and the sacrifices which our forebears made for us; may this comprehension make us grateful for our hertitage and prompt us to leave a worthwhile heritage for the families which shall follow us.

A few of the older members of the clan may ask; How are the Hoosier relatives? Well, Burt is no younger, but he is holding his own. He is driving his auto after a rest of a year and a half because of two cataract operations. However, he is forced to quit some of the many repair jobs which he has been doing for this big house during the past fifty years. Maude is still visiting the doctors for her heart and sinus conditions. She has had a few severe attacks of angina, but has been able to overcome the ill effects from them. She has suffered from the heart condition which a sufferer learns to "live with".

John, our son who lives in Muncie, twenty miles northeast of Anderson, had a gall bladder operation about six weeks ago. He has fully recovered. His family, a son 19 and a daughter 16, and helpful wife are well, contributing their parts to make a happy family.

The following will be of interest to the members of the clan who have visited us and know the location of our home. There is one building, a real estate office, between our home and the federal loan, The Anderson Loan and the Hiday Funeral Home. The Episcopal Church is enlarging their structure just beyond the real estate office. We really are in the midst of the business section of the city. It will be of "special interest" to Robert and Hildred to learn that we are still looking for a smaller home. The lady (real estate operator) next door is waiting for us to tell her when she can take over the property.

Your meeting today looks backward 236 years to the landing of John Lewis from Ireland. May the Irish, Welch and English blood of the Lewis clan leave in it's trail only a heritage of honor, integrity and happiness!

Burt W. Lewis

BJ's Note: Burt Lewis was the son of Robert B. Lewis & Julia Proskine Lewis. He was born on January 12, 1879 in Hancock, Delaware Co., NY and died on December 20, 1967 in Anderson, Indiana.

Effie Lewis

Hancock Herald - September, 1967

Mrs. Effie Lewis, 95, died suddenly at the home of her granddaughter, Mrs. Alice Kittle, 9 Martha Street, Binghamton, Monday at 8:30 p.m. She is survived by three sons, Lyman R. Lewis, RD 1, Vestal, Codie Q. Lewis, Walton and Fenton T. Lewis, Norwich, 27 grandchildren, 72 great grandchildren, 141 great great grandchildren, 50 great great great grandchildren, a step-sister - Mrs. Hazel Lord, Hancock, also several nieces, nephews and cousins.

Funeral services will be held Thursday at 11 a.m. at the Allen Memorial Home, 511-513 E. Main Street, Endicott. Reverend Thomas G. Swales, DD, pastor of the Boulevard Methodist Church will officiate. Burial will be in Fish's Eddy Cemetery.

The family will receive friends at the memorial home today from 2 to 4 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m.

BJ's Note: Mary Effie Villefranche was born on January 14, 1872 in French Woods, Delaware Co. and was the daughter of Victor A. Villefranche and Ann Eliza Leonard. She died on September 11, 1967. She was the widow of Troillus Jessie Lewis, son of Sherman S. Lewis & Clarissa Fuller. Troillus died on December 1, 1902 in an accident on the O & W Railroad.

C. May Vail Lewis
Mrs. Sherman R. Lewis, 74

Mrs. C. May (Vail) Lewis, 74, a 30-year resident of Washingtonville, Orange County, died Sunday, May 17 at New Paltz Nursing home after a long illness. She was an aunt by marriage to Mrs. Eloise Phillips and Maurice Leonard of Hancock. Mrs. Lewis was born May 30, 1898 in Cornwall, the daughter of William T. and Carrie (Smith) Vail. She married Sherman Lewis, a son of the late Mrs. and Mrs. Robert Lewis of Hancock and he preceded her in death. Survivors include two sisters, Mrs. Jennie Brooks of Cornwall and Miss Dorothea Vail of Leonia, NJ; a stepson, Gordon K. Lewis of El Paso, Texas, several nieces, nephews and cousins. She was a retired bookkeeper. Her body reposed at the Ferguson Funeral Home in Washingtonville until Wednesday when services were held at 1 p.m. at the First Presbyterian Church, Washingtonville. The Rev. Lyle MacLaury was the officiating clergyman and burial was in Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Mountainville.

Ronald Rexford Lewis Wedding
August, 1973

The Harvard Methodist Church was the setting for a beautiful summer wedding on Saturday, August 18, 1973, when Miss Carolyn Eileen Tweedie, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Tweedie of Binghamton, became the bride of Ronald Rexford Lewis, son of Mr. & Mrs. Rexford Lewis of East Branch. Miss Deborah Joan Tweedie, sister of the bride, was maid of honor. Bridesmaids were Miss Joyce Hessney and Miss Bonnie Voelke, friends of the bride. Michele Hood, niece of the groom, was flower girl. Edward Werner, friend of the groom, served as best man. Ushers were Richard Lyons, cousin of the groom, and David Walker of Harvard, friend of the groom.

bill for headstone engraving
Bill from Liberty Marble & Granite Works dated May 6, 1899 for the engraving on Sherman S. Lewis' headstone

bill for casket and hearse
A bill from G.E. Beers dated August 17, 1898 for the casket & hearse for Sherman S. Lewis' funeral

bill from Dr. Robert Brittain

A bill from Dr. Robert Brittain dated March 28, 1898 for my gggrandfather Sherman S. Lewis' medical treatment.

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