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Index of Boaz Searles' Doctors log. Dated 1797 to 1806.

I wish I could have deciphered the entire log but the pages were so brittle they literally crumbled in my hands. So rather than destroy the contents I just took the names from the index. Researchers should enjoy it though; I recognize many of the names folks have been searching for. Maybe it'll be a window for someone. Part of the index is missing and hard to read as pages have faded and the calligraphy is hard to read. A special thank you goes to Roy Searles for lending me this wonderful piece of his family history to look at and read. While this is a wonderful piece of Town of Middletown history it will also serve as a bookmark for those looking for long lost relatives. This will let you know Dr Boaz Searle treated the people in the index during the above dates. Dr Searles worked in the Griffins Corners (Fleischmanns) area. The index starts on C. - Vesti Snyder, Town of Middletown Historian, May 14, 2000.

Abram Coon               Paul Chapman             William Coomer           
David Conkleton          Alexander Cochburn       Thomas Crosby Esq        
James Christian          Parker Crosby            Elias Coon               
John Carney              David Curtis             Abram Canief             
Hopkins Crosby           Eliphelot Comstock       Har on Carlient          
Ezra Close               Mr Close                 Samuel Cranston          
John Carol               Jossie Crosby            Hawley Canfield          
Ann Cannif               Henrey Cole              Angus Cammiel            
James Crosby             Jonathan Canfield        Cromwell Castle          
Josiah Canfield          Wm Craten                Sarah Carman             
David Clark              Samuel Covel             Thomas Crosley           
Benjamin Crosby          Thomas Cole              James Carroll            
Chambers Crosby          Jacob Craft              Jacob A Cuboin           
Syl HJ Canfield                                                            
Shubil Dimick            Perez Dimick             William Dean             
Gideon Dimick            John Drew                Isaac Dilamater          
David Dumond             David Disbro             Egenos Dumond            
Wm Briskel               Wm Denton                Noah Dimick              
Thomas Denton            Wm Davenport             Ms Molly Davenport       
Gilbert Daughorty        Eli Daves                David Darling            
Wm Dolittle              Joseph Dimick            John Decker              
Peggy Disbor             Abram Delemater          Joseph Daughorty         
Jacob Dubois             Corm Delamater           Wm Decker                
Hiram Dubois             Ivon Dimick              Jacob Decta              
Martin Dubois            Burham Dimick            Jamie Dimick             
Wm Dickson                                                                 
Noah Ellis Esq           Daniel Ellis             Luther Eustead           
Triah Every Dr           Mary Erskine             Ruben Every              
Joseph Every             Barnet Eighmey           Elias eighmey            
Philip Eighmey           benjamin Eighmey         Benjamin Eighmey         
Jacobus Elling           Richard Every            Clark Eldrige            
Elijah Ellis             James Eaton              Robert Every             
Charles Ellis                                                              
Thomas Fan               Major Charles Fay        Thomas Fallimier         
M Fowler                 Richard Fransicso        Thomas Foster            
Jal Francher             Phebe Finch              Daniel Frasier           
M Falkner                DS Freer                 Wm Fasier                
Henry Foster             Johnathan Field          M Ferguson               
Daniel Griffen           John Ganung              Wm Goodfellows           
David Garretson          Dr Elnathan Gregory      Marey Greenfield         
John Grant               Isaac Graham             Hubbart Graves           
Walter Griffen           John P Gregory           Elijah Grant             
Gilbert Ganung           Greg Griffen             Grove Graham             
Cornelius Griffen        William Griffin          Isreal Graham            
Richard Goodridge        Smith Green              A Ganung                 
Darent Griffen           H Garretson              John C Griffin           
Asa Grant                M Gilbert                Abel Gould jr            
Matthew Hubbel           Josiah Hinkley           Amasa Hall               
Wm Heviland              Nathan Hinkley           Alijah Hinkley           
John Hangh               Wm Howard                Ebenezer Hull            
John Hinkley             John Hamond              Sylvanus Hewlit          
Elijah Hewlit            Joseph Hubbel            Jerema Hayze             
George Hewit             Elijah Hewit             James Hoaghtaling        
Jonathan Houghtaling     John Hawk                John Halpord             
George Hunt              Matha Hall               Charles Hewit            
Malikail Hobort          Wm Haymon                Robert Hilbert           
Justice Horton           Enod Hubbel              Wm Windfull              
Jacob Halstoad           Elelm Hawsand            Jacob Hill               
Judfor Haynes            John Horton              David Hull               
Peter Hull               David Haight             Seth Hull                
Hulday Hall              Merit Hubbel             Joseph Halstead          
Samuel Hill              Joseph Haynes            Samuel Hill              
Millo Hubbel             Henry Hubbel             Eben Hawk                
Eseck Inman                                                                
Samuel Jenkins           Sniffen Jenkins          Nathaniel Jenkins        
Isaac Jackson            Robert Jonson            Miken Jackson            
Truman Judd                                                                
Erastus Kirkland         Reuben Kelley            Peter Kittle             
Sniffen Kelley           Samuel Kelley            Sylvanus Kelley          
Zebidee Kelley           Phinehas "david"Kelley   Jonathan Kelley          
Ephraim Kelley           Abram Krum               Nathaniel Kent           
David Kelley jr          John Kline               Tomas Kelley             
Joshua Kelley            William Kittle           Jerimiah Kittle          
Rachel Kelley            Matilda Kingman          Hiram Kelley             
Isaac Keator             Joseph Kelley            Phime Kelley             
Joseph Kelley            Josh Kelley              Justice Kelley           
Frederick Kittle                                                           
James Lawles             M Joel Loomis            Jepe Learned             
David Leman              Melvin Lankins           Jamie Lewis              
Stephen Lawrence         John Lee Jr              Michael Lawon            
Mogoten(?) Landon        Asa Lee                                           
Ruth Learned             Abram Lee                Jonathan Lee             
Anthony Lousett                                                            
Tunis Mekell             Benj Milk Esq.           Asa Moore                
James Mills              John May                 Samuel Miller            
Thom McCalpin            James McCalpin           Jepe Marvin              
James Mead               Sylvanus Matthews        David Marks              
Abram Maize              Benj McIntire            Stephen Mdintire         
Stephen Mallhinsoy       Edmund Maize             Johsia Moseman           
John Morrison            Trobridge Mill           Stephen Mullen           
John Mullen              James Mead               Gideon Morey             
John Murphy              Jubel L Munson           John Milk                
M. Mead                  Montgomery Noble         Matt William             
Ruben Montaugh           John May                 John Money               
Samuel Merwin            Eli Mead                 Isiah Morrels            
William Milk             Abram Mizener            Stephen Merwin           
John Marks               M. Movier                John Mekeel              
John Moon                Thomas Murphey           John Mindence            
John Maybee              Henry Mynes              Gerod Misener            
Joseph Mekeel            Charles Mekeel           M. Daniel Mater          
Harvey Mead              Jonas Mullenex                                    
Thomas Netcher           Cornelius Neversink      Walter Norris            
Putnum Newton            Ephraim Newton                                    
Nathaniel Older - -overseer of the poor for the town of Shandaken                                                           
James Oniel              Elias Ousterhout         John D Older             
Wm Oniel                 Margaret Olmstead        Solomon Ousterhoudt      
Zachariah Ousterhoudt    John Ousterhoudt         -------- Olmstead        
Hiram Osburn                                                               
Joshua Parker            Seth Parker              Josiah Packer            
James Phenix             Mr Pensia                Jetti Parker             
Abram Palmatier          Lemuel Potter            Matthew Phenix           
James Phenix             Abram Pelham             Salley Powel             
Joseph Pelham            Daniel Pelham            Daniel Delaney           
Amos Parker              Elijah Parker            Aron Potter              
Mr Place                 Noah Parder              Cobu Phenix              
Joseph Pelham                                                              
Q (NONE)                                                                   
David R Rogers Esq       Zipron Reed              John Reed                
Issacher Robinson        Joham Round              Ebenz Robinson           
Phebe Robinson           Samuel Reed              Theophilus Reaveley      
Zen Robinson             Matthias Redman          Ezchiel Reed             
Samuel Reed              Josiah Robert            Samuel Round             
Abner Rose               May Robert               Daniel robinson          
Levi Robinson            Nicholas Redmond                                  
Thomas Savage            Thomas Sackwell          Isaac Sachson            
Jacob Staples            Russel Stone             George Sherman           
Mark Sumoners            James C Smead            Silas Smith              
Eben Steenrod jr         Edward Steenrod          Charles Smith            
Caleb Slacum             Isaac Stocum             Danius Sanford           
Ezekiel sanford          Cynenus Sanford          Aron Stilson             
Robert Smith             Christopher Smith        Horace Stone             
Salmon Scott             Noble Simmons            Samuel Smith             
Jane Smith               Lebus Simuns             James Slack              
Nick Sluyter             Col. Stone               David Parker Smith       
Elijah Simons            Samuel Sands             Abel Sands               
Thomas Savage Jr         Lusy Savog               Jones Sluyter            
Isaac Slack              Elijah Slanton           David Sweet              
Wm Sanford               David Stratton           Gilbert Stephen          
Isacc Stephen            Thankful Sackwell        Nedebiah Smith           
Benjamin Smith           Rufus Stanton            Daniel Sweet             
Jonathan Smith           Jacob smith              James Sutton             
Wartstil Searle          T. Spicer                Thomas Sweet             
Asakel Stanton           T. Savage                Peter Sluyter            
John Steenrod            John Symond              Wm Stanton               
Jacob Spicer Sr          Thomas Sisect Sr         Calab Sweet              
Robert Slack             Edwin A Stewart          Eber Sweet               
Charlie Sanford          Valentine Sweet          Gilbert Sickler          
Charity Smith            Kpse[j S,otj             Solomon Segar            
Nettie Searle                                                              
Isaac Travers            Ephram Turner            Samuel Todo              
Elijah Tubbs             Jack Turner              Eber Trunston            
John Tomkins             Zekiel Tyler             Amos Tubbs               
Daniel Tomkins           Judge Townsend           Everit Trip              
John Townsend            Sibble Tubbs             Mary Tomkins             
Isaac Travice            Gilbert Tomkins          L. Tubbs                 
Chauncey Tubbs           Robert Townsend          Cornelius Tappen         
Jacob Tompkins           Elijah Tomkins           Thomas Tomkins           
Anthony Smith            Polly Sutton             Ab Swart      

This is all that remains of the index- I can't tell you exact dates or what they were treated for. If a name isn't spelled the way you think it should be I apologize, and your spellings are more than likely correct. This was faded and difficult to read, but it's another window to the past that is now preserved for us all to enjoy.

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