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Delaware Academy, Delhi, N.Y.

Delaware Academy, formerly located on lower Main Street, Delhi ( circa 1920 )

photo courtesy of Malcolm R. McNaughton, June 28, 2008

the following is from John W. Claude:

I believe that the photo posted here by Malclm MCNaughton is, as noted, the building that served as school until 1941. The "new" school opened that fall on a hill across the valley from the "old" school & is the core building today.

I have a photo of an older [pre 1900] Delaware Academy high school that stood quite near the '1920' building. This older building was a large white structure complete with 5 wooden pillars-this building was located to the left of the '1920s' building & was used by both village based students [townies] and kids that lived out in the country [farmers]. My mom was a farm kid [Scotch Mountain] that drove her horse to school on Monday morning, stabled it in a livery stable for the week, then drove back to the farm on Friday night. During the week, she lived in a boarding house where teachers, principal & his family also lived. The boarding house area was located between the area occupied by the '1920' school building and Steele Brooke. Boys were located on lower floors; girls on the higher floors. [Rumours suggest that the external stairs intended to be used as a fire escape- if quietly negotiated-could be a very interesting and informative place!!]

After WW2, Delhi Tech [aka as 'the Ag school'] purchased/obtained all of the Delaware Academy buildings . The former boarding house facilities were converted into apartments for faculty; the 1920s era building was torn down & the 'pre-1900' school building was used for classes, then for storage. All of these reminders of an eralier era were removed by SUNY as part of their expansion -probably in the 1965-75 era. Today the entire hill is covered by facilities for SUNY@ Delhi-a remarkable transition in a period of =/- 100 years.

Delaware Academy has also greatly expanded on the hill where the school was located in 1939. Graduates of "DA" are very proud of the school where we grew into men & women; in fact, some old grads continue to socialize & be friends-even 50 years later!!

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