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COLLECTION of Delaware County Deeds

DEED from George Frisbee & wife Mary of Roxbury, Delaware Co, NY to David Smith of same place for $400.00 acre near Presbyterian Meeting House Lot Dated 27 May 1846
In presence of R.B. Smith signed George Frisbee / Mary Frisbee
Filed 30 May 1846 D.M. Smith, J.P.

DEED from John Lee & wife Mitty Lee of Roxbury, Delaware Co, NY to John Follet, of same palce Dated 1 Apr 1836 $820.00 for Lot # 222 in town ship tract 41 acres
Signed in presence of J. E. Burhans / D. Burhans Signed by John Lee / Mitty Lee
Recorded in Liber No. 17 page 556 7 Feb 1838
5 April 1836 John Lee & wife Mitty Lee*
* Submitt Lee examined by J.E. Burhans, Commissioner

DEED Ezekiel Prteston & Cornelia, wis wife of Roxbury, Delaware Co, NY to David Smith of same place Dated 14 Jan 1836 for $150.00 Quit Claim for Dubon Burham Store Lot 2/10 of an acre in town of Roxbury
Signed in Presence of J.E. Burhans Signed Ezekiel Preston / Cornelia L. Preston
Recorded in Liber O of Deeds page 248 21 Jan 1836

DEED from Benjamin Frisbee & wife of Roxbury, Delaware Co, NY to Thomas C. Keator of Johnstown, Montgomery Co, NY dated 12 Feb 1811 for $1259.00 for lot #19 in Great Wardenbergh Patent in Roxbury, Delaware Co, NY, next to William Mathers Lot
Signed as Wittness: Philip Walker, Jr. / Michael Gattison / Joseph G. Leater
Recorded 23 Jun 1815

DEED from William Preston of Roxbury, Delaware Co, NY to David Smith for South end of Lot #167, bounded by lots of Thomas Mackey, David Smith, Joseph Andrews and Edward Gums. Dated 16 May 1816. Signed as Wittnesses: Otis Preston (Judge of Delaware Common Pleas) / Harriet Preston
Signed William Preston / Elizabeth Preston (also noted as Betsy Preston, wife of William Preston
Filed 27 May 1818 recorded Liber E of Deeds page 282

DEED from Nicholas Tiffany of Roxbury, Delaware Co, NY to Benjamin Frisbee dated 29 Apr 1807 for $150.00 Quit Claim for of lot #41 of Gardenberger Patent to release granted to Nathaniel Tiffany by James Desbrosses on 1 May 1794
Signed in presence of Reuben Philley / John Hallott Signed Nathaniel Tiffany
On reverse
From Benjamin Frisbee of Roxbury for $1300.00 to John Frisbee
10 Jan 1820 Signed Benjamin Frisbee
Signed in presence of Philip Walker / George Frisbee

INDENTURE dated 18 March 1829 between Rachel Delong, daughter of Marcus Delong; age 10 years and 11 months. And David Smith of Roxbury, Delaware Co, NY. To serve seven years and one month .
Signed Marcus (his Mark) Delong Rachel Delong / David Smith
Delivered in presence of James Smith / Jane Smith / Eliza M. Smith

submitted by Arthur Louis Finnell, May 13, 2008