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NOTE: In November, I received an e-mail from Michelle Henry, the County Historian for Chautauqua County, stating that an old scrapbook had been received by them that contained clippings from Delaware County newspapers. She kindly mailed the scrapbook to me and as time permits, I will be transcribing the various lists contained therein. The following list does not state from what newspaper this was clipped. It was transcribed and posted here December 4, 2009. --Joyce Riedinger

There were twenty-three deaths in the town of Hamden, 
during the year 1890. The average age was forty-nine 
years. The following is a list.

Feb 26      Belle Lewis, 27 year
Feb 26      Emma Gray, 70
Mar 15      James Graham, 74
Mar 26      Isabella Kent, 67
April 4     Hannah O. Shaw, 55
April 18    Margara Howard, 17
April 18    John A. Lewis, 33
April 18    Clad Croft, 2
April 19    Sally G. Combs, 93
April 25    James H. Shaw, 60
May 31      James Stewart, 10
June 8      John Duncan, 49
June 19     Mariette Terry, 66
Aug 11      Wiliam J. Carman, 63
Aug 15      Robert Bryden, 50
Sept 1      Ellen Christie, 90
Sept 22     Asenath Field, 85
Sept 28     William Mallery, 70
Sept 30     Mary A. Shaw, 38
Oct 2       Raite infant
Nov 4       William J. Johnston, 28
Nov 6       Nettie L. Coe, 26
Dec 18      Mary Williams, 69 

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