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Descendants & Addresses

Miscellaneous Lists for Family Reunions
Compiled Circa 1915-1917
Saved by Alice Dann DuMond

Submitted to by Carolee Inskeep, Feb 2, 2009


[Lined 5"x8" Paper]
"Descendants of Phoebe Dann Elwood"

Mrs. Hanna Bonner, R.F.D. No. 1, Kingsley, Pa.
E. D. Elwood, Downsville, NY.
Mr. & Mrs. Homer Marks & Son, Kenoza Lake, Sull. Co., NY.
Mr. Jessie Elwood, 50 Cedar St., Oneonta, NY.
Franklin Elwood, 50 Cedar St., Oneonta, NY. Vincent N. Elwood, Hancock, NY.
Mr. & Mrs. B. T. Tuttle, Roscoe, NY.
Ephraim Knox, Downsville
Earnest Knox, Downsville
J. P. Knox, Downsville
Sylvia Knox, Downsville
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Knox, Sidney
Mr. & Mrs. L. A. Kowland, Downsville
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Shields, Middletown, Orange Co., NY.
Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Young, Corbett, NY.
Mr. & Mrs. Otto Young, Walton
Mr. & Mrs. Irving Young, Walton
Mrs. Melissa Bogart and family, Downsville
Mr. & Mrs. M. F. Kearney, 641 Alder St., Scranton, Pa.
Mr. & Mrs. John Whitmore, 9 Serrell Ave., Binghamton, NY.
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Fitzpatrick, Kenoza Lake, NY.
Elwood Marks, R.F.D. No. 1, Delancy, NY.
Mr. & Mrs. Leo E. Fallon, R.F.D. No. 1, Kingsley, Pa.

[Plain, 5"x8" paper]
*Appears to be Descendants of Darius Dann & Minerva Seeley*

Mrs. Julia Sprague, Walton, N.Y.
Mrs. Flora Rogers, Walton, N.Y.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Vail, Walton, N.Y.
Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Dann, Walton, N.Y.
Miss Florence Wakeman, Walton, N.Y.
Mr. George J. Dann and Family, No. 2 Watkins Ave., Oneonta, N.Y.
Mr. Robert Weaver and Family, Hasbrouck Heights, N.Y.
Mr. Geo. S. Tacy and Family, Walton, N.Y.
Mr. P. M. Hanford and Family, Walton, N.Y.
Respectfully Submitted - Jennie B. Hanford

[Plain, 5"X8" paper]
*Miscellaneous Dann Descendants & Addresses*

C. W. Wright (Retta F. Young), Downsville
Bessie Treadwell, R.F.D. No. 2, Windsor, NY
Mr. & Mrs. Noel Leon Young, Chautaugua St., Syracuse
John E. Young, Gregorytown
Earl K. Young, Colchester
Wm. A. Young, Gregorytown
["Mr." erased] Mrs. Carrie Sutton, R. F. D. No. 1, Laurens, N.Y.
Mrs. R. H. Allen, R. F. D., No. 2, Oxford
S. A. Mann, Turnwood, Ulster Co.
Mrs. DeWitt Milks, 3 Hotchkiss St., Binghamton
Geo. Mann, Turnwood
Orrin Mann and Family, Turnwood, Pa.
Wilbur Mann, Turnwood, Pa.
Harvey Mann, Sayre Pa.
Cora Slavanis [?, hard to read, no address]
Abram Mann, Stephen/Orrin [no address]

[Elwood & Davis Groceries, Walton, Letterhead, 4"x10"]
*Appears to be Descendants of Ann Asenath Dann & William V. Elwood

Mrs. F. M. Elwood, Harvard
Augustus Elwood & Family, Harvard
Rev. W. E. Elwood & Family, Apalachin [entry crossed out]
A. M. Elwood & Family, Rock Rift
Chas. Elwood & Family, Arkville
Mrs. S. A. Francisco & Family, Cooks Falls
Silas Sickler, Pepacton
Geo. Sickler & Family, Pepacton
Grumman Elwood & Wife, Roscoe
Mrs. R. M. Russell & Family, 18 State St., Schenectady, N.Y.
Mrs. S. Jackson, Downsville, N.Y.
Jardie Jackson, Downsville
Rob Jackson, Downsville
Mrs. Jenny Terry & Family, Downsville
Wm. Jackson & Family, Beerston
Mrs. Jas. Flynn & Family, Walton
Mrs. Walter Elwood [entry crossed out]
Mr. Alex. Elwood, Pepacton
Mrs. Jno. Boice & Family, Pepacton, N.Y.

[H. A. Wilson Furniture & Undertaking, Letterhead, 6"x10"]
"Downsville, N.Y., Aug. 7, 1917. Your letter received. There are only a very few Decendants of Sarah Dann here, the most of them are too far away to come. The following are relatives."

Wm. H. Wilson, Downsville
H. A. Wilson & Family, Downsville
Geo. E. Wilson & Family, Mountaindale, NY
Mrs. Helen Boileau, Wellsburg, NY
Mrs. Sarah Loos, Walton, NY
Ambros Young, Downsville, NY
John Young, Gregorytown, NY
Earl Young, Gregorytown, NY
William Young, Gregorytown, NY
Geo. Beers & Family, Hancock, NY
Mrs. Eva Whitaker & Family, Hancock, NY
Eliza Deedrick, Tanersville, NY
"There are more relatives near Tanersville, but I do not know their address. Yours Resptfy, H. A. Wilson"
"Cousin Charles, I sent to H. A. Wilson for names he sent some and I am sending some others. M. A. Stewart" Mrs. Leslie Stewart, Walton, N.Y.

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