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Dann Reunion 1915

The 1915 Dann Family Reunion
Island Park, Walton, New York
August 20, 1915

courtesy of Carolee Innskeep, November 24, 2008

Photograph, Minutes, Guest Register & Invitation Letter

This 3.5"x5.5" photograph is marked "Dann Reunion, Island Park, August 1915, Mr. Charles E. Dann, Walton, N.Y." Seated on bench, left to right: Alice Dann DuMond; Mary Ann Grant Dann; Frank W. Dann; Alice White Dann Charles G. DuMond is standing directly behind Alice DuMond; Willard Dann is standing directly behind Alice White Dann.


For two years, the Dann Family Reunion recorded its "minutes" and "guest register" in a little ledger notebook, about 7"x8" in size. Following is a transcription of the 1915 reunion information preserved therein:

PAGE 8 At a reunion of the Dann family held on Dann's Island, August 20th, 1914, the following officers were elected:

J. J. Elwood, President
Mrs. C. G. DuMond, Secretary

The following Executive Committee were appointed:

Mrs. Frank Dann
Mrs. John Dann
Mrs. Hanford Bull
Mrs. D. D. Signor
Mrs. Jay Elwood

It was voted that a reunion be held annually, and that the next gathering be at Island Park. The date herein was not fixed but left blank, to be filled in by the officers.

Chas. E. Dann, Secretary

(Here begins the guest register for the 1915 Reunion)

Jas. J. Elwood
Alice D. DuMond
Mrs. Anna M. D. Gregory
Mrs. Matilda Elwood
W. C. Alexander and family -5-
Mrs. J. H. Bull -1-
C. F. Signor and family
Mrs. George S. Tacy
Mrs. Edson Dann
Mrs. D. D. Signor
Mrs. Evelyn Elwood
Mary O. Dann
Alice W. Dann
Viola Dann Sprague
Julia A. Van Valkenburgh
Abram Van Valkenburgh
Mrs. L. A. Rowland, Downsville
Mrs. A. K. Young, Corbett
Ella M. Dann, 223 Berkeley Ave., Bloomfield
Chas. Signor
David D. Signor, Franklin, N.Y.
Geo. S. Tacy
Maxwell Signor
Thomas Maxwell, 2267 B'way, New York City
Charles S. Alexander, Franklin, N.Y.

Homer B. Tacy
W. C. Alexander
Vera Signor
Mrs. James J. Flynn
Robert Flynn
Clark M. Kellogg +
George D. Gregory
George Mann, Turnwood, Ulster County, N.Y.
Wilbur Mann, Towanda, Pa.
Fred A. Dann
Florence Wakeman
E. S. Dann
Chas. G. DuMond
Kathryn A. Flynn
Viola Van Valkenburgh
Lillie Barringer +
H. A. Wormuth
Mrs. W. Dann
A. B. Young
Loduska Elwood
Chas. E. Dann
Ruby E. Dann
Mrs. Elizabeth McCracken
Bertha Ballogh +
Laura Ballogh +

Mrs. Otto Young
Mrs. F. J. Baxter
Sarabell Baxter
Miss Lucy Dann
Lesley Stewart


Posted To: Alice Dann DuMond

Return Address: "Franklin, N.Y., Aug. 15"

"Dear Cousin Allie: Your letter rec'd., and I have sent the cards to the following addresses: Mrs. H. E. Reed, 316 E. Lafayette St., Mankato, Minn.; Fred E. Day and J. E. Reed, Eagle Lake, Minn.; Frank McDougal, Endeavor, Wisc.; Geo. McDougal, Packwaukee, Wis. I have enclosed one in a letter to Huldah for Lester as I did not know his address. Think he lives in South Dakota. Huldah's daughters all live near her. I told her to send a word to Sarepta's [sic] children too. I can't seem to remember the name. She left four children and I presume they are all married. Grace - John - Clarence and Laclaire (twins). We expect to be there and will bring plenty of provisions. Yours, Julia."

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