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courtesy of Carolee Innskeep, November 24, 2008

The 1914 Dann Family Reunion
Dann's Island, Walton, New York

Minutes, Guest Register & Letters of Regret


For two years, the Dann Family Reunion recorded its "minutes" and "guest register" in a little ledger notebook, about 7"x8" in size. Following is a transcription of the 1914 reunion information preserved therein:

"A meeting of members of the Dann family was held at the home of Willard Dann in the village of Walton, Delaware County, New York, on the evening of August 3rd, 1914. The following members were present:

Mr. and Mrs. Willard Dann
Mr. and Mrs. C. G. DuMond
Lewis DuMond
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Elwood
Mrs. Hattie Wormoth
Mrs. Mary Stewart
Mrs. P. M. Hanford
Chas. E. Dann

J. J. Elwood was elected chairman of the meeting. The above named persons gathered for the purpose of discussing and determining the advisability of holding a reunion of the Dann family.

On motion duly made and seconded it was voted to have a basket picnic reunion to be held on Dann's Island, near Walton village on Thursday August 20th, 1914.

On motion duly seconded J. J. Elwood was elected president.

On motion duly seconded Chas. E. Dann was elected secretary.

On motion duly seconded the President and Secretary were instructed to buy stationary and to make such other expenditures in preparing for the reunion as they decree necessary.

On motion duly seconded the meeting then adjourned, subject to the call of the President.

Chas. E. Dann, Secretary.

[here begins the signatures of attendees at the reunion on August 14th]

Darius D. Signor, Franklin, NY
Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Dann, Walton
Niles Grant Dann, Walton
Cora E. Dann, Walton
Elwood Marks, Walton
Mrs. E. S. Dann, Walton
Jennie B. Hanford, Walton
Ellen Hanford, Walton
Forence Wakeman, Walton
S. Dann, Walton
Mrs. Emily White, Walton [mother-in-law of Frank W. Dann]
Evelyn L. Elwood, Walton
Mr. & Mrs. Abram Sprague, Shinhopple
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Yaples & son Hamilton, 223 Chenango St. Binghamton
Mrs. Anna M. Gregory, Walton
Mrs. Julia Stewart, 82 Park Ave., Bingn.
Sanford Stewart, 82 Park Ave., Bingn.
Miss Mildred Henning, 47 Penn. Ave., Bing.
Mr. Vincent M. Gregory, Walton, N.Y.

Mr. & Mrs. W. C. Alexander
Florence Alexander, Franklin, N.Y.
George Alexander, Franklin
Chas. Signor
Levi Russell, Downsville
Vera Signor, Franklin, N.Y.
Sadie Sanford, Franklin
G. S. Tacy & Daughter, Walton
Mrs. G. S. Tacy, Walton
Homer B. Tacy, Walton
Willard Dann, Walton
Mrs. Willard Dann, Walton
Mrs. J. H. Bull, Colchester, N.Y. Mrs. Matilda Elwood, Harvard, NY
Mr. & Mrs. Leon C. Sanford, Franklin Mrs. Jas. J. Flynn
Leo E. Flynn
Stewey Flynn
Kathryn Flynn
Grace Etha Sanford, Franklin
Fred. A. Dann, Walton, N.Y.
Jas. J. Elwood, Walton, N.Y.

Mrs. Elizabeth McCracken, Walton
Mrs. Hattie Wormuth, Walton
Mary O. Dann, Walton
Margaret J. Dann, Walton
Mrs. Robt Cairns, Walton
Miles Holley, Walton
Plat Hanford, Walton
Chas. E. Dann, Walton
Ruby Russell, Downsville, N.Y. Ruby E. Dann, Walton, N.Y. Mr. & Mrs. Leslie Stewart, Walton

At a reunion of the Dann family held on Dann's Island, August 20th, 1914, the following officers were elected:

J. J. Elwood, President
Mrs. C. G. DuMond, Secretary

The following Executive Committee were appointed:

Mrs. Frank Dann
Mrs. John Dann
Mrs. Hanford Bull
Mrs. D. D. Signor
Mrs. Jay Elwood

It was voted that a reunion be held annually, and that the next gathering be at Island Park. The date herein was not fixed but left blank, to be filled in by the officers.

Chas. E. Dann, Secretary


FROM LILLIAN PEAKE DANN<br> Posted To: Mr. Charles E. Dann, Sec. Dann Family, Walton, Del. Co., NY

Postmarked: Oneonta, N.Y., AUG 14, 1914
Return Address: 2 Watkins Ave., Oneonta, Aug. 14, 1914
"The card announcing the reunion of the Dann family came a day or so ago. I am very, very sorry we shall not be able to attend this year. George has been in Ohio since the last Friday in June. He has been WORKING for the Redpath Chautauqua this summer and he feels that beside drawing his salary for the work he has gained a lot in being able to see much of Ohio and in coming in close touch with so many of the Chautauqua workers. He leaves Ohio Tuesday night the 18th and comes to Utica where Marjorie and I expect to meet him and go to Carthage, N.Y. with him where he is to be next week. While there we hope to spend a day or so at the Thousand Islands. They are quite near Carthage. I hope that the reunion is a complete success in every way and should you hold one next year I trust we may be able to be present. With kindest regards to you and all others of the Dann Family, I remain, Sincerely Yours, Lillian Peake Dann"

Letterhead: "Continental Casualty Company, Riker & Dann, Managers Southern New York, First Floor, Security Bldg., Binghamton"
"Aug. 20, 1914. Mr. Chas. E. Dann. Dear Sir, I am very sorry that I could not get to Walton yesterday and meet some of the Dann Family as my grandfather's [sic] was Enoc Dann and I do not know anything about my family as Father and Mother + all are dead. I come to Walton quite often and would appreciate it very much if you could give me any information in regard to whom I might call upon and endeavor to find out who + what I am. If the reunion is an annual affair I will surely make it a point to be there next time if alive. Thanking you in advance, I am Resp. G. H. Dann."

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