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Four Generations


The Couse family members that make up this "Four Generations" photo are (sitting on the bench left to right): Alexander and Sarah Rogers Couse, Peter Couse holding his first grandson Graydon Pearsall and sitting next to him is his wife Emma Whitman; (standing left to right): Stephen Couse, Pearl Hess with her husband Hobert Couse, Mary Couse with her husband Herbert Knapp, and LaVerne Pearsall with his wife Nellie Couse and little daughter Helen Pearsall. This photograph was taken around 1904 probably in the Barbourville, Delaware County area.

Alexander Couse (1828 - 1910) is the son of Peter Couse (1793 - 1890) and Lucinda Beals (1798 - 1882) and they were both early settlers of Delaware County. Lucinda's parents are Abraham (1775 - 1844) and Huldah (1770 - 1867) Beals. Sarah Marie Rogers (1829 - 1911) is the daughter of Harper Rogers (1798 - 1874) and Polly Guernsey (1800 - 1888). Both Alexander and Sarah were born and raised in the Masonville/Barbourville area of Delaware County. They raised three children (Peter Harper, Hattie, and Frank) while making a living by farming. Peter and Frank followed in their father's footsteps by continuing to farm in Delaware County whereas Hattie moved to Broome County where she ran a boarding house.

Peter Harper Couse (1850 - 1942) was a farmer in Delaware County and married Emma Whitman (1853 - 1933) and they raised all five of their children to adulthood; Nellie Marie (1876-1961), Hobert Judson (1877-1956), Edgar (1876- 1950), Stephen Alexander (1885-1972), and Mary Louise (1888-1974).

Nellie Couse and LaVerne Pearsall (1877-1949) made their home on several farms (Masonville and Mt. Upton) during their married life while raising five children to adulthood and losing little Peter Urias (1911-1917) to a kidney disease when he was just short of six years old. The children that reached maturity are Graydon Emory (1900-1992), Helen Pearsall (1902-1996), Glenn Couse (1907 -1968), Clarence LaVerne (1909 - 1996) and Ruth Emma (1914 - 1945).

Peter and Emma's children attended school at the Whitman School in the Masonville School District and there Hobert Couse fell in love with his second cousin Pearl Hess (1880 - 1977). When they grew up, they got married, ran a successful farm in the Masonville area, and raised their daughter Lila Couse (1911 - 1992).

Edgar was another son to carry on the farming tradition in the Deposit, Delaware with his wife Edna Mary Ferry (1888 - 1958).

Stephen Alexander (1885 - 1972) shortened his name to Alex, ran a successful printing business in Binghamton, NY where he married his wife Mary Turk. There they raised their two daughters Jane (1914 - 1990) and Dorothy (1916 - 2005).

Mary Louise married Herbert Knapp and they had a farm in Deposit, Broome County and raised their family a son, Cecil (1909 - 1997) and twin daughters, Myrtle (1915 - 2002) and Mildred (1915 - 1998).

submitted by Louise Chen, August 9, 2008

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