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UPDATE posted 5 October 2010 - see below

We discovered, thanks to the collection at the Roxbury Library, the Peck Family Burial Ground located on Rt. 23 as you go from Grand Gorge to Stamford, right where Delaware County meets Schoharie County. It's on the right side of the road going towards Stamford and sits behind the old Peck barn. The property currently belongs to a man named Ernie Saccaro. He was kind enough to let us go back there and take photos. The old house and barn are falling apart. There is a well kept drive right to the little cemetery located in a copse of trees. Sharon Thomas, October 16, 2002


Entrance to Peck Cemetery

Old Peck House Old School by Peck Farm

UPDATE June 2010 - posted to this website 5 October 2010

I (Ed Kohinke) visited the Peck Family Burial Ground on June 18, 2010 (also the date of the attached photo), and had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Mr. Saccaro, who gave me permission to enter the property. He confirmed that the county line does in fact divide his property through the side lawn, and that his house is in Delaware County (Town of Roxbury) and the cemetery is in Schoharie County (Town of Gilboa). He also mentioned that someone from a university had stopped by several years earlier and performed what sounded to me like an ultrasound test within the cemetery. This test apparently revealed that there were several more headstones buried flat some inches below the surface.

It’s a good thing that Dottie Sherman and Bette Frassa copied this cemetery when it was in much better shape than it is now. I found some of the stones on their list, but the rest either couldn’t be found or had weathered to the point of illegibility. This is a good reason to get out there and read these old cemeteries while it’s still possible to do so!

Even with good directions, this cemetery is tough to find. It’s invisible both from Rt. 23 and from Benjamin Rd., there are no signs for it on either road, and there is no sign at the entrance of the cemetery. The only clue: it is in a copse near the old buildings and surrounded by open lawn and/or farm land.

USGS Topographical Map: Stamford_O42074D5_geo (the cemetery is shown on this map)

GPS: 42 23 42.6 N; 074 32 31.92 W (taken with my Garmin handset at the entrance)

LINK to full-size photo

Ed Kohinke, 469 Ingal Blvd. Salem, VA 24153-7909

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