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Submitted by Vesti Snyder

Names in the 1898 Catskill Mountain Agricultural Society

This is the group who ran the Fair that took place on the flats in Margaretville. In it's day it was a real highlight of life in the Town of Middletown. This years fair ran August 24-26th. I own an original book from this fair.

Officers for 1898
Thomas Winter, President
L.D. Kelly, Vice-President
WM Muggle Jr, Secretary
J.H. Hitt, Treasurer

To serve one year
O.A . Swart, Jas. W. Kittle
To serve two years
C.E. Swart, C. Hull
To serve three years
Alex. Thomson, A.P. Carpenter

General Superintendent, Thomas Winter
Supt and Secy of the Butter Dept., J.W. Kittle
Secretary of Races, O.A. Swart
Supts. Of Departments:
Cattle, A. Albers, Margaretville N.Y.
Horses, W.A. Gladstone, Margaretville N.Y.
Sheep and swine, C.D. Sanford, Margaretville N.Y.
Poultry, Hull Sliter, Margaretville N.Y.
Fruits and vegetables, M.C. Sanford, Margaretville N.Y.
Farm and Dairy Products, Morris Faulkner, Margaretville N.Y.
Foreign and Mechanical, John McCadden, Margaretville N.Y.
Boy's Department, C.D. Swart, Margaretville N.Y.
Ladies Department, Mrs. J.K.P. Jackson, Margaretville N.Y. , Mrs. Thos. Winter, Margaretville N.Y. , Mrs. C.E. Swart, Margaretville N.Y.
Girls Department, Miss Huldah Dickson, Margaretville N.Y.
School Department, Miss L.A. Waterbury, Margaretville N.Y.
Expert Judges:
Horses, Ziba S. Hull, Margaretville N.Y.
Cattle, Ervin J Bruce, Ketchum, Otsego Co. NY
Sheep and swine, Ervin J. Bruce, Ketchum, Otsego Co. NY
Poultry, W.F. VanBenscoten, Margaretville N.Y.
Fruit and Vegetables, E.J. Brownell, Delhi, Delaware Co. N.Y.
Farm and Dairy Products, E.J. Brownell, Delhi, Delaware Co. N.Y.
Mechanical Department, Burr Hubbell, , Kelly Corners, Delaware Co
Foreign Department, James Chamberlin, Margaretville N.Y.

Ladies Department:
Fine Arts, Miss Edith Mosler, Margaretville N.Y.
Fancy, Miss Florence C. Ives, Roxbury N.Y
Domestic, Mrs. W.S. Hilton, Margaretville N.Y.
Culinary, Mrs. O.A. Swart, Margaretville N.Y.
Flowers and Plants, Mrs. Ziba Sanford, Arkville N.Y.
Schools, Mr. Burr, Roxbury N.Y.

Of interest in the booklet are the advertisements:
Spencer's Business School, Kingston NY
Agricultural Implements, Allison and Searle, Margaretville NY
Furniture and Carpets, Charles Gorsch, Margaretville N.Y.
Harness and Harness Goods, J.B. Mungle, Margaretville N.Y.
Stewart the Jeweler, G.W. Stewart, Margaretville N.Y.
General Merchandise, Osborn and Bussy, Margaretville N.Y.
Fire Insurance, Will Mugle, Jr., Margaretville N.Y.
Butchers, Holmes and McCadden, Margaretville N.Y.
Prescriptions, E.L. O'Connor, Margaretville N.Y.
Boot and Shoemaker, Jacob Biederman, Margaretville N.Y.
Plumber, Jas. Chamberlin, Margaretville N.Y.
Barber, A.L. Murray, Arkville N.Y.
Insurance, Geo. E. Gladstone, Margaretville N.Y.
Papering and Painting, G.W. Kenyon, Margaretville N.Y.
Stone Masonery, George R. Hewitt, Margaretville N.Y.
Contractor and Builder, A.J. Scott, Margaretville N.Y.
Contractor, John A. Longyear, Kingston N.Y.
Cigars, Howard Myer, Kingston N.Y.
Confectionery, Geo. H Hewitt, Margaretville N.Y.
Tin or Plumbing, D.W. Squire, Margaretville N.Y.
Peoples Bank, GG Decker Pres., Margaretville N.Y.
Fleischmann's Hotel, E. C. Lasher, Fleischmann's N.Y.
Plumbing, A.H. Todd, Griffin Corners N.Y.
Blacksmith, Rufus L. Gavett, Margaretville N.Y.
Millinery, Mrs. E. Youngman's, Margaretville N.Y.
Attorney, A.P. Carpenter, Margaretville N.Y.
Physician and Surgeon, C.S. Allaben, Margaretville N.Y.
Attorney, C. Hull, Margaretville N.Y.
Fire insurance, J.W. Telford, Margaretville N.Y.
General Merchandise, E.H.Dickson, Arena, N.Y.
Farming Implements, Kelly Bros, Halcottville, N.Y.
Insurance, Geo. W. Lauren, Roxbury N.Y.
Roxbury Times, Roxbury N.Y.
Insurance, A.F. Bouton, Roxbury N.Y.
Delaware Valley House, P.H. Mitchell, Roxbury N.Y.
Mercantile, Eltinge and Schoonmaker, Kingston N.Y.
Dry Goods, Mortimer C, Drake, Kingston N.Y.
Mansion House, John E. Lasher, Roundout N.Y.
Fleischmann's Vegetable Compressed Yeas has no Equal
Wagon and Sleighs, W. T. Faulkner, New Kingston, N.Y.
Dry Goods and Groceries, Faulkner and Lawrence, Griffins Corners N.Y.
Dry Goods, Cal Crosby, Fleischmann's N.Y.
Dry goods, W.S. Dickson, Arena, N.Y.
Florist and Landscape, J.V. Burgevine, Kingston N.Y.
Millinery, F.C. Ives, Roxbury
Florist and Landscape, C.B. Stow, Kingston N.Y.
The Country Gentleman, Luther Tucker and son, Albany N.Y.
Corner Store Groceries, A. Cartwright Jr., Roxbury N.Y.
Hubbell House, F.C. Ackerly, Arena N.Y.
Drugs, meds and groceries, W. S. Hubbell, Arena N.Y.
Photographer, W.W. Carman, Margaretville N.Y.
Wagon Making, H. Rotermund, Margaretville N.Y.
Beer mfg, Geo Madden & co., Kingston N.Y.
Eagle hotel, AE & JS Winne, Kingston N.Y.
Arena Hardware, F.H. McLean, Arena N.Y.
The Clinton House, A.A. Terpenning, Kingston N.Y.
Progressive School, L.M. Sackett, principal, Margaretville N.Y.
Hotel Ulster, J.J.Cooney, Kingston N.Y.
Griffin Corners Hotel, G.H Lasher, Griffin Corners N.Y.
Lister Bros. Fertilizers, Swart and Hitt agents, Margaretville N.Y.
Troy Steam Laundry, Wm. Weston, Kingston N.Y.
Livery and Exchange Stable, M. Anderson, Margaretville N.Y.
Photographer, W.H. Barber, Margaretville N.Y.
Livery, sale & exchange, A.J. Easman, Margaretville N.Y.
Lumber, A.J. Kaufman, Margaretville N.Y.
Saddlery Hardware, Theodore Spore, Kingston N.Y.
Confectionery, John Gotelli, Kingston, N.Y.
Hardware, L.S, Winne and co, Kingston N.Y.
Star Bicycle Stand, Hubbell Bros, Kelly Corners N.Y.
Wall paper, U.S. Grant, Kingston. N.Y.
Piano's, Edward Winter, Kingston N.Y.
Furniture, Daniel Slover, Griffins Corners N.Y.
Goods store, S. Korn, Arkville, N.Y.
The Ackerly Hotel, Thomas B. Hill mgr., Margaretville N.Y.

Also of interest are the Dates of other fairs:
Richfield Springs Sept 26-28
Charlotte Valley fair, Sept 8-10
Prattsville Fair, Sept 6-8
Shavertown Agricultural Society, Sept 13-15
Dryden Agricultural Society, Sept. 20-22
Dutchess County Ag. Society, Sept 5-9
Delaware County fair in Delhi, Sept. 6-8
Riverside Ag. Fair at Greene, Sept. 13-16
Columbia County fair at Chatham, Sept 6-9
Boonville Fair, Sept. 6-9
Green County Fair at Cairo, August 23-25
Newark Valley fair, Aug 30,31 and September 1

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