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4 generations of the Teed family

Remains of old tree on Teed farm

TEED Family of Jonny Brook Road

The Teed family lived on Jonny Brook Road just outside Cannonsville. To me the 2 places go hand in hand as I can remember running around the farm and the home we lived in. At least 3 generations of my family lived in this area. All farmers. Here is a photo of some of my ancestors on my grandpa's farm. My grandpa lived there from the time he was about 16 years old or so. From left to right is Elisha Hogan Teed (Hogan 1st....he went by the name Hogan Teed), Hogan Patton Teed (Hogan 2nd he later changed his middle name to Ostrander, his mom's maiden name) holding my dad Hogan Ralph Teed (Hogan 3rd), and Herman Henry Teed. My dad wanted me to be Hogan Gary Teed (Hogan 4th) but my mom had her say and she said no more Hogans so I am known as Gary Hogan Teed. That big old tree on the right behind Herman has, only in recent years, fallen over. I still remember it being at the corner of the barnyard. When we last hiked in to the old homestead about 3 years ago, it had finally died and fallen over. Part of it had fallen in the road and was cut up while the other part was falling into the old barnyard. It was a very old tree. The photo below shows the corner of the barnyard and what is left of the old landmark. I really miss that place. It is a shame what NYC did to all these families. This land was worth more to them than money. But NYC didn't even give them the proper dollar amount. A history and legacy stolen. Our family was never the same. This wound still remains open for many involved. Gary Teed, February 3, 2003

and this from Harry A. Lamoree: My name is Harry A. Lamoree. I visited Cannonsville many times when I was a child. My grandfather lived on a farm on what was then known as the "Johnny Brook Road". Also my uncles Hogan and Earl Teed lived there. My uncle Hogan lived there until they sold the farm because the dam was going to be built. His wife was Ethel (Beers) Teed. He not only ran a farm there but he and My uncle Earl Teed worked a stone quarry on that farm. My mother was married to her first husband in Cannonsville. He later passed away. My mother later married my father Harry Leslie Lamoree in Mereidith. One of my cousins walked up over the hill to My uncle Hogans farm a few years ago. The water from the dam did not get up to that height. He told my sister that the buildings were still there. Also the stone quarry.

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