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Westy came into our household at Charlton, NY from Westport, MA in December of 1999 and immediately became a hit in our home office. He leans against the keyboard and inputs the most magnificent things! Then he checks out all materials being printed, poking his little (?) paws into the equipment to make sure it is clean and functioning properly. He listens to the computer fan running, knowing that this is very important because he's heard us tell of the hard drive crash one morning after the fan had stopped WORKING. The drone of the scanner brrings him running every time. Then, exhausted, after all this activity, he climbs up onto the montior, and after making sure I'm still enthused about my work, he promptly goes to sleep. His absolute joy of helping out with this website, earned him a quick promotion to 'Office Assistant'.

Joyce Riedinger, Owner-Developer
Delaware County, NY Genealogy and History Site