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Ulster & Delaware Railroad Historical Society had the great good fortune last year to obtain a copy of the railroad's 1888 "General Directory of the Adult Population of all the Villages and Stations" on the U&D, Stony Clove & Catskill Mountain, and Kaaterskill Railroads. At the time, the railroad ran from Rondout only as far as Hobart; the extension to Oneonta wasn't completed till 1900. We promised Joyce last year to start publishing the Delaware County part of this (Fleischmanns to Hobart), but it's a huge job. We'll start with Roxbury, because we have the depot there; then we'll go do Fleischmanns /Griffins Corners/ Red Kill, because our president's weekend farm is there, then we'll follow the railroad out from Fleischmanns. --Steve Delibert, President, Ulster & Delaware Railroad Historical Society, November 2, 2001

Here's the first installment --

1888 General Directory of the Adult Population of all the Villages and Stations

Roxbury, initials " A" through "O". More will come as we have time.

Aiken Aaron, farmer, Bataviakill
Aikman William O., hardware, stoves and tinware, Main, h do, (see adv)
Andrews George, farmer, Prattsville rd
Andrews Daniel D., cattle dealer, h Main
Andrews Frank M., atty at law, h Main
Andrus Miss Mary, h Main
Baker Henry, farmer, West Settlement rd
Ballard George, farmer, Bataviakill
Ballard James, farmer, Bataviakill
Ballard John, retired, Bataviakill
Ballard Smith, farmer, Bataviakill
Banker Wilber M., (Banker & Longyear) h River rd
Banker & Longyear, (W. M. Banker and H. C. Longyear,) general merchandise, Main, (see adv page 56)
Bardsill Mrs. Martha, h Orchard
Bartram Edward, farmer, West Settlement rd
Bartram Uriah P., farmer, Prattsville rd
Benjamin Andrew C., asst freight agt, h Bridge
Benjamin George, farmer, West Settlement rd
Bookhout George, More Settlement .
Bookhout Isaac, farmer, Bataviakill
Bouton Mrs Betsey M., h, Orchard
Bouton Burrett B., atty at law and notary public, Main, h Orchard
Bouton Edgar, farmer, h Main
Bouton George, farmer, West Settlement rd
Bouton Gould M., farmer, h Main
Bouton James, farmer, West Settlement rd
Bouton Jay, farmer, West Settlement rd
Bouton LeGrand, farmer, River rd
Brenn George, carpenter, h Main
Brennan Andrew, track hand, h Railroad av
Brennan Miss Mary, h Railroad ave
Brewster Byron, jeweler, sporting goods, sewing machines, art embroideries, Main, h do, (see adv)
Brock Charles, hostler, Delaware Valley House
Burhans Edward C., (W. S, Newkirk & Co, h Main)
Burhans Edward C., atty at law, h Orchard
Burris Hiram K., farmer, Railroad ave
Burroughs Curtis, farmer, West Settlement rd
Burroughs Hiram, farmer, West Settlement rd
Carl John S., farmer, West Settlement rd
Carroll Miss Abbie S., h Main
Carroll Mrs. Anna, (wid) h Main .
Carroll Miss Anna S., h Main
Carroll Mrs. S. B., (wid) h Main
Cartwright Almerin, farmer, Bataviakill
Cartwright Almerin, Jr., general merchandise, h Orchard
Cartwright Eber, farmer, Bataviakill
Cartwright Henry, h Orchard
Cartwright & Scott, (S. S. Cartwright and Gilbert T. Scott,) physicians and druggists, Orchard
Cartwright Dr, Silas S., physician and surgeon, h Orchard
Cartwright Miss Susie, h Orchard
Caswell Smith, stone wall builder, h hd Main
Cator Miss Emma C., h Main
Cator Mrs. J. I., h Main
Champlin Mrs. Anna, h Main
Chase Rev. Platt N., pastor Methodist Episcopal Church, parsonage adjoining
Chase William, farmer, West Settlement rd
Clark Charles R., cooper, h Orchard
Clayton John B., druggist, Main h do, (see adv)
Cower Charles, farmer, Montgomery Hollow rd
Cower John, farmer, Montgomery Hollow rd
Colby Mrs. Laura, (wid) h Main
Colby Miss Minnie E., h Main
Colby Orrin, farmer, Prattsville rd
Cole ,Abraham B., grocery and meat market, and billiards, Main, h do, (see adv)
Corbin Philetus, retired farmer, h Main
Craft Andrew J. (A. J. Craft & Co,) h Main
Craft A. J. & Co., (A. J. Craft and I. Phillips,) meat and fish market, Main, (see adv page 59)
Craft Miss Lulu, h Main
Craft Miss Mary E., h Main
Creamer George H., pool room, Bridge, h do
Crowley Jacob G., contractor, h Orchard
Crowley Miss Julia, school teacher, h Orchard
Dales Marshall, farmer, h nr Depot
Daly Thomas, track hand, h nr Depot
Dart Edward, carpenter, Hard Scrabble rd
Dart James B., (Dart & Phillips,) h Elm
Dart Mrs. Mary, (wid) h Main
Dart Nelson K., carriage and sleighmaker, hd Main
Dart & Phillips, (James R. Dart and Isaac D. Phillips,) general merchandise, Main, (see adv)
Dart Mrs. Reuben h Main
Decker Mahlon, farmer, Prattsville rd
Decker, Ozias S., h Bridge
Delaware Times, issued every Thursday, E. S. Tompkins, editor and propr, (see adv page 61)
Delaware Valley House, J. B. Robinson, propr, Main, (see adv page 61)
Deitrich Henry, clerk, h Main
Deitrich Jacob, wagonmaker, h Main
Dubois Miss Lizzie, house-keeper, Main
Dudley David V., shoemaker, h Main
Dudley George S., cooperage mfr, nr Depot, h do
Dudley John H., compositor, h Main
Dudley, John M., mfg cooper, h Main
Dumond Leslie, marble cutter, h :Main
Easley George, lab, h Main
Easton Edward, farmer, Prattsville rd
Eflein Adam, lab, h River rd
Enderlin Abraham, blacksmith, h Main ,
Enderlin Christian, blacksmith, h Main
Enderlin Edward, horseshoer, h Main
Enderlin Frank O., clerk with A. Cartright, h Elm
Enderlin George, blacksmithing, Main, h Main
Enderlin George Jr., blacksmithing, h Main
Enderlin Miss Rose, h Main
Findley Patrick, section foreman, U. & D. R. R., h near. Depot
Foster John, farmer, Montgomery Hollow Road
Frisbee Mrs. Jane, wid, h Main
Fuller Miss Susan, h Main
Ga Noung Edward, farmer, Bataviakill
Ga Noung John, farmer, Bataviakill
Ga Noung Martin D. farmer, Bataviakill
Ga Noung Union, h Main
Ganung Eugene, station agt and operator, Tannersville, h Bridge
Ganung Gorda, sash and blind maker, Main, h do
Ganung Sniffin, grocery, bridge, h do
Golden Jacob, farmer, Railroad ave
Griffin John W. shoemaker, bds Main
Hamma George, farmer, Prattsville Road
Hammond Richard, deputy sheriff and farmer, Montgomery Hollow Rd
Harrington, _______ mason Bataviakill
Hart Mrs. Martha A. wid, h Main
Hastings Thomas, farmer, Hard Scrabble Rd
Hess Andrew, lab, h Main
Hess John, farmer, Main
Hess Miss Libbie, school teacher, h Main
Hill Frank K. school teacher, h Bridge
Hill George W. h Bridge
Hill Miss Marion, h Main
Hill Mrs. M. wid, h Main
Hill Miss Olivia D. dressmaker, h Bridge
Hockstetter Frederick, lab, h Main
Holseidt Nicholas, farmer, More settlement
Hoyt Arthur F ., harness mfr. and dealer in harness and horse furnishing goods, Main, h Main (see adv page 62.)
Huchins Dr. Edward C., practical dentist, Main h do. (see adv.)
Hull John, farmer, Bataviakill
Hull Miss Lavinia, h Main
Humphry Miss Lucy, wid, h Main
Jenkin, Alfred, carpenter and builder and dealer in general merchandise, Main h do (see adv page 64.)
Jenkins Grant J. student, h Main
Jenkins Miss Katie, h Main
Jenkins Miss Polly, h Main
Jennings Mrs. S. Nubelia, wid, h Bridge
Keator, Miss Addie, Main
Keator Charles G, farmer, Prattsville Road
Keator Charles W. farmer, Bataviakill
Keator Daniel, farmer, Bataviakill
Keator Frank E. carpenter, h Main
Keator George, farmer, West Settlement Road
Keator Henry M. carpenter, h Main
Keator, Jacob C. farmer, River Road
Keator Jason, carpenter, Bataviakill rd
Keator Joel, h Main
Keator Dr. J. J., propr Shady Lawn House, Main
Keator Omer B., farmer, Prattsville rd
Keator Thomas B., farmer, Hardscrabble rd
Keator Ward, clerk, Crosby & Ennis, Rondout, h Main
Kendall Edward, painter, Prattsville rd
Kettenbeck , ______ , farmer, River rd
Kilpatrick Mrs. Ann, wid, h Main
Kilpatrick Charles, butter dealer, h Orchard
Kissock James, stone cutter, h Main
Lauren George W., fire, life and accident insurance, and dealer in butter.
Prop Lauren Villa House, Main, (see top lines)
Lanren Villa House, (George W. Lauren, propr,) accommodation for 25 boarders, Main
Lawrence George. retired, h River rd
Lawrence Hiram H., shoemaker, h River rd
Loming Isaac G., farmer, Hardscrabble rd
Long year Henry C., (Banker & Long year,) h River rd
McDaniels John, farmer, More Settlement
McGary Miss Addie, h Main
McGregor Mrs. Emeline, wid, h Elm
McGregor Mrs. Sarah, wid, h Main
Mclntosh James, farmer, Hardscrabble rd
Mackin Charles H., cattle dealer, h Orchard
Mead Ezra, justice of the peace and farmer, Bataviakill
Mead James, farmer, Bataviakill L
Mead John T, h Main
Meeker Charles J., farmer, Orchard
Meeker Mrs. Daniel G., h Main
Meeker Henry T., carpenter, h Main
Meeker Hiram, farmer, Orchard
Meeker Hiram C., carpenter, h Main
Meeker James M., painter, h Main
Meeker Mrs. Polly M., h Main
Miller John G. H., farmer, Montgomery Hollow rd ,
Miller Miss Libbie, h Main
Mitchell Walter E., manager Delaware Valley House, Main
Montgomery DeWitt, farmer, Prattsville rd
Montgomery Hiram, farmer, Montgomery Hollow rd
Montgomery Hiram, Jr., farmer, Montgomery Hollow rd
Montgomery Otis, lab, h Bridge.
More Adison P., farmer, Hardscrabble rd
More Charles, farmer, Montgomery Hollow rd
More Edward B., farmer, Montgomery Hollow rd
More James, farmer, More Settlement
More Jonas, h Main
More Otis P., farmer, Main
More Richard, retired farmer, h River rd
Morse Bazley, farmer, Bataviakill
Morse Chauncey, farmer, Bataviakill
Morse Erastus, farmer, Bataviakill
Morse Henry, farmer, Bataviakill
Morse John, farmer, Bataviakill
Morse Mrs. Olive S., wid. h with Rev. P. N. Chase
Morse _____, farmer, Bataviakill
Murphy Lawrence, section hand, h Main
Newkirk Dr. Jacob, physician and Surgeon, h Elm
Newkirk Miss Jennie, h Elm.
Newkirk John E., hardware, stoves and tinware, and agricultural implements, Main, h Elm, (see adv page 66)
Newkirk Miss Maggie, h Elm
Newkirk Miss Minnie, h Elm
Newkirk William S., (W. S. Newkirk & Co.) h Elm
Newkirk W. S. & Co., (W. S. Newkirk & E. C. Burhans,) grocery, meat and fish market, opp Delaware Valley Hotel, (see adv)
Nichols Chester M., h Main
Noble William W., (W. W. Noble & Co,) h Main
Noble William W. & Co., dry and fancy goods, Main, (see adv)
Norton Michael, lab, h Main
O'Neil John J., marble and granite works, Main, h do
Orr George II., blacksmith and horseshoer, opp depot, h Main, (see adv page 68)

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