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The following is a part of a collection of articles written by Karen Cuccinello of the Stamford Village library history room, mostly pertaining to Stamford, and originally submitted to the Mt. Eagle. We are pleased to share them here with all our Delaware County researchers.

1914 Stamford Seminary Yearbook S.S. Camera

by Karen Cuccinello

This little 6” X 9” soft cover yearbook, which is the oldest one we have at the Stamford Library, was dedicated to Professor Hodgson. There are group pictures of students but no individual pictures of the seniors. This was the 64th year of the schools operation. I will be listing some of the highlights in the book, advertisers and the students who graduated one hundred years ago.

The school year (information from the 1913-14 school catalog) began September 2; closed three days for Thanksgiving and two weeks for Christmas; held a week of regents examinations in January; closed 10 days for Easter vacation; regents in June and commencement week was June 22-26. Tuition for non-residents for a 10 week quarter was $3. Besides the standard curriculum similar to today they also offered a teacher training class to students who intended to teach in the public schools of NYS; courses in agriculture; domestic science and art, and Latin.

Extra curricular activities
The boys played baseball in an interscholastic league against Hobart, Margaretville, Giffin Corners and Stamford Union School. They also had a track team, that evidently did not do very well. Both the boys and girls had a basketball team. They played on an outdoor court weather permitting then used the opera house. It was hard for the boys to find other teams to challenge but the girls had no problem finding opponents. When practice games were open to the public free of charge they had a large crowd but when there was an admission charge the crowd shrank, so they considered basketball a financial failure. The girls basketball uniform was a half-sleeve button down shirt and knee length skirt. The orchestra made up of 14 students was considered a great success. “When first organized the orchestra sounded like an election night in New York, but of late it has shown a marked improvement”. Miss Harwood was the conductor. They had a debating team. The team debated the Roxbury team with the subject being resolved: That the Women of the United States should be given the franchise with the same rights as men. The decision was given to the negative. A Senior Reading Club was organized with 16 members. They took up the study of short stories and poems and met at Professor Hodgson's home.

Social Gatherings
The Seminary held a Senior Reception in September with dainty refreshments and an hour of dancing. There was an Athletic Association Benefit in November that consisted of an assortment of programs by underclassmen and musical performances. On December 17 they held an informal Christmas social where students exchanged small gifts, light refreshments were served and an assortment of programs were rendered. The next week they held the formal exercises that included a musical program directed by Miss Harwood, carols sung by hidden choirs and hymns sung in French, German and Latin. Dances were to be held at Easter time, one during the month of May and the annual Senior Ball at the end of the school year. In June they held an Annual Prize Speaking Contest and Annual Sermon to The Graduating Class.

Advertisers (All are Stamford business' unless otherwise noted)
W.M. Canfield -First class double and single rigs with or without drivers furnished on short notice. ; Ray Hanson- First class Barber; Vogue Millinery- Sole agent for Victor Ladies Tailoring Co. of Chicago, for suits, coats, gowns and skirts, positively tailored to you measure. Owner Mrs. F.M. Haynor; West End Pharmacy- Drugs, Medicine, Toilet Articles, Perfumes and Fine Confectionery;The Stamford Bakery and Lunch Room- A.J. Parks proprietor;L.A. Govern Attorney at Law;West Branch Light and Power Company-The service, efficiency, economy of electricity for the home;Andrus & McNaught Attorneys and counselors at law;The National Bank of Stamford-Accounts of students solicited; For Sporting Goods, Useful articles in wood, Camera supplies, Candy, Electric flash lights, Stationery and School Supplies (SUCCESS) go to G.W. Lawrence; Harry Harris- Shoes, Clothes and Furnishings for the Whole Family; Samuel Lozner- Ladies, Childrens and Men's suits, Coats and Dresses at very reasonable prices; West End Livery and Boarding Stables- G.W. Simonson & Son proprietors; Cornell & Decker- Flour, Feed, Grain and Mason's Supplies in South Gilboa; Stamford Grocery Company; Tooley & McAlpine- Ever-Ready flashlights and supplies; Millinery- Miss Becker; A.J. Chichester- Dealer in groceries, household supplies, Also a special line of ladies and gents furnishings; E.L. Kelly- Plumbing and Heating; F.B.Herrick- First class shoemaking and repairing; Robinson Brothers- Ladies and gents furnishings, staple and fancy dry goods; The Mirror-Recorder-Largest circulation of any newspaper published along the line of the Ulster & Delaware .R.R. or in the Catskills. L.D. DeSilva publisher; C.E. Smith- Tailor, Clothier and Furnisher; The Stamford Steam Laundry- A.J. Scott proprietor; E. L. Seeley's- The very latest styles of hats and caps, Men's and women's extra fine shoes, and street and evening wear; Hoagland & Son- Before commencement week be sure to talk with us about your gloves and shoes and Lawrence & Clute- Hardware and implements, John Deere Sulky Plows, milking machines, gasoline engines, manure spreaders, Ireland wood saws and Ohio easilage cutters.

Gertrude Adair- Coolest Cribber and Greatest in Future
Roy Barnett- Most Popular and Actually Energetic
Frances Beckley - Best Looking and Best Athlete
Harold Clark- Coolest Cribber
Florence Cornell- Class Secretary
George Fancher- Best Athlete, Best Dancer and Class Treasurer
Josephine Gilbert- Wittiest
Fred Hamilton- Best Bluffer
Marion Hamilton- Most Popular and Biggest Sport
Avery Hinman -Best Looking and Class Bonehead
Sarah Johnson -Actually Energetic, Windiest Talker and Class VP
Harold Lewis -Somewhat Lazy
Charlie Lyon- Greatest in Future
Edna McGregor -Somewhat Lazy and Best Bluffer
Isabelle Peck- Best Dancer
Roderick Tooley- Windiest Talker and Class President
Charlie Walker- Wittiest and Biggest Sport

(I do not know any of the names of the graduates in the picture, perhaps the readers could name some of them)

submitted by Karen Cuccinello - posted to this website February 15, 2015


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