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Photograph by SS Cornell who was also a Spanish American War recruiter in 1898.
The library has 3 full boxes of "Unknown people" that are SS Cornell photos,
sad they were never labeled back then.

--Karen Cuccinello, from Stamford Library Collection - photo posted February 13, 2015

By Karen Cuccinello 10/2016

I thought Orrin was a rather distinguished looking guy and since he never married and was the last of his siblings to die I thought it would be nice to give him a little bit of a legacy. Orrin was one of the many merchants in Stamford around the turn of the century. He was a wagon maker (like his father) then a grocer of dry goods and finally a pharmacist. He was born May 7, 1857, to Adam and Nancy S.(Brown) Grant, into a family of six siblings. I suspect the “B” in Orrin's name stands for Brown, his mothers maiden name. From the 1860 census for Stamford- Adam Grant 47 wagon maker, Nancy 49 milliner, Mary 16, James 13, Daniel H. 11, Julia 9, Alida 6, Orrin 3, Margaret 3m.

Excerpts from his obituary printed in the December 8, 1926 Stamford Mirror-Recorder states the following. He was a life long resident of Stamford. Orrin died December 6 at the Beacon, NY Hospital following the amputation of his foot a week previous. He had suffered for some time from valvular heart trouble, which caused a gangrenous infection of his foot. He went to the home of a relative, Dr. Leonard. E. McClintock at Beacon several weeks ago to receive medical attention, and owing to the seriousness of the infection it was necessary to amputate the foot, the effects of which he did not recover.

He had been engaged in business here for many years having erected the Grant Pharmacy, building at the corner of Main and Railroad avenues, in 1884, where he conducted a grocery store before purchasing the drug business of his partner J.S. Hazzard. Mr. Grant was a lifelong member of the Presbyterian Church and will be remembered as a pleasant friend and good neighbor. He is survived by two nieces, one of whom lives in OK and the other Miss Margaret Brown of NJ. He is buried in section "D" of the Stamford Cemetery and entered on

Courtesy of Karen Cuccinello, October 21, 2017


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