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Cemetery Rd., Margaretville, Delaware County, NY

This inventory of headstones at Margaretville Cemetery, Cemetery Rd., Margaretville, Delaware County, NY was completed by Friends of Middletown Cemeteries in 2009. The database was prepared by Trish Adams. Please direct additions or corrections to her at and to the Historical Society of the Town of Middletown, Please note that the inventory record for each stone indicates exactly what is recorded on stones; even errors! Corrections of fact can be included in the notes section for any record.

This inventory includes records of plotowners listed on the Village Cemetery blueprint, many of which had no visible corresponding graves. Some missing dates were found on and in online Catskill Mountain News archives. For further research, the Margaretville Village offices have "Cemetery Books," organized by plot number, with notes of interments during certain years. This may help researchers locate unmarked graves.

In this database, the notes section does NOT repeat surnames that match the surname of the burial, to avoid the frustration of multiple "hits" on surname searches. For example, Chester Ackerley's record includes the note "with Flora A." The "A" stands for Ackerley.
posted to this website 26 July 2012