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Includes her Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and other Relatives

Most photos taken in Andes, Delaware County, NY


William Crosier Sr

William Crosier Jr 

Nancy T Crosier Gladstone

Elisabeth Fowler Crosier & Jane Crosier

James Fowler family

James Crosier Family

Isabel Fowler

Elisabeth Fowler & Jane Crosier Fowler

Nelson Reside

Elisabeth Crosier McCumber

Robert B Fowler

Crosier or Fowler spouse

Fowler twin-Edwin or Eddie Fowler

Fowler twins-Edwin and Eddie Fowler 

Ida Jane McNair

Margaret Lunn & daughter Isabel

Crosier sisters-Mary D & Isabel

Elmer Reside & friends

Fowler twin in NY Nat. Guard military uniform

Crosier or Fowler spouse

William Robert Crosier (Mary's brother)
Mary D Crosier dressed for sisters wedding

Isabel T Crosier wedding photo

Ransom Hull wedding photo

Charlie Reside & Susan Parks Reside at Isabels wedding

Crosier or Reside in non-military uniform

Aggis Fowler, Isabel T Crosier, & Isabella Crosier

William Robert Crosier (Mary's brother)

Fowler twin-Edwin or Eddie Fowler 

Maybelle Crosier or William E Hull

Charlie, Susan, & Lottie Reside

Ida Jane McNair

Nancy T Crosier Gladstone

Elmer Reside & Mary Crosier Wedding

William F Reside

William F Reside

John D Reside

Isabel S Reside

Myrtle Reside

Elmer Reside family-Elmer, Mary, William, Clifton, Isabel, & Myrtle

Mary D Crosier Reside

About 25 years ago my brother and I were cleaning out our parents house in NJ when I discovered several items that perked my interest. There was a portrait painting, a few framed photos, and a really old photo album wrapped in a rag because it was falling apart. However, there were no names on any of this. My father only knew that they were my mother's family, from my grandmother's house. So I saved everything to my attic, not knowing at the time how to research the items.

Then about 6 years ago a breakthrough, a nephew discovered a marriage certificate hidden between two of the photos. It was for the marriage of Mary Crosier to Elmer Reside in 1893. And about two & a half years ago I became aware that census info was available on So I started researching the Reside & Crosier families.

Once I had the census info I took another look at the photo album. Some of the photos were of family groups that matched families in the census. In addition most of the photos were made by Carman in Andes. The Carman logo at the bottom of each photo varied over the years, allowing me to date most of them. Combining dates and census info allowed me to identify most of the people in the photos.

Next was a trip to Andes to search cemeteries and visit Delaware Historic Society in Delhi. I filed several research requests, learning the connection between the Dickson, Lunn, & Crosier families. Also connected with another Reside descendant that had the Reside family bible with birth, death, & marriage dates.

About 3 months ago I sent a CD with all the photos and a list of the names to the Delaware County Historical Association Society. High resolution photo files reside with them. --Bob Neubert, June 15, 2015

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