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--Courtesy of Merry Guido, maternal granddaughter of Lenora Lillian Lakin, posted here 7 Aug 2017

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Robert G. Laken

Deborah Early Lakin (2nd wife)

Background Information

from Google Books "The History of Hancock, New Hampshire, 1764-1889" by William Willis Hayward:
Lakin genealogy begins on pg 722

There is a discussion of several generations, then, near the bottom of page 723, Jonathan (father of Robert G. Lakin) is mentioned as the son of William (1).

On page 731, Jonathan (69) "Jonathan m. Asenath Parks, sister of Prudence Parks (q.v.); res. In Hancock, N.Y.; was a soldier in the war of 1812-14; was wounded at the storming of Little York (now Toronto), Can., and d. in central New York. His wife and children went in a wagon from Hancock, N.Y. To see him, and after his death returned to their home: Children: Orsemus, Robert, Eunice, Malinda"

Prudence Parks married Jonas Lakin, she and Aenath were daughters of Josiah "The Bo'sun" Parks, and Thankful (Anne) Weekly, well known in the area.

Robert (son of Jonathan) is my great-great-great grandfather, Robert G. Lakin. We don't know what his middle name was.

I am in regular contact with some descendants of Orsemus, as well as some of Arad Lakin's, the brother of my great-grandfather, Edwin Ruthwin Lakin, both sons of Robert G. Lakin.

All photos are from photograph albums of my great grandfather, Edwin Ruthwin Lakin. --Merry Guido

family also listed in: 1840 US Census Town of Hancock and 1870 US Census - Wisconsin

1850 US Census Town of Hancock
Robert G. Lakin 41
Sarah 39

William 17
Chester 15
Miranda 13
Crawford 10
Catharine 8
Louisa 7
Arad 6
Celestia 3

1855 NY Census Town of Tompkins
R.G.Lakin 46
Deborah 30

William 23
Chester 21
Maranda 19
Crawford 18
Catherine 17
Mary 11
Averel 10
Celestia 7
Marellus 4
Sarah 0

1860 US Census Town of Tompkins
Robert G. Lakin 51
Debby M Lakin 36

Chester Lakin 24
Catherine Lakin 18
Mary Lakin 16
Celestia Lakin 13
Aad Lakin 15
Marcellus Lakin 9
Sarah Lakin 6
Eva Lakin 5
Emily Lakin 1

James Crawford Laken
son of Robert G. & Sarah Tyler Laken

James C. Lakin
Deposit, New York
Age at Enlistment 24
Enlistment Date: 30 Sep 1861
Rank at Enlistment: Private
Enlistment Place: Deposit, New York
State Served: New York
Survived the War?: Yes
Service Record: Enlisted in Company C, New York 27th Infantry Regiment on 30 Sep 1861. Mustered out on 31 May 1863 at Elmira, NY. Birth Date abt 1837
Sources: New York: Report of the Adjutant-General

Kitty, dau of James Crawford Lakin

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