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This is my gr-grandfather, Richard James. He was born 1844 in Hartfield, England and died Nov. 1921, Bovina, NY.

Richard James, along with his wife and infant daughter, his mother and younger sister immigrated to America from England on the ship "Cornelius Grinell" which sailed out of London. It arrived in New York, August 22, 1868. The ship's passenger manifest shows:

     Richard James      24        M    Shoemaker
     Emma E.            21        F    Wife
     Elizabeth          infant    F    Daugh
     Elizabeth James    54        F    Wife
     Lydia              18        F    Daugh
Richard worked at the Gerry estate at Lake Delaware, NY. and the family lived at "The Hook" in Bovina, NY (Delaware Co.) We don't know what his job there was. His children are listed below. I kind of chuckled when I read the 1880 (?) census for the census taker had listed the children as Mary, Martha and Ida. He probably didn’t understand their English accent.

His wife Emma Elizabeth Nayler (Nailer) was born in 1847 in London, England and died in Bovina in 1879. (Wm. S Boggs record shows Nayler, her grave stone is spelled Nailer.) Richard subsequently married Ann Jane Mulvey, a seamstress at the Gerry Estate. --Jean Ferrull

This is my grandmother, Mary Elizabeth James who married William Sidney Boggs, 12 Jan 1898 in Walton, NY. She was born in Brighton, England 31 Dec 1867 and died 9 Apr 1927 in South Kortright, NY. She was a school teacher before marriage. I never knew her. She died before my mother was married.

This is Mary’s younger sister, Ada Florence James who married John McIntosh (Mac) More and lived on a farm in Roxbury, NY. They had 2 sons, Donald and Herbert. Donald carried on the farm and Herbert owned/managed(?) a store in Oneonta, NY. It might have been a paint store, I’m not sure. Donald was married to Leona and had 2 sons, James and Arthur, both younger than I. I remember visiting the More farm as a child. Aunt Ada always sat me on a phonebook so I could reach the table. I remember going to her funeral when I was about 11. It was one of the first funerals I ever attended.

Courtesy of Jean Ferrull, May 27, 2015

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