World War I Veterans

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Davenport Men Serving in World War I

Fisher, Charles A.  (a,d)
Allen, Charles R.  (d,e)
Allen, Edwin C.  (d,e)
Beams, Chester  (a,d)
Buck, Charles T.  (b,e,f)
Callahan, Ernest  (a,f)
Epps, Arthur G.  (d)
Gildersleeve, Walter  (a,f)
Hall, Walter J.  (a,d)
Hitchcock, William  (d)
Ingram,  Arthur  (a,f)
Jones, Robert W.  (d)
*McArthur, Ralph J.  (c)
Miller, Charles H.  (d,e)
Pick, Carl  (a,f)
Ross, Archie  (a,f)
Ross, John  (d)
Schermerhorn, Clyde  (a)
*Sheldon, Arthur  (a,c)
Smith, Harry  J.  (a,e)
Wheeler, Raymond  (d)

   *Died in service

Notes and sources:

a)      From listing of “World War I Veterans” in files of Davenport Historical Society.  No date or sources given.

b)     Personal recollection as of 2002,3.

c)      From Brig. Gen. J. Leslie Kincaid, Compiler, “Roll of Honor: Citizens of the State of New York who died while in the service of the U.S. during the World War” (Albany, NY: J. B. Lyon Co., 1922). 

d)     Listed in both of two compilations of the Delaware County Clerk: (1) “Militia Enrollment List, Town of Davenport, 1917,” and (2) “U.S. War Service Discharges, Index, Delaware County.”  The former is reputed to be a list of men who in 1917 registered for the draft.  The latter includes only voluntary discharge submissions by veterans of WWI and later wars.

e)     May require further checking because of the omission of the middle initial in one of the sources cited.

f)        Name not found in compilation of 1917 militia enrollees (see note d). 

List composed by Alan M. Strout, November 24, 2002.