Family Group

Name Ormus de DAUENPORT 1
Birth abt 1086, Cheshire County, England
1 M Richard de DAUENPORT 2
Birth 1136, Davenport, Cheshire, England
Spouse Anabilia Venables
Notes for Ormus de DAUENPORT 1
The first identifiable Davenport, Ormus de Dauenport, (de Davenport) (also Orme de Aunceport) thought to be a cousin of William the Conquerer. Some believe that Ormus took his surname, Dauen-port, meaning "Dane Market," from the town on the River Dane where he resided. It is believed that Ormus built his homestead where Davenport Hall stands today. Perched on a promotory, Davenport Hall overlooks the River Dane peacefully wending its way through the once bustling township of Davenport, now but an overlooked hamlet in Chesire County, northwest England.

Various meanings for Davenport include "market on the Dane," river, port, harbor, haven. Anglo-Saxon "port" = market.

Spellings of Davenport include Dauenport, Dauenporte, de Aunceport, de Davenport, Devonport, Devenport, Deavenport, Debinport, Dabenport, and Dampert.

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by Jeffrey Griswold, 2004