Chapter 3 - Additional Materials

Town Officers 1817-2002

A listing of Davenport's town officers, compiled by the Davenport Historical Society.  The list dates back to the formation of the town if Davenport in 1817. Click any of the links below to view the lists, or you can directly view the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Sorted By Date 

Town Officers 1817-1849
Town Officers 1850-1879
Town Officers 1880-1909
Town Officers 1910-1939
Town Officers 1940-1969
Town Officers 1970-2002
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Sorted By Name

Town Officers [A-B]
Town Officers [C-F]
Town Officers [G-L]
Town Officers [M-O]
Town Officers [P-S]
Town Officers [T-Z]
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Sorted By Position

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Post Office Officials

A listing of the post office officials for Davenport, West Davenport, and Davenport Center. [MS Word Format]


Davenport's Population

An essay by Alan M. Strout on Davenport's Population in the Early Years.  [MS Word Format]

A supplement to the essay, describing how population was estimated. [MS Word Format]


Davenport Story

Historical and genealogical information on John Davenport and the Davenport surname, composed by Jeffrey C. Griswold.