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Photos above are of Charles Luvern Smith and the home that he and his wife Phebe (Francisco) Smith lived in on Baxter Mountain.
In background you can see Alvin Platt Hubbell and his mother, Ethel Smith Hubbell who married in 1908

Photo at Rgt: "taken years after we left home" wrote daughter Nora. They were with Nora Barringer’s things.

Photos Courtesy of Linda Graves, grand-daughter of Nora Barringer
posted here June 9 & 11, 2016

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Charles Luvern Smith’s first wife was Elsie Baxter and she is buried at the Baxter Mountain Cemetery. Charles and Phebe in Cooks Falls Cemetery. Charles died when a horse was spooked at the train crossing. ---(see obit)

from: Michael Steele, June 18, 2016
I too am a descendant of them, and know the property well, it is just over the hill from our home. All the photos shown are not of Grandpa Smith's place, but of the Signor farm (at left & bottom?), just down the road. Unsure of the location of a few other photos. The logs were indeed cut off the Smith place and shipped by rail to Livingston Manor to the tenpin factory. (Bowling pins) it was after Smiths were long dead. After Grandma Smith died in 1918, the place was next occupied by Stephen VanPelt. My great grandparents tore the house down in 1937. Some of the boards are in my front porch today. The place was next owned by the Treyz family that owned the acid factory. Since the 1950's it has been owned by Frank Deuchmann, today owned by his grandson. My great grandmother was Edith Pheobe Shew Steele, great granddaughter of Pheobe Francisco Hamilton Hill Smith. She lived with them up there and went to school on Baxter Hill. The story of C.L.Smith's death was featured in the Walton Reporters 100 years ago in March of this year. He was first buried up to Cooks Falls, but later his body was exhumed and moved to East Branch. I can not remember Aunt Nora Barringer personally, but have heard of her spoke by family members.

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